Outlook e-mail not synchronising all contacts

It's possible to synchronise contacts stored in outlook the free online mail service. This service allows you to link your contacts with some social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
I have synchronised my Iphone with my contactlist stored in outlook but not all contacts are syncronised. All contacts linked with other socialnetworks are synchronised but most of those who are not linked to other services are not syncronised. When I edit one that is not syncronised and wait a while Iphone synchronises that contact. Still those who I haven't edited are not. Please can someone help me out with this problem or fix this issue.

Well, so far, so good.
The plugin seems to be working. I'll have to do some more rigorous observations to see if there are things not syncing-up, but on the surface, the httpmail plugin is working.
Here's the downlaod address:

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  • Outlook 2007 mail not syncing. Contacts and calendar working fine.

    I upgraded to 7.7.1 and it did not help either. I imported the email acct into my iPhone, and Outlook is working fine. I cannot figure out how to get Outlook mail sync'd to the phone. I appreciate any assistance.
    Thank you.

    Sorry for adding to this, but I am still confused a bit.
    For business I send a ton of emails from my iPhone, and they aren't syncing in my OUTLOOK 2007 sent items folder. I am not very tech savvy when it comes to email formats. My work email address is a mail.****.com format.
    So, if it isn't IMAP, (If I understand you correctly), Outlook will never sync sent messages that were sent from my iPhone?
    It's a shame if that is true, I just assumed it would have native support for such things - from a business perspective it only makes sense. I have read through literally 100 topics on Outlook issues but can't find a clear and concise answer. I do have a mobile ME account thinking that would solve the issue. (I am assuming it only solves the issue if you are sending the email from a mobile ME account?)
    Thanks, if anyone can answer, been banging my head against this for a week now =)

  • Ipod nano does not synch all contacts

    ipod nano does not synch all contacts.  When it synchs, it only transfers 7 of 2000+ contacts

    My point in the original posting that this is a bug seems to have been answered affirmatively by the notations of the quirkiness of the action. The argument that it must not be a bug because it would have been solved by now is totally disingenuous. Apparently Apple programmers (or their management) are not any superior to Microsoft programmers in that they focus on adding new bells and whistles while allowing longstanding problems in the core code to continue to fester.

  • Apple mail not showing all the messages?

    In Apple mail, for my icloud account, I have some mailboxes which show the wrong number of messages, it shows too few.
    As an example, a mailbox contains 150 messages, but apple mail reports there are only 146.
    I rebuilt the mailbox and let apple mail do its thing. In the activity window I can see there are 150 messages. Yet, once apple mail has finished rebuilding the mailbox, it still tells me there are 146 messages. What's going wrong? Why would apple mail not show all the messages while in the activity window it clearly shows it knows there are 150?

    This was too weird to be real. Apple mail does not show messages it believes to be duplicates, and buy, does it make big mistakes in deciding what are duplicate messages and what not! Some of my mailboxes had over 100 "duplicates" not showing according to apple mail.
    I found a solution thanks to this topic:
    defaults delete com.apple.mail AlwaysShowDuplicates
    does yield an error in 10.8.2 ( Domain (com.apple.mail) not found. Defaults have not been changed. )
    defaults write com.apple.mail AlwaysShowDuplicates -bool true
    Does work brilliantly though!

  • Mysterious contact in email compose but not in "all contacts"

    I have an ipad2 3g and an iphone 4s.  Using my iphone I went to send a message to "mom".  This message was an email.  I typed "mom" into address and pressed enter.  It did not select my contact, just pressed enter too fast.
    Now when I go to send an email to "mom" I have 2 "mom"s shown.  The first contact is in bold with the email address shown and the second one is not.  In fact this second "mom" is nowhere except on my iphone.  Not in gmail, not on the ipad, not in "all contacts" nor exchange nor icloud.  I don't know how to delete it.  That is what is driving me insane.
    Ok, just for fun I compose another email with a random name "abc"  Now "abc" is this ghost contact that is nowhere to be found.
    This might put some light on the matter for someone much smarter than I am.  I typed "abc" and wrote "test" in the subject then pressed send.  The device tells me I'm an idiot because "abc" is not a valid email address.  I tell it to send anyways.  Then I get an error.  Now "abc" is an option when I type "abc" to choose from, but of course it's nowhere, but only shows up when i compose an email and type "a"  I don't need to type anymore because it is the first one to be shown above "amanda".
    I am seriously pulling my hair out.  I want these 2 contacts gone, but I don't know how.
    Thanks for reading my post, I hope someone with the answer understands what I'm trying to describe.

    Here's what I have tried after this email.  I turned off icloud and I turned off contacts on gmail exchange.  So I choose to compose an email, because I still have my gmail account set up on the devies, and I typed in "a"  and there is a list that comes up.  Everyone that has an "A" in their name is shown.  I recognize most of them from my address book on gmail but there are quite a few that are not in my address book.  Some that I have never emailed.
    So now I'm hunting on google chrome gmail and I seached for some of the email address and some come up and some don't that were in a mass email list.  I've deleted those, but they are still on the ipad and iphone somehow.  I can't search for them in gmail because nothing comes up.
    Is there any setting that has the auto complete on composing an email only show email addresses in my address book? 

  • Iphone 4s will not sync all contact information with outlook. Street Addresses will not sync.  Is there a fix?

    This is the only forum I had access to post, so I apologize if my question is not relative.  Hopefully some kind soul will have an answer for me. 

    Thanks Randers4. You are right - I neglected to tell all the stuff I've tried. I did as you suggested about resetting the sync history - I even closed and reopened everything, and tried syncing with Outlook open, and then closed. The only change is it did download (sync) one new calendar event I added to my Outlook calendar and it put it on my iphone calendar, but it did NOT put my new iphone calendar items on my Outlook calendar. Not sure what else to try!

  • Yahoo Mail not displaying all new e-mails on iPad

    For the past two days, when viewing Yahoo Mail through Safari on the iPad, the number of new e-mails listed for the Inbox has not matched the actual number of new e-mails in the Inbox.  For example, it might say "Inbox (11)", but there are only 9 new e-mails actually in the Inbox (and, yes, I've made sure to load all the messages for viewing).  This problem only seems to occur when going through Safari on the iPad.  When I check my mail on my computer, the number listed matches the actual number in the Inbox.  It also displays the "missing" ones not showing up on the iPad.  I'd have to research it a bit more, but my initial guess is that the iPad version is only showing the new e-mails found after the final read e-mail.  For example, if new e-mails show up with timestamps that set them between mail that has already been read, then they aren't showing up in the Inbox, despite the fact that they are included in the number of new e-mails listed for the Inbox.  Again, this problem has only occurred the past 2 days and only when using Yahoo Mail through Safari on the iPad.

    I've tried the Mail app in the past, but that had its own quirks (not being able to delete everything in the Spam folder at once, not all Contacts syncing over).  I don't have to worry about the pesky ads because I use Yahoo Mail Plus instead of the regular version.  I'm sure it's just a glitch that showed up when something was updated, and it will probably be back to normal soon.

  • ITunes sync with 'Windows Live Mail' / (not local Windows Contacts))?

    Are there any plans to add an option in the 'Info' panel's sync contacts choice dropdown for 'Windows Live Mail'?
    There's currently "windows contacts", "outlook", and "Yahoo! address book" for contacts sync choices.
    Problem is, in Vista, there's no more outlook express.
    I used to sync iPhone to windows address book in iTunes, then in OE, you could add your hotmail account, then open 'address book', click tools/synchronize, and it would sync your windows address book with your online hotmail one.
    Now in Vista, no more OE, there is Windows Mail(uses local 'windows contacts') and you can download 'Windows Live Mail' but it uses hotmail's online address book exclusively..
    ..and iTunes doesn't give the choice of 'Windows Live Mail' for contact sync.
    so im not able to sync contacts between iPhone and Hotmail anymore.

    yup what? I asked a question...

  • Mail not connecting - lost Contacts as well

    Don't know what's going on, but lost all mail connectivity to Verizon and MobileMe accoutns today. Lost all my contacts as well, and no synching taking place with MobileMe. Blew my accounts with Verizon and MobileMe off the iPhone, re-created them, no go... won't connect. MobileMe won't contact either with any synching. Is this an AT&T problem, or iPhone problem?? Email and contacts have been ok since as few days after I got the iPhone (3G) on 11 July.. makes me glad I still have my Blackberry Curve, which at least gives me reliable email.... GRRRRRR!!

    Me too and it's causing a world of hurt since I use this at work. Sometimes it acts like it cannot send an email and I hit resend and people tell me they got my email 2-3 times or not at all.  Some emails stay in outbox for 10-20 mins.  Also not syncing well.  Some emails I read on my phone act like there are unread on my mac.  I have mine set to get new mail every minute, but sometimes 15 minutes go by before I see a new email.  I get endless "Drafts" since it thinks I'm never finishing sending my emails.  I called Apple this am and a senior tech acted like he had never heard of this happening.  Now I do know Microsoft is having some issues with 365 in the last 4-5 days, but still my Windows based co-workers hardly see any issues, so it's got to be Yosemite.  It was fine in Mavericks.

  • ISync not syncing all contacts to Moto Razr V3i

    I have a Motorola Razr V3i that I'd like to sync with my Mac address book. I'm running Leopard 10.5.1. I keep the Address Book as the reference for all my contacts. When I connect my Razr to the Mac, I want to replace all the contacts on the phone with the entries in the Address Book. I have set options in iSync to sync all contacts with phone numbers. I am facing two problems with this:
    1) During the sync, the application tries to replace data on my Mac with data from the phone. Is there an option that I can set by which the information on the Mac is never overwritten by the information from the phone? I want information to go one way all time - from my Mac to the phone.
    2) After the sync, I discovered that not all the contacts had been imported. A few random contacts are not transferred from the Mac to the phone. I thought that this might have something to do with the fact that the phone used to be synced to my earlier install of Tiger. So I did a "master clear" and a "master reset" on the phone. But even after doing that, some of the contacts (different ones this time) were not synced. And due to the problem described in #1, iSync tried to replace all my existing contacts on the Mac with blank information on the phone.
    What's the point of iSync if I have to check whether all contacts have been imported, and manually enter the ones left out. I checked for a software update on the phone, but there was none available.
    I'd be happy to provide additional information to get this problem fixed.

    I am having the same problem with Leopard 10.5.1 Isync and my razor V3 from Cingular. In addition the contacts in my address book are duplicated after syncing with my phone. Basically after using Isync my address book gets doubled and cluttered with names and no phone numbers, the data gets completly screwed up. Whats going on?

  • Mail not getting all messages from server and other strange behavior

    Hello All,
    Mail has been doing some odd things for me of late (at least the last week) and I'm lost for a solution to my problem. As far as I can tell, perhaps my Prefs. have become corrupted, or at least something in relation to Mail has become corrupted. Perhaps someone has a solution to this issue before I have to back it all up and NUKE the whole **** app to get back up and running properly.
    The main issue I appear to be having is that Mail is not getting all of my Mail messages from my server. I can log into my web-mail interface provided by my domain host and can see there that there are many e-mails that don't appear to be coming down the pipe to the Mail.app client. I'm getting some e-mail's but not all....
    *Here are all the things that I've checked:*
    • The missing e-mails are not being picked up as Junk and are not in the Junk folder
    • I have done a search within Mail for the missing e-mail's and nothing turns up anywhere.
    • I have checked on the server end that I'm not maxing out my InBox or that there are any other service issues from my domain host provider.
    • I have been into Prefs and checked my account settings - most (see below) of which appear to be as normal and are fine.
    *Here are the weird things that I've noticed:*
    • When I went into the Prefs. for the account in question, I noticed that my login had changed. For example - it usually it is "[email protected]", however it had seemed to have changed to just "johndoe" - I know this wasn't me as my domain host will not allow me to access any mail unless the login is the full mail address.
    • In RULES, every rule I double click to check on seems mostly fine, apart from the fact that every "Account is:" the pull down menu just appears as blank. Usually it says "Account is: ([email protected])"
    It's there last 2 items that make me think something is corrupted - so I guess my question is, what pref or file has corrupted and how can I fix it without having to give Mail.app a digital enema?
    Any assistance would be most helpful - missing some but not all your incoming e-mail messages is quite annoying, as you can guess...!

    Hello Boz.
    This appears to be a rules issue. Mail is almost certainly downloading those messages, but they’re probably being processed by your rules in an unexpected way — given the information you’ve provided, maybe because there is something wrong with the file where the account settings are stored.
    Do you have any Mail plug-ins? In the Finder, go to each of the following folders (if they exist). What do you see there?
    To make accurately reporting this information easier, you may open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal, type the following command (you can just copy it here and paste it in Terminal), and press <Return>. You can then copy the output of that command from Terminal and paste it in your reply to this post:
    ls -1 /Library/InputManagers /Library/Mail/Bundles ~/Library/InputManagers ~/Library/Mail/Bundles
    Verify/repair the startup disk (not just permissions), as described here:
    The Repair functions of Disk Utility: what's it all about?
    After having fixed all the filesystem issues, if any, and ensuring that there’s enough space available on the startup disk (a few GB, plus the space needed to make a backup copy of the Mail folder), try this:
    1. Write down your Mail > Preferences > Accounts settings or take screen shots of them.
    2. If you have a .Mac account and .Mac synchronization of Mail data is enabled either in Mail > Preferences > General or in System Preferences > .Mac, disable it before proceeding.
    3. Quit Mail.
    4. Make a backup copy of the ~/Library/Mail folder, just in case something goes wrong while trying to solve the problem. You can do this in the Finder by dragging the Mail folder to the Desktop while holding the Option (Alt) key down, for example. This is where all your mail is locally stored.
    5. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Preferences/. Locate com.apple.mail.plist and move it to the Desktop (to be deleted if this solves the problem). If you have a backup of your data that includes a working copy of this file, you may try restoring it from the backup to avoid steps 6-8.
    6. Open Mail. You’ll have to set up your non-.Mac accounts from scratch all over again. If given the option to import existing mailboxes or something like that, don’t. Just enter the account information and Mail will automagically rediscover the data in ~/Library/Mail/ when done.
    7. You’ll have to re-configure some of your Mail > Preferences settings. For spam-related security reasons, the first thing you should do is go to Preferences > Viewing and disable Display remote images in HTML messages if it’s enabled.
    8. As a side effect of re-creating com.apple.mail.plist, Mail might rename Outbox (which is where messages waiting to be sent are stored) to Delivered. The name of that mailbox is actually a misnomer, as it would contain messages (if any) that couldn’t be delivered for some reason. You can delete that mailbox if you wish.
    9. If the problem is fixed now and .Mac synchronization of Mail data was enabled at the beginning, enable it again, go to System Preferences > .Mac > Advanced, click Reset Sync Data, and choose the appropriate options to reset the Mail data stored on the .Mac server with the data locally stored on the computer, i.e. sync data must flow from the computer to the .Mac server.
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. You can easily locate any of the folders referred to in this post by copying the folder path here, doing Go > Go to Folder in the Finder, and pasting the folder path there.

  • Mobile me does not sync all contacts

    I set up my iPhone to sync with mobile me. It works for calendar and e-mail but only 50 of my contacts (out of over 200) have been synced. In groups it only says "alle contacts" it doesn't bring my different groups as I see them on my computer and in mobileMe.
    Can anybody help?

    I learned the answer is no. With MM, it's all or nothing.

  • Mail not synchronising

    I am viewing my email through Apples Mail client and messages I makr as read or I delete from the client do not delete from my email provider.
    I am using Outlook.com, and the mail between Apple's client and Outlook.com is not matching.

    Well, so far, so good.
    The plugin seems to be working. I'll have to do some more rigorous observations to see if there are things not syncing-up, but on the surface, the httpmail plugin is working.
    Here's the downlaod address:

  • Contact groups. My contacts get removed from the groups, not from All Contacts. I don't know why this happens. Anyone know why?

    Sometimes the contacts in certain groups are removed and the group is empty.  They do not get deleted, and are still in All Contacts, just get removed from the group.  Then I have to start all over again and add contacts to the groups.  This seems to happen randomly and I don't know why it does.  My contacts are synced with my Yahoo contacts.  I don't know if thats why.  Does this happen to anyone else?

    Thank You, thank You ...so much......that feature made me crazy!  
    Ocean20 wrote:
    This can be turned off in settings/accessibility/zoom. Then on the next screen turn off

  • IPad Mail not loading all message from Yahoo mail after installing iOS5

    Yesterday I had Mail (on my iPad 1) set up for my wife and I  (to retrieve Yahoo mail)  while still under iOS 4.3.3 and it worked perfectly! ! !
    Last night the iPad installed iOS5. Now on my wife's  Mail, it shows 2 emails and asks to "Load More Messages. . ." 19 total, 4 unread".  I tap the sentences, it act like it is going to do it but nothing. No change.
    I have deleted the the Mail settings, powered OFF the iPad, relaunched it and the added the Yahoo mail account information all over again. I have done this 3 times but nothing has changed. Mail still won't retrieve all the Yahoo emails.
    Please help!

    I would try changing the Remove copy from server after retrieving a message: setting to After one day instead. You may think this is weird, because it can only make the problem worse, right? Well, maybe not.
    Maybe what is happening is that Mail encounters connection problems from time to time that prevent it from deleting certain messages right after being downloaded, and it doesn't try again after that. By telling Mail to remove the messages after some time, you're telling it to keep track of which messages have already been downloaded and must be removed. Mail will look for messages to be removed from the server each time it connects to it for downloading new messages. If it cannot remove them for some reason, it will try again at the next connection attempt...

Maybe you are looking for

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