Parallel Approval in Core Purchasing

We have a requirement that
a) Purchase Requisition/Purchase Orders (PR/PO) goes to approval hierarchy.
b) It should go to 2-3 people at same level, so that if someone is on unplanned leave, then at least other person(at same designation) can see it & approve it.
c) If one person has approved it, then it should not be present in the inbox of other persons at same level.
d) If the person above in hierarchy has rejected the PR/PO, then also the rejected PR/PO should come to 2-3 persons so that if someone is on unplanned leave, then at least other person(at same designation) can see it & re-process it.
Q1) Can this be achieved in core purchasing with position hierarchy set up?
Q2) Or is it achievable only by doing AME set up?

You cannot achieve it thru position hierarchy. For that you have to go for AME setup.

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    If you are using portal and use Webdynpro application you can trigger wflow using Function Module SAP_WAPI_START_Workflow
    You can also configure status managment to trigger custom event for your requirement.

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    Currently in our system, the cart is pushed to next level even if one approver approves it and the work item is removed from the inbox of all other approvers.

    Hi Srivatsan,
    As far as I know it is not possible. But why would you want this? If you want paralel approval, wouldn't it be better to go for item level approval, so the  items are approved by the person responsible.

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    Only  after both A2 and B2 approved.  the process end or enter next level.
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    Hi Jesse,
    Even our clients in my earlier project, asked for a similar workflow. But SRM workflow wont support that because there are few scenarios which makes things complex. For example, when we have a combination of type 1 and type 3 approvals in a single flow, a part of the document reaches type 1 approver and a part doesn't. And also if a cart items are distinguished into one set in approval level 1, and they can be in different sets in next level even if all approval levels are of type 3 or type 4.
    Karthik babu

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    my question is this:
    i want to send an activity to multiple approvers at same level for approval. these approvers i will get at run time.
    i have given multiline element in mislanious tab of that activity.
    it is working fine and activity is going to all approvers.
    but now in parallel approval i did not find how to know which approver had aproved  and rejected it.
    as i have to run the WF for next level if any one of them reject it.
    is there any way to get the information of parallel process without defining different variable for each parallel approval process.
    as we get no of parallel process at run time we cannot do it.
    so if you can help me out for this problem i will be very thankful to you.
    please reply soon its a bit urgent.

    Create a fork with 2 parallel branch and 1 necessary branch. Now in 1 branch you put a wait for Event step and in the other you put the parallel approval task. When the user is using the Reject fnality you need to raise the event that you have put in the wait for event step. Regarding the WI_ACTUAL_AGENT Container element you need to bind this value from Task to Workflow in order to know which user has executed this workitem. I think if you have confusion try to make use of parallel subworkflow instead of parallel task.

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    I tried using this workaround and it seems only half of this solution is working and half not. It sends approvals and it is visible in Worklist but not sending any approval emails for approvers. Approver has to go into SSHR and has to approve the transaction. There is no push notification or any other way for approver to know that there is any action pending for his attention. Is there any solution which can send approval mails? Or any other solution for the parallel approvals?
    Thanks for help in advance.

    Thanks for looking into the issue.
    I can receive the FYI notifications. So the notification mailer is up. Also, for other transactions, where only one approver is required, I am able to receive the notification. So Notification Style is also not disabled.
    Any other thought?

  • Parallel Approval In Quoting

    Hi All,
    Our customer requires Parallel Approval in quoting. (Approval mail to be sent to more than one approver). Customer will be using AME.
    Is there any way we can achieve this? Please confirm.
    - Mahesh Jayaraman

    At this time, Quoting doesn't support parallel approval. you can follow this approach as mentioned in this document.
    You can follow the workaround mentioned in the Whitepaper Note 471125.1 Configuring Parallel Approvers Notification Using Oracle Approvals Management for Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (R11i10/R12)
    If you need help, please let me know.
    925 998 1494
    Independent Consultant.

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    Thanks in advance!

    The following settings in SharePoint designer for your reference:
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    Dennis Guo
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    Hi, all.
    My process has a parallel approval, but I have no idea how to implement it.
    I have a task which has to be approved by three different managers parallelly.
    If all of them approve the task, then the task will keep going, otherwise the task fails.
    Besides I also have to monitor which manager doesn`t make a decision yet.
    Can any have the same requirement with mine?

    Hi Louis,
               I think this document do provide some steps for creating parallel blocks approval type.Hoping this might resolve or act as help in the query you are facing.Link : [parallel|].
    Have a best day ahead.

  • Dynamic Parallel Approval for HCM Process and Forms

    Hi everyone,
    I have a scenario where I need to use the "Dynamic Parallel Approval" (or to keep it simple, initially I tried using the "Parallel Approval" wizard)for a workflow used in the HCM Process and Forms.
    The standard task for approval in process and forms is TS17900101. I have mentioned a multiline container in the Miscellaneous tab of this task. However,I was unable to use this task in the wizard. There are no results attahced to this task unlike any other standard approval task (like TS30200147). I need to use the task TS17900101 in the workflow assigned to process and forms, but not sure how to handle this scenario (parallel approval).
    If this is not the right way of doing it, Is there any workaround for "Parallel Approval" in HCM Process and Forms.
    Could anybody throw some light around this area.
    Thanks for your help.
    - MM

    Thanks Anuj. But I believe, the container element that I add in the miscellaneous tab does not necessarily have to be used in the agent assignment. The multiline container is just to instantiate the workitem 'n' number of times. Correct me if I am wrong.
    My concern is that I was unable to use this approval task (TS17900101) in the workflow wizard for dynamic paralle/parallel approval.
    Arghadip - Thanks for your suggestion. I have seen some your nice contributions in the WF forum.
    I actually tried using the 'Blocks'. But this is what I ran into. When I send multiple approval requests (say 3), if one person has approved it and the second has rejected it,I need to take out the workitem from the third person's list (because it has been rejected by someone in the group). I am not sure if this is possible using Blocks. And in my case the third person is still having the workitem, but gets a dump/error when he tries to open it.
    Also, if any one has rejected the request, I do not have to wait for the rest to take any action on the workitem and proceed further. But I guess in 'Blocks' it will not let you go out unless every workitem has been processed.
    To summarize,here's what I need - I need to come out of the block for two conditions. One, if everyone has approved, comeout of the block with an apprval flag. Two, if anyone has rejected (even if some have not processed their workitem), delete the workitems from others inbox and come out of the block with a rejection flag.
    So, any kind of input or suggestions on how this could be handled would be highly appreciated.

  • Required Parallel Approval from OTL Timekeeper Entry Form

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to perform parallel approval from OTL timekeeper entry form? it is using the following workflow OTL Seeded Approval Workflow HXCSAW(i think) if it is using this workflow can we change this workflow or need to write a new workflow for above mentioned requirement.
    Please share you experiences , its urgent

    HXCSAW is a custom workflow which do nothing accept approving and that can be change as per customer requirement. This child workflow called by parent workflow process HXCEMP. If u going to change the HXCSAW then u also need to change the seeded package associated with this workflow to embed your logic.
    We have done it through SSHR timesheet entry page, no idea if OTL timekeeper entry form carries approval or not.
    Whts the nature of ur parallel approval ? and how u can able to manage if via workflow ?

  • NO Approved found for Purchase Requisition

    we have a case, employee belongs to company B and raising the PR for company A. when he / she was initiating the PR. it says "NO Approved found for Purchase Requisition". we are following the Position Hierarchy. we have only one hierarhy for the two companies Can only please let me know how to sort the issue.

    Are you using positional Hierarchy for approval for your Purchasing? Please check what is the final approver's approval limit/Position
    and how much he can approve ?
    You will get "No approver found" when system failed to find a approver based on the amount/position in your PR/PO.
    Moreover, Please review the following MOS doc.
    How To Diagnose Deferred Purchase Order And Requisition Workflows? [ID 884391.1]
    How to Diagnose No Approver Found (Document Status Remains Incomplete with No Action Taken) and Build Default Approval List Failures in the Purchasing Approval Workflow [ID 295153.1]

  • Standard n-step approval workflow for Purchase Order in sap 4.7?

    Hello friend,
                 In SAP 4.7 there is any standard template for  n-step approval workflow for Purchase Order.
    thanks in advance.

    Hi AM,
    there is no std template for n-step approvals but for Single Release.
    What you could do is create a custom one as per the number of approvals for PO.
    Also note a PO Release Strategy can handle only 8 levels of approval.
    Hope it helps.

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