Parallel approval question of the workflow process.

Hello Expert,
I have the following business process scenario which will be realized by new BPMN. My qusestion is how to do with it on BPMN?
I have one human activity in one step. The condition to pass this step is that all the potential owners of this step should approve, if one rejects this step, then workflow terminates.  Is there anyway to reach the solution, i mean the task is sent to the approvers parallelly and i want to get all of their response?
Any help will be appreciated..

Hi Erick,
a few words of warning though:
If the end condition for the recursion is not modeled correctly and the process runs into an endless recursion you can easily break the system with this! Since the NetWeaver BPM is trying to pick up where it left off, such a situation can not easily recorvered from, even by restarting the server!
Recursive subprocess calls consume quite a bit of resources, so it is not recommended to do this with many nesting levels. Start out with only a few and look in the SAP MMC how the Java memory behaves. But I guess for a (hopefully short) list of approvers this approach should be ok.
Modeling this correctly can be a bit tricky. From my experience you should especially mind two important points:
Make sure you synchronize concurrent executions paths (creates with a parallel split gateway) at the end with a matching join gateway.
Do not put the end condition for the recursion in the correlation condition of the start event of the subflow: this will cause the subflow to never start and hence never return to the calling process. The result will be that the main process never terminates. Use an explicitely modeled exclusive choice gateway for this.
Best regards,

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    The total video bit rate is determined by audio & video. Depending on what rate your video file was encoded at will determine how much room is left for audio. PCM(aiff/wav) audio requires a bigger piece of the pie. Video bit rate too high means your overall(video+audio) rate is going above 9Mbps which the format won't allow. The only way to use aiff would be to lower your video file's data rate. The length of your program is also a factor in all of this.
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    -- Babu

    What do you mean by "attach the workflow process to portlet pages"
    if you mean to have approval withing pages this can be done using teh approvals and notifications functionality built in within portal and if you mean attaching external workflows from oracle portal or BPEl, that can also be done.

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    1) If you have it to sync via Mobileme, then it sync via Mobileme. If you do not, then it does not.
    2) It syncs both ways.

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    If you do a Unicode conversion (no matter in a UC & CU scenario or as a single project) the target system must be empty - means, you will create a new database and load it with the content you exported.
    You can't install the export into your already existing database with the same name.

  • Approval Preview when the workflow is finished

    We have implemented the BADI to get multiple level approvals in Shopping Carts. When we display the approvers via Approval Preview the system works fine if the workflow is in process, but when the workflow is finished we donu2019t display anything.
    We have SRM 4.00 and the support package SAPKIBKS13 for SRM_SERVER 500
    Thanks in advance, Juan Manuel

    Please check for following excrepts from SAP help sites:
    1. OSS Note 1093840, content here may help to debug.
    2. You are using ad hoc agent objects to determine your agents, do not use rules directly as this limits the functionality 
        available especially during approval preview and can have knock on effects in the display
    3. Mark any steps you have added that are not approval steps as "step not     in workflow log" - the applet display is based on
       the graphical workflow log and unexpected steps can cause unexpected effects in the applet display
    4. Make sure you follow the same pattern based approach if you are adding extra approval steps, e.g. make sure the approval
        step itself has the same group name as the other approval steps
    Also additionaly check for workflow log(SWi6) . If WF is working fine.

  • If rule doesnot return an approver then complete the workflow...

    I have a rule which in some cases doesnot return agents(approvers), in that case use the task to post the fi document and complete the workflow. This needs to be achieved. Let me know, if this is possible.

    You will have to do the following things:
    1. Create a new container element type WFSYST-AGENT.
    2. Populate that container using your method having RH_GET_ACTORS FM.
    3. Use a Condition Step to check if the new container element is initial or not.
      If it is initial bypass the approval step otherwise it will continue in the approval process.
    Edited by: gautam maini on Oct 20, 2010 1:56 PM

  • Cannot see the Workflow process in Application.

    Hi ,
    We have a strange issue with workflow.
    We wanted to customize the INVFLXWF workflow .
    We downloaded it from the apps into WorkFlow Builder.Added a process and a function.Saved it back into the database.
    Now , when you go into the application --> System Administrator --> Application --> Flexfield --> Accounts --> ctrl F11 -
    and you dont se the workflow Generate Cost of Goods Sold Account .
    Only if we see it then only we can change the Process Name to the newly created process.
    What puzzles us is that the AP Process calls the Generate Cost of Goods Sold Account and generates the COGS account .But we wanted to change it.Without seeign it in the application we cannot change the process.
    Can anybody help?

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks again a lot for the help. It has really helped. Now I am trying to get a better understanding of how the platform, SCC and the simulator need to be configured.
    Let me write down some of my learnings:
    If one does not see the workflow then the following points should be checked.
    1. Check whether the simulator and the MDS are running properly or not. Like in my case I had installed MDS and 9800 simulator by getting 2 seperate installables. But later I got the BB 6.0 JDE and installed that. Probably this helped me out.
    2. If you dont see one of your already developed workflows not in the Simulator then develop a new workflow and try syncing that to the simulator. As you have shown it to Tapan one can get it from and
    For me I was not able to move my already developed workflow to the simulator. Then I tried to get the EmpDir2_0_ESD1 from the above mentioned link and then this worked. Probably some error in my workflow. So try generating a new workflow and move that to the simulator
    3. If MDS does not comeup then it may be because you have installed it in C:Program Files. So better install the BB JDE in some other folder where you have write permission. This information I got from StackFlow.
    Hope this may help some novice like me...
    Thanks again Andrew...
    Best Regards

  • HCM Processes & Forms - Some questions about the PD Processes

    Hi Experts,
    At my Organisation we use HCM Processes and Forms and Organisation Management and MSS to manage Position Based Security (PBS).
    The MSS Managers have requested a form be developed which they can use to extend an existing Position to Employee temporary assignment (IT1001 S-P with A081 relationship) which is due to expire within the next 30 days. We recently upgraded to ECC EHP6 and I thought I would now have a go at developing this Form.
    While researching in SCN and SAP Press books on the ‘HCM Processes and Forms’ topic, I have discovered a lot of information that has assisted me so far in progressing this solution.
    There are a few givens that I have confirmed so far, which are as follows;
    Since we are using Positions (Organisation Management), the only option available here is to use the PD Process, which implies using the SAP_PD Back_End Service. Therefore this become the baseline to build upon.
    While researching in SCN and SAP Press books on this subject I could not find relevant information about what is possible using the SAP_PD Service to achieve my solution design for the above requirements and thus my post to the HCM P&F Community for assistance.
    My questions are as follows;
    In the solution design, I was considering to use the “Process without Start Object” or “Mass Start” to skip Step 1 - “Selection Object” and use a Generic Service to get all the positions for the Manager (along the lines of the SAP Standard Generic Service - find Positions in Manager’s area of Responsibility) and only retain the Positions where the End Date for the IT1001 A081 relationship in between the Effective Date and Effective Date plus 30 days. This should provide me with all the positions under the Manager that have the A081 relationship with the assigned employee that are about to expire within the next 30 days.
    I want the result presented on the Form in a Table format so that the Manager has to enter the Extension Start Date and End Date for the new assignment period.
    Is this possible using Standard Design Time functionality?
    2.       Or Instead of Question 1, could I use OADP to achieve the same result using a custom search class to return a list of multiple objects (Positions)which is used to populate the form?
    3.       I get the impression that the ‘Mass Start’ process is mainly for multiple employees. Can it also be used for multiple PD objects?
    4.       I get the impression that if I used the ‘Mass Start’ option I could only use this if I was CREATING a new object or assignment? (I take it that you cannot use the Mass Start option to CHANGE multiple existing objects. Only because I have not seen any SAP Standard examples of this yet!)   Please confirm if this is possible?
    5.       Has anyone used the “Query for Mass Start” option on a Process? How does that work? (Could I write a ‘SAP Query’ to get the positions I am interested in under the Manager?) Is there a sample SAP Standard process that uses a query?
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance.

    no limit
    no limit
    limitations of what?
    you can use forms on mac, pc, and other systems

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    I what to know how to maintain a substution for some days for the following req.
    As our CTO kyle whitehill is our present approver is going on a christmas & new year leave would like to Delegate his PO approval authority to R Unnikrishnan . new approver for some days  AVP u2013 Network Commercial
    So i want to configure that all the workflow related mail should go to the new person.
    Pls help me on this,

    You can create substitution using the function module SAP_WAPI_SUBSTITUTE_MAINTAIN or using the transaction RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE.
    Here you have to enter the username of the person for whom you want to maintain substitute, username of the substitute start date and end date of substitution.
    This will do the job.
    Note : Substitution allows only workitem sharing and not mail sharing.

  • SSL Error while opening the workflow process

    While opening any workflow status monitor, we are getting below error. One of the hit says that have SSL setup recently, it need few steps to be performed and a patch to prevent below error.
    * SSL handshake failed: X509CertChainIncompleteErr When Trying To View The Workflow Status Diagram [ID 1375766.1]*
    STEPS to reproduce
    The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
    1. In the Administrator Workflow console
    2. Press the Status Diagram button
    3. The error is received
    Recently Enabled SSL
    A) Add the wrapper bin parameter for SSL to the file:
    1. In
    Change the following line from:
    2. Bounce the apache server and retest the issue.
    3. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.
    To retain the changes permanently when autoconfig runs, please follow Note 270519.1, Section: "Customizing an AutoConfig template file delivered by Oracle".
    1. Create a custom directory if not already present:
    mkdir $FND_TOP/admin/template/custom
    2. Copy the file to this custom directory:
    Change the Following line from:
    wrapper.bin.parameters=-Djava.proto .handler.pkgs=HTTPClient
    3. Run Autoconfig and retest the issue.
    B) Retest the Workflow Status Monitor.
    C) If the issue still exists, pursue the application of Patch 8802559 is titled:
    1OFF:8618975: STATUS DIAGRAM SHOULD OPTIONALLY USE WF: Workflow Mailer Framework Web Agent.
    That patch supplies:
    fnd java/wf/monitor/webui 115.12
    After I implemented above steps and applied the patch, now i am getting below error. subject key, Unknown Key spec: Invalid RSA modulus size.
    can you please help me in resolving above problem.

    Please review:
         Master Note for SSL Configuration in Fusion Middleware 11g [ID 1218695.1]
    I can not find any similar issue at metalink.If upper note does not help then I suggest Rise SR

  • Question about the Signal Processing Toolkit

    I am using Measurement Studio with Visual C++ 6. Is it possible to use the
    Signal Processing Toolkit in this environment or does LabWindowsCVI have to
    be used? Would the toolkit supply a lib/dll that could be linked into a
    VC++ project and called directly from the program?

    You can use the signal processing toolkit libraries in VC++, but the libraries do depend on CVI libraries. The easiest way to create a Visual C++ project that links to the CVI libraries would be to either a.) create the project in CVI then convert it using the Measurement Studio CVI conversion wizard, or b.) create a Visual C++ project that uses the CVI libraries with teh Measurement Studio application wizard.
    For more information on the conversion wizard, see the following topic in the Measurement Studio references:
    (Measurement Studio for Visual C++ 6)
    Visual C++ Help\Tutorials\Getting Started\Measurement Studio for Visual C++ 6.0\Converting LabWindows/CVI Projects to Measurement Studio for Visual C++ Projects
    (Measurement Studio for Visual C++ .NET)
    Visual C++ Help\Tutorials\Getting Started\Measurement Studio 6.0 for Visual C++ .NET\Working with LabWindows/CVI Projects in Visual C++
    - Elton

  • Duet has encountered an error during Approve , Reject Reassign the workflow

    We have implemented DUET with two scenario (LEMA & WOMA) in our organization. When try Approve , Reject or Reassign the Duet work flow Item  Duet has encountered an error . The scenario was working fine earlier. Suddenly the error has start coming. The error is coming in a pop up window. I am attaching the error details from event log.
    Event Type:     Error
    Event Source:     Duet Diagnostics
    Event Category:     None
    Event ID:     0
    Date:          1/04/2010
    Time:          10:49:37 AM
    User:          N/A
    Computer:     xxxxxxxxxxx001
    Error in Approve/Reject from Approver Mail.
    Exception message: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
    Method: Close
    StackTrace:   at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._MailItem.Close(OlInspectorClose SaveMode)
       at SAP.Office.Apps.Leave.Outlook.LeaveApproverMailInspectorCodeBehind.AfterOnSelectControl(String name, String param)
         =====Additional Information=====
    Bound Item ID:
    Bound Item Type:
    Correlation ID:
    Process Name: C:\PROGRA1\MICROS3\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE
    User Name: xx\99901
    For more information, see Help and Support Center at
    Thanks in advance,
    Monirul Islam

    HI Monirul,
    You can get better advice and help in another forum dedicated to Duet only.

  • How to resend the approval email in the Workflow

    Hello everyone,
    Is it possible to resend the email to one particular Release Code level (RM06B-FRGAB), after the Purchase Requisition has already been approved by 2 Release Codes before that one?
    For exaple: my PR number is 1234567890, and my release strategy has three Release Codes L1, L2 and L3.
    The PR is already approved by L1 and L2, but now I have to resend it to L3 once more.
    Is that possible, and how?
    Or at least, can I resend it to all the release codes (if it's impossible to send it to one particular)?
    There is no SES included.
    Thank you all.

    Hello Kumar,
    I can execute the SA38 to run the RSWUWFML2, but I am not sure what parameters do I need.
    I've never used this program before. My SAP is 4.6c.
    Please tell me what parameters I need to enter to get what I want.
    I have the SC number, PR number, user ID in the Lotus Notes, etc. but I am not sure what do I need to enter and how.
    This is the default setup:
    Job suffix: 2
    Tasks (blank = all): blank
    Only New Work Items: unchecked
    With Passive Substitution: unchecked
    Collective Message: checked
    Workflow Entry: unchecked
    Message Class for Subject: SWU_NOTIF
    Message Number for Subject: 1
    Before Work Item Description: SWU_NOTIF_INBOX
    SAPLOGON_ID: blank
    From work item creation date: blank
    From work item creation time: 00:00:00
    Users (blank = all): blank
    Errors Onlu: checked

Maybe you are looking for

  • Base de ICMS ST / PIS / COFINS diferente da OV e FATURA

    Olá grupo, Desde a implementação das notas SAP referente ao controle do nro. do FCI no XML, onde tivemos que implementar as notas da CT-e, pois eram pré-requisitos, estamos deparando com o seguinte problema... Num cenário de SD, onde incide IPI, quan

  • JDev- how to add data from postgres using buttons in a JClientEmptyForm

    hi! can anyone help me about my problem.. im working on a system that needs to use buttons for adding entries... can anyone give me some reference code that can help me figure out the solution to my problem.. i really appreciate if u answer immediate

  • Help!! EPS Exporting dosen't work!!

    Is there anybody out there to help me figure it out why my freehand MX Win dosen't allow me to export in EPS format? The message apppering says: "Could not save document because read or write access has been denied" I've already re-installed the prog

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