P15 s409 dvd cd drive not listed as a device

i installed a replacement dvd cd combo drive and  it was used to reinstall my system, however it is not listed as a devive on my laptop and i can not use it to play  anything . i tried to find this model on the update drivers list but  i could not find this model p15 s409
can anyone help

It's certainly strange!
I don't normally recommend updating the bios ( unless it is known to resolve a particular issue ) but I do notice that there is a fairly recent update available Here.
If your not already at this level, it may be worth applying this - although it doesn't mention this particular issue.
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    Hi n,
    Click on the desktop > Finder menu > Preferences > Sidebar > choose which items you want to show up in the Sidebar.

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    additional info.
    I have found the correct error definition in english.
    "can not start the device (Code 10)"
    I have updated my bios to the latest version.
    I have just tried to uninstall all USB-drivers, and reinstall them.. Still no luck
    I have tried to uninstall and reinstall all webcam drivers - no luck

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    Hey Phantom42
    Move them into folders that is listed below and iTunes should recognize it. Look in the Back up your backup sections to see the location.
    iOS: Troubleshooting backup issues in iTunes
    -Norm G.

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    not accept the change.

    Have you looked at this completed previos discussion. It discusses 0x8007054F.
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    - Switch off on switch on the Apple tv
    - restart iTunes

  • Cd/DVD drive not listed anywhere.

    I do not have the dvd/cd drive listed in the device manager. the drive spools up and acts like it is reading.

    The first thing to check is whether you can boot from the drive. Do you have a recovery disk or other bootable cd or dvd? If so, try it and if it can boot you know 100% the problem is software and not hardware. If it cannot boot it is hardware.
    If you do not have a bootable disk or do not know how to use one, then the next thing to try is the registry edits to remove upper and lower filters. There is a Microsoft autofix linked here:
    I have had more luck manually editing the registry and here are instructions on how to do that:

  • DVD-R drive compatabillity list?

    I want to add a DVD-R drive to my G4. The only ones I see people talking about here are the Pioneers. I would like one with Lightscribe, which the Pioneers do not have. Can I use any IDE/ATA DVD-R? I'm assuming that some DVD-Rs won;t work with the iMovie, etc. Is there a Compatabillity list? I'm looking, but haven't found anything.

    I am currently looking at a Pioneer EXTERNAL USB 2.0+PIONEER DVR111D 16X DVD±RW DUAL Layer and having a hard time trying to see if this will work on my Mac , any ideas?
    Pioneer launches its new 11th Generation dual format DVD writer the DVR-111D. This new model supports 8x Dual/Double Layer and 16x write speeds on both DVD-R/+R media. This extends Pioneer's track record of establishing key performance benchmarks when introducing new DVD writers. With the facility to write 4.7GB of data to write-once media or store up to 8.5GB on Double Layer media. The successor of the popular DVR-110 series, the DVR-111 / DVR-111D DVD burners from Pioneer are expected to be released in Europe soon after mid-March. The device writes a full DVD disc in less than six minutes.
    In short, there are two main differences between the DVR-111/111D and its former version the DVR-110/110D. In the first place, the upper chassis has been redesigned in order to further reduce noise vibration from the drive.
    The DVR-111D adopts 5X reading for DVD-RAM, whereas the DVR-110D would only read DVD-RAM at 2X speed.
    Finally, the DVR-111 still remains at a 5X speed for read / write with DVD-RAM which is the same as the DVR-110.
    Pioneer also plans to launch a retail version of the DVR-111 series, dubbed the DVR-A11XL (XLA = beige, XLB = black, XLC = silver). It is likely that Pioneer USA, China, Australia and Japan will be introducing the DVR-A11XL (retail version) possibly at the same time, although Pioneer Europe had decided to stop its retail drive business since the DVR-A08XL. Both the DVR-111 and DVR-111D drives will be OEM/bulk versions, which means that they will come as bare drives only with no retail box and software

  • DVD stuck, drive not recognized in system profiler, can't eject, HELP!

    I am distraught, my DVD/CD drive is quite sick, if not dead. Alright, I watch DVDs on my computer somewhat regularly, but this one time I was about an hour into a movie when it just stopped playing. I couldn't finish the movie because now my computer doesn't recognize the disc or even the fact that it has a DVD/CD drive at all. The DVD doesn't appear on the desktop and the eject button doesn't do anything, it's been stuck my drive for maybe a month or so and I forgot about it for a while actually.
    The scariest thing is that when I check my system profiler I can't find any info about my DVD drive. When I click on disc burning, it says I dont have a disc burning device installed.
    I've tried resetting the power manager (PMU) but to no avail. I would really like to solve this without taking my computer somewhere.
    Any suggestions?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Simple step first. If the "stuck" is due to a software problem, restart the computer holding down the click pad through the start-up until the disk ejects. This usually ejects anything in the drive.
    You'll find other suggestions here (Donald Worrell post).
    If none of the above suggestion work, you'll need to get a technician (Apple certified, if still under warranty) to look at the machine. If the DVD ejects, but the profiler still does not recognize the drive, then a trip to the Technician is your only recourse.

  • DVD/CDRW drive not working - Tecra A4

    Hi, I have a problem with my Tecra A4.
    My DVD CDRW drive is not working properly (Power is there, but it doesn't show up on the system), I have temporary installed a DVDRW drive from my HP laptop which is working fine.
    I tried to run my recovery disc (never used it before), but nothing happens (press and hold C on start up). Will this only run with the correct drive installed or am I doing something wrong?
    p.s. I bought this second hand but it is new. It had a damaged screen which I've replaced

    If the old drive will not read the medias so its possible damage.
    You should know that not every drive is compatible with the unit because of the master/slave/csel settings.
    You have said that the pressing of the C button doesnt allow you to boot up from the drive.
    In such case I would recommend to enter the BIOS and there you could change the booting order.
    However, this all tip will only works if the new drive is compatible and supported

  • Dvd disk drive not working

    the dvd disk drive is not working.when i put in a dvd or music cd, it doesnt play. a popup comes on that says please insert disk into dvd/drive, i try it again same thing happens nothing....do i uninstall the driver then install it again.it says its working properly but it makes a loud grinding noise

    Hi there @lindz32 
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel.
    I understand that you are having trouble with the DVD drive reading disks. I am happy to help.
    My main concern is that you describe a loud grinding sound, presumably coming from the DVD drive. If that is so, I would recommend that you call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.
    If the noise is not from the DVD drive, but from somewhere else, please post any details that you can, and here is a page that may help in the interim.
    HP PCs - Drive Cannot Read Discs (Windows 8)
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • DVD RW drive not reading discs

    Hey guys, I have a G61-210CA (HP Laptop) and the DVD RW drive no longers reads discs.  I have tried running the Mr Fix it tool which could not repair the problem.  I have tried uninstalling device from device manager and reinstalling it.  I have removed the upper and lower limits in an effort to solve the problem.  I am still having the same issue.  When I put in a disc it does not recognize disc.  The light comes on and the drive spins, it is just unable to read it.  Any suggestions?

    Replace the defective drive.

  • DVD/RW drive not reading DVDs

    I have an HP Pavilion with Vista Home Premium 32 bit, with a LightScribe DVD/RW SuperMulti drive.  I am able to read/burn audio CD's (both commercial and CD-R/RW).  But, I have tried 4 different DVD movie discs, and every time, the drive spins and tries to read, but then nothing happens, and when I try to go to Start/Computer/DVD drive and "Explore" or "Open", the drive tray ejects and a window pops up saying "Please insert a disc".  So, it seems that the DVD/RW drive is simply not able to read DVD movie discs.  Any idea if this is a driver problem, or do I need to replace the DVD/RW drive?
    - Glen

    Try this Microsoft tool.
    Download and install Imgburn and see if Imgburn has issues reading a DVD.
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  • DVD/CD Drive not working on Satellite L55

    I have a Satellite L55 laptop with DVD/CD drive that I've used successfully to burn CDs in the past. Yesterday, I tried to view a DVD given to me by a friend and all it did was click and nothing happened. No error message other than telling me there was no DVD in the drive.
    This morning, I put in a CD and same thing happened. You can hear the drive whirr a bit but then there are little repeated clicking noises and nothing. iTunes told me to put in a blank CD (the CD shows as blank in other drives), and if I look at Windows Explorer, it tells me to put in a DVD.
    I've taken a quick look at the driver and it tells me that everything is working properly. If I tell Windows (8.1) to update the driver, it tells me it's the latest driver.
    As far as I know, nothing has happened physically to the drive, beyond being opened accidentally on occasion when moving the laptop since the open button just happens to be in the right position for that to happen when you lift up the laptop.
    Any ideas as to what I can try to do to see if the drive is truly dead before attempting to replace it?

    Always post your full model and operating system.
    run the microsoft fix-it to correct the problem for you the page is here - http://support.microsoft.com/mats/cd_dvd_drive_problems/
    Or here is the tool - http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9740811
    Diagnose and repair CD or DVD drive issues, when you cannot burn or play CD or DVD discs, when a drive is not found, not accessible or not connected.
    Run now
    Advanced-Download to run on a different or disconnected computer
    Click Download below, then click Run or Open in your browser and follow the onscreen prompts to create the Fix it Portable folder
    Then copy the Fix it Portable folder to the computer with the problem and run the Launch Fix it application
    What it fixes
    Your CD or DVD Drive does not read or write and is shown as disabled
    The media in your CD or DVD drive cannot be read
    The media cannot be written to by your CD or DVD drive
    You receive one of the following errors:
    A class specific or device specific driver is missing or corrupt
    A CD or DVD drive cannot be found or is not connected
    The CD or DVD drive is experiencing a problem that prevents it from working properly
    The CD or DVD drive is not accessible via an assigned drive letter
    Runs on
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Windows Vista
    Windows 8
    Windows 8.1
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  • Satellite M100 - DVD-Multi-Drive not recognized as CD/DVD recorder (!)

    after installing Win XP SP3 in the last windows update, the Toshiba tools as well as other CD/DVD-burning software don't recognize the DVD-ram drive as such, only as a CD-rom-drive.
    Thus, software like recordIt doesn't work.
    I have already removed the drive from the hardware list and have reinstalled it.
    The driver used is "Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-841S"
    That is correct, so far. But it doesn't burning CDs/DVDs.
    Has anyone noticed this problem as well?

    I think its a lower upper filter issue and I think you could solve this following this step by step instruction.
    First of all remove the ODD (CD/DVD) drive from the list in device manager.
    Then access the registry and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    Finally you should reboot the unit.
    After that windows will recognize the ODD again

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