Outlook 2010/multiple exchange accounts/new mail notification on one only

Hi, is there a way to have multiple exchange accounts in Outlook 2010 but just have new mail notifications on the first only?
I tried having the first exchange account open an additional user, but running into memory errors as a result. Found the solution to that by adding them as separate accounts, but this creates noise with mail notifications, reminders, etc-
Thanks in advance - Joe

You can configure multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook 2010. For details on how to configure, you can refer to this article:
Also, only the default mail store will get the new mail icon. You can use rules to pop up a desktop notification for the other accounts but the icon will only appear
for the default account.
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    I've setup multiple exchange accounts in Outlook 2010.  I receive fine for both accounts, but cannot send from second account.  Sent email goes to the Outbox and stays there.
    I've tried going back to a second profile, and it works fine.  Mail in Outbox from efforts above stay in Outbox.  If I pull them up, I can resend with no issue.
    I need to be able to send with multiple accounts in same profile to do other projects I'm currently working on.  Any ideas???

    I've setup multiple exchange accounts in Outlook 2010.  I receive fine for both accounts, but cannot send from second account.  Sent email goes to the Outbox and stays there.
    I've tried going back to a second profile, and it works fine.  Mail in Outbox from efforts above stay in Outbox.  If I pull them up, I can resend with no issue.
    I need to be able to send with multiple accounts in same profile to do other projects I'm currently working on.  Any ideas???
    I was able to fix this with Outlook 2010 Service Pack 1.
    Another area that I had to change was the inbox for that other account I created a rule to put in the primary inbox folder (email 2).
    After that the email was only checking one to send and recieve based on the highlighted account, so to resolved that I went to Send/Reveive Groups > Define Groups > Edit Account Properties and made sure they refresh every 1 minute(s).
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  • TS3276 can you have multiple exchange accounts in mail in mountain lion

    can you have multiple exchange accounts in mail in mountain lion

    Just use IMAP for the accounts. I have 4 Exchange accounts in my Mail app and they are all set up that way. but yes, there can only be 1 Exchange account (which I believe has more to do with the Exchange API than Macs)
    hope this helps.

  • How to setup multiple Exchange accounts in Mail with the same username/password

    Okay didn't see a place to ask a Mail question so I am placing this here.
    I work for a helpdesk that requires me to monitor 4 different email accounts throughout the day. They are all Exchange accounts. The first one setups just fine but when I go to setup the others I get a message that states that the username and password are in use for the other account. Is there any way to setup multiple Exchange account when using the same LDAP creds for all the accounts?

    I need to add a second Exchange account to my MBP using Mail.  Both accounts are with Rackspace, but each email address is unique (i.e., two different domain names).  When I use Preferences to attempt to add the second account, it recognizes the new credentials, finds the server and autopopulates the necessary address information.  But, as soon as I click "Done" after setting which functions are active on the account (mail, cal, contacts, etc.), the screen shows only my original Exchange account.  The new one is not added, yet there is no error message saying that it can't be added.  Any idea what is going on?  Shouldn't Mail be able to have multiple Exchange accounts, even if they are hosted via the same Rackspace server (in this case: connect.emailsrvr.com)?
    Many thanks,
    MBPR with Mavericks, Exchange 2012, Mac Mail

  • Outlook 2013 Multiple exchange accounts without entering pwd on tablet or mobile phone

    Hello, We are using exchange server and offiche 365.
    On destop and laptop computers we can share (parts of) mailboxes and caladars of multiple users. You can configure this with account settings, more.
    Is it possible to do this on windows/android tablets or smartphones?
    If so how can we configure this?

    Do you mean you'd like to access your email or calendar on Windows/Android tablets or smartphone?
    You should be able to install Outlook on your Windows tablet, which usually runs a regular version of Windows system on it (for Surface with Windows RT, it has Office RT pre-installed for free. This includes Outlook RT). Then you can use it just like the
    desktop version.
    For the Android tablet or smartphones, we have Outlook for Android app (or Microsoft Outlook Preview) available from the Google Play Store, you can install it on your device, then configure your mail account by going to tap Settings > Add Account. Or
    you can access your email by using the built-in mail app.
    However, some features might not be available on these apps, for example, when you set up an Exchange account on a smartphone, it opens your mailbox, not the shared mailbox.
    Of course, you can access all your mail items via Outlook Web App on these devices.
    Here is the reference you might need:
    Install and set up Office on an Android tablet with Office 365
    If this doesn't help, please try to be more specific on your questions, then we will have a further look.
    Ethan Hua
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  • Multiple Exchange accounts in Mail.app - is this possible?

    Hi folks,
    I would like to start using Mail.app with my Exchange accounts.
    Now, does Mail.app support this feature?
    If not can it be at least set up in such a way that through one single Exchange account I can see my other exchange accounts by delegating all the privileges to that main exchange accounts and thus doing it indirectly?

    Just use IMAP for the accounts. I have 4 Exchange accounts in my Mail app and they are all set up that way. but yes, there can only be 1 Exchange account (which I believe has more to do with the Exchange API than Macs)
    hope this helps.

  • Multiple exchange accounts in Mail

    I have just added two "Exchange 2007" accounts to Mail 4.5. I run Snow Leopard 10.6.8.
    The problem is that Mail messes up which account folders and messages belong to. For instance, both folders lists contains the same folders, but they (obviously) should not. The folders in one account is empty, as that account doesn't even have a folder by that name.
    I know I have received messages to one account (the one with the empty folders), but the "Inbox" shows as empty. This was the first account of the two that I added. It worked fine until I added the second account.
    How can I solve this?

    Let me name the accounts for easier reference.
    I added LT first, which worked.
    Then I added CS which worked, but caused LT to not work.
    I tried removing the LT account, and adding it again. It didn't help at all.
    So I quit Mail. Opened ~/Library/Mail and removed the EWS folder for the LT account.
    Opened Mail again.
    Now the account LT works just fine, but the account CS stopped working. The CS account now has no messages and no folders (in Mail).
    Correction: The CS account has no folders, but do have messages in the Inbox
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  • No new mail notification in Outlook - CAS Exchange RPC Client Access problem

    Hi, we're facing this problem:
    Users start complaining they suddenly don’t receive new mail notifications in Outlook (2010/2013)  anymore
    Inbox does not show the new mail either
    When the user changes folders in outlook, the new mail does show in the Inbox folder
    Restarting Outlook shows the new mail as well.
    The same new e-mail arrives instantly (with notifications) in Owa and on mobile devices
    Sometimes the new mail notification pops up after a longer period of time (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes). But more often not at all.
    This issue seems to occur at random. We’ve been problem free for a week, and sometimes it comes back three times a day.
    Clients running Outlook 2010, 2013 cached or online, on site and off site. So it seems server related, not client.
    It was seen first around January 8th. We did not make any changes around that time that we can link to this problem.
    Only one CAS server (EXCH1-RTD) shows this issue. CAS servers on other sites are ok
    EXCH1-RTD has CAS and HUB transport roles. The same site has two mailbox only servers. EXCH2-RTD (mailbox server for normal mailboxes). And EXCH3-RTD (mailbox server for archive mailboxes)
    No entries in the event logs that seems to be related
    As the problem only occurs with Outlook clients, I suspected RPC issues. We cannot gracefully stop the “Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access” service on EXCH1-RTD  while the issue occurs. We
    can only kill the process and restart the service, solving the issue instantly.
    What we’ve tried until now:
    Updated all Exchange servers from Exchange 2010 SP3 RU6 to RU8-v2 (server OS=W2K8R2)
    Updated all Exchange servers  to latest critical Windows updates
    Recalculated requirements using MS Sizing tool.  Upgraded EXCH1-RTD  VM from 8GB and 2 vCPU (1 core/cpu) to 16GB
    and 4vCPU (1 core/cpu)
    Ran various perfmon counters and compared them with other Exchange servers, not finding any obvious anomalies.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Ron,
    From your description, OWA works well, the issue is related to Outlook side. In your case, I recommend you use Outlook safe mode to determine whether the issue is related to add-ins. If the issue persists, you can create a new profile to check the result.
    Hope this can be helpful to you.
    Best regards,
    Amy Wang
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  • Searching Multiple Exchange Accounts in Outlook 2010

    After upgrading to Outlook 2010, one of my users can no longer search multiple exchange accounts.  Here is the background.  The user is an administrative assistant for 2 partners.  She has full permissions against their mailboxes.  Their
    accounts show up under her Outlook profile and she can access all the mail, calendars, etc.  However, when she searches, she only gets results back for her mailbox.  She needs to be able to search and get results back from the partners mailboxes
    as well.  Is there a setting we are missing? 
    Ron Soulliard
    Systems Administrator
    Polaris Ventures.

    It seems to be an issue fixed by the updates. Make sure you have patched Office 2010 SP1 and have the programs up to date on the assistant's computer.
    Best regards,
    Rex Zhang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Outlook 2013 new mail notification sounds can't be changed

    I've got a weird issue with Outlook 2013 on Windows 8..  I've read several other posts that are kind of similar but they don't really apply.
    So, Outlook 2013 uses the "Desktop Mail Notification" sound event..  unless I change the .wav file assigned to that event.  Then it instead uses the "New Mail Notification" event.  Then when I change the .wav file assigned
    to THAT one, it changes again to instead use the "Notification" event.  Then when I change the .wav file assigned to "Notification," Outlook just won't play anything at all when receiving new mail.  It just flat refuses to use
    anything but the default .wav files.
    Has anyone run into this before?

    To change the new mail notification sound, please try the following:
    1. Right click the sound icon at the right bottom to open the sound settings.
    2. Under the
    Windows section, change both the Desktop Mail Notification and New Mail Notification
    events to have the same .wav file for the sound you want played for them.
    3. Then click OK to test the result.
    Vincent Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Rule containing "Mark as Read" and "Move to Folder" does not remove New Mail Notification

    I asked this question in another forum here (sorry for not linking, but the forum would not let me because my account is not yet verified):
    They passed the buck to this forum.  Can anyone help?  Here is my original post:
    I have set up a rule so that emails from a certain sender should be marked as 'read' and routed to a certain folder.  The rule works just fine except for the fact that it does not remove the new mail notification from the taskbar icon
    or the system tray.  The rule reads as follows:
    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    with New Home Sale in the subject
    move it to the _New Home Sales folder
      and mark it read
    Once I open the _New Home Sales folder, all messages are marked as read, as they should be.  When I open any of the emails in this folder, the notification goes away.  It does not even have to be the most recent email or the same folder
    - opening any email from any folder clears the notification, even if the same email was used to clear it before.  Previewing does not remove the notification.  
    I have a similar rule set up for another folder:
    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    with New Home Final Sale in the subject
    move it to the _New Home Final Sales folder
      and mark it as read
    The same thing happens here with the unread notification.
    This is very annoying, as I want to receive these emails but I do not need to know every time one comes in.
    Does anyone have any advice on this?  I have read a few threads about an unread email bug, but I'm hoping I'm just missing a setting somewhere. I find it hard to believe such a bug would persist this long.

    From your description, I would like to verify the Exchange version and Outlook version at first. Since I have a test in my environment using Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2010. I create a same inbox rule, it works and there is no new mail notification from
    the taskbar.
    What's more, I recommend you use Outlook safe mode to determine whether the problem is caused by add-ins.
    If the issue persists, please install the Outlook latest Service Packs and check the result.
    Hope it helps.
    Best regards,
    Amy Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • IOS 4.0.1 Email Subfolder problem with multiple Exchange accounts

    Hi folks,
    Situation: iPhone 4, iOS 4.0.1, multiple Exchange accounts, corporate exchange server 2010
    problem: Emails are of course organized into subfolders. However, my iPhone only displays NEW incoming Emails when they are sent to an accounts ROOT Emails folder. I can access the subfolders of each account using the "account:" buttons and read the mails - but thats useless since I dont have an idea WHICH folder of WHICH ACCOUNT received a new mail!
    to me, that is definitely a bug - not a feature.
    any ideas?

    I cannot believe this is actually the case -- I'm experiencing the same problem and it's driving me nuts! Come on Apple; this needs to be fixed if you actually expect the iphone to become a real business device.

  • Office Small Business Premium 365 - Setting up multiple Exchange accounts

    Can we set up multiple Exchange accounts on a single Outlook profile using Outlook 2013 (365 Full App)?  We have an email subscription to O365, and we have another email account that's hosted with GoDaddy that's an Exchange account.  I think it's
    possible, but I'm being advised that it isn't reliable (or that it can't work).  I found this TechNet article that seems like it
    should work: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee815819(v=office.15).aspx   However, I don't have OCT with O365 Small Business Premium, so I don't know how else to do this...
    Any suggestions/advise?  Thank you!

    Seems like it is possible.  I was able to add two exchange accounts (office 365 services) into Outlook 2013.  I guess this is possible through Email Accounts (add New...).  Thanks, Microsoft!

  • Multiple exchange-accounts

    Hi everybody
    I have a gmail that contains all my personal e-mails, contacts and calender notes. I also have a work e-mail that contains alle my work related e-mails, contacts and calender note (meetings ect.)
    Both accounts can configured as a "Mail for Exchange" which suites me perfectly. I have tried iPhone and Android and it works perfect with multiple exchange account - but Nokia C7 doesn't? Why?
    I have googled this for some time without getting any good anwers. Some people says that raodsync does the trick but on the roadsync supportpage the developers state that rodadsync only support one exchange account at the time.
    Can it be true that the largest cell-phone manufacturer in the world don't support this simple feature. iOS and Android does...
    Please help me, I would like to switch to Nokia but this issue is a deal-breaker :-(
    Sincerly yours

    I'm googling now how to set up two exchange accounts on my 701 but it indeed seems it is impossible.
    I have now an exchange active sync account for my company mail and calendar. Could you please help me how to sync my outlook.com calendar with my Nokia?
    Let me know if this possible at least.
    Thank you in advance,
    Sweet home [localhost]...

  • Completely delete Exchange account from Mail client on Mac

    I'm having a problem with a several e-mail messages in my Mail client.  These messages seem "stuck" in that whenever I try to delete these messages, I get an error message in Mail that says:
    An error occurred while moving messages to mailbox “Trash — Exchange”.
    I named the account Exchange.  These messages are NOT on my Exchange mail server anymore - I also access my mail from an Outlook client as well and these "stuck" messages do not appear in Outlook which is pulling directly from Exchange.
    My first attempt to resolve was to delete the account from the Mail client and set it up again.  All of the folders and e-mail messages re-appeared almost instantly so it obviously didn't go out to the Exchange server and pull down over 100K e-mail messages in 30 seconds.
    Then I spoke to AppleCare.  They directed me to the Library to delete a subfolder in the Mail folder that appeared to contain the messages.  When I emptied the Trash, it appeared that the 100K messages were being deleted.  I went to Mail to setup the account again.  Again, the messages reappeared quickly as before and the problem messages were still there as if they never were deleted.
    So now I'm looking for a way to completely the Exchange account and all of its local data from Mail.  I want the Mail client to start from scratch and go out to the Exchange server to get the data like the account had never been setup on this Mac before.  I'd also opt for a fresh install of Mail but I have a MBA 11 so I don't have OS media or a DVD drive.
    Somewhere Mail is clealry caching info on that account.  It's apparent when I've deleted the account and then re-opened Mail to set it back up the first time.  Whenever the dialog box appears, it remembers my Exchange e-mail account information in the field so it's obviously pulling that information from somewhere locally on the Mac, not from the server.

    As you say, removing the Exchange account on Mail really doesn't delete it. It's caching something because of how quickly it finds the folders etc. if you add the account again.
    I was having a lot of very strange problems with Mail/Contacts/Calendar and certainly a new user I set up from scratch worked with Mail etc. straight away. I didn't test it for days but within seconds it pulled down all the correct emails and the number of unread tallied with my iPhone which was one of the annoying problems I was having.
    One of the things I read elsewhere is how useful doing a Mailbox/Rebuild from within Mail is. I just tried it now on my existing user name and it certainly seems to have helped. It immediately refreshed the Inbox and had it accurate. However, despite having it set to "1 min checking for new mail" after several mins it seems to have hung again and isn't refreshing.
    Mail for OSX has caused me a million more problems that for iOS which just works every time. I don't see how Apple can make it work so smoothly on iOS and give loads of problems on OSX.
    Have you tried the Mailbox/Rebuild?

Maybe you are looking for

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