Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program SAPLBBP_FRA

Hi All
I am receieving the following error the moment I log onto the SRM system via the browser.
Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program SAPLBBP_FRAMEWORK
Please can you advise what could possibly the problem.
Thanks in Advance

<b>Please go through this SAP OSS Note which will definitely help -></b>
Note 857137 - MENUDATA: A "short dump" occurs with several role assignment
<u>Do let me know.</u>
- Atul

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  • Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLHRPT

    I am currently facing an issue in payroll posting to accounting in international payroll.A run time error "Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLHRPT" occurs. By reducing the amounts on the balance sheet side payroll posting document is created.

    Hi Asad,
    Does you guys enhancemented this program? I think if it`s standard code, it should give you a error message inform you "amount is too large" or something.
    So double click this dump log, to check whether it is a custom code, if yes, to add "TRY CATCH" and give out a message.

  • Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLV61A

        I am getting this error in VA01(sales order)
    Runtime error              Compute_bcd_overflow
    Except                       Cx_sy_arithmetic_overflow.
    Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLV61A
    Error in particular line is.
    1388           ADD  xkomv-kwert  TO komp-mwsbp.
    Please give me the solution with detail decsription.How to solve with step by step.

    Instead of directly assigning the value to xkomv-kbetr. Store the value in a temporary variable of type p length 13 decimals 2 . Multiply by 10^n to get the correct result.
    Then assign the temp value to xkomv-kbetr.
    Sample Code
    DATA : lv_temp TYPE P length 13 decimals 2.
    lv_temp = ( xkwert * 10^n ) / komp-mgame. 
    Then assign lv_temp to xkomv-kbetr.
    To get proper value, you have to multiply or divide by 10^n .

  • Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program

    Hi all,
    I have a report. This report is giving dump in production server.
    The report is running in Quality and development without this dump.
    Actaully I have added a variable and that of try rseg-wrbtr.
    And I am not clearing this variable..
    So is this the possibility for the dump or something else is responsible for it??
    In dump screen I am getting the cursor at the same variable which i have added
    I mean during the calculation this is giving the dump,..
    Any solution????

    Hi Yash,
    This exception is because, value from the addition can not be accomodated in that fied.
    WRBTR have Domain as WERT7, try using some other domain with PL more than 7.
    you can use WERT9 domain for this perticular field and still issue is face you can go for length greater than WERT9.
    Ganesh Lathi.

  • Overflow for arithmetical operation (type P) in program.

    Hi experts..
    I had developed a report for showing total receipt and issues and confirmed issue.
    of PQ.
    For all the plant is running fine but only for one plant 2050 its going into dump and error is "Overflow for arithmetical operation (type P) in program." and the code line is
    T_EKET-MNG02 = T_EKET-MNG02 * ( t_mdbs-umrez / t_mdbs-umren ).
    MNG02 IS OF TYPE  Data : "Quan", length =13 , decimal = 3.
    initially : value in Mng02 is =  10       and ratio is 11/8 = 1.375
                  and in the debugging the value is   10*1.375 = 13.75
    but... when i am executing it .. its going into dump and after again checking the MNG02 is showing valude --9765133613.881  and the above error.
    what should i do....
    please help..
    i will award the points for every help...

    Are you doing any other calculation for field MNG02 in your program?
    I created a small program with the field and values you have mentioned and it gave me the result 13.75 and no short dump.
    Please check following things:
    When short dump occurs, it shows at which line it has occured. Is it showing that the shortdump has occurs on the line you are talking about here or it is somewhere else.
    Also, when shortdump occurs, it shows a "debugging" button at the top. Hit that button and it will show you exactly where the short dump has occured. What ever this statement is, check what are the values of different variables here.
    Check all these and you might get the answer. Let me know if you still have problem.

  • Error while doing MIRO-Overflow for arithmetical operation (type P) in prog

    Hi ,
    I am getting the error while doing the MIRO  as below-
    Runtime Errors         COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW
    Exception              CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW
    Date and Time          20.05.2009 10:07:03
    Short text
         Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLMRMC".
    What happened?
         Error in the ABAP Application Program
         The current ABAP program "SAPLMRMC" had to be terminated because it has
         come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    What can you do?
         Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.
         To process the problem further, contact you SAP system
         Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look
         at and manage termination messages, and you can also
         keep them for a long time.
    Error analysis
         An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
         The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW', was not
          caught in
         procedure "MRM_AMOUNT_QUANTITY_PROPOSE" "(FUNCTION)", nor was it propagated by
          a RAISING clause.
         Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
    Please let me know how can this be removed.

    There can be some problem with tolerances set in the customizing.
    In my case, I was getting this error because of delivery date variance. The difference between delivery date maintained in PO and invoice date was huge and hence the multiplication of price of PO and difference  of delivery date was huge and that was the reason for error.
    Similarly in your case also, there will be some tolerance limit problem.
    Please check your tolerance limits set in customizing.
    Mihir Popat

  • Find the arithmetic operator

    My Document lot of mathematical equations. So i have applied the character style arithmetic operators but can't find the "+"
    app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "+";
    And also i tried this method i got that result("−") but i cant find the ("+")
    var test = String.fromCharCode(8722);
    app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = test ;
    Any one help me
    Balaji B.

    Simplest is instead of using
    The point is that + is a GREP symbol (meaning one or more times).
    So if you really must use GREP, you have to escape it with a backslash
    (and that backslash has to be escaped as well if you're scripting it):
    findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "\\+";
    But again, just use textPreferences unless you have to use the extra
    power of GREP

  • Error Message: Some files were skipped during the last operation

    Just upgraded to Dreamwever CC ... gettting the following error message when pushing files. Thoughts?

    Windows 7 ... getting the following on FTP log:
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/base.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/grid.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/topbar.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/formalize.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/jquery.datepick.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/template.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/homepage.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    The file "/htpre/docroot/css/print.css" was skipped because the old remote file could not be deleted.
    Need more info let me know.

  • An error occurred during the install operation 80010038

    Can Some please help me, I am StuckCause all my games in my download list they will download but will not install on my system.

    Hi Neptus,
    Have you ever gotten response to your question? I am getting the exact same error on my server (WebSphere/AIX/Oracle10g) and I am not sure what is causing it. When I look at the list of running services "IDPSchedulerService" is one of them. I am not sure what is going on.

  • Unsupported Relational Operator Types and DB2e 9.1

    we are using MAM3.0SR3 and adapt this application. So during SP20 installtion we had to swtich to DB2e 9.1 (Prerequisit). However, know it seams the relational operator type LIKE doesn't work anymore. I also tested similar relational operator types which also don't work anymore:
    RelationalOperatorType.LIKE_INSENSITIVE (wildcard "*")
    RelationalOperatorType.LIKE (wildcard "*")
    RelationalOperatorType.SQL_LIKE (wildcard "*")
    All the mentioned operator types producing NullPointerExceptions. I used DB2e 8.2.4 before and there LIKE was working fine (the others I didn't test with DB2e 8.x.x). Now I use CONTAINS.
    There exists STARTS_WITH too, but for "ENDS_WITH" is now replacement available (which could realized with LIKE before).
    Know anybody of you a SAP note or document, where these restriction are described? And what about ENDS_WITH?
    Thanks in advance
    Andreas Dommes

    Hi Andreas,
    have a look here - hopefully that helps:
    Furthermore if the DB is not active - have you tried to deploy it manually?
    Message was edited by: Oliver - sorry, first reply was just wrong.
            Oliver Kaluscha
    Message was edited by:
            Oliver Kaluscha

  • ERROR [B3108]: Unrecoverable out of memory error during a cluster operation

    We are using Sun Java(tm) System Message Queue Version: 3.5 SP1 (Build 48-G). We are using two JMS servers as a cluster.
    But we frequently getting the out of memory issue during the cluster operation.
    Messages also got queued up in the Topics. Eventhough listeners have the capability to reconnect with the Server after the broker restarting, usually we are restarting consumer instances to get work this.
    Here is detailed log :
    Jan 5 13:45:40 polar1-18.eastern.com imqbrokerd_cns-jms-18[8980]: [ID 478930 daemon.error] ERROR [B3108]: Unrecoverable out of memory error during a cluster operation. Shutting down the broker.
    Jan 5 13:45:57 polar1-18.eastern18.chntva1-dc1.cscehub.com imqbrokerd: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] Message Queue broker terminated abnormally -- restarting.
    Expecting your attention on this.

    If you do not use any special cmdline options, how do you configure your servers/
    brokers to 1 Gb or 2 Gb JVM heap ?
    Regarding your question on why the consumers appear to be connecting to just
    one of the brokers -
    How are the connection factories that the consumers use configured ?
    Is the connection factory configured using the imqAddressList and
    imqAddressListBehavior attributes ? Documentation for this is at:
    imqAddressList should contain a list of brokers (i.e. 2 for you) in the cluster
    imqAddressListBehavior defines how the 2 brokers in the above list are picked.
    The default is in the order of the list - so mq://server1:7676/jms will always be
    picked by default. If you want random behavior (which will hopefully even out the
    load), set imqAddressListBehavior to RANDOM.

  • Using Modulus (%) arithmetic operator with decimals

    When trying to use the arithmetic operator modulus with decimals there seem to be some errors in the results. Is there a restriction on the number/value of decimals that can be used with this operator? Am I perhaps just using it incorrectly?
    example ...
    Double valA= new Double("12.4");
    Double valB = new Double("1236");
    double result = valB.floatValue() % valA.floatValue();
    System.out.println("valB : " + valB );
    System.out.println("valA: " + valA);
    System.out.println("result : " + result);
    produces :
    valB : 1236.0
    valA : 12.4
    result : 8.40003776550293
    But :
    Double valA= new Double("12.5");
    Double valB = new Double("1236");
    double result = valB.floatValue() % valA.floatValue();
    System.out.println("valB : " + valB );
    System.out.println("valA: " + valA);
    System.out.println("result : " + result);
    produces :
    valB : 1236.0
    valA : 12.5
    result : 11.0

    Floating point arithmetic in general is not exact. The problem is that you are expecting exact results.
    In the second example where you use 12.5 and 1236.0 is just so happens that both of those numbers can be represented exactly, so you do get an exact result.

  • ODBC BI Server Bug - arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

    I am trying to write some really simple .NET code access the Oracle BI Server ODBC driver and it's not working at all.  I've connected fine, however it seems like anything I try to do related to getting database information spits up an error "arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow".
    Here is the code:
    Dim ConnectString As String
    Dim FactoryType As String
    Dim Factory As System.Data.Common.DbProviderFactory
    Dim Connection As System.Data.Common.DbConnection = Nothing
    Dim TablesData As System.Data.DataTable = Nothing
    Dim err As String = ""
    Dim nl As String = Chr(13) + Chr(10)
        ' Connect to the database via ODBC
        ConnectString = "DSN=BSODBC_7;uid=TheUser10;pwd=************"
        FactoryType = "System.Data.Odbc"
        Factory = System.Data.Common.DbProviderFactories.GetFactory(FactoryType)
        Connection = Factory.CreateConnection
        Connection.ConnectionString = ConnectString
        ' Request a list of tables from the database
        ' ** Tried both with restrictions and without
        ' ERROR on this line:
        ' “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.”
        TablesData = Connection.GetSchema("Tables")
        ' Show the list of tables on the screen in a grid
        ' If it was successful.
        OnScreenGrid.AutoGenerateColumns = True
        OnScreenGrid.DataSource = TablesData
    Catch ex As Exception
        ' Report the error
        err = ex.Message
        If Not (ex.InnerException Is Nothing) Then
            If Not (ex.InnerException.Message Is Nothing) Then
                err = err + nl + nl + ex.InnerException.Message
            End If
        End If
        MsgBox(err, MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly + MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, "Error")
        ' Clean up and Close the DB Connection
        If Not (Connection Is Nothing) Then
            Connection = Nothing
        End If
    End Try
    Any Thoughts?  Is this a known bug?  Is there a fix?

    I doubt on line
    OnScreenGrid.DataSource = TablesData
    instead of array as TablesData try to take List object and assign it to OnScreenGrid.DataSource
    just in case check this
    DataGridView.AutoGenerateColumns Property (System.Windows.Forms)
    I might be wrong but just check it

  • Power query from ODBC :"DataSource.Error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow"

    Good day
    Everytime I want to pull data into a query from our servers it gives the error "DataSource.Error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow". What is the reason for this error, and how do I get past this bump.
    Thanks in advance

    Hey Tristan. Thanks I did that yes.
    For some reason my direct MySQL connection does not want to work.
    I get the following error
    DataSource.Error: MySQL: Unable to find a database provider with invariant name 'MySql.Data.MySqlClient'.
    This error may have been the result of provider-specific client software being required but missing on this computer.  To download client software for this provider, visit the following site and choose at minimum 'MySQL Connector/Net':

  • Overflow in the operation COLLECT

    Dear all,
    We have implemented BI7.00 and have used data source "0EC_PCA_1" which loads data to the cube "0PCA_C01".
    In one of our load from the PSA to the cube there were 14 lacs record which failed during the load to the target. The error message is as mentioned below.
    "Overflow in the operation COLLECT - Message no. RS_EXCEPTION000".
    Due to this error message, all the subsequent loads to the Target have not happened (due to request red in the cube).
    Can anyone kindly mention the steps to correct the same and load the data to the target.
    On analysing the error message, it pointed out to the start routine - this routine is also SAP standard - as per the OSS note 577644.
    We tried to load the request again manually through the DTP but it throws the same error message and subsequent loads have not taken place to the target.
    Experts suggestion and help required.

    Dear Mr. Balaji,
    Thank you for the immediate response. Can you kindly explain about the first option i.e., "break the selection condition and load again".
    The second option mentioned by you had been tried already and it doesn't work. I had reduced the size in DTP from 50,000 to 5 and also tried by increasing upto 99999 - but the same error is thrown.
    Can you help me.

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