Packaging adobe air with android app in flash cs5

I have developed a very simple app in flash cs5 and am ready to upload it to android market. However, users need adobe air to run it. Does anyone know if there is some way to package the app with air? I want to make it as easy as possible for people to run the app. Users will be prompted to download air and I can put this information on the apps page on android market but if there is some way to iclude this in the apk I'd love to know. Can't seem to find information on it on the web.

Hum, thought so. Usually if there seems to be no answer to something on the web it's not possible!! Thanks.

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  • The Error Message 'Application descriptor file cannot be parsed' shows when compiling (Ctrl + Enter) Adobe AIR for Android applications on Flash Professional CS5.5

    The Error Message 'Application descriptor file cannot be parsed' shows when compiling (Ctrl + Enter) Adobe AIR for Android applications on Flash Professional CS5.5
    This is happening for most of the pupils and staff at our school and they are unable to complete their work.
    This also happens on a fresh copy of windows and CS5.5 without any updates and also with all latest updates.
    I have tried it on 32-bit and 64-bit CS5, Windows, Air and Java with the same error every time.
    There are a small minority of users where this works fine for them with no issue.
    I have tried re-setting user profiles.
    I have tried a local admin and domain admin account with the same issue
    I have noticed however that if the file is moved to the shared area it will compile. If it is on their documents area it will not compile. The users have full control in both locations. This is fine for staff but we are unable to give full control or modify access to the shared area for the pupil's
    I have been through the online support section and it directed me to phone Adobe Customer care who informed me that all support has been discontinued for CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 and they will only support creative cloud.
    Any ideas what to try next? There is no other information about this error and I cannot work out what is causing it.

    I have tried and  able to package an apk using your XML file.Could you please make sure your XML file starting from line 1 and coloumn 0.Any space will results in the error (Application Descriptor file cannot be parsed)

  • Android app in Flash CS5 getting menu to pop up using actionscript

    anyone out there know how to get a menu to pop up in Flash CS5 when coding for an android app.
    Basically I have a nice, simple app that when you press the menu  button  on your phone I want a movie clip to pop up at the bottom of the  screen  that then acts as a menu for the app. When you press the menu  button  again the movie clip disappears. There is some code in the  sample files  in flash cs5 but it won't seem to work for me.
    Has anyone gotten this to work successfully for them.
    This is the code that is in the sample file with flash
    options_mc.visible = false;
    function fl_ExitApplication(event:MouseEvent):void
    stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, fl_OptionsMenuHandler);
    function fl_OptionsMenuHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):void
        if((event.keyCode == 95) || (event.keyCode == Keyboard.MENU))
            if(options_mc.visible == false){
                options_mc.visible = true;
                options_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ExitApplication);
            } else if(options_mc.visible == true){
                options_mc.visible = false;
                options_mc.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ExitApplication);
    This code is supposed to make the menu popup and when clicked you exit the app.
    I want someting similar to hppen without the movie clip making the app exit. My movie clip has other little buttons that make different information appear as you click on each one.
    Any advice is much appreciated. have app ready to go apart from this one little error.

    Ok this problem gets even weirder!! The code above kind of works. What I mean by that is in the exact same app the menu might pop up once every so often. Seriously, some times it works after I run the app for about 30 seconds and some times it doesn't work at all.
    Has anyone heard of this before? It's getting very frustrating.

  • Install adobe air 3.2 sdk to flash cs5?

    I am trying to install the air sdk to flash cs5, but all I can find are flash cs5.5 instructions. I attempted to follow the instructions on this blog:
    The option to publish shows up, but I get these errors when I attempt to go into settings or publish a file:
    (for air 3.2)- Atline 1 of file "Apollo_OpenSettingDialog.jsfl":ReferenceError: Air2_5 is not defined
    (air for android 3.2) - Atline 1 of file "Apollo_OpenSettingDialog.jsfl":ReferenceError: Air2_5_Android is not defined
    (air for iOS 3.2)- Atline 1 of file "Apollo_OpenSettingDialog.jsfl":ReferenceError: Air2_5 is not defined
    The only instructions I can find are for flash cs5.5... Can anyone help me get it working in flash CS5?

    Try this but use AIR 3.2:

  • Using Google Play Developer License RSA code with Air for Android App?

    What is the procedure for using Google Play Developer's provided license code (Base64-encoded RSA public key to include in your binary) for an Air for Android app in Flash?
    I see the need to load a p12 file and have gone through the process of creating one for Air for iOS with OpenSSL but the Google provided key is in a different format. To start with it is delivered by copy/paste off a webpage.
    I am using Flash CS5.5. I could switch to CS6 if neccesary.

    Follow this link, see post number 12.

  • Adobe Air for Android 2.3.4

    I need Adobe Air for Android 2.3.4 Urgently.
    I recently made an app on Flash CS5.5 and it installed correctly.
    It said to install adobe air
    But then it said "This prodict is not comptable with this version of..."
    ANY help?

    Please download latest AIR3.4 SDK from
    Look for the runtime.apk present in the AIRSDK folder \runtimes\air\android\device.
    Install the AIR3.4 runtime on android device using command(Refer -
    adt -installRuntime -platform android -device deviceID -package path-to-runtime
    The above steps will install latest AIR runtime on Android device.
    Please note that - Applications created and published from Flash Professional CS6 for Android platforms will run on devices that run Google Android™ 2.2 operating system or higher.
    Flash Pro Engg Team

  • Adobe Air for Android - caching key event that have "unusual" keycode

    I am developing an application for a platform. The OS of this platform is Android Gingerbread (2.3.4) The platform has some buttons with "unusual" key code: 141, 131 etc.
    Native application that created in ADT can catch and respond to these keyboard events While my Adobe AIR application (created in Flash professional) are Indifferent to them.
    I try both: stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN,KeyHandler,false,0,true); NativeApplication.nativeApplication.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN,KeyHandler,fa lse,0,true);
    How can I "catch" this event? Maybe a way to add constant to the keyboard class?

    If you are deploying for iPhone it is on the 'general' settings(First setting page opened).
    Just noticed you are making android app but i still added iphone deployment settings for further future
    But if you are using it for flash/android you have to add code into your fla descriptor with XML language(dont worry it is 1 line of code)
    Watch the video on this page about GPU rendering: ml
    Your app shouldn't lag after these steps but if you have a project that gets bigger and has lots of code it MIGHT lag so that is when external files should help.

  • Adobe AIR for Android

    Hi there
    I would want to know if Adobe AIR will still be supporting Android.
    We are currently creating a app using Flash Builder and we are just cautious that it won't be supporting Android in the future, is this true?

    Do you mean will Flex support Android? That's a question for Apache.
    As for Adobe AIR (with or without Flex) we all wonder how committed Adobe is to it. To me it seems Adobe is fairly committed to Adobe AIR as a platform, even though the whole Flash platform has been scaled back -- AIR is doing quite well and there are frequent updates. That's only my guess, as good as yours.

  • Adobe AIR with Captive Runtime Support for Mobile | ADC Presents | Adobe TV

    In this video, Technical Evangelist Andrew Trice covers Adobe AIR with captive runtime support for mobile application development, which will benefit your Flash Builder projects for the Android OS.

    Witch version of flash builder is this?

  • Partial wakelock in Adobe Air for Android

    I'm developing Adobe Air (for Android) application which is intended to be constantly on. App has event based operations. However, when phone enters to sleep mode app is able to perform only one or few events in a second which is not good enough. AIR's SystemIdleMode.KEEP_AWAKE -mode is not an alternative since it is too battery consuming.
    I'm looking for a solution where phone is allowed to go into sleep mode (screen is off) but still CPU performance is not drastically dropped. Not sure if Android's partial wakelock -mode does the job and is available via ANE?

    Well Im a bit puzzled now. I just created a quick AIR app using AIR13 for Android and did a DEACTIVATE test on the NativeApplication.nativeApplication property and used a TextField to "trace" out the frame rate when the app deactivated. The frame rate stayed at 24FPS the entire time. I turned the screen off, let it turn off, went to the home screen, and switched to other apps while the test app was still running. In all cases, the frame rate never dropped to 4FPS as indicated in Adobe's documentation. So it is either something a bug or feature of AIR13+ or it is how Android KitKat handles applications in the background. Im using an unlocked/stock Moto X running Android 4.4.3. The app also appends the getTimer() call to the end so you can see that it does change. Here is a link to the quick app I created: Dropbox - deactivate.apk
    I guess if you want to download that and test it out to see how it behaves on your device and let me know the results. What device and OS are you running?
    Below is the original message I started to type before I decided to create a quick app to test with. It may or may not still be relevant based on your results from my app test.
    If you are looking at just recording information, you could probably setup something on the Android/Java side that gets started when the app "sleeps" using the DEACTIVE event as a trigger to start the ANE side of things. Then when your app "wakes", you could use the ACTIVATE event to trigger a call to the ANE to pull all the data collected in the Java side back to AIR and stop the ANE data capture since the data capture would be back to being handled by AIR.

  • Adobe AIR for android, what is going on ?

    Few days ago i decided to try develop adobe air for android.
    Updated my phone to android 2.2 installed Android SDK , Adobe AIR SDK.
    Now there are few tutorials out there how to set up Air ap for android.
    They all state that u have to install Runtime_Device_Froyo_***********.apk
    You can supposidly download it from adobe pre-release, i cant get in there because they don`t let new members to register ?!?!?!
    I searched the entire google for 3h in every possible way to find Adobe Air setup for android, but its like it never existed. There are few disabled rapidshare and megadownload links, it is mentioned in a lot of places but you just cant find it anywhere.
    How can i setup Adobe AIR for my Android phone ?

    Can you please give directions where can i clear that cash.
    Anyway i don`t think its the case, because this is first time i hooked phone to internet, and first time i launched Android app store.
    I went to and there is Adobe air app. But when i try to download it says that my device doesn't support it (Samsung Galaxy GT-I5500) By default it comes with android 2.1 and doesn't support Adobe air, but i upgraded firmware to 2.2.
    Maybe that is the reason it doesn't show me Adobe AIR in app store - based on my phone, not my Android version ?

  • Can you play/view swf files on adobe air for android?

    Hi, yes; I'm new here, as well as to Adobe Air, and I'm still trying to learn the ropes around here, and I apologize in advance if this has already been asked, or I have placed this question in the wrong forum.
    The thing is, I was wondering if it was possible to play my SWF files via adobe air for android; and if so, how? Thanks in advance either way.

    Can you please give directions where can i clear that cash.
    Anyway i don`t think its the case, because this is first time i hooked phone to internet, and first time i launched Android app store.
    I went to and there is Adobe air app. But when i try to download it says that my device doesn't support it (Samsung Galaxy GT-I5500) By default it comes with android 2.1 and doesn't support Adobe air, but i upgraded firmware to 2.2.
    Maybe that is the reason it doesn't show me Adobe AIR in app store - based on my phone, not my Android version ?

  • Amazon rejection - The link to Adobe AIR in your app needs to be updated - How do I change this

    Here's a message I got  from Amazon:
    Device Tested : Motorola Droid (2.3), HTC Evo (2.3.3),Samsung Galaxy Tablet(2.2)
    Issue: The link to Adobe AIR in your app needs to be updated so that customers are taken directly to the Adobe AIR app page on the Amazon Appstore. The Download URL is Steps: i)Launch the application. ii)Tap on "Install">> "Appstore". Observe that the application goes to the home page of the Amazon app store for the installation of Adobe Air.
    I am assumed I could change this in my xml file:
    I change the URL in this line to the one they provided (
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
    <application xmlns="">
    However, when it is published it always changes it back to the old address. How do I prevent this?

    I think I found the answer couresty of Benny 7500 on Aug 11, 2011 9:18 AM.
    For me works editing of Markets.xml file at:
    "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5.5\en_US\Configuration\Android\Markets.xml"
    and replacing of Amazon Appstore key to
    <market name="Amazon Appstore" url=""/>
    That's all!

  • Increase brightness using adobe air for android

    Is there any fringe api to increase the screen brightness in adobe air for android?
    Im making a morse code app and it could really use a pump in brightness while the app is in use.
    If its not yet implemented, then this would deffinately make a nice addition.

    i have an app called screenLight on my droidx. it really pumps up the screen brightness and makes it like a flashlight (kinda)... so i am pretty sure it is possible. i dont know how but you might try to see if you can contact one of their develepors. another option for you would be to possibly use the cameras flash. it is way brighter than the screen will ever be (though much smaller)
    good idea for an app!

  • Does Adobe Reader for Android have the Flash Player Runtime

    I have a PDF document that I generate which contains an embedded Flex application.
    It works fine with the desktop version of PDF reader. However. It doesn't appear that
    PDF reader for Android contains the Flash Player runtime.
    Can someone from Adobe confirm this ?

    Dov, you confimed that Adobe Reader for Android has the Flash Player Runtime - I thought this feature is necessary to be able to show embedded  (flv) videos?
    What about viewing cross platform proof PDF files containing mp4 (H.264) embedded videos?
    Up to now I’m forced to show ezPDF Reader in my workflow scenarios - think about the bad psychology that I always will have explain that the rich media PDF workflows could work with Adobe products, but Adobe itself seems to limit PDF use cases in order not to become a competitor of let’s guess of FOLIO?
    Please explain me why? No market? I would like to contradict as much as I can.
    If someone starts to weaken the big possibilities for PDF even on mobile devices this seems to be Adobe itself: Where are the Adobe show cases showing rich media PDFs on mobile devices?
    Almost everything Adobe is showing with rich media information is in DPS  based on Folio  (slide shows, videos etc).
    You might get all the functionality much easier using PDF (seen from a classic DTP workflow using Word, FrameMaker or InDesign)
    Why didn’t Adobe add more multimedia features?  Where is the 3D support on mobile devices?
    Has Adobe changed the overall PDF strategy?
    Where is an  Adobe PDF cross platform strategy for using rich media PDFs on PC, Macs, Android and iPhone/iPads?
    Dieter Gust

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