ORAMON: Oracle Database Monitoring tool in PHP

ORAMON is a free Oracle database monitoring tool written in PHP. It can help you in managing critical database administration task easily. It also offers SQL Editor where you can write your own customize queries.
What you can monitor from Oramon?
* Database/Listener status
* Notification on database status
* Hit ratios
* User information
* Rollback segments
* Tablespaces
and more..
Please visit oramon website http://www.oramon.org for more detail.
For download go to http://www.oramon.org/download.php

Can you please list this project in open source project list?

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    Jens I found a few good links in there...I was trying to
    find if there was a certification track offered in
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  • Is Navicat Oracle database admin tool a Oracle product?

    This lightweight database tool for Oracle bear a slight resemblance to SQL Developer.
    It's free of charge too so I suppose this is not a commercial software.

    Well it requires a client install (and it wouldn't work with my Instant Client setup, complaining about NLS issues) rather than JDBC.
    And it is a Windows (or Mac) program, rather than a Java program.
    I don't think there's a lot of overlap with SQL Developer.
    Its just another in a line of alternatives.

  • Oracle database monitored using SNMP

    Hi guys,
    I have a problem that I can't seem to find the answer too...I tried google-ing, but found only pieces, and can't seem to figure out the big picture...So here goes:
    I am working with my team on a Data Warehouse project, and the entire app is written in PL/SQL and SQL code, running in an Oracle DB. Now, the PO wants to have SNMP monitoring, and in the last few days I looked into how can I achieve this (please note that I have little experience with Oracle, know about SNMP for like 2 days...and I am not sure even if I am posting in the right forum)...
    So after searching online, for an Agent for Oracle i found this website : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/downloads/agentsoft-090381.html ..and I think this is what i need....(can anyone confirm this???)
    Anyway after downloading, and reading the instructions I choose to try the so called *2. Silent installation of the agent* and below are the instructions...
    For silent installation using the extracted agent download zip file, copy the <UNZIPDIR>\windows_x64\response\additional_agent.rsp file to a location on the local machine and modify the Value Unspecified entries accordingly. Invoke the setup.exe by executing:
    +<UNZIP_DIR>\windows_x64\agent\setup.exe -silent -responseFile <location>\additional_agent.rsp+
    So then I started editing the file additional_agent.rsp and everything was going well until I reached the following part:
    #OMS_HOST:<String> OMS host info required to connect to OMS
    #OMS_PORT:<String> OMS port info required to connect to OMS
    #AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD:<String> Agent Registration Password needed to
    # establish a secure connection to the OMS.
    I have no idea what to put in the OMS_HOST and OMS_PORT fields...What do they refer to?
    Other mentions Oracle DB is 11.2.0..OS is Windows 7
    Thanks for reading/help :)

    So I talked more with the PO...and the thing is our product is just a small part of a much bigger product...he said : *"we do not need the Oracle Enterprise Manager for monitoring; we are going to use a third-party SNMP management software... The Oracle SNMP agent will report to a third-party SNMP management software (e.g. Nagios or similar). "*
    My questions are :
    Can you install the Oracle Management Service without the Oracle Enterprise Manager? ...if not then :
    Can you run the Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle Standard Edition?
    I will search more on google for answers for these questions...and if I find them i'll post them here...Or maybe someone if faster and knows the answers..so he will post them :)

  • Best Database monitoring tool

    Which Monitoring is reliable and 100% available - OEM , 3rd Party (Tivoli) or Shell Script in Crontab. One of my co-worker believe Shell Script is reliable and 100% availability . Could you please provide your valuable input on this..

    Understanding 10g.anything is in extended support mode and should be upgraded ... first patch to the terminal release
    I find it laughable that someone would say "We want 100% uptime" but not be investing in keeping their patches current. Feel free to tell your management I said so. ;-)
    But if they think a huge amount of money spent on Tivoli will get them something bug free I've got some land I want to sell them. Cron jobs are, by definition, a security violation even when they do work.
    My recommendation is that your management address the real issue which is that much of what they are wanting to monitor wouldn't be an issue if they paid more attention to having fully supported software.

  • Monitoring Tool for Oracle

    hai all ,
    my company ask me about tools to monitoring oracle .
    tools can have capability to monitor :
    Response Time
    User Activity
    Table Space Usage
    Table Space Details
    Table Space Status
    SGA Performance
    SGA Details
    SGA Status
    Performance of Data Files
    Session Details
    Session Waits
    Buffer Gets
    Disk Reads
    Rollback Segment
    Queries, Locks
    and others
    there's anyone have idea or suggets what tools is ?

    Imron Siagian wrote:
    hai all ,
    my company ask me about tools to monitoring oracle .
    tools can have capability to monitor :
    Response Time
    User Activity
    Table Space Usage
    Table Space Details
    Table Space Status
    SGA Performance
    SGA Details
    SGA Status
    Performance of Data Files
    Session Details
    Session Waits
    Buffer Gets
    Disk Reads
    Rollback Segment
    Queries, Locks
    and others
    there's anyone have idea or suggets what tools is ?Oracle Grid Control
    Oracle Application Management Pack
    Oracle Database Monitoring Tools

  • Oracle Database management and monitoring tools

    hello everyone.
    Could anyone offer any advice on Oracle database management tools ?
    looking for a 3rd party tool that would provide graphical representation on health and activity within Oracle databases.
    Any recommendations , or advice on what to avoid?
    Many thanks

    Thanks , have enterprise manager already.
    Really looking for tool that will email , sms alerts
    out as they happen.
    Ability to set threshold alerts.
    report creation of threshold data.
    that kind of thing etc.Since you want to pay extra for this capability, look at the Diagnostics Pack add-on for Enterprise Manager. It does what you ask. And makes it available both on Database Control and Grid Control view.
    And both Database Control and Grid Control are included in your SE/EE license.

  • Insert data into oracle database using a PHP form

    I'm trying to enter data into my oracle database table using a php form. When I click submit no data is added. Could someone help me please. I'm new to php/oracle thing.
    NOTE: I don't have any problem connecting to the database using php.
    Here is the code I'm using:
    // just print form asking for name if none was entered
    if( !isset($query)) {   
    echo "<form action=\"$uri\" method=post>\n";
    echo "<p>Enter Name: ";
    echo "<input type=text size=100 maxlength=200 name=data value=\"$data\">\n";
    echo "<br><input type=submit name=submit value=Submit>\n";
    echo "</form>\n";
    // insert client's name
    $query = "INSERT INTO client (name) VALUES ($data)";
    // connect to Oracle
    $username = "xxxx";
    $paswd = "yyyyyy";
    $db_conn = ocilogon($username, $paswd, $dbstring);
    $stmt = OCIParse($db_conn, $query);
    OCIExecute($stmt, OCI_DEFAULT);
    Thanks for your help. I will also appreciate a better was to do it.

    resumption and jer,
    Sorry I cannot format the code for easy reading!
    The page is submitting to itself. See action = \"$uri\". I used the same logic to enter SELECT querries into the database. It pulls and displays data back on the webpage. The code I used for this is below. Compare it with the one above for inserting data into the table.
    // connect to oracle
    $username = "xxxxx";
         $paswd = "yyyyy";
         $dbstring = "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)".
         $db_conn = ocilogon($username, $paswd, $dbstring);
    // username and password will be unset if they weren't passed,
    // or if they were wrong
    if( !isset($query)) {
    // just print form asking for account details
    echo "<form action=\"$uri\" method=post>\n";
    echo "<p>Enter Query: ";
    echo "<input type=text size=100 maxlength=200 name=query value=\"$query\">\n";
    echo "<br><input type=submit name=submit value=Submit>\n";
    echo "</form>\n";
    // remove unwanted slashes from the query
    $query = stripslashes($query);
    // run the query
    $stmt = OCIParse($db_conn, $query);
    OCIExecute($stmt, OCI_DEFAULT);
    // Open the HTML table.
    print '<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3">';
    // Read fetched headers.
    print '<tr>';
    for ($i = 1;$i <= ocinumcols($stmt);$i++)
    print '<td class="e">'.ocicolumnname($stmt,$i).'</td>';
    print '</tr>';
    // Read fetched data.
    while (ocifetch($stmt))
    // Print open and close HTML row tags and columns data.
    print '<tr>';
    for ($i = 1;$i <= ocinumcols($stmt);$i++)
    print '<td class="v">'.ociresult($stmt,$i).'</td>';
    print '</tr>';
    // Close the HTML table.
    print '</table>';

  • Problem with httpd and oracle database

    i have oracle linux with oracle database 11gR2
    i install php with oci as the following link :
    but when i try phpinfo() i found just only
    *" /etc/php.d/oci8.ini"* in the result
    and when i test connection i have this error
    *" Fatal error: Call to undefined function oci_connect() "*
    so what is the best way to install oci on oracle linux ?

    What version of the OS are you using? Any clues in the syslog and httpd log? Are you using SELinux, which is often an overlooked issue?
    Can you provide more details?
    so what is the best way to install oci on oracle linux ?According to the instructions, if support is needed: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/php/zend-server-096314.html

  • Dump : Table not found in oracle database

    I am doing a program regarding analysis of tables belonging to archiving objects.In my program i am calling a RFC function module . 'DB02_ORA_TABLE_INDEX_ANALYSIS . But it is giving the dump for native sql statement .
    --- Oracle block size ----------------------------------------------
      exec sql.
        select value from v$parameter where name like 'db_block_size%'
               into :block_size
    Dump is table not found in database.
    Could please let me know what setting i am missing...
    Thanks in advance.....

    the view V$PARAMETER must be accessed through  SAP/Oracle Database Monitor lets you view the active Oracle database parameters and the contents of the init.ora file.
    Alternatively, you can use transaction st04.  You need to apply SAP Note 706927 before using the database monitor.
    Hope this information is help to you.

  • Tools to Monitor Oracle Databases

    What is the best tool available in the market to perform day-to-day DBA tasks and monitor real time performance of Oracle databases. I need suggestions apart Oracle EM or Toad .
    Thank You

    859206 wrote:
    What is the best tool available in the market to perform day-to-day DBA tasks and monitor real time performance of Oracle databases. I need suggestions apart Oracle EM or Toad .
    Thank YouWhat are the best tools to monitor how my car is performing and to change a flat tire? I don't want to use the gauges on the instrument panel or the spare tire, jack, and lug wrench in the trunk.
    Why do you need suggestions apart from EM? Is someone in your company just burning to spend money with another vendor to buy the same functionality that Oracle provides for free with EM?

  • Open source monitoring tool for oracle Database

    Please suggest me any opensource tool to monitor the health, availability and performance of the Oracle Database that can be accesed through web client
    Thanks in advance

    user1687821 wrote:
    Thanks for the update, ya i basically need the tool to monitor the DB, but at the same time, if CPU is going high due to any query or any other reason, we must get the alert, the tool currently we are using triggers a mail for both, DB as well as CPU when it goes high, similar one is needed
    ThanksGrid control or database control will do this for you, there is a rather big however, er however. Being notified is a part of the diagnostics pack functionality (ludicrously and unjustifiably IMO). That means a license cost (unless you are already licensed for it). nagios does this as others have said as do shell scripts. I'm not aware of an open source tool that does all you want without scripting though.

  • What are all database monitering tools available in oracle

    what are all database monitering tools available in oracle

    Monitoring Database Operations
    Monitoring and Tuning the Database
    Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 2 (11.2)

  • Monitoring manually using scripts/sql cmds to find the recent changes on Oracle Database

    Hello All,
    I have an Oracle database running on HP Open VMS Alpha server, need to monitor the actvities and changes made to the database.
    I am not sure of any tools which supports HP Open VMS alpha server, Can you help with the scripts or commands to findout recent changes occured on the database.
    I found suddenly a couple of schema sizes showing very less in size than usaul, how to find out the recent changes.

    RanG wrote:
    Thanks but sorry EdStevens,
    I was referring to DB Administration/auditing etc on HP Open VMS in specific. Tools or Grid agent installation steps for effective and easy monitoring.
    And I was referring to "DB Administration/auditing etc " on any platform.  Oracle's AUDIT function is the same regardless of OS.
    "I found suddenly a couple of schema sizes showing very less in size than usaul,"
    Exactly what do you mean by "schema sizes showing very less in size than usual"?  Schemas don't have sizes.  Only segments.
    Perhaps if you were more explicit in exactly what problem you are trying to solve, we could give better advice, but whatever it is, I seriously doubt that the solution will be OS-specific.

  • Using php to connect to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition

    Greetings everyone!
    Please i dont know how to connect to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition with php even though i connected with php successfully with Oracle Database 11g Express Edition with the php code below. can someone help please...
    define('ORA_CON_UN', 'hr'); // User name
    define('ORA_CON_PW', 'Adlibs14$'); // Password
    define('ORA_CON_DB', '//localhost/XE'); // Connection identifier
    // use constants defined in anyco_cn.inc
    $conn = oci_pconnect(ORA_CON_UN, ORA_CON_PW, ORA_CON_DB);
    if (!$conn) {
    db_error(null, __FILE__, __LINE__);
    Edited by: user11273096 on Jul 14, 2011 3:41 PM

    Note that this forum is for XE Beta, not EE.
    Can you connect from some other client tool, such as sqlplus?
    There's a {forum:id=178} forum that may be more suitable, if basic connectivity outside php works (i.e. issue is only php specific).

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