OWB-OWF - Process Flow Deployment - Database Link

Hello there,
This post is basically related to my problem with Process Flow deployment.
Could someone please shed some light on the following:
When we create a Process Flow, during this process OWF creates a Database Link. For some reason, this link is not functional unless I remove the part after "." in that defines the "HOST" in the DB Link definition. How do I know it is not functional - I know because following query does not work:
select * from [email protected]@WB_LK_WF_PKG
Here is the link definition:
create database link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG
connect to RR
identified by "<pwd>"
MODIFIED (it works - above query runs OK):
create database link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG
connect to RR
identified by "<pwd>"
My second question is "using what userid/pwd should this link should have been created? Should it use "Runtime Repository Owner" or "OWB Repository Owner" or "Runtime Access User" or "OWF_MGR"?
No matter what userid I use, it works when I run the query but I always get following error when I try to deploy the "Process Flows" in OWB:
RPE-02085: Failed to test wb_rti_workflow_util.initialize through deployed Workflow Database Link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG2. Please check that "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" privilege is set and that the OWB Runtime is available.
- ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object [email protected]@WB_LK_WF_PKG2
ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
I have already granted the "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" to OWF_MGR. I am not sure, though, what is meant by the "and that the OWB Runtime is available" part of the error message above.
I have also tried to fix this by running the "catrpc.sql" script but it did not help either.
I am stuck on this step for past few days. I would highly appreciate help in fixing this problem. Here is the configuration I am using:
o Source database : Oracle 9i (9.2) on my local PC
o Target database : Oracle 9i (9.2) on my local PC
o OWB 9i
o OWF 2.6.2
o OWB and OWF repositories are on the TARGET database
I am able to successfully deploy and run my MAPPINGs.

Hello Oracle support,
Should I open a TAR to get this problem resolved?

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    Hi guys,
    I have two projects here, A and B. Each project has its own process flow, lets say Process A (in project A)and process B(in project B). I need to run process B in process A, so I use the database link, and WB_RT_API_EXEC.run_task function. But when I run the process, I get the following error:
    ORA-20001: Task not found - Please check the Task Type, Name and Location are correct.
    ORA-06512: at "OWBRTR2.WB_RT_API_EXEC", line 704
    does anyone have some idea how to fix this? or any other suggestions for how to do it? thanks.

    Hi Gowtham,
    I am using the following function to send execution details of the process-flow. This process-flow is having 20 mappings. This is working fine.
    The cIient requirment is to pass email-IDs from a back-end table(sam_mail_notification) with columns(smtp, from_address and to_address), right now the function is working on static(constant) values.
    I had modified the function according to the requirement, can you please have a look at the function, and tell me is it correct. Because the values should come from database table. will this function work.
    I got the following error, while deploying,
    ORA-06550: line 55, column 1:
    PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "END" when expecting one of the following:
    --initialize variables here
    -- main body
    retval number := 0; --default
    crlf CONSTANT VARCHAR2(2):= CHR(13) || CHR(10);
    pSender VARCHAR2(30) := '[email protected]';
    pRecipient VARCHAR2(30) := '[email protected]';
    pSubject VARCHAR2(100) := 'Process REsults for: '||to_char(sysdate,'dd/mm/yyyy');
    mesg VARCHAR2(32767);
    mail_conn utl_smtp.connection;
    cursor getResults is
    select AREA.OBJECT_NAME,
    all_Rt_audit_executions area,
    all_Rt_audit_map_runs aramr,
    all_rt_audit_exec_messages err
    where AREA.execution_audit_id = ARAMR.execution_audit_id(+) AND
    AREA.execution_audit_id = err.execution_audit_id(+)
    trunc(area.created_on) = trunc(sysdate)
    AND area.top_level_execution_audit_id =(select max(top_level_execution_audit_id)from all_Rt_audit_executions
    where execution_name = (select execution_name from all_Rt_audit_executions where task_type ='ProcessFlow' and top_level_execution_audit_id =
    (select max(top_level_execution_audit_id) from all_Rt_audit_executions)));
    Cursor getMailDetails is select
         from sam_mail_notification;
    for maild in getMailDetails
    mail_conn := utl_smtp.open_connection(mailhost, 25);
    mesg := 'Date: ' ||TO_CHAR( SYSDATE, 'dd Mon yy hh24:mi:ss') || crlf ||
    'From: <'|| pSender ||'>' || crlf ||
    'Subject: '|| pSubject || crlf ||
    'To: '||pRecipient || crlf || '' || crlf ||
    end loop;
    for rec in getResults
    mesg:=mesg || rpad(rec.OBJECT_NAME,30)||
    rpad(to_char(rec.CREATED_ON, 'HH24:MI:SS DD-MON-YY'),20)||
    rpad(to_char(rec.UPDATED_ON, 'HH24:MI:SS DD-MON-YY'),24)||
    end loop;
    utl_smtp.helo(mail_conn, mailhost);
    utl_smtp.mail(mail_conn, pSender);
    utl_smtp.rcpt(mail_conn, pRecipient);
    utl_smtp.data(mail_conn, mesg);
    return retval;
    return 1;

  • Error during "Process Flow" deployment

    Hello everyone,
    I am having trouble deploying my first "Process Flow" object. I am using OWB 9.2 and WF 2.6.2 on Windows XP.
    Here is the error I am getting:
    RPE-02085: Failed to test wb_rti_workflow_util.initialize through deployed Workflow Database Link [email protected]_LK_WF_LOADS. Please check that "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" privilege is set and that the OWB Runtime is available.
    - ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object [email protected][email protected]_LK_WF_LOADS
    ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
    Here is what I have done so far based on what read in different posts on this forum (nothing seems to fix my problem):
    o connect to SYS in the TARGET database (where OWF
    schema was installed) and ran the following:
    GRANT execute any procedure to owf_mgr
    o I used "localhost" when I registered the WF object.
    Then, as per one post, I changed it to "DNS name".
    Did not help at all.
    o Then, I tried to test the DB link (mentioned in the
    error Msg above) and it DID NOT work. Then, as per
    another post, I removed the part of host name that
    appeared after the ".", i.e, DB.someplace.com to
    DB. Then I ran a query using this DBLink and it worked
    OK. Then I tried to deploy the WF object, it failed
    with same error as above.
    I am hoping someone will help me out on this issue - I have seen several posts with similar error messages and have tried almost all the solutions presented in there - nothing worked for me so far. Here is DB link definition:
    create public database link [email protected]_LK_WF_LOADS
    create public database link [email protected]_LK_WF_LOADS
    NOTE: HOST was chanegd to just DNS name (part after the "." was removed). Changed DBLink works fine - original one does not.
    Thank you all in advance for your time and reponse!

    Hello Jean-Pierre,
    I have tried almost what I could but I am still getting following errors when I try to deploy "process flow":
    RPE-02085: Failed to test wb_rti_workflow_util.initialize through deployed Workflow Database Link [email protected]_LK_WF_PKG2. Please check that "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" privilege is set and that the OWB Runtime is available.
    - ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object [email protected]@WB_LK_WF_PKG2
    ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
    Most recent thing I tried was to run "catrpc.sql" script on the TARGET database using SYS.
    I know you must be a very busy person but I would appreciate if you could try this in your env. Both my SOURCE and TARGET databases are local and I have installed all OWB and OWF repositories in the TARGET database. I have successfully deployed and executed OWB Mappings. Now I am stuck with OWF Process Flow deployment. This would perhaps be the last thing I need to do in order to be able to schedule ETL jobs through OWF.
    All your help and time is highly appreciated.

  • Process Flows deployment: progress indicator is at 50%

    Process Flows deployment : progress indicator is at 50%.
    CPU on both client and server is 0%.
    The OWB client application needs to be killed.
    We have increase the value of the -Xmx and -Dlimit parameter on owbclient.bat
    from -Xmx384M -Dlimit=384M -
    to -Xmx784M -Dlimit=784M -
    the problem persists.
    can you help me?

    Hi, I had this problem sometimes ago. And solved it increasing the -Xmx value at the file owb.cl at OWB_HOME\owb\bin\win32 from -Xmx128M to -Xmx768M.
    I think it will work for you too.

  • How to run an OWB 11gR2 process flow using OEMS Jobs?

    How to run an OWB 11gR2 process flow using OEMS 11g Jobs?
    In other words iam trying to create an Oracle Enterprise manager job for scheduling and running an OWB Process flow.
    Can any one of you please route me to a documentation for the same,or enlist the steps involved?

    look at OWB API Reference (it is of 11gR1 OWB release but you can apply this procedure to OWB11gR2 as well)

  • Problem Running Process Flow When Database Objects Deployed Outside of OWB

    I am having a few problems running process flows that I'm deploying through OMB.
    My set up is as follows:
    All database updates are done outside of OWB (for version control purposes).
    Each object within OWB is exported to an MDL file, which is then imported into the production repository using an OMB Script.
    Once everything has been imported into my production version, I'm then deploying the process flows from within the OMB script.
    When I then go to run the process flow, I get the following error ...
    RPE-02075: Oracle Workflow failed to process the execution request for Activity LOAD_COUNTRY_PF:LOAD_COUNTRY. This may be because dependent objects have not yet been deployed.
    I can see through the Control Center, that the status of all the objects that the process flow is going to use are set to having a Design Status of 'New'. So obviously OWB doesn't realize that these objects already exist in the database, which is why the process flow errors.
    Is there any way around this? Can I somehow set the Design Status of all the objects to 'Unchanged' through OMB? Is there a way to fool the process flow into thinking that the objects do exist? Can I run the process flow outside of OWB?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Liffey,
    Is there any way around this?
    Can I somehow set the Design Status of all the objects to 'Unchanged' through OMB?
    Is there a way to fool the process flow into thinking that the objects do exist?of course you must deploy mappings before deploying processflow
    and as I know there is no legal method for avoiding this.
    PS. Look at this thread [Deploying without Deploy|http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=2655726&#2655726]
    It seems for OWB10gR1 exists method for manual modification OWB runtime repository tables for mark mappings as deployed

  • Owb Process flow Deployment Errors.

    Hi ,
    I am getting the following error when deploying a process flow.
    RPE-02085: Failed to test wb_rti_workflow_util.initialize through deployed Workflow Database Link [email protected]_LK_PK_PKG. Please check that "EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE" privilege is set and that the OWB Runtime is available.
    - ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object [email protected]@WB_LK_PK_PKG
    ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
    I had verified the privileges ,everything seems to be fine , Please suggest

    Robert ,,
    Thanks for your reply,
    I re verified the privileges , i can see that EXECUTE ANY PRIVILEGE on OWF_MGR but i am not seeing any db links , I re created the runtime , re deployed mappings and other stuff everything is fine except the process flow deployment

  • OWB Process flow deployment into auto sys

    Can some one tell us the steps to be followed for deploying the owb PROCESS FLOW into Auto sys.

    There was some work a few years ago, but not sure it was ever productized. You can integrate with any 3rd party scheduler (in a course manner), see the post here;

  • Process Flow Deployment using Oracle workflow

    If I have my own Process Flow in XPDL, can I deploy it to the Oracle workflow? I couldn't find any doc regarding how Oracle workflow (standalone) imports XPDL file.
    Is the Oracle workflow packaged with the OWB comes with some adapter that understand the XPDL process flow?
    I have an application that may output process flows in XPDL, and I want to deploy them to Oracle workflow for processing. How do I do that?

    I´ve used it in 2 system as a DM. It works fine. But I have to say that they were a small project.
    OWF is a very robust and easy tool. I´ve never need to look for another workflow because OWF always cover my project. When it doesn´t, I´m able to change some pl/sql procedures to make it attend project requirements.
    I can advice you that if you want a personalized user interface, you are going to spend more time doing it than developing your workflow. but if you don´t need to personalize user interface, so it is very easy do develop and deploy a workflow.
    Any doubt just ask.
    Luiz Soares

  • OWB 10g -- Can't Create Database Links for Data Source and Target

    We installed OWB 10g server components on a Unix box running Oracle 10g (R2) database. The Designer Repository is in one instance. The Runtime Repository and the Target are in another instance. The OWB client component was installed on Windows XP. We create a data source module and a target module in OWB. The data source is on another Unix box running Oracle 9i (R2) database. We try to create database links for data source module and target module, respective. But when we created and tested the DB links, the DB links were failed.
    For the database link of data source, we got the following error message:
    SQL Exception
    Repository Error:SQL Exception..
    Class Name: CacheMediator.
    Method Name: getDDEntryFromDB.
    Repository Error Message: ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred
    For the database link of target , we got the following error message:
    API2215: Cannot create database link. Please contact Oracle Support with the stack trace and the details on how to reproduce it.
    Repository Error:SQL Exception..
    Class Name: oracle.wh.ui.integrator.common.RepositoryUtils.
    Method Name: createDBLink(String, String, String, String).
    Method Name: -1.
    Repository Error Message: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended.
    However, we could connect to the two databases (data source and target) using the OWB’s utility SQL Plus.
    Please help us to solve this problem. Thank you.

    As I said prior the database link creation should work from within the OWB client (also in 10).
    Regarding your issue when deploying, have you registered your target locations in the deployment manager and did you first deployed your target location's connector which points out to your source?
    I myself had some problems with database link creations in the past and I can't remember exactly what they were but it had something to do with
    - the use of abnormal characters in the database link name
    - long domain name used in as names.default_domain in my sqlnet.ora file
    What you can do is check the actual script created when deploying the database link so see if there's something strange and check if executing the created script manually works or not.

  • OWB 10gR2 Process Flow returning status = Complete and Result = Null

    I have a process flows i ran lot of times with success (it shows status = complete and result = OK). It invokes a lot of mappings and other flows
    Sometimes one of invoked mapping or flows shows status = complete and result = Null and main process too.
    The main process i invoked by a PLSQL store procedure using wb_rt_api_exec package. When status = Null the store procedure hangs and I have to kill it.
    When it happens, owb service restart (new record in WB_RT_SERVICE_JOB_LOGS).
    Can anyone help me?
    The configuration that I am working with is as below ---
    OWB client version :
    OWB repository version :
    Oracle Workflow Version :
    Database version : 10g Enterprise edition release

    Sometimes transitions in process flows get scrambled and you have to fix them by hand.....this happens and I dont know why.
    Basically what happens is: every operator in process flow has three outgoing transitions (in general) marked as 0, 1 and 2, when you take a look at details property of your operator then in the outgoing transitions tab you should have ORDER collumn 0, 1, 2 for warning, error and success.
    If this is not the case (0,1,2) process will not know what to return as value, and what is more bizzare this works until it does not :)
    I dont know if this is your case but it's worth checking.

  • OWB embeded process flow - parameter binding problem

    I've installed and Oracle 10g Database, after the database installation I added the Oracle Workflow server software. To complete the installation I ran the wfca.
    Later I get to define a process flow in OWB (cheesy) and the process flow seems to be working well (I've done all the registrations necesary also ), but when I am trying to do the parameter binding is not working. I do get the window prompt for the parameter and I enter the date parameter ( I tried different formats like 'YYYY/MM/DD' 'dd-mon-yyyy'), but after I check the runtime in the web browser the parameter is not pass to next process. I tried many things for the last week but I cannot get it to pass the parameter from one process to another.
    Any ideas,
    HELP !!!!!

    did u manage to resolve this issue? we are facing the same problem.

  • Process flow Deployment for OEM

    I try to define a process module with an OEM deployment location.
    It is not possible to create a new one during the creation wizard.
    I'm not able to allocate later on an existing OEM location.
    How cum?
    OWB 9.2.
    Oracle 9i

    Hi Igor,
    Thnx for your response.
    I did look already to viewlet but this is the way to schedule jobs to run mappings which are PL/SQL packages.
    What i try to do is defining in the OWB tool a process flow and a deployment location for this process flow and there i can't choose to define a location of the OEM type.
    I would expect that OWB generates specific code or package for this process flow that i can scheduled using OEM and the oem template.
    I will check the things you mentioned maybe they are related but i would be surprised. I would not expect that OWB tool is so depended of the deployment environment.

  • Process flow deployment error

    I tried to deploy a process flow package but then this error returned :
    ORA-12899: value too large for column "OWF_MGR"."WF_ACTIVITIES_TL"."DISPLAY_NAME" (actual: 81, maximum: 80)
    Has anyone come across it?

    Let me give more detail on the error:-
    Deploying PROCESS_FLOW
    ORA-12899: value too large for column "OWF_MGR"."WF_ACTIVITIES_TL"."DISPLAY_NAME" (actual: 81, maximum: 80)
    ORA-06512: at "OWF_MGR.WF_LOAD", line 1422
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    Deploying PROCESS_FLOW
    RPE-02012: Internal error: Function A97DBB64A8EAD7492E040007F01006 cannot be created or updated. Please try again. If the problem persists then please contact Oracle Support with the stack trace and details on how to reproduce it.

  • Process Flow deployment - getting RTC-5161 (10gR2)

    I am trying to deploy a process flow and getting:
    "RTC-5161: The Deployment cannot proceed because of an error during the generation or pre-deployment phase. ....."
    Has anybody else experienced this? Right I am not sure what the problem might be. There is a new note on metalink (375296.1) about OWF_MGR setup, but I think my issue is something else...

    I searched metalink on error RTC-5161 and found a reference in note 392263.1
    It is a bug but there is a patch available ( bug 5504848, patch number 5525337).
    Read the note on metalink to check if you really hit this bug and apply the patch.

Maybe you are looking for

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