Outlook 2007 mails are upgraded to outlook 2013 but after uninstalling Microsoft 2007,outlook 2013 are not opening.

Dear Support
Yesterday, i have upgraded the outlook mails 2007 to outlook 2013.Today i have uninstalled the Ms-Office 2007 and try to open the outlook 2013.The application is not working and showing the message of quick repair (or) go to online to fix the issue.
Let me know what is the root cause of the issue and why it has happened?
Is there any option to upgrade the mails from outlook 2007 directly to outlook 2013.
Thanks & Regards

Both of them rely on some system files and some interrelated registry keys. So, this is a direct result of that interdependence. When you uninstall the previous version of Office from your computer, it will definitely break the existing installation, a repair
is required to fix all the corrupt registry entries.
We do not recommend to install multiple versions of Office on one computer, we suggest you to completely remove any previous version first if you do not plan to use any of the Office applications of a previous version of Office, then install it.
Ethan Hua CHN
TechNet Community Support

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    -The system has crashed/closed on it's own. Have had to put the pc off to get the system started again, yesterday, the hotmail was not opening either, once it opened after some time, other times I had to open Mozilla again.
    -Some of the "sent" emails are not opening for me to check what I've written.
    - After I've opened my hot mail account, the continue & cancel signs will appear again.

    As the day progressed, all other files quit being able to save to the desktop.  As I tried to diagnose the issue, I went through the Repair Disk in Disk Utilities and was told by that program to close and use the disk repair from Recovery HD (CMD + R upon reboot).  I did that and was eventually told the HDD was too far gone to repair.  I reformatted and restored from Time Machine following the instructions given.  All is good now after 24 hours of work.  I have no idea what happened but I'm not feeling real safe about my mac today.  I have an SSD on order.

  • Mails are not downloading continuously in outlook 2013.

    We have faced the issue in outlook 2007.suppose,we are receiving 5 mails at a time.it is not downloading all the 5 mails.it is downloading only 2 and other 3 mails ,we are clicking send/receive button to receive the 3 mails.This was the issue in 2007 which
    i had faced.
    In same manner,outlook 2013 also we are facing the same issue.For example,we are receiving 10 mails and all the 10 mails are not at all downloading continuously.It is downloading and showing only two mails and manually if we click on send/receive button,it
    is downloading 8 mails.
    I request you to provide a solution for downloading all the mails(one by one) at a time.

    I think it should be related to the Send/Receive Group, please create a new Send/Receive group in Outlook and check if it helps:
    Click File, and then clickOptions.
    Click the Advanced tab.
    In the  Send and Recieve section, clickSend/Recieve.
    Under Group Name, click the group, and then click
    Under Send/Receive Group Name, type the new group name, and then clickOK.
    Under Group Name, click the old group name.
    Under both When Outlook is Online andWhen Outlook is Offline, click to clear the check box forInclude this
    group in Send/Receive (F9).
    Click Close.
    Quit Outlook, and then restart Outlook.
    Please also use the following steps to re-enable the Send immediately when connected
    Outlook 2013
    On the File tab, click Options.
    In the Outlook Options dialog box, click
    In the Send and receive section, click to enable Send immediately when connected.
    Click OK.
    Outlook 2007
    On the Tools menu, click Options.
    In the Options dialog box, select the Mail Setup
    In the Send/Receive section, click to enable Send immediately when connected.
    Click OK.
    I hope this can help. If the steps above still fail, try to create a new profile to setup the account:
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • Outlook 2013 is not opening.

    Today ,i have faced an issue in outlook 2013.We are using an outlook 2013 as a POP account.When i try to open the outlook it is not opening.It is showing the message the location of the path is moved to DIFFERENT LOCATION/RENAME/DELETED 
    I tried to open the control panel to check whether the MS-office is uninstalled or not? But even control panel and other  installed programs is not opening and responding.But i can able to open the hard drives of C path & D path folder without any
    I shutdown the computer for half-an-hour.After Half-an-hour,i started the computer again and i can able to  open the outlook 2013.It is working and downloading mails without any issue.
    Please let me know why the issue arises in outlook 2013.It should not happen again in outlook 2013.I Kindly request you to provide a suitable solution for this at the earliest.

    ...Please let me clarify what type of back ground process was running at that time.
    The same reply was informed to my Team Head and he is not accepting .
    Hi Pradeep.R,
    As per your description above, I think it's not an Outlook specific issue as you also observed that "even control panel and other installed programs is not opening and responding"
    There is no way for us to know "what type of back ground process was running at that time". I would suggest you to check in the
    Event Viewer and see if there is any log recorded during that time period. That's the only way to track down the issue I think.
    If you would like us to help analyze the logs, you can send the log file to this email account:
    [email protected] and inform us here (the email subject should be the link of this thread).
    Ethan Hua
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • Work flow mails are not coming to inbox but coming to out box in quality

    We are working on the implementation of Work flow for Purchase orders.
    Work flow customization is completed and even work flow is triggering when ever I create Purchase Order.
    Even Agent assignment also completed for work flow tasks via T code PTFC_CHG.
    This work flow is working fine in development.
    When I moved this workflow to quality I got a problem.
    Problem here is Work flow mails are not processing out of SAP Outbox to approvers  inbox even also after executing the program RSWUWFML2.
    When I triggered the PO in development the work item is moved to SAP out box as well as inbox. In quality It is not coming to SAP inbox.
    If I check in SOST,I will not see any of the entries related to work flow mails.
    Only above I can see in my SAP Outbox.
    So how can I Process these messages to approvers SAP Inbox.
    Any body please help me where the problem is
    With regards,

    Hi SP,
    I may be wrong, but on reading ur thread, I feel u r mis interpreting SAP Outbox with Outlook.
    Is it so, because u have mentioned about RSWUWFML2 and SOST, which comes into picture only if u r using an external mail like Outlook.
    If its Outlook, then there is no doubt that ur work item would get deleted from SAP Inbox and would be present only in Outlook.
    If its SAP Outbox, then u r not supposed to get ur work item in ur Outbox unless it is processed or executed thru ur SAP Inbox.
    Hope it helps.
    Edited by: Aditya Varrier on May 23, 2008 1:52 PM

  • Windows live mail having problum after joining in domain examples incoming is good but sent or outgoing is not there and also send mails are not exporting at the time of live mail exporting time?

    windows live mail having problem after joining in domain examples incoming is good but sent or outgoing is not there and also send mails are not exporting at the time of live mail exporting time?

    This is not usually related to AD issues, but it may be more of a DNS issue. I posted a request in your other thread to post an unedited ipconfig /all of the DC and of the client.
    This may help use diagnose this issue and your other thread's printer issues.
    Thank you,
    Ace Fekay
    MVP, MCT, MCSE 2012, MCITP EA & MCTS Windows 2008/R2, Exchange 2013, 2010 EA & 2007, MCSE & MCSA 2003/2000, MCSA Messaging 2003
    Microsoft Certified Trainer
    Microsoft MVP - Directory Services
    Complete List of Technical Blogs: http://www.delawarecountycomputerconsulting.com/technicalblogs.php
    This posting is provided AS-IS with no warranties or guarantees and confers no rights.

  • Outlook 2010 will not open

    I have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. I've had issues with a problem in outlook where file was being generated in my PST folders everytime I opened outlook. I read where I should disable Norton Anti-Spam and it worked to allow me to delete the
    folders and not get any new ones. I thought I should try uninstalling MS Office and reloading it. I used the Control Panel to remove the program but it only partially removed Office and stopped. I then used FixIt and removed more of Office and got most of
    it but it stopped at the end too. I could not totally remove whatever remained of office but it looked like it was all gone. I also have Visio 2010 and Project 2010 and did not attempt removing those yet. When I tried to re-install office I got an error about
    legacy groove SW that needed to be removed first. I couldn't find a way to do it. I then read I could do a custom install and install everything in office except SharePoint Workspace. I did that and it seemed to work.  Everything worked except Outlook.
    So then I added features to the suite by custom install of SharePoint Workspace only. All seemed to work. But Outlook still will not open. I get an error that states: Cannot open your default email folders. An unexpected error has occurred. MAPI was unable
    to load the information service mspst.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured. I have Windows 7 Home Premium.  What should I do?

    Go to C:\Windows\System32 and double click on Fixmapi.exe, it won't give you any message, just reboot computer and try again.
    If this issue persists, create a new profile in Control Panel -> Mail to check the result:
    If this issue still persists, we need to uninstall Office completely, then re-install it.
    Once you finished uninstalling Office, please also delete the following registry keys:
    This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the
    registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry,
    Once the keys are deleted restart the computer and re-install Office, check if Outlook works fine.
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • Some outgoing e mails are not getting through

    Some of the people I e mail are not getting any of my e mails. I use the verizon e mail online not outlook express or any other software. Most of my e mails are getting through but not all. Anyone have an idea why this could be happening? It's not that my e mail is blocked on the other end. One of the recipients is my dad and he isn't getting my e mail. I walked him through his setup and he does not have me blocked and I am in his address book.

    Is there a particular domain you are having trouble with? Are you getting any delivery delay/failure messages?
    If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.
    "All knowledge is worth having."

  • I have a G5 mac using ver 10.4.11 and a newer mac using ver 10.8.4 these are networked. using the new mac i looked up my my photo on the old mac. It then said you need to upgrade your library which it did. Now the old mac can not open the photos

    I have a G5 mac using ver 10.4.11 and a newer mac using ver 10.8.4 these are networked. using the new mac i looked up my my photo on the old mac. It then said you need to upgrade your library which it did. Now the old mac can not open the photos and say that I need to upgrade my I photo to a newer version. The old mac has no more support from apple in software update so I am not sure where I should go from here. can I use new soft ware with the old mac

    The other part of the upgrade message was a warning that once you upgraded you would no longer be able to open the library with the old version which is exaclty what you did and what happened when you choose to continue
    The iphoto library needs to be upgraded to work with this version of iPhoto. Your photo library will not be readable by previous versions of iphoto after the upgrade. The upgrade process may take several minutes depending on the number of photos in the library. Cancel or upgrade.
    So now your choices are to not use iPhoto with the previous version using it onky with the newer version, restore your backup from before you did this upgrade or purchase iPhoto Library Manager and use it to rebuild the library using the older version of iPhoto (instructions are on their web site) thereby downgrading it (without projects)

  • Yahoo e-mails are not being received on iphone 4.

    Yahoo e-mails are not being received on iphone 4.  I had to go website to retrieve about 50 emails from last couple of days.  Everything looks correct in settings and I haven't changed anything that I know of.  Please help if you've encountered this issue.

    I tried the suggestion of deleting the account and starting over from scratch (twice), to no avail.

  • Wf mails are not sent

    Workflow mails are not sent.
    The global preference was set as Do not send emails, we changed the same to mail with attachments. After that we ran resend failed or undelivered messages request. Even then the messages are not sent.
    mail_status is null in wf_notifications table for all of these messages.
    None of the activities are errored.
    I appreciate if any body faced similar situation and can point me where things are going wrong.

    The notifications that were sent when the preference was set to "Do not send mail" are not considered failed or undelivered. Those notifications at the time they were sent were not supposed to be sent as e-mail.. so not sent. If you want them to sent as e-mail, you will have to manually update the MAIL_STATUS to MAIL, run $FND_TOP/sql/wfntfqup.sql to rebuild the mailer queue. This will take care of sending all those e-mails.

  • Mails are not going

    Hi Experts,
    I have developed a RFC to approved leave, this RFC will send mail to required recipients. After executing the RFC, when we check into the TCODE: SCOTT mails are sending properly. While the same RFC calling from .NET mails are not going.
    Please let me know any kind of configuration required in .NET or Share point.
    Please do the needful.

    Refer below links.
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  • Mails are not going from apex application

    Mails are not going from my apex application. I had done the instance settings by logged in as admin. SMTP port is also connecting. Please help me to solve the issue.

    Mail queue is vacant. I think the problem is with the process. No process or validations are working. Actually, I have copied this application from another schema. Is there is need to set anything?..I had regenerated all the tables,functions,triggers in my schema .Processes and validations are completely inactive

  • Workflow Notification Mails Are Not Being Sent

    we are running version , some times Workflow Notification Mails Are Not Being Sent , so how should i start diagnose this issue.

    Dear Hussein
    thanks for your reply, below are the log messages from the todays file FNDCPGSC6854.txt
    [May 12, 2009 1:21:12 PM AST]:1242123672450:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    EBS:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.SMTPOutboundProces
    sor.send(Message)]:Problem encountered when sending to {[[=?UTF-8?B?2LXZhNin2K0g2LXYp9mE2K0g2LnYrNmE2Kf
    Zhg==?= <[email protected]>]]} -> javax.mail.MessagingException: 451 Timeout waiting for client input
    [May 12, 2009 1:21:12 PM AST]:1242123672451:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    EBS:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.SMTPMessageHandler
    .sendMessages(String)]:MessagingException -> javax.mail.MessagingException: 451 Timeout waiting for cli
    ent input
    [May 12, 2009 2:03:48 PM AST]:1242126228129:Thread[inboundThreadGroup1,5,inboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAREB
    S:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.IMAPInboundProc
    essor.moveMessage(Message, String)]:Unable to move message {null} -> javax.mail.StoreClosedException: *
    BYE Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 IMAP4rev1 server version 6.5.7638.1 closing connection due to timeo
    [May 12, 2009 2:17:01 PM AST]:1242127021657:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    EBS:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.SMTPOutboundProces
    sor.send(Message)]:Problem encountered when sending to {[[=?UTF-8?B?2YXYp9ix2KrZhiDZgdmG2YrYsg==?= <mvi
    [email protected]>]]} -> javax.mail.MessagingException: 451 Timeout waiting for client input
    [May 12, 2009 2:17:01 PM AST]:1242127021658:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    EBS:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.SMTPMessageHandler
    .sendMessages(String)]:MessagingException -> javax.mail.MessagingException: 451 Timeout waiting for cli
    ent input
    [May 12, 2009 3:49:02 PM AST]:1242132542705:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    EBS:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.SMTPOutboundProces
    sor.send(Message)]:Problem encountered when sending to {[[=?UTF-8?B?2KfYtNix2YEg2KfZhNiz2YrYryDYp9it2YX
    YryDYtNio2YQ=?= <[email protected]>]]} -> javax.mail.MessagingException: 451 Timeout waiting for clie
    nt input
    [May 12, 2009 3:49:02 PM AST]:1242132542705:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    EBS:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-6854-10006 : oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.SMTPMessageHandler
    .sendMessages(String)]:MessagingException -> javax.mail.MessagingException: 451 Timeout waiting for cli
    ent input
    [May 12, 2009 4:03:08 PM AST]:1242133388437:Thread[outboundThreadGroup1,5,outboundThreadGroup]:0:-1:DAR
    gListener.editStyleRef(HTMLTagEvent, String) Making a connection to {http://oracle.kannon.com:8000/OA_
    HTML/cabo/images/cache/cmbts.gif)} returned {404 - Not Found}. Leaving as a reference

  • Spam mails are not deleted from the spam folder

    In the account settings, I have set the spam mail to be automatically deleted after one day. In spite of that, spam mail in the spam folder is not automatically deleted at any time, even if I restart Thunderbird. In the end, I always have to clean the spam folder manually.

    Thanks for your quick answers!
    I realized that I didn't select the option 'enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account', but, even selecting it, the junk mails are not automatically cleaned. I tried restarting Thunderbird, restarting the computer, and even manually changing the date and restarting Thunderbird, but nothing worked.
    I checked the entries in the advanced configuration, and they are all correct.
    My aim, as it was with the other problem I posted, is just to help to improve the development of Thunderbird by pointing the bugs. But they are actually really minor issues and not a real problem for me. So don't worry if the problem is not finally solved.
    And thanks again!

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