Parenet frame not letting me to modify inside repeating frames

We have developed a oracle report which got 4 repeating frames, Now the parent frame is not letting me to select any of the frames/fields inside the frames. What could be the reason? Also Confine Mode is off. Still it is not letting me to select any of the frame/field/text, Please let me know the possible solution.Thanks!

Use the object navigator to select items and frames. The reason may be that in the arrangement of the layout, the parent frame is in top, and as it cover the repeating ones, wherever You click, it gets selected. On the menu search for arrange and try seding it back until it's below all other frames.

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  • Page breaks inside repeating frame

    I am developing a statutory report for India Localisation. In this report there is a repeating frame which has three sections inside. I want to ensure that each of these section prints on a new page all the time. Of course there will be some page wastage, but since the report is statutory it has a prescribed format which mandates this requirement. Each section is like a tabular column and it doesnt look good if it prints without any page break in between the sections.
    Here is what i have tried, I have created three child frames inside the parent repeating frame and I tried to set page break after, page break before and page protect for each of these sections and I also tried various combinations of these 3 settings. But still I couldnot get it right.:-( It will be of great help to me if any one could suggest me a better approach.

    the "page break" properties are only active in parent-child relationships. So if your frame1 is not expandable vertical, frame2 is no child object ob frame1 and so the property page break after of frame1 is not relevant for frame2. So change your layout, that frame2 is child of frame1 and frame3 is child of frame2, then the page break after will run as you expect. You can do this via the property vertical elasticity or via using an anchor between the frames.

  • Text/Label issue - being repeated for every record inside repeating frame.

    I have a small issue:
    In the repeating frame, the label (text) for the column is being repeated for every record. How may I have the text (label) appear just once and not for every record?

    Move headings outside of the repeating frame.

  • Display of repeating frames is not proper--a litle urgent

    I have a report run as a form-letter.Now i have two repeating frames, after i run the paper layout ,one repeating frame appears in the first page (as expected)but the other repeating frame appears in the second page[b] but a little lower that where it should apppear..this is the problem, I have tried changing all the properties, but all in vain.I feel that the second repeating frame appears exaclty at the same position as the first one.Please help...
    Thanx in advance

    Please review (How To Check The Version Of Windows And Excel Certified With Client Server ADI in My Oracle Support? [ID 1097965.1]) and make sure you are running a certified ADI version with Office Excel.
    Please see if these docs help.
    ADI Published FSG Values To Excel are Incorrectly formatted [ID 742261.1]
    Wrong Result In Adi Publishing Output To Web,Excel Fsg Report [ID 404242.1]

  • Report, Make a linkage group for two pages each page has a Repeating frame

    I Have two pages. And each page have a repeating frame inside a main frame.
    And two pages have a relational data. So, I should to make a linkage group for this two page.
    In my case,
    PAGE 1.
    *M_1 Main frame start
    R_1 Repeating Frame start
    Personal Data Part 1.
    R_1 Repeating Frame end
    *M_1 Main Frame end
    PAGE 2.
    Personal Data Part 2.
    If there are 3 peoples information, Repeating frame will display continuously.
    In my case,
    page 1
    page 1
    page 1
    page 2
    page 2
    page 2
    But I want to do the following.
    Page 1. -- 1st person's data
    Page 2.
    Page 1. -- 2nd person's
    Page 2.
    Page 1. -- 3rd.
    Page 2. so on...
    I need your help.
    please let me know how to solve this problem.

    i have a question related to this.
    i am making a report in a similar pattern:
    *M_1 Main frame start
    R_1 Repeating Frame start
    Data Part 1.
    R_2 Repeating Frame start
    Data Part 2.
    R_2 Repeating Frame end
    R_1 Repeating Frame end
    *M_1 Main Frame end
    Now the problem is that whenever there are multiple occurences of data in R_2, the data Part 1 is also printed that many times, whereas i want to show this just once.
    Is there any way to do this?

  • Viewing repeating frame data

    Hi all
    My reports has many enclosing frames. They show single record column data and column data inside repeating frames. One of the enclosing frame , say F1, has its "Print object on" property set to "First page" and "Vertical elasticity" to "expand". The enclosed repeating frame , say R1, inside F1 has its "Print object on" property set to "All pages" and "Vertical elasticity" to "expand".
    There are 36 records in the database for the field inside the repeating frame R1, and there are also some column data shown in F1 above the repeating frame R1 : so the repeating frame R1 has to be shown last.
    When I launch the report there are only 6 of the 36 records shown in the bottom of the page. Logically the 30 remaining records should appear in the next page. But the reports does not show the remaining data and it shows immediately data inside the next enclosing frame !
    So how can I show the remaining 30 records in the next page ?
    Thank you very much indeed.

    I tried that but it did not work. If I used Print All Pages for main content frame it will just have 1 page output versus multiple pages as expected.
    Two important points:
    1) R1 (the repeating frame in M2) has Vertical Elasticity as Expand because it also contains more repeating frames under it. Problem could be solved if the R1 would have vertical elasticity as Fixed instead;
    2) I also could have fixed this by having M2 (it contains a repeating frame with actual data) with Vertical Elasticity as Fixed instead of Expand. But once I do that, I get Report error M3 (frame that shows the summary at the last page) "has an illegal print condition"? Anyone know why this error occurs?

  • Headers at top AND bottom of a repeating frame.

    I've created a simple report through the Oracle Reports wizard. It created column headings which are on at the top of each page, and the repeating frame which spans several pages. What I am now trying to add are column "headings" which are at the bottom of each page. Similar to the Headings that are defined above the repeating frame, but under the repeating frame.
    Problem is, the repeating frame spans several pages, but the "Headings" at the bottom are only showing on the last page. I do have the preferences set to All Pages. I can get all sorts of things to work and print on each page ABOVE the repeating frame, but not on each page BELOW the repeating frame.
    Something simple?

    Header, Main and Trailer section are something completely different. They have nothing to do with header and trialer on a page, but are completely different sections of a report (like having an introduction letter in the header section, and the report in the main section).
    If you want to do what you want, do this:
    - In the layout editor, expand the group frame (GF) around the repeating frame to almost the height of the page.
    - Set the vertical elasticity of GF to Fixed.
    - Copy the header group frame and it's text fields to a position outside GF. Rename it to Footer group frame (FGF).
    - Drag FGF and it's items to a position below GF.
    Hope this is clear.

  • How to put non-repeating field in a repeating frame?

    I have a formula field that creates the header for a list in a repeating frame. I seem to be in a quandary though-if I include the field inside the repeating frame the header gets repeated. If I put it outside the frame I get an error 'Field references Column at a frequency below its group'. If I move the formula column to the parent query it works except in the case where the child query returns no rows-then I get the header with no data.
    So, I either need a way to display the header inside the repeating frame, but only once, or I need a way to suppress the header when the child query returns no rows.

    So, I either need a way to display the header inside the repeating frame, but only once, or I need a way to suppress the header when the child query returns no rows.You can try one idea. Keep the formula column in detail group and create one more summary column as serial number for the detail records so in repeating frame place that field (formula column) in repeating frame and use the PL/SQL code for that field as below...
    IF :serial_no = 1 THEN
    END IF;Then it should display for the first record only.

  • 2 Repeating Frames based on the same group

    I have this report which contains 3 groups, I have the requirement to break the 2nd group so that I create a 'footer' based on the 2nd group.
    I have created 2 repeating frames (one which holds the account number, payment terms, currency) and the 2nd repeating frame based on the same group which contains the bank details
    My report looks like this:
    (1st Group)
    Customer xxxxx
    Address xxxxx
    (2nd Group)
    Account No xxxxx
    Payment Terms xxxxx
    Currency xxx
    (3rd Group -repeating)
    Trans id xxx
    amount xxx
    (2nd Group)
    Bank Details xxxxxxxxxx <--will only have one per account
    I had originally designed the report using 2 identical frame structure.
    Repeating Group Customer
    Repeating Group Account
    Repeating Group Transactions
    Repeating Group Customer
    Repeating Group Account
    This format worked when the Main group did not go over a page. The 2 Account Groups were coordinated.
    When the Main group extended to more than one page, the 2 Account Groups did not match.
    The jest of what I am trying to do is a footer of the bank details be printed at the bottom of the page always.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

    I didn't realise that this was such a difficult problem to solve. The requirements are quite simple (I thought)
    1) Query
    3) Groups
    a) Company
    b) Accounts
    c) Transactions
    My report needs to look like this:
    {page 1}
    ACCOUNT: 123
    Invoice ID Amount
    aaaaaaaaaa 111.11
    bbbbbbbb 111.11
    Sub Total 222.22
    --> To be printed at a predefined space on the physical page on each page. bold Bank Details for Account 123: xxxx bold
    {page 2}
    ACCOUNT: 456
    Invoice ID Amount
    aaa 10
    bbb 20
    ccc 30
    ddd 40
    ....<as many records that will force a second page
    --> but..this still needs to print!!!To be printed at a predefined space on the physical page on each page. bold Bank Details for Account 456: xxxx bold
    {page 3}
    zzz 100
    Sub Total 1000
    --> To be printed at a predefined space on the physical page on each page. bold Bank Details for Account 456: xxxx bold
    Say the next records in the query are for
    COMPANY XXXXX, ACCOUNT 789 with one detail record.
    COMPANY XXXXX, ACCOUNT 321 with multiple details records which will force a second page.
    What is happening at the moment is that the 2 repeating frames based on the Account Group,
    the first 2 pages will print out correctly, however, because the 2nd account goes over 2 pages and how I have this set the structure of the report (see above post), the bottom Account Group thinks that the account number is now 789 when in fact the top account group is still on 456
    I really hope that this is clearer.
    I am working on Reports 10g on a 10g database
    I have tried to create a ref cursor & separate the query to bring back bank details. but with no luck.
    A person had suggested that I create a separate frame and hold the bank details, which is fine. but as I previously stated, those bank details need to print on every page at a specific area on the physical page.
    If this might be of use:
    Repeating Frame Group Customer, Vertical & Horizontal elasticity Fixed
    Repeating Frame Group Account, Vertical Elasticity: Variable & Horizontal - Fixed
    Repeating Frame Group Transations, Vertical Elasticity: Expand & Horizontal - Fixed

  • Repeating Frame

    I have a report with the following design
    If the repeating frame query return too many records, the REPEATING FRAME is pushing TEXT2 to a second page, which is correct.
    The problem is that TEXT2 is pushed to a second page but its not started from the beginning of the page, its coming in the middle of the second page where there are too many empty lines.
    I noticed that TEXT2 is pushed to a second page exactly where the REPEATING FRAME started in the first page! i.e. the REPEATING FRAME started at 2.5 inch from top of the first page, the TEXT2 is pushed to a second page at 2.5 inch from top of the second page.
    I solved this problem by setting Vertical Panels per Page in Main Section to 2 instead of its initial value 1
    But another problem shows when TXET2 is pushed, half of one text line is showing in page 1 while half of it is showing in page 2!
    PLEASE HELP ('',)

    I think it is the TEXT1 that is blocking on the second page. If you make the Vertical Elasticity property to Variable instead of Fixed the space will disappear on the later pages. May have to put a frame around it with Vertical Elasticity property to Variable to be sure to get rid of it. Anyway that is the theory.

  • Repeating frame over flow into next page

    I have a report, on the first page of which I have a repeating frame. On the second I have only different paras of text.
    When ever the repeating frame on the first page, returns data more than it can fit on the first page, it is getting printed on the second page. But as a result the text of the second page is being pushed down.
    It also creates a gap between the place where the repeating frame data ends and the text of the second page starts. How to avoid this gap.
    What is the solution . Please share.

    Hi Nag,
    Thanx for your question.
    1. As you know its difficult to simulate the problem
    through a sample report. I would like to know
    which version of reports are you using?.
    2. I suggest to surround your second repeating frame and the last paragrphs with a normal variable frame.
    I mean include the second repeating frame and the last group frame into a variable frame that spans over the two pages. then you should set the "print object on" to "first page" and to "enclosing object"
    for all parent frames.
    3. if it does not work .Try this one too: To avoid the gap use "Anchor", anchor the last paragraphs frame to the second repeating frame by minimizing the gap between them(See help online about anchoring).
    Hope this helps,

  • "Film Safe" and "Mark repeated frames" don't seem to work?

    Hi guys!
    I'm new to this forum and new to FCP Pro - though I'm not at all new to non-linear editing (Media100, Avid, etc.).
    A friend of mine is editing a feature film on a brand new G5 (dual) using a newly installed Final Cut Studio. Everything is working just fine except the marking of repeated frames in the sequence. I did my best to find the answers in the pile of books that came with the s/w, then tried to consult with editors around here - to no effect, alas! FCP is not very popular in Bulgaria (it's really a shame!) and the other two film projects that make use of it also have similar problems.
    Can any of you, guys, help?
    The problem in more detail:
    FCP Pro 5 does not mark "on the fly" the repeated frames in a sequence. To be more precise, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't - and in a single sequence. If that wasn't enough, I'm not able to make FCP mark those dreaded "couple of frames" needed for negative cutting (inless the corresponding dupes are produced, that is!).
    I have really tried to solve the problem on my own using the books and consulting people and have done a lot of testing and trying, so please bear in mind:
    - "Mark repeated frames" is checked in "Preferences"
    - I am using one and the same project and sequence for these tests
    - the computer is G5, dual processor, 1 month old
    - the software is Final Cut Studio, latest version
    - I'm a bit pressed for time, as the editing must be completed by the end of Jan.'06
    I will greatly appreciate your help!
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  


  • Reports: Repeating Frames

    In one of the queries for my report I have a column which I don't want to be shown in to body but in the margin, but when I create a field with this column as source there I always get the message:
    REP-1213 Field '<field name>' references column '<column name>' at a frequency below its group
    its recommended to put the field into another frame, but I can't put it anywhere else;
    any suggestions?
    thx in advance

    Reshape the corresponding frame, so that it comprises the space where you wish to have that field. Beware, the higher level repeating frames have to comprise the lower level repeating frames. Repeating frames can't overlap.
    Hope this will help.
    Happy new year!

  • ADF web pages not getting displayed inside the frame

    I am working with an Oracle Application called "Oracle Transportation Management" which our Development Group have asked to log an issue to this forum thread. Please let us know if you can assist:
    Client has added an external link to an ADF web page in OTM and when they click the link, it gives an error message saying it cannot be displayed within frame. Per the client, if they add frame busting to the deployment descriptor, it makes other screens in OTM to open in new window.
    Warning: Unable to load content in a frame. Frame content will load at the top level.
    we tried setting "" to "never", but this makes all selections open in a new window.
    How do we correct this?

    wrong forum. If this is an existing application that you are not developing then the problem needs to be tracked by the application owner. If this happens to be Oracle Applications then you can use one of their forums here on OTN. Note that normally setting frame bursting to never indeed should solve the problem
    Note: This context parameter is ignored and will behave as if it were set to never when either of the following context parameters is set to true
    org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util. ExternalContextUtils.isPortlet
    Edited by: Frank Nimphius on Oct 27, 2010 7:43 AM

  • "your system has not been modified error" will not let me install itunes on my computer an its for fraustrating need help!

    "your system has not been modified error" will not let me install itunes on my computer(windows 7 64 bit) and it is so faustrating i need help please and thanks!

    I had the same problem.I tried every solutions on the net but nothing worked.Luckily on that very day my free avast antivirus date expired(I dont currently have a paid antivirus) and I uninstalled it.Then I tried to install itunes and did it on the first go.But I am using a windows 7 32 bit so it might not work for you as you are on the 64 bit.Actually the antivrus was the culprit.Hope it helps.Thanks

Maybe you are looking for