OS update problem with BB Torch 9810

Hi there
I've got a problem with my BB device. It is Torch 9810 and recently a software patch has been applied ( version 7.0.0 bundle 1465 to bundle 2406 ). After the upgrade though BB device doesn't work properly, its screen freezes, some applications ( GPS in particular ) does not work, virtual keyboard sensitivity is poor etc. Hence I need to roll back to the previous version of software however rollback option on device is disabled. I can't roll back to the previous version using desktop software either.
Please advice how to resolve the issue or provide me with a link where I can find previous OS version i.e. 7.0.0 bundle 1465.
Krum Garkov

Hi kgarkov and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums!
Plug your BlackBerry® smartphone into your PC and go to www.blackberry.com/update.  When prompted to do the update, click on View Other Versions to choose an older version of software to install.
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    Im trying to update, but all it does is backup my phone, My itunes is updated, BTW, I just went to Apple bar, i had previous problem with prior phone, now im having this update  problem with thyis new phone, someone HELP!!

    Same here and this is driving me crazy. I can buy, but can't upgrade. Grrr.

  • Free Apps that came with Blackberry Torch 9810

    I just bought the BB Torch 9810 recently and there were some apps already installed on it. Two of the already installed apps were Bejeweled and Telenav. Telenav had to be fully downlaoded, but was a free version. After I connected my phone to Blackberry Desktop Manager, both of these apps disappeared. I was unable to recover either. The Telenav icon was still on the homescreen, but when after downloading it like before, it asked my to buy the app in order to be able to use it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again to see if that was the problem, but it continued to ask me to buy it in order to use it. How do I recover apps that came already installed on the device when I purchased it?

    Many apps that are "installed" on your phone when you first get it actually aren't installed apps at all, but rather they're shortcuts to the download site to get the app.  This is the case with facebook, to name one.  Many people don't understand why their facebook apps don't work at first; it's because there's no app there to work.  I believe Bejeweled could be pre-installed, sometimes games are.  However, Telenav (which is a paid app) would not have been fully installed on your phone and therefore you really haven't lost anything.
    I hope I've been helpful to you. 
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  • Update problems with itunes 10.6.1 on xp

    When I try to update to iTunes 10.6.1 n Windows XP sp3 I get the dialog box to repair or remove. If I select repair the update fails. Any ideas on how to correct this issue?

    I have an old macbook too.
    It seems like Apple writes new software that makes older computers not work as well.
    I always have reservations about updating with an older model.
    Does anybody else have any problems with the new iTunes?
      Model Name:          MacBook
      Model Identifier:          MacBook4,1
      Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed:          2.4 GHz
      Number Of Processors:          1
      Total Number Of Cores:          2
      L2 Cache:          3 MB
      Memory:          2 GB
      Bus Speed:          800 MHz
      Boot ROM Version:          MB41.00C1.B00
      SMC Version (system):          1.31f1
      Serial Number (system):        
      Hardware UUID:        
      Sudden Motion Sensor:
      State:          Enabled

  • Since LION update problem with iphone syncronisation

    Since the LION update on our macbook we have problems with the iphone syncronisation, reset the iphone has not solve the problem - what ist the mistake?

    What worked for me was not on the Apple troubleshooting list. I tried the whole list.
    First, I reset the phone. (Reset the iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button at the top right of the device and the home button at the bottom center of the face at the same time. Hold them both until you see the screen go black and the white Apple logo appear. When this happens, you can let go - the iPhone is rebooting.)
    Second, I restored the phone.
    I could not restore the phone until I reset it.
    Good luck.

  • 2.3 Update:  Problem with AppleTV learning third-party remote

    I'm trying to set up my third party remote (DirecTV HR21) after updating to 2.3. It all starts well; I go to Settings -> General -> Remotes -> Learn Remote, but I am having an issue when I am making my Apple TV learn the second key (down arrow); I get the error message "apple tv has already learned this button". It's as if the Apple TV thinks the 'up arrow' and the 'down arrow' on my remote are the same key. I tried several times, to no avail.
    Anyone else having this issue?

    I'm experiencing the same problem with the current DirecTV remote not being able to learn more than the first button prompted to enter (arrow-down). The error message "appletv has already learned this button" appears when attempting to enter the second button prompted (arrow-up). Furthermore, I have attempted configuration on two separate DirecTV HR21 remotes in both AV1 and AV2 modes.
    Come on Apple -- don't tease us! Testing wasn't done to make sure AppleTV can learn to respond to a current DirecTV remote? Yikes. I wonder what 3rd-party remotes were tested and confirmed to work.

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    The Adobe Flash Player updater DOES NOT update the PepperFlash plug-in in Chrome. Chrome uses a PPAPI plug-in and Adobe ONLY updates the NPAPI plug-ins for IE and other browsers. You can ONLY update the PepperFlash plug-in for Chrome by updating Chrome. The PepperFlash plug-in is a separate file in a separate folder location.

  • Safari update - problem with magic mouse

    Hi all, I recently installed safari update to 5.1 (6534.50) on a mabbook pro OS X 10.6.8. Ever since update, I've been experiencing the problem with safari reloading pages and kicking me out of websites that use flash player (back to log-in screen). I can deal with that by using another browser, however the update has really messed up my magic mouse. At first, every time I put my macbook to sleep or shut it off, the mouse would stop responding when I woke the mac up. I would have to disconnect the mouse and reconnect. But this was really eating up my batteries, so this morning I shut the mouse off when I put the mac to sleep. Now it won't connect at all. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

    Thanks Carolyn and Barry,
    I did what Carolyn suggested - moving the .plist file into the trash. I have not resetting the PRAM or SMC yet.
    When I go to system preferences>Bluetooth, I get a screen that says:
    Bluetooth power is off. To use Bluetooth, first you must turn it on. (Note - my mouse is turned on)
    Both ON and DISCOVERABLE are checked.
    In the middle of the screen, it says No Devices (Set Up New Device...)
    When I select set up new device, it finds my device and attempts to pair but is unsuccessful.
    Resetting the SMC and PRAM scares me. After reading the links that Carolyn provided, I remembered another weird issue I had with my mac shortly before the update and mouse issue. For some reason, my clock suddenly became out of sync and I was on a 2000 date. I got an error message and reset the clock manually. Could this be the cause of my mouse issue? I feel like every step I've taken to get my mouse working again has made the problem just a little bigger!
    Thanks again for helping me!

  • Latest iTunes update problems with repeated error messages every 65 seconds??

    After this mornings' update of iTunes.  Problems with Applemobiledeviceservices.exe.  Error message every 65 seconds - software exception (oxc06d007e) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812fd3.
    How do I stop this?

    'The installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\Web kit.resources\inspector\Images\Spinner Inactive Selected.gif.'
    That one's consistent with disk/file damage. The first thing I'd try with that is running a disk check (chkdsk) over your C drive.
    XP instructions in the following document: How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP
    Vista instructions in the following document: Check your hard disk for errors
    Windows 7 instructions in the following document: How to use CHKDSK (Check Disk)
    Select both Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, or use chkdsk /r (depending on which way you decide to go about doing this). You'll almost certainly have to schedule the chkdsk to run on startup. The scan should take quite a while ... if it quits after a few minutes or seconds, something's interfering with the scan.
    Does the chkdsk find/repair any damage? If so, can you get an install to go through properly afterwards?

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    I have a high end audio system in my car... Focals, w7, etc etc. It is ran by a avhp3100dvd. Since I updated my iphone4 to the new 4.1 OS, I get random static through the audio system. It is sporadic, lasts 3 to 4 seconds, goes away, and then comes back. It worked earlier today before I did the update. My itouch works fine, so I know it isn't the radio. I restored the iphone4 AGAIN (a clean restore btw, so I just spent an extra hour organizing my iphone again) just to see if the upgrade was corrupted somehow. I still have the same issue. The phone plays like normal with headphones, it is just when the iphone is synced to the radio.
    I have seen numerous complaints about the new OS not being compatible with radios after updates. I was very hesitant to purchase the iphone4 because of this, but I tested it before I bought it, and everything worked with 4.0. That is the ONLY reason I purchased the iphone4. I felt like apple forced 3g customers to upgrade after the 4 update made them unusable. 3g phones need to be fixed with the new operating system and PLEASE FIX connection problems with other devices.
    It doesn't make sense why an update would mess up connection capabilities with other devices (isn't that a step backward?). The reason why I have purchased apple devices (iphones, macbook, itouch, ipad) is because they typically just work. That hasn't been the case lately. Thanks for reading my rant

    Thanks for the rant but it's probably better to contact Apple about this. We don't work for them.

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    After firmware update of my Nokia E50,I lost my Avaya application.From where I can download the application?

    pallam wrote:
    I'm using nokia 5130 express music, and I had a problem with keypad is not working and only working switch off button, no other buttons not working properly.
    I'm using nokia 5130 express music, and I had a problem with keypad is not working and only working switch off button, no other buttons not working properly.
    Please tell me solution
    Did you drop your phone in water?
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  • Playback and update problems with FrontRow

    I have FrontRow 1.2.2 installed on my Mac Pro (10.4.10). Everything is working except playing music videos. The error message I get is 'There are no music videos in your iTunes library.'
    But there definitely are music videos in my iTunes library. They are even purchased ones. They have the little check mark set and the genre on all of them is set to 'Music Video'. They play perfectly in iTunes (v7.4.2).
    I've erased com.apple.frontrow.plist and com.apple.iTunes.plist in ~/Library/Preferences/ but it didn't help.
    I then read something about the FrontRowUpdate1.3.1. I downloaded it from apple.com, but I can't install it because: 'This software update requires a Macintosh with a built-in infrared (IR) receiver running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later.'
    As the Mac Pro doesn't come with a IR receiver the update won't install.
    Basically I have two questions:
    1. Does anyone know how to get music videos playing in FrontRow 1.2.2?
    2. Does anyone know hot to update FrontRow 1.2.2 to FrontRow 1.3.1 on a Mac Pro?
    Any help is very welcome!
    As a side note: I have a copy of the very same iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. FrontRow 1.3.1 plays everything including the music videos. So I guess it's a problem with the out-dated version of FrontRow.

    Front Row is not supported by Apple on the Mac Pro towers. Front Row is only supported on Macs with built-in IR receivers. It may have been included in the bundle of software installed from the factory, but it won't run without manually changing/hacking specific system files.
    Front Row for all Macs will be included with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) which is scheduled for a release sometime next month. I would suggest you upgrade to Leopard so you can get support for Front Row on your system.

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    SInce I did the latest updates I've had problems with my text and iMessage. First I've never used iMessage in the past and always got my text messages and sent text just fine. Now it seems at though I can only have one or the other. If I have friends using iMessage and I have my iMesage turned off they wont get my message and if I have my iMessage turned on and I send to someone with and android they wont get my message either. It's like it can't figure out if it's and iMessage or a normal text. I have it set to send as SMS when iMessage is unavailbe but it doesnt sent as a text message.
    So at this point I wont be ablet to get my messages from both iMessges and SMS..
    Anyone else have this problems.

    Hello crissyanon,
    The following article provides some useful information and troubleshooting steps that can help get Messages working.
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages

  • Update problems with jdbc on access db too

    i have a strange problem with updating a record in ms-access - db by using jdbc.
    my program creates a "correct??" update-statement but i get an error-message: errorcode:3144.. syntaxerror in update-statement or something like that..
    thats the statement that my program creates:
    update maX2 set m1='super',set m2='hallo' where id=2
    Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
    stmt.executeUpdate(... the update-statement ...);
    does anybody know why i get this errormessage?

    Your statemente should be:
    update maX2 set m1='super', m2='hallo' where id=2

  • Update Problems with Adobe, Win 7, 64 bit, Event Viewer confused

    When I looked into the Event viewer, I noticed that their seem to be problems with AAM.  I only have Adobe Elements, Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Air, etc.  AAM does not list any of the products I have, but a lot of stuff, that is far too advanced for me.  I am wondering, what to do about it.  Helga P.S.  I had to pick one of the Forums.

    Is there a task that you are unable to do?
    The Adobe Application Manager is a part of CS5 and CS6.  My copy of it also lists several packages I don't have installed with a [Try] button to the side.
    Perhaps re-installing with the latest would help?

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