Page Background Change Question

i do not know the technical language to use to ask this question, and for that i apologize.
Anyway, i was wondering two things.
i am wanting to create a newsletter larger than the average size (more like newspaper size). i can choose the size in page set up, however, the template that i use does not appear to resize with the new page size. So, the background (in this instance the grey background used with the "Extreme Newsletter" template does not resize with the page. If i select that background, i see it outlined with a very slim blue line with little x's at the corner... but i can't resize the image, change the color, or do anything else to it. So that background only takes up about a quarter of the page...
Can these backgrounds be changed? If so, how do i do it, i can't seem to find anything on this in help...

Oh my god! That was so easy and right in front of me all the time... lol. THANK YOU!!! i have literally spent several hours fiddling with this thing and searching the web, the help file... everything.
thanks again!

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  • Background color change question - only selecting the footer

    I use the darkroom theme and was curious about changing the page background color. Right now my settings use the darkroom theme 'right out of the box' which is 'image fill' on both the page and browser background. That is the textured look.
    When I try to change the color, selecting 'color fill' instead of 'image fill', it only changes the footer - not the entire page background.
    I'm guessing it's not possible to change a color using the 'image fill.' You get 'image fill' in black or gray as shown and that is it, except should you decide to use your own image, which I do not.
    Any way to be able to have a change apply to the entire page and not just the footer?
    Suggestions welcome.

    I tried to do the same just see what the problem was and failed. It is probably 'cos the top layer is independant of the page background or browser background. Even when I had page background none and altered the browser background it made no difference. If you want anything different try using a blank black or white theme and putting your own graphics on there. You can make quite nice backgrounds if you have a decent paint or photo program.
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    It will be useful if in Adobe Reader the color of the page background could be changed, when possible (as in other PDF Readers). There are people like me who find stressing for the eyes a white background.


  • How to change ps file page background to transparent

    I'm converting html to ps, but it produces a solid white background color. how should I change the ps file so the page background will be transparent after converted to image?

    In the case of this sample file, the white background is generated by the statements (the comments beginning with a percent sign added by me):
    b [1 1 1] sc % set red, green, and blue to maximum, i.e. white
    b 0 0 800 47 re % define a rectangle that describes the area
    b f % fill the rectangle with the defined color
    Note that the instructions like "sc" etc. are defined in the prologue section of the file.
    And the file looks like generated by (or by a descendant of) the xpdf suite from a PDF file. Therefore the possibility of an algorithmic solution for stuff like this seems rather unlikeky

  • Page Background and Border Question

    Hi All
    I am attempting to build my site using some of the techniques employed in the following site-
    One of the features I would like to use is the following:
    The top and bottom stone border are pieced together and it looks as though some is part of the background and some is not. They seem to merge pretty well into one another.
    I created a textured page background in Photoshop 500px x 500px and inserted it as the page background in Dreamweaver cs3. If I add the top border in this image it displays the top border again half way down the page. Repeat x cuts off the rest of my background.
    Can anyone explain the proper way of getting this done?

    In IE (and Firefox, and probably every browser) you can right click on the web page and select View Source to see the page code.  Once you can see the code, you can identify the files that are involves, and can usually enter those file names in the browser url field using the url to view them.  For instance, if the web site has a url of:
    and you see in the source code that the css style file is pulled in using:
    <link href="CSS/stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    Then you can normally view/acquire that css file by typing...
    into the browser url field.
    This applies for just about any file you find references in html code.

  • How to create a full page background image that is fluid?

    I'm creating a website for my portfolio, and one of the things I wanted to have is a full page background image that the div tags are in.  I know there is a way to put it in via page properties, but that doesn't allow you to add CSS styles and I want the image to re-size with window changes.  This requires putting the image in a div tag, but then it pushes the other div tags (such as my header section and navigation) so that they aren't over the image like I want.  Is there a way to push the image div tag to the back so that the other div tags go over it.
    I'm using HTML5, and it will also be a responsive design, but the fluid background is only for desktops.
    I don't go on the adobe website often, so if you have an answer to this, or need more information to figure it out please email me at [email protected] and you'll get a faster reply than on this forum.
    Thank you everyone for your help.

    You should set this forum to email you on a reply.
    I don't have a link in your question to determine how you are trying to do this, but here's a technique I have used:
    Take a look at this website and see if it doesn't have what you are trying to do. You'll see the flag in the background and I have used opacity in the layers on top of it to keep the flag somewhat visible.
    Now, what the flag does not do is re-size itself with the viewport (the browser window). But the flag is in a div that sits on top of the body. My code is accessible, but you're looking for the flag div and it's defined in CSS thusly:
    #flag {
              width: 100%;
              background-image: url("../images/polish-flag.png");
              background-repeat: no-repeat;
              min-height: 900px;
    Now, CSS3 adds a new attribute you can apply to the background image thusly:
         background-size: 100% 100%;
    That would make your background fill the viewport.
    I chose to not do that, because I was worried about versions of Internet Exploder before 10.

  • Page Background Lost on Regions above Content Area for Some Pages

    Hi - I am a iWeb novice, but not a total rookie on this kind of software...
    I have a simple iWeb project that applies a gradient fill to the page background, and applies one of the gradient colors to the Browser background on every web page. I am using the "White" theme, and I have trouble with the "Photos" page template drawing Page backgrounds correctly. I have my content area set wider than the default to 1008 pixels to fill a 1024-wide display. I set my display area to 877 pixels high to coincide with the largest media dimension that I see with the inspector.
    I looked here for previous discussions on this and failed to find anything. Maybe I missed a post...
    Initially, most web pages load and display correctly the first time. One Photos web page, however, displays the Browser background - not the Page background above the centerline of the page name.
    On several pages with a "Photos" template (but not all), the initial page is displayed correctly. But, when I click on a photo thumbnail and the page is revised to display the larger photo image in the content area, the Browser background is displayed in error above the content area, and the Page background displays correctly below the top of the content area.
    I have looked for some consistent issue or characteristic that might let me predict when this problem occurs, but it ll looks rather random. It is repeatable, though - clearing caches and reloading the same page exposes the problem the same way a second time for the same page, in other words...
    Is this a bug, or something subtle in placement or overlap of areas on the page that I haven't noticed? Anything to be careful with to avoid this problem?
    Thanks anyone for any advice!
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    Hi Cyclosaurus and Apnewbie -
    Thank you for your interest and replies. Here is a simple page that illustrates the problem I am having with a Page Background Gradient Fill on top of a Browser Background Solid Fill
    Here, I intend the page from the very top to the bottom of the defined content area to transition from pink to white as the eye moves left to right. The browser background is also pink to add some depth to the image - that's what you will see when the page loads.
    Click on the child's drawing to present the image, and you should see the gradient disappear above the centerline of the second text box (above the comment area) when the page finished loading with the large drawing.
    The Content area coincides precisely with the bottom of that second text box. I have tried to move the content area further below the text boxes so that they are not imtimate - no difference. I haven't tried to separate the text boxes, yet.
    The two text boxes immediately above the content area are 45px x 630 px (18 pt text) and 30 px x 630 px (14 pt text) - they overlap by about 10 pix.
    The content area that displays the thumbnail is 1008 px x 445 px (I thought that I set that at 877px...). I can try to set the content area to 877 px... Maybe this is the problem - maybe the Page Background shifts down to coincide with the bottom of the next page#2... Hmmm...
    When you click on the thumbnail, the page#2 content area is 1008 px x 877 px.
    In iWeb, this all looks the way I want it to.
    Please diddle with the page, and ask me any new questions! I appreciate your insight and help. In reality, Kylie won't notice the background change, but my next objective is a corporate site - this child's site is my "training" site. iWeb is really pretty flexible and easy to use. If I there's a work-around or something to avoid, I can live with iWeb just fine.
    Thanks again -

  • Is there any way to turn off the auto formatting in Pages?  I just want to type a letter and add pictures and titles, and Pages keeps changing font sizes and doesn't let me "Do it my way".  I HATE this!

    Is there any way to turn off the auto formatting in Pages?  I'm using a blank document, so I figured I could write my letter and add pictures any way I wanted to.  But NO!  Pages keeps changing the font size!  I typed a large heading as a title, and when I try to change to a smaller font for the body of the letter, it changes the size back to the larger size!  I am getting SO FRUSTRATED!  I've spent over an hour trying to get the stupid program to let me just type my letter!  Can anyone help?

    The only one left is the "unsubmitted text" dialogue, which would not be a problem if I were not a Facebook user; after updating the "Richard is..." field (which does not require a manual submit to actually send) I get the above message. This is obviously Safari just not realising that the info has been sent and is therefore (I imagine) one for Apple themselves to answer!!
    You're welcome Rich. Glad to help.
    Not being a Facebook User, I'm not sure how to respond to the error situation. However, this would be something to report to Apple as a bug via the Safari Menu. First, open to the page in question, then select "Report Bugs to Apple".
    Mahalo for the and Aloha from Big Island.

  • My Mac's background changed to white and i can't change it back

    Dear anybody,
    Yesterday I plugged in my external harddisk, and I just moving some folders from one partition to another. then in the middle of progress, it opened an error window and the external hd disappeared from my desktop icon and finder. I tried to plugged out and plugged in again but it's not recognized until I restarted it. and the process of restarting takes about 5minutes (it's not usual since I just need about 30-60secs to reboot my mac). then I logged in and my background changed to white. I thought it was missing my bg pict, then I searched for the picture and set it again as desktop background but nothing happened. it's still white. but the strange is when I press f9 or f10 button (expose), I saw the picture on my background and a lot of windows exposed, then when I click one of the window, it disappeared again, changed to white.
    so, please anybody who had ever gotten this kinda problem, help me out. Thanks for your attention!

    ''david.abel wrote:''
    On the Firefox home page, the Arabic language has suddenly started to appear
    Is the language for the menus and other user interface elements still English? If so,
    # Click the ≡ Menu Button and choose Preferences.
    # Click the Content icon.
    # Below Languages, click the Choose button.
    # Make sure a specific variant of English like ''en-us'' is at the top, followed by ''en''. Remove any unwanted languages as well.
    [[Settings for fonts, languages, pop-ups, images and JavaScript|Settings for fonts, languages and pop-ups]]
    ''david.abel wrote:''
    Also, my browser history has started to take up part of the screen.
    I don't know what you mean by that. Please attach a screenshot.
    * [[How do I create a screenshot of my problem?]]

  • How Can I get rid of Yahoo home page? Changing home page doesn't work.

    A week or two ago, Yahoo started coming up as my home page. No matter how many times I change it back to Bing, every time I bring up Firefox, there is Yahoo as the home page. Changing it back to Bing and clicking ok is not working. I'm getting a little frustrated with this. How do I get rid of Yahoo coming up as my home page when I did not even ask for it?
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Hi johnbarr, please start a new question for further discussion since the original poster has marked this one as solved.
    For more information on viewing and managing your add-ons in Firefox, see:
    * [[Find and install add-ons to add features to Firefox]] (you'll notice there are several categories of add-ons on the page, the most important are Plugins and Extensions)

  • Page background disappears for a moment on page turn in pdf

    In indesign my document has a gradient page background (created in indesign) on the master page to make it look like a book. But when the page is turned in pdf, the background disappears for a moment, leaving the page white, then the background appears again; it does this nearly every time page is turned, flashing white. Does this have to do with pdf or indesign layers? I have only 1 layer in the indesign document, and transparency blend space is set to rgb.

    Everytime you change the page Acrobat needs to redraw all of the page elements. The dealy is probably a reflection of the amount off video memory available, as much as anything.

  • Ibooks author, how do I get the standard book pages background into my document. I have published one book so far which does not display with a book pages background or options for font size.

    ibooks author, how do I get the standard book pages background into my document. I have published one book so far which does not display with a book pages background or options for font size.

    No on the book title, no problem there.
    The issue is: my book pages appear as on white paper, no background that resembles a open book and also no option to change fonts. The book was created in iBooks author, there was a problem going with the "Publish" menu route so I was instructed my Apple to "export" the file and submit that. I think that's the problem after reading that iBooks author is a hybrid epub file.
    Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Page background images, songs, movies, don't publish

    I'm new to this. I've researched other threads here and cannot find this specifically. I was so proud. What beautiful pages I had created in iWeb and so sad to discover dot mac couldn't display them!
    My tinted page background images have never published. These files published into my hard drive folder but are not on iDisk. Songs appear with a tiny Q for Quicktime and a ? - files were dragged into iWeb from audio media browser. Larger Q with the movies. I have one large Movie 18.5, one smaller - 4.5 MB. It's cool if dot mac can't handle it, but perhaps they shouldn't promote that they can! I'm a huge Mac fan, but any tips or tricks before I attempt to cancel my dot mac purchase? I went back and changed all the background image file names. No luck. I am so hoping that I'm just doing something stupid. I signed up for dot mac to share my music and movie files. Help me make it work!
    G4 Mac OS X (10.4.5)

    Looks OK by me, Bruce

  • Page background flashing

    In Safari the page background flashes white when pages change.
    This does NOT happen in Firefox or Opera.
    Must have something to do with the fact that you can't set page color AND background image repeat in iWeb. One or the other, but not both so the page is flashing white before the background image loads and repeats. Or this is some sort of cache image, where the background image is not being cached so it has to reload on every page change.
    Anyone know of a workaround for this situation?

    Thanks for your reply!
    * Use less objects on a page
    Pretty simple pages. Not much there.
    * Use less color differences on a page.
    There are no color difference on the pages.
    * use smaller objects on a page.
    One small graphic and two very small background images being.
    * keep the page simple.
    It is extremely simple.
    Further thinking makes me wonder if it had to do with the fact that whole new pages in new folders with redundant background images are created for every page.
    I wonder if loading the same background image from the "root" folder rather than all the redundant folders will solve the issue?

  • IWeb not publishing edited "top" and "bottom" page backgrounds

    I have edited the page background for the "Layered Paper" theme to fit an 800px space (up from 700px). The backgrounds display correctly in iWeb, but in Safari, only the middle image is the correct 800px format. The top and bottom both display the old 700px image as a "tile."
    I have emptied Safari's cache and deleted the original 700px images from the iWeb theme folder. This also occurs under IE8. Any ideas?

    Yes. I edited those files directly (after backing up the originals in case something went wrong).
    I did discover a tutorial online that suggested just dragging the "new" header footer into iWeb, so I tried that out. If you visit the "CV" age, you'll see that the header works just fine (I left the footer alone for testing purposes). I guess that will do as a stopgap, but I'm still curious as to why iWeb used the correct image file in the program but published it to MobileMe using a 700px width. Is this perhaps something that's just hard-coded in the program, and changing the width of a page doesn't "correctly" publish larger images for the header and footer (unless they're just gradients, etc)?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I created a Z-table with table maintenance. I'd like to perform some validation on the entered data. I know there are events for these : "If this pre-defined time is reached in extended table maintenance, the FORM routine specified for the curren

  • Error- while trying to join documaker workspace.

    Hi All, We are trying to one of documaker workspace, but getting an error "Userinfo file unable to open". So I' m requesting you to what would be probable reason to pop up that error. Thanks in Advance.

  • Spry tabbed panels broken

    hi there, my mom is an awesome little website designer with dreamweaver cs3, but her tabbed panels broke the other day. she was in the layout view, and deleted and re-entered a date. after that, her panels "gracefully degraded" into just being blocks

  • Create UDO object through DI API

    Hi folks, I want to create an UDO object directly from the code. Deep inside, I have an UDO that wraps an authorization document. How can I create an object from my AddOn and add it in SAP BO. Thanks in advance! Oscar S.M.