Org Unit Number Range Error...

Iam trying to maintain the Number Range for Org unit in the configuration.
I have maintained it like the below
$$$$     IN     EX
01C     IN     EX
01O     IN     EX
01S     IN     EX
I have also checked the Plan version which is '01'.
But when I create an Org unit, it takes the OU number from some where in the middle. It is not even taking from the below setting as well.
$$$$     IN     EX
Could you please throw some light on this ?
Thanks in Advance..

I think you have posted the question in wrong forum , move this to SD

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  • OM Implementation: Re-Number Org Unit Number Ranges.

    Hi Experts,
    My client wants to implement OM module in SAP HR. 
    The requirement is : They need defined number ranges for org Units in OM. However the existing number ranges for Org Units in PA module do not fit in the range. How do I satisfy this requirement without any impact ?
    FYI: Personnel Administration(PA), US Payroll , Benefits and FI-CO is already implemented.

    Sounds like the problem is not maintaining different number ranges per object type (which is standard to do), but to not have these conflict with existing number range  in T527 tables.
    I am not sure how this transfer from just using PA to using integration will work.  You will have to check the different RHINTE-reports to make out a strategy how to do this transfer.   When you start using OM, where will correct data regarding org.units be?  You will neeed to run some integration to establish a new startingpoint after integration is switched on.  If this creates conflict between existing numberranges in PA and wanted ranges in OM, you may have to do some coding in PA0001 first.

  • CRM - Org objects number range

    when i'm trying to replicate organisational data from r/3 to crm system is not assigning the number to org business partners. i would like u all to guide me on this to how to go about it. which setting am i missing.
    plz guide me.
    suresh s

    First step is to define number range
    Cross-Application Components  SAP Business Partner  Business Partner  Basic Settings  Number Ranges and Groupings  Define Number Ranges
    Second step
    Cross-Application Components  SAP Business Partner  Business Partner à Basic Settings à Number Ranges and Groupings à Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges
    Third step
    Customer Relationship Management  Master Data  Business Partner  Integration Business Partner-Organization Management  Set Up Integration with Organizational Management
    Make following settings here
    HRALX     HRAC     X     Activate HR Integration
    HRALX     OBPON     ON     Integration O-BP Activated
    HRALX     ONUMB     2     Business Partner Number Assignment (Org. Unit)
    HRALX     OSUBG     Y4     Business Partner Subgroup (Organizational Unit)
     Number Range
    for details refer to C01document

  • Configuration of external handling unit number range

    Hello everyone,
    I am working on a project that includes receiving of handling units from outside of our SAP system in EAN128 format, and am running into some challenges in setting up an appropriate external handling unit number range.  The process will involve creation of an inbound delivery from an advance ship notice, with the delivery to then be packed based upon handling unit information in the ASN.  I have set up an external number range interval in the number range object that is being used for generation of internal handling unit numbers, with the external interval being outside the range of the existing internal intervals.  When the ASN is posted, the inbound delivery is created but cannot be packed (status 52), and I get a message stating "The check digit of SSCC 10000001000001648 is incorrect. 5 is correct" (just using this number as an example).  In this case, the HU number actually had a leading zero, and changing the sample HU to start with a 5 results in the same message but stating that 0 is correct, which is kind of maddening.  The bottom line is that I have not configured an external number range before for handling units and am clearly missing something here.  Has somebody set this up successfully and can share your experience, or can point me to some good documentation?  I am searching OSS, the Business Process Expert Community, and the overall web in general and am not finding any relevant information.

    Per your info,
    in std, You cant maintain HU number ranges with respect to year.
    Still if you want to maintain, You have to use Userexit for Number ranges.
    Generally, all sales documents number ranges are not year specific . ONly FI documents are year specific.
    Why you want to have Year specific number ranges for HU's? - It is nothing to do with Year.
    Convince your client, This year dependant HU number ranges doesnt carry any value addition. Still client insists, only way to achieve this is "USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE"
    hope it helps

  • Handling Unit number range HU_VEKP

    Hi Folks,
    I have a requirement related to Handling Unit number ranges. I need to merge two systems ABC & 123, during the migration process I found number range conflict for Handling Unit process. In packaging material type (0002) functionality the number range assignment field is maintained with the option "An external number can be enbtered (No HU functionality)" and the field intervals are empty for ABC system.  The other 123 system has configuration like "B number range interval "HU_VEKP" and field intervals are maintained Internal -01, External -01.
    If we merge this both systems then there could be a problem in both the instances. So I need give them a solution to avoid the overlap.
    One strange thing is for 123 system  is generating number ranges from HU_VEKP that is fine and the other system ABC doesn't have number range assignment setting like HU_VEKP instead of that as I mentioned above "An external number can be enbtered (No HU functionality)" but still system generating number ranges for each transactional process.
    I would request you to suggest me what are the various ways to generate a HU number during the packing section.
    Appreciate earlier response.
    Thanks & Regards.

    Use Tcode SNRO.
    Provide your object type HU_VEKP
    Then click on change button, it will take you to No. Range Object: Change screen.
    Then click on Number range in menu bar to maintain the number range.
    Hope it can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Handling Unit Number range per delivery.

    Dear All,
    Please guide me how we can configure Handling Unit number ranges so that for each delivery document, Handling numbers should be started from 01.
    Thanx in advance.

    Dear Reazuddin,
    Thanks for your early response.
    As per standard SAP functionality,  we assign a number range to handling units and system automatically assigns serial numbers to each handling unit.
    But My requirement is suppose I am packing materials in a delivery document, then the handling numbers of these packs should start from 1,2,3 so on. And for next delivery also system should give me (or allow to enter) once again starting from 1 and not 04.
    I hope my requirement is clear.
    Please advise any solution on this.
    Any further updates please.....?
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  • Org.Man number ranges

    How do I assign number ranges for different objects in OM ?
    I need different number ranges for the objects C, O and S.
    It is a new clean system so I am setting the number ranges to INT (Internal)
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hey there I have done that but every time I create an object like Org.Unit it does not use my number range but the $$$$ number range.
    My settings are as follows :
    Feature NUMKR (000010     &NUMKR=01,)
    Table 77S0 :  PLOGI     PLOGI     01     Integration Plan Version / Active Plan Version
                          NUMRG     COMP     01     Number assignment for all plan versions
    Table 77IV (IMG): $$$$     IN     EX
                                 01C     IN     EX             Number range set to internal (EXT not checked)(00000001 - 09999999)
                                 01O     IN     EX             Number range set to internal (EXT not checked)(10000001 - 19999999)
                                 01S     IN     EX             Number range set to internal (EXT not checked)(20000001 - 99999999)
    Am I missing some obvious step ?
    When I create the Org.Unit the documentation says I must enter a ' ! ' in the number field and the system will know it is an Internal number range. But when I do that it uses the number range for $$$$ like I said. The only way I can use my required number range is to enter it manually but that defeats the object of having a system assigned internal number range.
    Any Idea's ?
    Edited by: Mark Hall on Dec 13, 2009 11:28 AM

  • Accounting Document Number range error

    Dear All,
    As per my client requirement 3 types of billing document is thier. SD Consulant maintain the number range below
    1. Domestic billing (Number range between 000040000- 0000401000 )
    2. Export billing (Number range between  0000900001-0000901000 )
    3. Cash sales billing (Number range between  0000900001-0000901000 )
    In VF01 billing is saved for above billing documents. But not posted into Accounting Documents.
    I am gettin error " Incorrect Doc Number 40000 select the document number between 9000001-901000"
    In my understanding FI Consulant maintain the same number range the Account Document automatically posted in to Accounting. How to maintian the 3 number range in FBN1.Plz help me.
    Thanks and regards

    In FBN1  FI Consultant maintain the number range Cash sales billing (Number range between 0000900001-0000901000 . This Cash sales billing posted to account, other billings not posted to accountg. plz guide me.
    Thanks and regards

  • Number Range Error in Invoice posting in FI.

    Dear friends,
    I have copied F2 and created another Billing Document Type. A seperate number range series has also been maintained and has been defined in the newly created Billing document type.
    At the time of saving and posting the Invoice with the newly created number range, system is throwing an error and disallowing the document to get posted, till the time the number range is not maintained in the series specified, from "9000000000 to 9999999999".
    Once I am changing the number series in the billing document and maintaining the standard, system is allowing the document to get posted.
    Can anybody help me with a solution, where I can use my newly created number series in any newly created billing document type.

    Hi indrajit,
    There is standard setting in accounting document number range so that the accounting document number is same as you billing document number.
    Check you accounting document type .
    Goto transaction FBKP and see the number range assigned to the accounting document type.
    Goto SNRO and give objed RF_BELEG and the series maintaines for the accountion type, if external tick is on the the systems assigns same number.
    for this to happen your billing document number range should fall within the range specified for accounting document.
    Rasik Waghela

  • Handling Unit Number Range

    Hi All,
      How to give external number range to a handling uni.
    The scenario is:
    In HU02 screen I am giving packaging material number, material number and quantity.
    Than when I press enter system automatically taking one number in the handling unit field.
    But my client wants to give here an external number range not the internal number range.
    How to give external number range for the handling unit?

    I am also not having access to SAP currently i am giving you the following information, check this out
    Assigning New Numbers for Handling Units
    If, for example, you are going to deliver handling units worldwide, unique number assignment for identification of the handling units is necessary, and it is also a good idea to assign SSCC18 numbers ( see also  EAN128).
    In the Customizing settings for the packaging material type, you must maintain the Handling unit type field.
    In Customizing, choose Logistics General ® Handling Unit Management ® External Identification ® Define Number Assignment for Each Packaging Material Type.
    Maintain the HU type for EAN128 field for the relevant packaging material type.
    In the packing dialog, select the Pack material tab.
    Select the handling unit for which you want to assign an SSCC18.
    Choose Extras ® SSCC number assignment.
    A new SSCC18 number is generated and automatically assigned to the handling unit.

  • Number range error in Assessment cycle in CO-PA

    Dear All,
    During performing "Actual Assessment cycle in CO-PA" , system gives the error message
    "An error occurred when the SAP System attempted to determine the document number. No interval was found for number range object RK_BELEG, sub-object 1000".
    When I checked in KEN1 (Document ranges for actual posting) & also checked in
    KANK, it is defined
    Can some one can explain me how to re-solve the same.
    SMK Ganesh

      Please, check transaction KANK, under menu path of SPRO:
    Controlling -> General Controlling -> Organization ->
    Maintain number ranges for controlling documents
    Choose Overview and find the corresponding CO area.
    You will see that there are several business transactions not assigned
    to any number range. One of them should be KSPA Assessment to CO-PA.
    Please, assign this business transaction (and the ones required for other processes) to a number range.
    Then, run again KEU5.
    If the above does not help then check if problem is that you use too many receiver fields in copa cycle.
    The number range object is derived from the co-area and if you are using more than 15 single value receiver fields the system wont consider the settings "behind" the co-area.

  • Number range error in goods movement BAPI

    Dear friends
    we are using the BAPI BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to create a material reservation with movemnet type 201. although all the fields are maintained properly i get an error number 136 - number range different. i checked the number range and found it to be ok. can anyone please help me out
    thanks in advance

    Please check and format your table data before sending it to bapi. I mean to say u might be missing conversions or validations for some fields.
    I guess the data you are passing in first two lines meets thee bapi requirement without any conversions, whereas same is not the case with other lines od data.
    I hope this will help you in resolving this issue and close it.
    Appreciate if found helpful!!!

  • OM Number Ranges Error

    Hi Gurus,
    I am getting the following error when I am creating a position through PO13
    NO VALID INTERVAL FOUND (Internal Number Assignment)
    I have done the following settings:
    OOAP: PLOGI     PLOGI          01
    OONC: NUMGR   COMP  Blank
    OONR: 01S  IN EX
               01  10000                    99999    Left the box unchecked as i want internal range
    And I am getting the above mentioned error..
    I have deleted the number range $$$$ which was in the standard system as my friend suggested and it was picking up the only numbers defined in range for $$$$.
    Please suggest what can be done !!

    Hi ,
    Go to TCODE OONR select $$$$ .on screen you mind tab Number rqange Maintainence
    create the number range for this.
    You can create you own sub group
    ypou can ask BASIS Person if thery cipy from standard client.

  • Number range error for some materials when converting into Production order

    Please I need some help with my error.
    When trying to convert planned orders into production orders, I receive an error message saying Internal assignment not defined for number range XX.
    The strange part is that is only happening for two materials! Material type is the same one we always use.
    The planned orders have also the same type.
    Any idea?

    I think for these 2 materials system is selecting the order type for which external number range is marked and ingternal number range is switched off.
    Can you go to CO01 and create a production order for these materials directly w/o assigning order type on intial screen. check which order type is detrmined by system and check its number range in co86.
    please check.

  • CRM ISA R/3 Edition on AP 7.0  Pricing Routine Number range error

    Hi Experts,
    For our R/3 ISA Secenerio I have developed a Pricing Prepare Routine (PRP). I have uploaded this routine into AP 7.0 ( which runs my IPC 5.0). Now when I try to register my PRP routine I'm not able to do so because of Number range not defined for Application V Scenerio A and Routine Type PRP.
    My question are:
    <b>1)</b> For a PRP type Routine( Multiple Implementation) is it important to assign a
        routine number?    ***( according to pricinguserexit manual dummy routine no
                                      has to be assigned)******
    <b>2)</b> If yes then how can i assign Number range for this combination.
    NOTE: AP 7.0 has SP 7 ( So it fullfills requirment for Special scenerio)
    I have never recieved a reply for my query from this forum... hope someone helps this time. <b>:)</b>
    Dipender Singh

    go to and find technical doc about IPC 5.0 that i presented at Marco Island in 2006.

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