Outgoing Mail Problem on iPad and iPhone

I have a Telstra iPhone and iPad. When I try to send or relay emails from work or other locations (not at home) to my work email or to other people I get the following message: Cannot Send Mail. A Copy has been placed in your Outbox.  The recipient xxxxxx was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying When I am at home and connected via wifi to my optusnet account, I can usually send emails from my iPad, but not always from my iPhone.  Very frustrating!

Hi sgn,
Please ensure you have the correct settings by following our guide here: 
I'm assuming this is a Bigpond email address?If so it will be best to follow the heading: Set up Telstra email on the BigPond® platform, on your tablet or mobile
If you continue to have problems it may be due to network you're connected to at the time restricting this. You may need to use the outgoing mail server of the provider that you're connected to via Wi-Fi. If the email isn't large you can toggle on Mobile data to send if this suits.
-Matt W

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    Whenever I send emails through my business mails to yahoo, gmail and other mail clients from my iPad and macbook pro, it is rejected by the server. My business mail is hosted by siteground.com.
    When sending the same mails on non apple devices, it goes through alright. I have tried different options of the outgoing mail servers and ports as suggested by my host but still have issues. There are no issues with incoming mails on the apple devices. How do i resolve these problems?

    From the Mail menu bar, select
              Window ▹ Connection Doctor
    Click the Show Detail button. A drawer opens. Send a message and post the text that appears. Anonymize any personal information before posting.

  • Trying to get my Facebook notifications/mail on my iPad and iPhone.Getting them fine on my PC

    Trying to get my Facebook notifications/mail on my iPad and iPhone.Getting them fine on my PC

    Hello Texancharm,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    If you're not receiving notifications for specific apps on your iOS devices, then please check your settings to ensure they're enabled correctly.
    Not getting notifications for a specific app
    Push notifications require an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection. If you’re not getting notifications for a specific app, try these steps:
    Go to Settings > Notifications to verify that the app supports notifications. If notifications do not appear in the Notification Center, make sure that the Notification Center setting for the app is enabled. 
    Make sure you’re signed in to your Apple ID.
    If you’ve recently installed an app or restored a backup, open the app to start getting notifications.
    About Notifications on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support
    Alex H.

  • HT1694 All of the mail on my iPad and iPhone disappeared after my outlook downloaded. How to I keep mail resident in both places?

    All of the mail on my iPad and iPhone disappeared after my outlook downloaded. How to I keep mail resident in both places?

    I managed to lose an earlier reply I'd started before you came back with your "solved" so I didn't bother to retype it.
    It went something like this:
    You should be able to recover the media with the tips in  this post from forum regular Zevoneer but I'm not sure what the implications are for your application settings. You can probably transfer your purchases into an authorised library, backup the device, recover any other media using third party tools, then restore the device from the backup.
    The older .itl file is useful however as iTunes should see this as the "home" library for your device which will allow you to preserve the application settings. (.itl file? Mac? I assume the library has migrated from PC to Mac at some point). Any files in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder or did you kill those as well? The most recent of these would be the best place to start.
    And no, the .itl file is not editable by mortals...
    Once you've restored the media from backups or recovered whatever else you useful can from the device, the scripts MusicFolder Files Not Added and Super Remove Dead Tracks should help get the library up to speed with the contents of the media folder.

  • TS3988 Problem setting up e-mail on Mac, iPad and iPhone

    I am having a major problem with my e-mai @me.com
    1) I have a Mac running Mountain Lion;
    2) The new iPad all up to date
    3) An iPhone 4 also up to date.
    iCloud e-mail on the web works perfectly, sending and receiving.
    On my Mac, I was able to configure as an IMAP account, but not using the standard settings provided by OS
    Both iPad and iPhone, while using the same and only Apple ID I have, do not recognize the default e-mail server.
    Notes only work between iPad and iPhone. Notes on Mac never worked since installation. It says it cannot be setup at the moment and ask to do it later... and has been doing that in the last 15 days...
    What should I do?

    GOing by what others have posted, hotmail seems to be having issues. There may be not much for you do to but to wait it out. You can always try removing and then readding your account info.

  • Mail attachment problems on iPad and iPhone

    When I receive an email any attachments do not appear on my iPad or iPhone but only on my mac. The paperclip symbol appears but no attachment can be seen. It is a hotmail account which I have set up to my iPad and iPhone and it has worked previously.

    No particular reason I know of they should be available (but admittedly, I don't use Hotmail). Some basic troubleshooting you might try:
    Delete and reinstall teh account
    Try a reset: Simultaneously hold down the Home and On buttons until the device shuts down. Ignore the off slider if it appears. Once shut down is complete, if it doesn't restart on it own, turn the device back on using the On button. In some cases it also helps to double click the Home button and close all apps BEFORE doing the reset.

  • Does mac mail sync with ipad and iphone mail?

    upgraded to mountain lion and i thought if i delete/read a email on mac mail then it would also delete/read on ipad and iphone but it will not. can i correct that?

    I have a .me account, a yahoo account, and a microsoft exchange account all in the mail application. I receive mail on my mac, iphone, and ipad but after I read it I have to delete on each device to remove it. Also if i send an email on a device it does not show in the send folder in the other devices. ???

  • Menu overlay on JW player - problem on iPad and iPhone

    I have a Wordpress site, which has a drop down menu function, that folds out on top of a JW player plugin. I started out encoding FLV video files, but recently changed to MP4, because I want the content to be accessible from iPad and iPhone. Problem is now, that the menu folds out correctly and is visible, but the menu buttons that are located on top of the video stream in MP4 cannot be activated! If I use a FLV video file, then everything works fine. In the future all videofiles will be MP4, so I have a problem with users not being able to navigate...
    Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this?

    Football Widow-
    Try resetting the iPad's and iPhone's network.  I think the iPhone works the same as the iPad.  Go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.  You will need to reconnect each to WiFi.
    The IP address of each device, including your Husband's iPad, should be the same except for the last group of digits.  For example, my WiFi router's IP address is  My computer's IP address is  My iPad's IP address is  If any of your devices do not follow this pattern, they may be self-assigning their IP address, and not actually be connected to your WiFi system.

  • Suddenly unable las 36 hrs to access yahoo mail server on iPad and iPhone. What is going on, how to fix?  Have tried resetting mail accounts to no avail.

    Unable to access yahoo mail server on iPad suddenly last 36 hrs.  Can anyone assist?

    Hold off on purchasing stuff. I got my problem solved going through Apple Support for free. I'll try to walk you through this but bear in mind I've only done it once with an Apple Tech Support manager on line.
    Basically you have to clear your keychain. Go to Finder Menu, Select Go, select utilities, select Keychain Access
    Once you are in keychain access you may have to enter a password to unlock the keychain
    Once unlocked, select preferences and then reset my keychain.
    This is where I am fuzzy on what we did but as I recall that was all that was necessary with respect to the keychain access.
    Save the changes
    Go to the mail program, delete your existing account
    Add a new account
    De-select the option to automatically set up your account (VERY IMPORTANT)
    Enter your email account info for @me.com
    On the incoming mail server page
    Enter the account type as IMAP
    Enter the account description as iCloud
    Enter the incoming mail server to imap.mail.me.com
    on the outgoing mail server page
    Enter the account description as iCloud
    Enter the outgoing mail server to smtp.mail.me.com
    Check use only this server
    And your problems SHOULD be solved
    If I were you, before messing with the Keychain stuff I'd try editing the incoming and outgoing server address in the mail program first to see if that's a shortcut.
    Good luck!

  • Mail crashes in iPad and iPhone when sending reply

    A very odd thing keeps happening this morning - I am trying to respond to an email, and every time I hit send, the mail app crashes. I attempted to respond to the same email on my iPhone, and the same thing happened. I tried sending a test email to myself, and that worked. Any ideas on what the problem could be and how I could fix it?

    Hi Kristina...
    Try "resetting" the devices...
    Hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button down at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    Then try again. If that didn't help, on one device tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. If that helped, do the same for the other device.

  • Problems with iPad and iPhone... new appointments in grey color after creating on my book...

    I have some problems with Calendar application on my iPhone and iPad under iOS 6 with Microsoft Exchange 2010 accounts
    When I create new appointment on my MacBook in iCal or in Outlook when new appointment have one or more recipients then after synchronization on my mobile devices I see new appointment in grey color but not in color of my calendar... color changes to right color only after saving some changes to appointment on mobile device but only on this device

    but you should have a backup in itunes.
    Every time you sync your iOS device iTunes creates a backup. go check if its there, iTunes Preferences >Devices. and there you should see if you have a backup, and in case from which date the backup is.
    And ofcourse you can get your icloud data back by just logging in with your Appleid under icloud in settings on the iphone.
    But anyway, if the iPhone works when you restor it as new: try adding your backup, and see if the issue comes back. And experiment with your backup and try to work out what is causing the issue, my guess is that its some app!   Good Luck!

  • Mail Program on Ipad and Iphone

    How can you select either all or a group of emails to trash at one time.  Do you have to just use EDIT and select one email at a time?

    Quit Mail. Force quit if necessary.
    Back up all data. That means you know you can restore the Mail database, no matter what happens.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder
    from the menu bar. Paste into the box that opens by pressing command-V, then press return.
    A folder window will open. Inside it there should be files with names as follows:
    Envelope Index
    Move those files to the Desktop, leaving the window open. Other files in the folder may have longer names that begin as above. Move those files, if any, to the Trash.
    Log out and log back in. Relaunch Mail. It should prompt you to re-import your messages. You may get a warning that the index is damaged and that Mail has to quit. Click OK. Typically, the process takes a few minutes, but it may take hours if you have gigantic mailboxes. In that case, you may be able to speed things up by temporarily adding your home folder to the Privacy list in the Spotlight preference pane. Remove it when Mail has finished importing.
    Test. If Mail now works as expected, you can delete the files you moved to the Desktop. Otherwise, post your results.

  • Can't delete mail messages on ipad and iphone

    All of my iOs devices seem unable to delete unwanted mail messages. I get a message "…unable to move message to Trash". Does anyone know why and how to fix it?

    This is an archived article but it's worth a try. Seems to make sense to me. Read this.

  • Zooming Problem on iPad and iPhone?

    I have a muse site only desktop version is designed. While checking it on phone it looks ok but i can't zoom in and zoom out. Anybody know what's wrong?.
    On android it's fine i can zoom in and out the problem is only in IOS.
    Thank You

    Please provide the site url , also the issue is with any specific browser ?

  • I can not receive my mail on my MAC but can on my Ipad and Iphone.

    I can receive my .me mail on my Iphone and Ipad but not my  MAC. the Mail box is set up with the new p99.... in the incoming mail server. It was working fine last week. My account type email address is <Edited by Host> , but the user name is sjgilreath is this suppose to be correct. Second part of the problem is my business email <Edited by Host> is also not working all of a sudden again can get mail on the Ipad and Iphone not the MAC. This is set up as pop.secureserver.net. Please help.

    I am having basically the same problem. I'm getting all my pop mail from other accounts but my [email protected] address, now iCloud, is not getting my mail. It comes through on my iphone and my ipad and my iMac  10.6.8 in my studio, but not on my MacBook Pro 10.7.  All I see is the little triangle with the ! . I have the old mac set to leave messages on server ( not upgradeable to 10.7)

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