Pagination with url parameter?

I have a page that displays the contents of a mysql database
via a dynamic table.
currently I have the recordset query set to filter the id by
url parameter "catID".
So page?catID=5 displays the contents of record id 5 of the
mysql table.
I am trying to add pagination to this page but do not know
what I am doing :L
I can use the wizard to place pagination if I remove the
filter on the query, and happily page through all the
records....however I want my cake and want to eat it I
really want to get the pagination working and still be able to use
the url parameter function to pinpoint records.
Thanks for your time and assistance.

Saw_duuhst wrote:
> dreamweaver cs3, mysql, php
Just make sure your recordset is filtering from the
querystring and your
pagination links should be inserting them too. In all the ASP
pages I
have made with pagination they always carry over the
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  • ExecuteWithParams with URL parameter doesn't work

    There are a lot of posts about executing VO with parameters, but I'm still stuck on it. I have a VO with WHERE condition like this:
    WHERE TABLE.ID = :IdParm
    I want this binded variable to get populated in jspx page by parameter in URL. I've created a binding for ExecuteWithParams in my pageDef like this:
    <action IterBinding="MyViewGIterator" id="ExecuteWithParams"
    DataControl="AppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
    <NamedData NDName="IdParm" NDValue="${param.IdParm}"
    and an executable on this:
    <invokeAction Binds="ExecuteWithParams" id="callExecuteWithParams"
    so the executables in my pageDef look like this:
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    Binds="MyViewG" DataControl="AppModuleDataControl"/>
    <variableIterator id="variables">
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    I have a variableIterator that is binded on outputText control on my jspx just to test if parameter gets read correctly and it does.
    What am I doing wrong that query doesn't execute correctly and I don't have any data on my page? I've also tried with refresh condition "Always" but it doesn't help.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    do the following:
    - In the pageDef file (Executable section), create a "Parameter". The name of this parameter is up to you.
    - the value of this parameter point to #{param.IdParm}
    - In the ExecuteWithParam OperationBinding, select the agument item and select the NDVaue. Open the ExpressionLanguage editor and select the Parameter you just created
    Here's a working pageDef file example:
    <pageDefinition xmlns=""
                    version="" id="RequestParamTestPageDef"
        <parameter id="param1" value="#{param.param1}"/>
        <iterator id="DepartmentsVOWithBindVar1Iterator" RangeSize="10"
        <invokeAction id="executeDepartments" Binds="ExecuteWithParams"/>
        <table id="DepartmentsVOWithBindVar1"
            <Item Value="DepartmentId"/>
            <Item Value="DepartmentName"/>
            <Item Value="ManagerId"/>
            <Item Value="LocationId"/>
        <action IterBinding="DepartmentsVOWithBindVar1Iterator"
                DataControl="AppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
          <NamedData NDName="deptId" NDValue="${bindings.param1}"

  • Order by with url parameter

    I am new to Bi Publisher. I have a simple report query and am able to add a bind variable within the where clause to filter data by one of the fields and it works fine. I am not able to use a bind variable to control the order by. Can a parameter be used in the URL to control how the report is sorted and if so how? When I hard code the order by in the query to be order by j.status_code, it sorts by status code okay. Here is what I have tried. My query:
    select, j.comp_id, j.system_source_code, j.status_code, j.job_code,
    from epg_jobs j
    where comp_id = :branch
    order by :sortby
    Parameters (both of type hidden)
    branch: data type = string, default=950
    sortby: data type = string, default = j.status_code
    When I press view, the report filters for comp_id = 950 (parameter default value) but ignores the order by. Also if I call it from a URL using 940 as the branch, it filters for all rows whre comp_id = 940 (value passed in the parameter), but again ignores the order by.
    Here is my URL call:

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  • ExecuteWithParams and URL parameter

    I am implementing a two pages scenario where the first page allows the user to select the Department ID from a menu, which gets passed to the second page via URL. The second page allows the user to refine the search on the employees within the selected department.
    I have created a View Object for the Employees table with bind parameter for the Department ID, and Following the guidance of an earlier post:
    ExecuteWithParams with URL parameter doesn't work
    managed to get the passed in Department ID URL to be used in the intial search.
    The problem is that this value is not retained on subsequent searches. Can someone help me on this?
    Please excuse if the question is trivial. I am new to JDeveloper. By the way, I am using ADF BC with JDeveloper 10.1.3

    Assuming that you are using JSF then instead of passing the parameter in the URL try passing it with the processScope scope.
    See: here

  • Activating explanation function with application parameter

    I found in documentation that it's possible to activate explanation function (mouse over) with url parameter sap-explanation=X. Is it also possible to activate explanations with application parameter, application configuration or GLOBAL_SETTINGS?
    Thanks and regards

    I remember that JSF provides no support for accessing the indexed values as I right understand you.

  • URL parameter value with : not displayed correctly on page

    I am working on a page with an interactive report.One of the report columns is hyperlinked to another page (Delete Page).This link passes an id and a title to the Delete page such that its displays a confirmation message to the end user before actually performing the delete.If the title contains a ":" the text after the ":" is not displayed on the page (albeit visible in the URL on the top)
    Is this because the ":" seperates parameters in an APEX URL and therefore the text after the ":" is taken as the next URL parameter?
    How can we solve this problem?
    Priya Jetley

    Yes - Apex will see the ":" as a parameter separator and will ignore everything after any that exist in the "with these values" parameter at the end of the url.
    You can get around this in two ways:
    1 - Escape your title - replace ":" with "%3A" in your sql statement
    2 - Do not pass the title in the link but use a computation on the delete page to retrieve this value for display

  • Search Results web part - Custom Query using "Value with a parameter from URL" inconsistent

    I have encountered what I think may be a bug, but I am hoping that there is something that I am missing.
    Within my search site, I have created a new search results page where I want to customize the "Search Results" web part query.  I can add in any number of property and keyword filters (using the "Build Your Query" dialog) without
    issue... until I add a filter that uses the QueryString property (the builder dialog calls this "Value with a parameter from URL").
    If I use {QueryString.MyParameterX} for filtering, it works beautifully in the query builder dialog.  I see the expected results in the search results preview pane, but as soon as I apply the changes things become inconsistent. 
    If I close/reopen my browser and navigate to my page at http://myaddress/search/Pages/testresults.aspx?MyParameterX=test I see results.  If I then refresh the page, I get a "Nothing here matches your search" message.  I can then go to
    the same address but change one character to an uppercase character and get results.  Refreshing that same page again returns "Nothing here matches your search".  I can only get search results one time per uniquely cased URL without having
    to close/reopen my browser.  This behavior was seen on both Firefox and IE.
    Finally, I found that if I instead navigate to http://myaddress/search/testresults?MyParameterX=test, it always returns results.  This, unfortunately isn't the best solution for me... but it is a solution.
    Any insight that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!  I would really like to be able to depend on this working in all logical cases (especially since the search center of other sites is set using the path all the way down to /Pages).

    Hi, have you been able to solve this issue? I'm getting the same issue and I cant solve it (required CU is installed).

  • Call View controller with some URL parameter

    I have a 3rd party system which need to send some data to my CRM system.
    One approch which is being suggested is by sending data by URL parameter.
    I have made a new component for this and have provided the 3rd party with its URL .
    The issue with calling a view controller URL along with some specific URL parameters is that i am not able to access its parameters.when i call method GET_PAGE_URL from the DOINIT method of the controller it does not provide me with the parameter list .
    How can i access these URL parameters ?

    have a look at component CRM_UI_FRAME. In the page default.htm they extract URL parameters.
    You have got the REQUEST variable in your view controller as well.
    cheers Carsten

  • Opendocument URL with range parameter

    Hi, we are running BO XI R2 with SP5 and have been recommended to switch from the older viewrpt URL functionality to the opendocument URL functionality due to issues with releasing of BOE sessions.
    We have now written some code and are testing out the opendocument URL functionality, but are finding one issue with a range parameter that we cannot get past. Our URL is really quite simple and is built like this:
    /businessobjects/enterprise115/InfoView/scripts/opendocument.aspx?sType=rpt&iDocID=23264&sViewer=actx&sRefresh=Y&lsSIndustryCode=&lsRPeriodRange=[12..12]&lsSBU=&token={url encoded token}
    No matter how we configure the syntax for the range parameter PeriodRange we are always prompted to enter values for this parameter. The idea is of course that it should take the values we pass (periods 12-12). We have tried all possibilities with URL encoding the parameter value and the various settings for prompting on the parameter in the CMC. Nothing makes any difference. It will always bring up the parameter screen for this one parameter.
    According to the opendocument documentation this is the correct syntax so why does it not accept the parameter?
    Stig Johansen

    Thanks for the quick answer. However we could not get this to work.
    If we use the 'prompex'-syntax for the parameters it always prompts for these
    and if we use all the same parameters as for viewrpt we just get an error 'Object is required'.
    Even if we had gotten it to work this way it would not really resolve the situation. Basing European wide reporting on an unsupported solution would not be a way that we would like to move forward. After all much the reason we were recommended to move to opendocument was that the support for this method should be more comprehensive than for the viewrpt functionality.
    Best regards,

  • Calling a page with ajax based on url parameter

    please can anyone help me with this problem that i've encountered. i'm able to capture a url parameter with javascript and i want to add it to my jquery code which calls a page in a div  but i'm able to do it. here's my code:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    function urlink()
    var tlink =
        $('#mydiv').load('real_news.asp?'+ urllink());

    Your jquery is trying to add data by calling a function. Also, you're just getting the value of the parameter. There's not a key to trigger anything on your server-side script. Make sure real_news.asp is processing correctly, looking for key (some-key) AND value (tlink). You might want to simply try concatenating the value of the var like this though:
    var tlink =;
    $('document').ready(function() {
    $("#mydiv").load("real_news.asp?some-key=" + tlink);
    Another way you could do it is use server side scripting to look and see if the URL-PARAM is set and if it is then echo value of URL-PARAM into load() method. php example below. I'm sure you can find an asp equivalent to achieve the same result. I think the key (pun) to this problem is that you do not have a key to associate the value with in order to process anything.
    <?php if (isset($_GET['URL-PARAM'])) { ?>
    $('document').ready(function() {
    $("#mydiv").load("real_news.asp?some-key=<?php echo $_GET['URL-PARAM']; ?>");
    <?php }else{ ?>
    alert ("there is no ?URL-PARAM=something in the URL!!!");
    <?php } ?>

  • TIP: Pagination with No URL Access

    My tip for enabling pagination with No URL Access security option has been submitted on htmldb studio.
    Unfortunately none of the carriage returns seem to remain so it has been published as a single block of text making it very hard to read!!
    Raj can you have a look at this so that it is readable
    The tip for switching a page into printer friendly mode should hopefully be published soon.

    The tip for switching a page into printer friendly
    mode should hopefully be published soon.Doesn't HTML DB already come with a printer-friendly page template in every theme? Can you post your tip on the forum also?

  • How to open URL IView with dynamic url parameter (navigate_absolute)

    Hi Experts,
    i would like to open an URL-IView from the WebDynpro ABAP Application in the Enterprise Portal 7.0
    and i want to set the URL parameter dynamically. Is this possible and how can i achieve this!!
    Thx Markus

    Hi Markus,
    You can take help of the following code snippet.
    Here we are calling an Iview using absolute navigation and passing URL parameters as well
    * Select the input value entered and then pass it to REM INQ application---------
      DATA lv_inputbusobjid   TYPE          wd_this->Element_context-inputbusobjid.
      DATA lv_path            TYPE          string.
      DATA lv_tab_wd_param     TYPE          wdy_key_value_list.
      DATA lv_str_wd_param     TYPE          wdy_key_value.
      DATA lo_el_context      TYPE REF TO   if_wd_context_element.
      DATA api_component      TYPE REF TO   if_wd_component.
      DATA window_manager     TYPE REF TO   if_wd_window_manager.
      DATA window             TYPE REF TO   if_wd_window.
      DATA lo_api_component   TYPE REF TO   if_wd_component.
      DATA lo_portal_manager  TYPE REF TO   if_wd_portal_integration.
    * read the imput data first-------------
    * get element via lead selection
      lo_el_context = wd_context->get_element( ).
    * get single attribute
          name =  `INPUTBUSOBJID`
          value = lv_inputbusobjid ).
    ** call remuneration inquiry window using absolute navigation
      CLEAR lv_tab_wd_param.
    * Adding parameters
      lv_str_wd_param-key = 'sap-wd-configId'.
      lv_str_wd_param-value = 'CACS_REMINQ_CONF'.
      APPEND lv_str_wd_param TO lv_tab_wd_param.
      lv_str_wd_param-key = 'BUSOBJ_ID'.
      lv_str_wd_param-value = lv_inputbusobjid.
      APPEND lv_str_wd_param TO lv_tab_wd_param.
      lo_api_component = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      lo_portal_manager = lo_api_component->get_portal_manager( ).
      if lo_portal_manager is BOUND.
    * PCD
      lv_path = 'ROLES://portal_content/'.
        navigation_target   = lv_path
        navigation_mode     = if_wd_portal_integration=>co_show_external
        window_features     = 'toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'
        business_parameters = lv_tab_wd_param
    Hope this helps
    Manas Dua

  • How to catch URL parameter from Portal URL in Web Dynpro iView

    Hi All,
    I have a web dynpro application running as a portal iView successfully. Now the client wants to make it internationalized with 7 languages. Currently they access the portal - and via role assignment they get to the portal tab with the wd iView. Now they want to send a parameter for the language key with the portal URL. So when they are typing in now they want to type in or so. My question is how can I catch this parameter in the WD application when it is running inside a portal iView? Is it at all possible?
    I have written a very small application which is trying to catch a URL parameter named PARAM. The code I have written is the default one as below:
    String paramValue = WDWebContextAdapter.getWebContextAdapter().getRequestParameter("PARAM");
    When I run the application standalone and add the PARAM=something in last of the URL I can catch it. But when I create an iView and while previewing it I add the same PARAM value it is coming as null all the time. Same when I add this iView to a role and show it via role assignment in protal. Please help to let me know how to achieve this. I think if I can read the parameter value from Portal URL in the WD iView - then I can set it as the default locale of the application and then show language specific file to achieve internationalization.
    Your urgent help will be highly appreciated.
    Warm Regards,

    Hi Shubhadip
    Even if you get the parameters, how do you internationalize your application? Are you not following the standard way as described in the following link. In this case you never need to capture any such parameter. This is done by the WD runtime automatically .
    <a href="">Internationalization of WD projects</a>
    You can retrieve application parameters specified at the creation of iview by "adding parameters(with the same name as in iview application parameters) to the default plug of the Component Interface View of the WD application". "onDefaultPlug" method of the interface view controller you get these values as parameters, which you can save in the context node of component controller for later use.This is guaranteed to work.
    But again this is not what you want exactly. You want the user to specify the value at runtime. If you have just 7 languages, you can create 7 set of iviews with different application parameter value indicating language key, and assign to 7 different set of roles, each representing one set of users with common language.
    I hope you find a solution.

  • Report with user parameter is not runnig

    I have created the report with user parameter p_deptno and qyery"select * from emp where depno=:p_deptno";
    when i run the report in paper layout a popup kind page will open and ask us to enter the deptno and based on input parameter it fetches record in report.
    if i tried the same thing with url :http://localhost:portno/reports/rwservlet?destype=cache&desformat=pdf&report=emp.jsp&userid=scott/[email protected]
    the parameter window not opening and and blank report will open with coloumn headings.
    help me to solve the problem.
    i am using devsuite oracle10g release 2 on linux(OEL4).

    You have to provide the parameter in the URL :
    For example :
    http://localhost:portno/reports/rwservlet?destype=cache&desformat=pdf&report=emp.jsp&userid=scott/[email protected]&p_deptno=10
    or use the Web parameter Form :
    http://localhost:portno/reports/rwservlet?destype=cache&desformat=pdf&report=emp.jsp&userid=scott/[email protected]&paramform=true

  • How to pass mysql query id through url parameter to a detail page

    Hi there,
    I am a newbie to JSP and I am trying to pass a url parameter to a detail page so that it will query a mysql data query to show the details of that query. How can I write the query on the details page so that it will display the query results on the page. eg select * From data Where = "passed_url parameter_ value". Please i need urgent help on this please.

    which should be strongly cautioned against even for "newbies".
    Right, but the code you posted will "work" in a very harmful wayNot always, I used normal Statements last year and I had no problems.
    Even with pretty capible code brakers trying to cause $h!t with my application.
    Just check for invalid datatypes, and for SQL Injections remove stuff like ' or replace with `
    But yes PStat... are the better way.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Using the EDK (PRC) in ASP Pages

    Hi there, I have an ASP Portlet that I would like to move to use the EDK. (It formerly used the GDK). As it is quite a large application, moving it to .NET is not possible at this time. Does anyone have any experience with this? The overall objective

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