Overall Trouble With Satellite C55 B5299

Hi Guys.....
My wife has a Sat, Laptop C55 B5299. We have had constant trouble. Now I understand that she only has 2 gb
of RAM...(which, if you figure the video card takes 1/2 gig....only 1 1/2 gb)....Could this be the only reason why there is so much trouble? Thanks, in advance. Carl

While 2GB RAM is low for modern standards, it shouldn't be a major problem for regular use. Windows is very efficient at managing its memory. The impact of graphics use of memory varies based on how much you have and what you use it for. That number is just the maximum and isn't reserved (not on newer machines). I'd check what software you have running. For instance, I used to use AVG Antivirus on all of my computers. As it turns out, AVG is VERY resource intensive, so I switched to Avast instead. Try doing a bit of research. Open the Task Manager and go to the "Details" tab to see specifically what's using CPU or memory and look up any questionable applications.

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  • Satellite C55-B5299 RAM Upgrade

    Hello all, I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299 and I would like to increase its RAM for better performance. On a few review sites, however, it is stated that the user is not able to upgrade the RAM in this laptop. So, is it possible to upgrade the RAM? If so, what is the maximum RAM it can hold, should I not exceed 1333 MHz, and is there any particular brand that would be best to use? Thank you!

    i would like to add a optical drive I need the part number
    Assuming you have the model in the Subject...
    Satellite C55-B5299 (PSCMLU-02801M)
    Satellite C50-BBT2N11 (PSCMLU-03801F) 
    That second computer (in the same part-number family as yours) can be ordered with the optical drive. Try asking for the part number of the drive in that model.
    National Parts Depot 800-524-8338
    Spare Parts Warehouse 877-253-8898
    PS These models are too new to be listed on the website. It would take a phone call.

  • Trouble with Satellite A205-SP5814

    I'm having some trouble with my laptop, it's a Satellite SP-5814, and it freezes sometimes. I installed the factory software from the CD's, and the problem didn't solved at all. Sometimes even can't load de OS, or crashes trying. I'll appreciate any answer or solution to this problem, because the Toshiba Certified Technical Support from my country (Costa Rica) couldn't solve the problem (they installed the factory software). I don't know why my computer doesn't appear on the supported one's list, because I can't even update the BIOS.

    By installing factory software, do you mean that they did a complete recovery to factory settings, erasing your data rfom the computer and returning it to out-of-box conditions? If so, and if you're encountering problems immediately after doing so, I'd recommend getting the notebook serviced.
    - Peter

  • Satellite C55-B5299 Optical Drive

    I purchased two C55-B5299 laptops for my grandkids for Christmas and didn't realize they didn't have an optical drive.  After removing the insert blank and looking in the side slot of the unit, it looks like a drive can be installed on the laptop.  Can anyone give me a part number for a drive that will work with this particular model/
    Thanks for the assistance. 

    See this message.

  • Trouble with Satellite P205D-S7454

    I am having trouble installing a OS or the recovery discs on Satellite P205D-S7454.  When I am installing the OS it hangs 10 or 15 mins into the installation of any OS (Windows 7, Vista, Ubuntu Linux). I have removed the battery and tried installing while plugged in, no luck.  I have also tried different memory modules, no luck.  I have tried a different HDD, no luck.  I have updated the BIOS to version 1.70 and had no luck installing an OS. I have also ran the laptop through memory and CPU test and the system come back good.  Any ideas on what could be the problem with the laptop?  I am thinking right it has to do with something on the system board. Thanks.

    I have the same exact problem, does anyone out there have any idea on how to resolve this problem?

  • Speaker trouble with Satellite L750

    I've been having some issues with my internal speakers on my Toshiba L750 Satellite laptop. I just got the laptop a couple months ago and so far, everything seems to be ok.... except for the speakers.
    So if I leave the laptop and put it on "sleep" or "hibernate", when I come back to turn the laptop on, the sound from the speakers gets all fuzzy and starts to lag.... I end up having to restart the laptop just to get the speakers back to normal.
    It doesn't matter how long I leave the laptop dormant for - it could be 6 hours or 1/2 an hour - virtually every single time, I end up having to restart the laptop to fix the problem.
    It's not that I have some big issue with restarting - I mean, if that's the way to fix it, that's totally fine! It just gets kind of annoying after a while and I don't want there to be some big underlying problem that could lead to other parts of the laptop getting messed up, that I'm just ignoring.
    By no means am I a computer expert, but everything I checked in the control panel and in the speakers info suggests that the speakers are working fine.
    I don't get why this happens almost every time. In regards to the sound being fuzzy and lagging, it's either the sound of the songs I listen to on WMP, or anything I'm watching online, or sometimes even both.
    Anybody have any ideas or suggestions on what the problem could be and what I could do?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    ? Thanks!!

    Hi Pedro and MisterX! Thanks so much for your responses.
    Pedro: Yes, I'm using the original OS in my laptop. I wasn't sure if this was a common problem or not, so if you suggest that I contact Toshiba, then that seems like the best thing to do.
    MisterX: Thanks for that link, it was very helpful! That does seem to be my issue... "stuttering" is probably the best way to describe the sound problems. It seems like this could help. If I download this, do you know if it would cause any kind of huge change to my hard drive, or will it just be like a regular download? All that red writing about "downloading at your own risk" in that link you gave kinda threw me off guard haha.
    I will take both of your recommendations into consideration - I'll look more into the iRST, call Toshiba and see what they say, and I'll ask them about this iRST update. If/when my problem gets resolved, I'll come back and post the solution on the board, just in case other people may have this problem in the future.
    Thanks to both of you again!! I appreciate your help ?

  • RFC trouble with satellite systems

    Hi all.
    When i imort transport request from Charm - DEV to QAS system or QAS to PRD system
    Logon screen appers to 000 clientst.
    in SMSY when i check RFC to the QAS 000 and PRD 000.
    Check says all okey and green.
    Any ideas?? where should i check more ....

    Hi  Sindry,
    To allow import into a system using an automatic job via ChaRM you must assign additional authorisations to TMSADM on the satellite system.  This trusted user must be granted authorisations to carry out the CTS import in client 000, otherwise it will prompt user for a 000 login.  This is not recommended for Production system however.
    To enable user to use the trusted RFC connection, must have access to S_RFCACL authorisation object.
    Hope this helps

  • Trouble with Satellite A215-S4757 - websites have been not responding and hanging

    I've run computer virus scans, and diagnostic programs and the only thing that comes up is that the intel 82852/82855 gm/gme graphics controller is not working properly. I've updated it in device manager and it says it is up to date. Don't even know if this is the problem. The only code it gives is a code 10. Any help would be appreciated
    Go to Solution.

    Happy to learn all is well, Brian. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Satellite L755-16J - Trouble with sound card

    I currently own a Toshiba *Satellite L755-16J* and it is having some sort of trouble with the sound card, i think.
    When i bought it, it came with windows 7, i changed the windows to windows 8 and since then the audio has been troubling me.
    The internal speakers work for a minute or two when i play an audio file but then stop working.
    i had been using an external usb soundcard and external speakers for some time but decided to switchback to windows 7 for the sound to work properly again. even though i have switched back to win 7, the sound still doesnt work.
    I am quite sure that the problem is not in the internal speakers because they do work, although just for a brief moment but they work, so i am guessing the problem is in the software instead of the hardware.
    i tried updating the sound drivers but they seem to be up to date, according to windows the drivers "seem to be working properly"
    Can anyone help?

    > even though i have switched back to win 7, the sound still doesnt work.
    How did you do that?
    Did you use the Toshiba Recovery Disk in order to install Win 7 or did you install the Win 7 using fresh and clean Windows 7 disk?
    The notebook supports Conexant sound chip. The sound driver is available on the Toshiba EU driver page and in case the sound chip is already recognized in device manager after the sound driver installation, I assume the driver has been installed properly.
    In such case I would recommend you to connect the headphones.
    In case the headphones would function properly, the speakers might be affected. I mean the hardware. But of course its only an idea.
    Beside the headphone check, you could check also the settings within the control panel -> sound -> playback tab.
    Usually the speakers should be set as default device.
    Check this option too.

  • Satellite 5100/201: trouble with video card or overheat?

    I'm experiencing trouble with video on a Satellite 5100/201. It seems that when I press on the left side above the graphics card or press a key on the keyboard on that side, the screen starts to be scrambled and vertical lines appear. At the end windows XP resets giving a critical error on the device and the video passes to 640x480. Same thing occurs when running Linux Suse 9.0.
    My doubt is what is the cause: the graphics card corrupted or overheating due to the fan not as efficient as originally (my laptop is almost two years old. Did someone succed in finding the cause and resolved the problem, also with the Toshiba assistance?
    Any help welcome.

    I don't think so that Toshiba has problems with the design. You are talking about two different models with two different hardware and for different user profiles!
    The 1900 is a Desktop replacement notebook with "desktop" components like processors and the Satellite 5000 is a Multimedia notebook!
    Hint: If you had not done it yet, perhaps you could install the graphic card driver once again. If this don't helps, it is the best way to recover the notebook with the Toshiba CD. (this set the notebook to software default settings and the notebook should be work)
    Bye Bob

  • Trouble with Benq DC C 700 digital camera on Satellite L30 105

    I'm having trouble with my digital camera when I connect it to my laptop. Every time I connect the camera the laptop freezes and gives me the blue screen of death, that is, the screen you get when a fatal error occurs, and then my laptop has to be rebooted. So this happens each and every time I connect the two.
    I've tried updating the bios and installing the latest drives but nothing seemed to work. I've contacted the support center at Benq and they told me to contact Toshiba as they are pretty sure the problem is not with the camera. So please anyone, if you have any ideas and or suggestions/solutions I'll be glad to hear them out.

    First of all if you need the Toshiba support you have to contact the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country. This forum here is only a user-to-user forum and you will not find anyone from Toshiba here.
    It seems the Satellite L30-105 was delivered with Vista. Do you use this OS on the L30?
    I have read about many issues with the 3rd party devices, software and Windows Vista.
    I dont know what the guys told you but possibly the webcam software is not 100% compatible with Vista.
    You should know that the BSOD appears if there is a serious software or hardware problem. I dont think that this issue was caused by a hardware problem and therefore there is only one possibility; software compatibility issue.
    In you case I would update the Vista to the latest state and would ask the webcam manufacture if its 100% compatible with Vista.
    Good luck

  • Toshiba Satellite C55-B5201 with Windows 8.1 64bit No USB Ports Work

    I have had nothing but problems with USB ports on this laptop. I went from 3 USB ports all working fine, then 2, 1, and now none. Tried all the obvious from chipset drivers, restore points, even did a factory reset. The USB ports do not function regardless of whether I plug a mouse, printer, anything, into them. I have manually downloaded drivers, ran autodetects, and the OS acts like everything is fine. I find it hard to believe that all three ports have failed and believe it is either a windows or intel problem, but I dont know what else to try. Very frustrating since latop only 1 year old. Can anyone provide an answer to correct this problem. Thanks!  

    Satellite C55-B5201
    even did a factory reset.
    That confirms no software on the hard drive is responsible.
       Locate a Service Center

  • Satellite C55-A-1MW wont start with new RAM inserted

    Hey .
    I hope to find someone that can help me.. I've bought ram-memories and tried 4 different memories in my Satellite C55-A-1MW. But every ram card I insert makes the computer unable to start.. it will light up just to shut down again.
    Is there some compability issue or anything? I've used 2 different aData Ram extensions car, 1 4gb and 1 2gb . the 4gb card was 1333 mhz and the 2gb card was 1600mhz. and i've tried 2 different corsair cards 4gb 1600mhz.
    Is it something that makes it only able to extend the RAM with Toshibas own memories or is the second cardslot for RAM memory broken?

    As I can see you use RAM modules with different specifications. Your problem is definitely RAM compatibility problem and you should use RAM modules with the same specification.
    According notebook specification there are 4 memory slots and notebook can handle up to 32GB of RAM.
    Compatible RAM modules are:
    4GB DDR3L-1600 - PA5104U-1M4G
    8GB DDR3L-1600 - PA5104U-1M8G
    Of course you can use modules from other manufacturers but please don't use some cheap products. I can recommend you usage of Kingston memory modules.

  • Satellite C55-A-199 with Win 7 64bit - cannot enable WiFi

    I have some problem with the wifi in my Toshiba Satellite C55-A-199.
    I have downloaded and installed every drivers that I could find on the [website|http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp] but I am still not able to turn off the wifi by pressing fn+f12.
    When I press fn+f12 the bluetooth can be switch on/off but the wifi symbol doesn't appear on the screen, and the red led at the front keeps lighting.
    I don't know what could be the problem, but I hope I'll get some help here.
    (I use win7x64)
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    Hi everybody,
    _Thanks a lot Randy, doing what you said helped me solved the issue_ with my newly Satellite C55-A-1P2, but unfortunately I have discovered an even bigger issue.
    I think this thread is probably not the right place to say my problem but I haven't found to much info regarding the issue. :(
    If I'm allowed here this is what I'm encountering with the Wi-Fi adapter:
    My Wi-Fi adapter (Qualcomm Atheros AR956x I think this is the one) is frequently disconnecting, stays disconnected for a minute or so and after that is reconnecting. For me that is a very big issue as I'm a heavily Wi-Fi user. I do have the latest driver installed from Toshiba site and using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.
    If anybody has any idea on how to solve this issue or if it's even solvable(if this is the case I need to return the laptop) or redirect me to another post related to Wi-Fi disconnections I will be forever grateful.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Trouble with HD videos on Satellite M70

    I recently bought a M70-208. It seems that I experience trouble with HD video both with VLC and WMP. For example, while playing the demo video of "HDtoGo", the flow is very slow. Other non Toshiba notebook that I'm using for my job is playing this video smoothly, despite its lower configuration.
    I tried different combination of Energy management, but it still the same. I can't understand what's going on.
    Apart from that, this notebook makes me happy (6900 point at 3D mark05).
    Thanks for helping me.

    Maybe is my English not so good but what you mean under flow? Is there any kind of bucking while video plays?
    Maybe some application in background occupied the CPU and because of that the video doesnt run well. Try to check it.
    Anyway, as you said this unit has very good value on graphic test. Friend of mine has M70-257.

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    My 15" PBs display is getting darker. It is down to a luminance of 60, where it used to 90 when I calibrate. Any way to turn up the lightness again. Please don't tell me to use the F2 key, it is turned all the way up. -Søren

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