Page looks funny in IE, looks fine in Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Hi Everyone,
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This page looks fine in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, but the formatting gets screwed up in Internet Exploder. Since I'm on a mac, checking is rather difficult for me. Aside from fixes to the code to get this to display properly, does anyone have any advice as to how to check stuff in IE from a mac, aside from 1) buying a PC or 2) asking PC friends to take screen shots? Here's the link:

Ok, that is weird.  It seems to only be altering IE 8.  I did a screenshot test of IE 7 and looked at it in 9 and it doesn't seem to be affected.
I had run your page through the validator before and only came up with unnecessary code for tracing and missing alt tags.  Here is the block of code that first seems to be affected:
<td valign="top" class="style9"><span class="style12">Astor Piazzolla (Arg.)<br />
Alberto Ginastera (Arg.)<br />
Camargo Guarnieri (Brazil)<br />
Juan Orrego-Salas (Chile)<br />
Paquito D’Rivera (Cuba)<br />
Joaquín Nin (Cuba)<br />
Carlos Chavez (Mex.)<br />
<br />
Manuel Ponce (Mex.)<br />
<br />
Silvestre Revueltas (Mex.) <br />
Ricardo Lorenz (Venezuela)<br />
Manuel de Falla (Spain)/ Arr. Kochanski<br />
Xavier Montsalvatge (Spain)</span></td>
I then look at "class='style9'" and "class="style12" right after that:
.style12 {     font-size: 8pt;
     font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
     line-height: 12pt;
     background-color: #FFFFFF;
     color: #000000;
     font-weight: normal;
.style9 {font-size: 9pt;
     font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
     font-weight: bolder;
     color: #0099FF;
     text-align: right;
This tells me that you are not very familiar with code because DW created 2 classes named "style#".  As you can see, both classes are defined, and both want different things, one is 9pt the other 8, one is normal font-weight, the other is bold, but both are defined on the same element.  I see a pattern of this throughout your page which leads to apdivs that don't seem to have a purpose and a long line of <br /> tags to insert line breaks and create spacing instead of using margins and padding.  Most here will argue that while DW is a great tool, a knowledge of HTML & CSS will always be better.  Overall, I don't see any need for anything more complex than 3 styles; one for blue header, one for bold header and one for body text.  Then insert your header 1, header 2, body text, and then put the following content inside table and repeat.
Based on what is there, in order to solve the problem efficiently, I would recommend starting at your template file (assuming you are using one, if not you should look at it for this type of layout).  Then re-layout the body content on the page with the template in tact using the suggestions above.  I would also recommend giving the below tutorial a quick read through in case some of the CSS comments I made did not make sense.

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    Hi there,
    I am slowly putting together an iWeb site
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  • Spry menu look fine in Firefox, Safari but not Intenet Explorer

    Help how cann I Spry working fine in Internet Explorer!!!
    Look with firefox this page and with Intenet Explorer and see the differents. In Firefox the menu show nice, but into Intenet Explorer not!!
    When i open the same page lokale the page ist good till I alow the script inside Internet Explorer....
    I hope we can find a solution!!!

    Alvast hartelijk dank voor de tips, de voorgestelde wijzegingen staan nu online. Maandag kijk ik hier nog verder naar, nu heb ik nog wat weibg marge links en rechts en staat het submenu nog iets te ver weg.
    Als het mogelijk is zou ik de pijljes het liefst voor de tekst willen hebben (maar dat vindt ik minder belangrijk).
    Alvast een fijn weekeinde gewenst
    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone
    Op 1 okt. 2011 om 15:48 heeft altruistic gramps <[email protected]> het volgende geschreven:
    Re: Spry menu look fine in Firefox, Safari but not Intenet Explorer
    created by altruistic gramps in Spry Framework for Ajax - View the full discussion
    Now everything works nice, I can now chancing the Layout, but watt is wrong!!
    Please update the website with the changes to the menubar and then tell me what changes you wish to make to the layout.
    If you are having a problem expressing your views in English, you can PM me in het Nederlands.
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  • FF4 fonts and photos look funny

    OK, so I installed FF4 in w7, std installation-- the fonts in my usual sites all look funny and disconcerting (I just accepted font defaults, no tweaking). Pictures in my messages on a social site had a white border at top and bottom. Switched back to v 3.6, and everything is normal. I did look and notice that the photos still had a top and bottom border, but it was much less noticeable, so much so that I would not have seen it unless I had been looking for it.
    So my conclusion is that FF4 does not have the graphics stuff down yet. Too bad.

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    "Kogut" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:ej57fh$os2$[email protected]..
    > Hi,
    > I was wondering if someone may give me an advice.
    > I m trying to install a pop up menu in Dreamweaver 8
    using Fireworks 8
    > with a
    > combination of Japanese and English text.
    > Everything seems to work fine in Dreamweaver but when I
    want to edit the
    > menu
    > back in Fireworks it looses the Japanese fonts and in
    reverse I get
    > something
    > like (??;???xk25%;;).
    > I am using XHTML with charset=shift_jis and CSS.
    > Thank you very much for your time.
    > Marcin

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    In Acrobat use Tools > Pages > Extract

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    Any ideas? Is my video card messed up?

    What troubleshooting efforts have you tried to correct the problem?
    Have you tried repairing permissions & restarting?
    Which version of Safari are you using?
    Which version of QT are you using?
    Do you have VLC Media Player and/or Perian installed? Both play .avi files in conjunction w/QT.
    Suggest that you also cross-post in the QuickTime for Mac OS Forum if none of the above works for you.

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    No, you can't change the default naming scheme. You can do it yourself if you extract the pages using a script instead of using the built-in command.

  • How to I get back to the page I was reading after looking at a bookmarked page?

    How to I get back to the page I was reading after looking at a bookmarked page? (And, why is "Help" in Adobe products such a useless, time-wasting ordeal?)

    If the menu bar is hidden then press the F10 key or hold down the Alt key, that should make the menu bar appear.
    Make sure that toolbars like the "Navigation Toolbar" and the "Bookmarks Toolbar" are visible: "View > Toolbars"
    * If items are missing then open the Customize window via "View > Toolbars > Customize" or via "Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout"
    * If a missing item is in the toolbar palette then drag it back from the Customize window on the toolbar
    * If you do not see an item on a toolbar and in the toolbar palette then click the "Restore Default Set" button to restore the default toolbar set up.
    See also:

  • My phone was left in a car overnight and now is not working correctly, screen looks funny and I cannot make calls? Will they be able to assist in  a store?

    My phone was left in a car overnight and now is not working correctly, screen looks funny and I cannot make calls? Will they be able to assist in  a store?

    Make an appointment at any Apple store, see what the genius bar says/does.
    You don't metion whether the car was hot or cold.

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