Output determination for pipeline/ Consignment settlement

Dear friends,
    I am not able to configure the message determination for the output type KONS for the pipeline settlement.
Could anybody guide me what config needs to be done for this?

You need to define output determination in
SPRO --> Materials Management --> Logistics Invoice Verification --> Message Determination
also you can maintain condition record for KONS in MRM1 Transaction.

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  • Output determination for PO

    Hi, I don't have much knowledge,waht are the steps and settings  required to maintain output determination for purchase order and material document.
    Thank you.

    PO Output
    Output of Purchase Order
    1. Condition Table
    SPRO > Material Management> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Condition Tables->Define Condition Table for Purchase Order
    Purchasing Doc. Type,
    Purch. Organization,
    2. Access Sequences
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Access Sequences->Define Condition Table for Purchase Order
    3. Message Type
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Types->Define Message Type for Purchase Order
    4. Message Determination Schemas
    4.1. Message Determination Schemas
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Schema->Define Message Schema for Purchase Order-> Maintain Message Determination Schema
    4.2. Assign Schema to Purchase Order
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Schema->Define Message Schema for Purchase Order-> Assign Schema to Purchase Order
    5. Partner Roles per Message Type
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control-> Partner Roles per Message Type ->Define Partner Role for Purchase Order
    6. Condition Record
    Navigation Path: SAP Menu-> Logistics -> Material Management -> Purchasing-> Master data->Messages-> Purchase Order-> MN04-> Create
    Now you create PO (ME21N) and save it. Go to ME22N and print the PO by giving output type.
    GR Output
    Output of GR
    After setting table, access sequence and output type for GR,run MB02 transaction, enter material document number. Double click one line item and select messages. Separate screen will be opened to configure outputs. Give the required fields and save the document. Now Run MB90, you can take printout. Output Type: WE03 or WE01 or WE02
    Biju K

  • Output determination for Customer Account group - A brain teaser

    At the place of configuration for Account groups, there is a field called Output Determination which has values like DB001, DB002 etc which says output for sold to, ship to and so on...
    What is the purpose of maintaining output determination procedure at the account group level?
    And also, where can i do the complete output determination for it? Like i could see Output determination for sales activities, sales documents, billing documents and shipping...But no where in the img screen, i found a place where i can configure these? Any ideas?

    In SAP, we send different output types(read documents) for Inquiries, quotations, orders etc. to relevant partners (read contact persons) sold-to party, ship-to party etc. thru various transmission mediums like ex. Print, Fax, e-mail etc.
    Output can be determined by using component output determination procedure. System should know from where the output is to be determined whether from IMG or from customer A/C group.  This is depended upon the control that we can activate or deactivate in "Check access for condition type" in definition of the output type (T.Code: NV03)
    Output Determination:
    IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Output Control > Output Determination  Output Determination Using the Condition Technique > Maintain Output Determination for Sales activities/ Sales Documents etc.
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  • Output determination for PO and MIGO

    Please provide me complete config of output determination for PO and MIGO.
    PO print out.
    GR, GI,TP, cancellation and return   print out

    Please go through these steps you can get the GRN Printout
    1. Maintain the Printer Name in SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Gen Settings->Printer Setting
    Enter the local printer where you want to print your Goods posting document
    2. Ensure that in SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Gen Settings->Item Print Indicator, 1 stands for Matl Doc print out
    3. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Gen Settings->Print Version, maintain Print Version 2
    4. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Maintain Print Indicator for Goods Receipt/GI/Transfer Posting Documents
    Here for Particular mvt type 101,201,121,311 etcu2026 Maintain the Print item as 1--Material document printout
    5. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Output Determination->Maintain Output Types, for the Output types WE01, WE02 and WE03, ensure the following--
    Select the particular Output type then goto Details
    a. Default Values: Dispatch Time is 3 or 4 as per reqmt. and Transmission medium is 1
    b. Print Parameter is 7
    6. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Output Determination->Printer Det->Printer Determination by Plant/Str Loc, Maintain the Output device for all your Plants
    7. Go to MN21, for Tr Type WE, Print Version 3, maintain Print Item as 1.
    Now the settings are ready for Printing Material doc
    8. While doing MIGO, ensure that in General Tab, you get "3 Collective Slip" beside the Print Indicator and you tick mark the field.
    9. Now depending on the setting in 5a, the Matl doc is printed. If it is 3, you have to print it using MB90. If it is 4, it is printed immediately.

  • Output Determination for Sales Documents distributed by fax/email

    Hi Experts,
    Can some one guide me regarding what all need to be done to maintain output determination for Sales documents to be distributed by fax/email.
    Thanks in advance...

    Hi Vamsi,
    Please go through this link it will help you about Output process in SAP R/3 for sales documents and billing documents.
    I hope it will help you,

  • Output determination for Reservations

    Is there any who is having any idea about the output determination for Reservation.
    Once the reservation is created through MRP, user gets the print out.
    Please help

    you can list all reservations in MB25
    And display in MB23..
    But not possible to take print...take help from abap person..

  • Output determination for Invoice

    Pls help me with the configuration details for setting message/output determination for Invoice.

    Hi Vijay,
    Please have a look at the link
    <a href="http://www.erpgenie.com/sap/sapedi/messagecontrol.htm">Invoice Message Control Configuration</a>
    Hope this Help you,
    Lijo Joseph


    dEAR experts,
    Kindly write to me where to maintain output determination for customer account groups.
    Kindly help.
    Kind Regards

    Hi ,
    Output procedure in OTD2 is for other purpose .It is not output determination in sales document .
    Whatever field availabvle in field catlog we can determine the output in sales document .If the field is not available in field catlog than we can create the new filed and same field need to create in sales table .
    For your case , Account group  field is not available in field catlog but you can use Customer group (KDGRP) for output determination .
    Regards ,

  • Output Determination for inquiry

    Can anybody plz tell how do i make Output determination for
    1.) Inquiry
    2.) Quotation

    set the condition records for all these sales document types using VV11 t.code. ie create condition records for sales documents.
    like for example incase of OR we use BA00.
    inquiry AF00
    sadhu kishore

  • Output Determination for Material movement

    Hi All,
    I am configuring output Determination for Material movement.
    In my case, am doing the config when the movement type is 311, we want to generate IDoc.
    i have configured everything, output type,output Determination schema..
    When i am trying to maintain the condition record for the same through MN21,
    here i am facing one problem on Partner Function.
    Here what partner functuion i'll give.
    waiting for all valuable response.

    Hello Indrashish,
    Maintain that output type as partner independent.
    This will help.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Output determination for Shipping order confirmation

    Im new to the SD module.
    I want to send the BOL  information to XI as idoc DESADV.DELVRY03.
    How am i supposed to do this? Should i create a new Output type?
    I guess since im sending this to XI i should maintain the partner function as LS right?

    Ive uploaded a document on the steps i have done for setting up a Output type at:
    Still im not successfull in generating the IDOC. Please help.

  • Output determination for Transfer Order(WMTORD)

    Hi Friends,
      My Requirement is to send an idoc to an external warehouse when i save Transfer Order.
      For that i have created a Partner Profile with message type WMTORD.
      When i save the transfer Order if the warehouse number and storage type matches to specific numbers then it has to trigger the given partner profile..for this usually we will do output determination.
    Please help in doing the output determination for the above case..i know normal output determination procedure from NACE transaction.But warehouse mangement it would be defferent.please help me,,
    Thanks a lot.

    Hello Ravi,
    I would like to generate an outbound idoc (using Message Determination/Control)  when a delivery is created (via tcode VL01N).  I created a Partner Profile with message type WMTORD.
    In setting up the Partner Profile: Outbound Parameters, I didn't find a standard SAP Process Code.   Did you find one, if so, what would that be?
    (I've found process code WMT1 but it is for inbound.)
    Thanks in advance,

  • Output Determination For Posted Invoice

    When an invoice is posted against a purchase order I need the system to create an IDOC for external transmission.
    I already have a partner profile setup for the external party (vendor). How do I go about setting up the output determination?
    Thanks - points will be rewarded.

    Hello, Brian
    To setup the Output determination for Invoice Verification, follow the steps:
    You can configure these settings through t.code: NACE
    or  NACT
    By specifying the Application: MR  (this is for INVOICE)
    Select -> Application MR  -> Press Output types
    then -> Select your Output type
    (choose LIEF, if Output is for  External Vendor).
    -> goto Details
    -> choose the relevent fields in Default values Tab (i.e, mainly Dispatch TimeTransmission medium Ex: 5-External send and 6-EDI similarly Partner function Ex: VN-Vendor,etc )
    -> Processing routines
    -> Partner functions
    Suggestion: You can use NACE or NACT (either)
    Hope this will clarifies you,
    Reward, if it helps,

  • Output determination for Sub-Shipment

    Hello All,
    I have a unique situation and need your inputs to identify possibilities in resolving it.
    Here is the situation:
    The transportation planning (TPE system) at our client is done by a 3rd party software. Now, we receive a Sales Order from a customer; create a delivery. TPE system creates the shipments and we PGI it and the sales order follows through the next steps. The shipments created from TPE go to Carriers and they carry the product from our warehouse to pool points from where customers pick it up. We have to pay the carriers from moving our goods from our warehouse to pool points. Thus whenever a shipment is created, we check-in...do the next steps in WM and finally when the shipment is ready, it triggers a payment IDOC to be sent to finance (an external system) so that it can be matched with Carrier invoices and then paid.
    Our unique problem: There is a carrier (lets call it NCP) who is moving our goods from warehouse to pool point. We got a sales order from customer. This customer doesn't pick up goods from the pool point. He wants it to be delivered to his distribution center and to do this he is using the same transportation carrier (NCP). Thus when we received the sales order from customer, TPE system created a master shipment (5000001M) for NCP to pick up from our warehouse and deliver to pool point. You might be aware that TPE optimizes the route and thus combines multiple deliveries into one master shipment. From here NCP should pick up a part of the master shipment and deliver it to client. Thus SAP automatically created a sub-shipment (5000002S). This sub-shipment is a part of the master shipment and thus will not be separetely processed in WMS. The master shipment is checked-in, loaded and shipment ready - thus creating a payment IDOC to the external payee system. As the Sub-system is a part of master shipment, it is not touched and thus no payment IDOC is created.
    Now the carrier sents two invoices - one for master to pick up goods from our warehouse and deliver it to pool point and the second one - to deliver a part of this shipment to customer's DC. Our payment system is unable to match it up with any IDOC's as we didn't send them out from SAP.
    So this is where I'm struck. How should I configure the output for a sub-shipment so that it'll be triggered as soon as the delivery is PGI'ed? Could anyone give some inputs here?
    Please let me know if more clarification is needed. Thanks in advance for looking into this

    Dear VGR,
    Do the configuration settings for the shipment output determination through this IMG path
    IMG>Logistics Execution>Transportation>Basic Transportation Functions>Output Control-->Maintain Output Determination for Shipments
    -->Maintain Condition Tables
    -->Maintain Output Types
    -->Maintain Access Sequences
    -->Assign Output Types To Partner Functions
    -->Maintain Output Determination Procedure
    -->Assign Output Determination Procedures
    I wanted to send an EDI to carrier when my planning is done and email to customers when loading takes place.
    For he above requirement you take help of ABAPer to develop the output program in such way and assign that program to your shipment output type.
    Maintain the condition records through VV71 transaction with Transm. Medium EDI and Email
    I hope this will help you,

  • Output determination for P45 form...

    I had a quick look at OSS 1230107 in regards to the new P45 A4 form. All seems to have been installed and is working, although all three pages print to the same printer tray at the moment.
    I have made a copy of sapscript HR_GB_P45_A4_D (ZHR_GB_P45_A4_D) and have added the appropriate tray information for each of the three pages. However, I am familiar with output determination for SD/MM but have no idea where I can substitute SAP's form for my Z form?.

    Subject: Re: Output determination for P45 form...
    Message: We know have everything printing, however, neither of the new SAP supplied P45 forms align correctly, they are both around 5 or 6 mm out, especially when printing on the HMRC pre-printed stationary. The form which prints the boxes etc. onto plain paper (HR_GB_P45_A4) seems to miss the heading off, "P45 Part 1A",  for example, it's almost as though it has printed off the top of paper with the last 1mm of the heading showing. The form for pre-printed stationary is exaxtly the same with all fields about 5 or 6 mm out, vertically.
    We have a Lexmark 630 and our basis team have checked that we have the right driver for it. We also have am HP laserjet as well, but that behaves exactly the same.
    Has anyone encountered this problem before?.
    At first I thought it may be because the printer itself is configured for Letter rather than A4, but I've checked the front panel menu of the printer and it's set to use A4.
    I know that I can correct this problem bu changing every field for all three pages, but should I have to modifiy this. Does anyone know if SAP have released a fix for this?.
    Hi Jas,
    Yes we have faced this problem before, now I am not sure what has been done in the system to resolve it, but my Basis Consultant configured a separate Local printer in the system called ZP45 or something. It will work exactly like a local printer and print to the default printer assigned to the PC, but the alignment becomes spot on. Instead of choosing LOCAL, the user selects ZP45 when running the P45 program. We did not need to do anything to the sapscript form itself.
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: Harish Krishnan on May 19, 2009 9:48 AM

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