Part Appraiser and Appraiser

Hi All,
We have a requiremnt where in 2 appraisers and 1 appraisee is involved in the Appraisal process.
1) Solution1 : Multiple appraiser, how does this work .what would be the staus flow?
In preprn(person authorized-all users),
In planning(person authorized-appraiser),
In planning,employee approval( person authorized-appraisee),
On approval by appraisee,
In process,Waiting to start review(person authorized-all users),
In process,employee approval(person authorized-appraisee),
On approval by appraisee,
PS : i have nt shown the steps for rejection here.
2) Solution 2 : 360 deg : Appraiser 1 (will play the role of appraiser and part appraiser too),Appraiser 2 (part apparsier)and appraisee.
Is the status flow in Solution 1 correct ?
if yes , then can you let me know hw the same can be configured under 360 deg.

HHi Hossain,
process ess is like this. employs appraisal will be appraise by the manager ( direct reports) and also in some case divisanal head or sector head will also appraise for that emmployee.
one more case, if employee get trasfered from other location then previous manager also has to be appraised. above 2 scenario,s not for all employees .
in this case, how can I configure the previouse supervisor, divisanal head and the sector head?
all these previouse supervisor , divisional head and the sector head are part appraisers or further appraiser?  if I create as further participant then do I want to create same as role n do the mapping??
pls explain me bit

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  • Difference between part appraisal and further participants in OSA

    what is the difference (process-wise) between part-appraisers and further participants?

    Part appraisers ard final appraiser are the ones who can give notes to the employees.
    Further participants, however, cannot give notes.

  • Training & Event management and Appraisal

    Can anyone tell us that Training & Event management and Appraisal are available standard ESS package?

    Yes, Training & Event management and Appraisal are available in ITS based ESS business package.
    But latest ESS business package(webdynpro based) do not have training and event management. You may need to deploy Learning solution. Full functionality of Appraisal is available with ehp4 of ESS BP.

  • Technical Link b/w Employee and Appraisal Template

    Can anybody please help me in finding the technical link b/w an Employee and an Appraisal Template? In other words, I need to know the table name(s) in which data is stored while appraisal processed is going on. I can view the appraisal form in IT0024 and IT0025 in PA. I can also see the objects VA, VB & VC in PP01, but where are these entries stored in the table.
    We are on SAP R/3 4.7 (Enterprise) and using new Objective Setting and Appraisal Component.
    Vikas Bhatia

    Hi there,
    Function module 'HRHAP_DOCUMENT_GET_LIST' can be used for this purpose.
    In order to find the objects you want, make sure you set the appraisal templates for calling this function as well as all of the other required parameters. If you need help for the other parameters then let me know.
    The fields for the template table import parameter need to be set as follows:
    plvar = <b>Active plan version</b>
    otype = <b>VA or VB or VC</b>
    objid = <b>appraisal template id</b>
    This returns two tables - the appraisals and the associated documents.
    Other tables you may be interested in are :
    Hope this helps you out. Any questions, let me know.
    If this works, please award the points for this advice.

  • Transport Category and Appraisal Template

    I am trying to transport category and Appraisal Template Transport:
    1) Right clicked on Category, select transport and clicked enter, it gave me the following error:
    Object "R3TR" "TABL" "T77HAP_C_OTHER" is an automatically generated object and cannot be transported. All tables beginning with "M_" belong to matchcodes and can only be accessed with these
    After this I need to transport Appraisal Template, Please Help

    I cannot place the error message, but...
    go to transaction "oohap_category" and  select the category you want to transport, then go in the menu and select transport. That should work.
    Regards and Groetjes,
    Maurice Hagen

  • Appraisal and confirmation report

    Hello All,
    I need to create a report in BI for appraisal and confirmation of employees. I need to display emp id, emp name, last appraisal date, next appraisal date and appraisal lagging days. Similarly for confirmation, joining date, confirmation date and confirmation lagging days. I have found standard infocube for Appraisal i.e 0PAPD_C02 and standard infosource for personal actions 0HR_PA_1. But i am not getting the required fields in my report. I must be missing something or doing something wrong. Can anyone please give me step by step procedure to accomplish this and what data sources i need in order to get these fields in my report. It would be a great help.

    also check this link
    data source is 0hr_pa_1.
    please see it may help u .

  • Objective Settings and Appraisal Eval. Path Selection

    I'm getting this particular error in MSS service 'Objective Settings and Appraisal'. One of my drop down selection is not returning any employees even after maintainng teh proper relationship. I have 3 selection for this service - 'All employees', 'Directly reporitng employees' and 'Business Unit Reporting'. For the first 2 selection, i was able to get the correct employee list. However, for the third selection, i did not get any outcome.
    When i checked in transaction 'PPSS', i was able to get the correct result out. My root object selection returns the position of the manager. My second object selection was based on the manager's position. This then returns the 'S' and 'P' of employees with 'z10' relationship to teh manager's position.
    However, this is not appearing in MSS OSA. Anything missing?

    Thansk for the feedback. I have gone thru both and the links are very general on intalling BP. We have been using ESS/MSS for the past couple of years and all is working fine. We have recently upgraded to ECC6. this is where i'm having the problem. Any ideas?

  • Difference Between Appraisal Model and Appraisal Doc

    Hi Experts,
    Please do let me know the difference between Appraisal Model and Appraisal Documents (Appraisal Template).
    I mean in terms of functionality.
    when are where to use them.
    Through Appraisal model i m unable to create Appraisals for n number of employees in one shot. i.e, appraisals to be created for each individual of a department in one go.
    i know this transaction PHAP_PREPARE_PA which will create mass Appraisal Doc's but i want to create Appraisal which can be stored in Infotype 0025.
    Plz suggest.
    Thanks in Advance
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    Edited by: sadhar on Sep 8, 2008 11:09 AM

    the basic difference you are looking at is the old appraisal model
    and the new MBO
    the old appraisal model very much supports infotype 25 and you can view the data in there,
    but once you activate the MBO you cannot have the old module active practically.
    In the PHAP_prepare_pa transaction can be used for mass dipatch of appraisal documents,
    select the second option for the same in the list .
    The second option will allow you to select org unit which will  allow to assign to all employees in the selected org. Unit.

  • LSMW for PA70 Tcode and APPRAISAL infotype in HR ABAP

    Hi Experts,
    Please help on this, how to create LSMW for PA70 transaction and appraisal Infotype in HR ABAP.

    Try searching BDC for table control.
    Lot of things are available you need to include that .
    For Appraisal.
    Check using below FM and try to develop a legacy data upload prog
    RHPA_APPRAISAL_DELETE - To delete the appraisal
    RHPA_APPRAISAL_ACTIVATE - To activate appraisal before modification
    RHPA_APPRAISAL_READ - To change rating and status for an employee
    RHPA_APPRAISAL_1045_MODIFY - To modify rating and change date for appraisal
    RHPA_APPRAISAL_HISTORICIZE - To change status of appraisal to completed
    Performing all actions in order should help to load appraisals.

  • I am a residential appraiser and recently purchased an ipad4 to use for my home inspections.  Some homes are foreclose without power and I am unable to get a good picture without a flash.  Does anyone know of a flash attachment for the ipad4?

    I am a residential appraiser and recently purchased an ipad 4 to use for my home inspections.  Some homes are foreclosed poperties without power and I am unable to get a good interior picture without a flash.  Does anyone know of a flash attachment for the ipad 4? I found a flash attachment for the ipad 2, but it does not work with the ipad 4.

    I'm sorry to hear that.
    I'm not affiliated w/ the developer, just a happy user that gave up fighting the apple podcast app a while ago.  I used to have a bunch of smart playlists in itunes for my podcasts, and come home every day and pathologically synced my phone as soon as I walked in the door, and again before I walked out the door in the morning.
    Since my wife was doing this too, we were fighting over who's turn it was to sync their phone.
    Since I've switched to Downcast, I no longer worry about syncing my phone to itunes at all.  I can go weeks between syncs.
    Setup a "playlist" in downcast (ex., "Commute") and add podcasts to that playlist.  Add another playlist ("walk" or "workout") and add different podcasts to that one. 
    Set podcast priorities on a per-feed basis (ex., high priority for some daily news feeds, medium priority for some favorite podcasts, lower priority for other stuff).  Downcast will play the things in the priority you specify, and within that priority, it will play in date order (oldest to newest).
    Allegedly, it will also sync your play status to other devices, although that is not a feature I currently use and can't vouch for.  It uses apple's iCloud APIs, so to some extent may be limited by what Apple's APIs can do.

  • Appraisal Template Appraiser and Appraisee Name Format

    I am using the Text Replacement BAdi 'Name of Appraiser and Appraisee'.  This BAdi uses the variable &1 for Appraiser and &2 for Appraisee.  My issue is the format it displays Last Name, First Name.  Within IMG under Personel Data there is a Name Format that creates format options.  The option to change the name format for specific programs I am assuming would be where I could change the format to be First Name Last Name format.  My question is what would be the program name for Performance Management within the portal?  That is where I would like to change the format is in my portal.  Thanks.
    Edited by: Mary Jo Wartner on Mar 25, 2010 9:30 PM
    Edited by: Mary Jo Wartner on Mar 26, 2010 4:12 PM

    Hi Nandy,
    As I understood you would appraisal items come from position requirements. If this is the case and If you go in standard way by adding requirements to your position you can use "Fixed enhancement" in "Dynamic Settings" section. The name of BADI is "HRHAP00_ENHANCE_FIX" otherwise you should develop your own code and use it through "Free enhancement"

  • Appraisal and  Emp number

    Friends can any one tell me pls , is there any table stores   Appraisal Id and  Personal number  with
    ( Appraisee  and Appraiser  name )  ?  i got HRHAP table but it don't show any values ...
    My req is in my selection screen user will enter  personal number and  Apprisal ID  and i  have to create
    Apprisal template for this employee and  at last i have to display  these all details with  ( appraisee and appraiser name and number )
    Pls share your input on this.

    On the screen am using this F4 help to get  Appraisal_ID    ,
    but  once user select any one it is coming as just  8 digit objid   then how i can compair  this objid  with tables like  HRHAP  ,
    HRHAP_APPEE  in these all three its come as long string...  pls help me to resolve this..
               pchplvar      TYPE  plvar ,
              lt_templates   TYPE hap_t_templates,
              lw_template    TYPE objec.
    PARAMETERS:  template TYPE hap_template_id.
          add_on_application = 'PA'
          plan_version       = pchplvar
          t_templates        = lt_templates.
      READ TABLE lt_templates INTO lw_template
                              INDEX 1.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        template = lw_template-objid.

  • Deactivate the link between qualification and appraisal

    Hi expert,
    i have a question for the qualification(infotype 0024) and appraisal (infotype 0025) in PA here.
    After I maintained qualification for infotype 0024, i found that, when i go into appraisal(0025), the screen automaticlly switched to qualification(0024).
    As i known, i have already done the configurations for the appraisal, but all the appraisal criterira didn't show in info type 0025.
    Anyone knows how to deactivate the link between qualification and appraisal?
    please advice.

    Hi Liang,
    Goto SM31 -> T77S0.
    PLOGI APPRA - make it 0.
    PLOGI QUALI - make it space or 0 A032 Q.
    Try it.

  • Performance management workflow appraisee and appraiser name to be passed in email

    I am working on the performance management workflow. When the manager chooses to require an employee self assessment then an email notification should be triggered to the employee (appraisee) notifying them of the self assessment to be taken.This is my requirement.
    I have copied the standard workflow WS12300113 and customized the workflow to send the notification to the appraisee. I have customized the business object APPR_DOC . I am using the custom event  and the event linkage is activated.
    The manager from MSS select the employee and workflow is triggered. The mail notification will send  a mail to  the appraisee(employee) ,stating
    Dear Appraisee Name,
    Please schedule a meeting for a Crucial Conversation on your Tasks & Targets Setting/Review with your Line Supervisor.
    Kindly update appraisal document with agreements from the meeting.
    Your Appraiser is Appraiser Name.
    Since i am new to workflow , confused with passing the  recipient type(employee) from container an help d the name of the manager and employee name marked in red.
    Kindly help  me out with this

    Hi Paul ,
    Thanks for the concern!
    I created a custom class taking import parameters as appr doc id and plan version.
    I am passing these parameters to HRHAP_APPER table  and fetching the extended id(field id)
    I am passing this extended id to bapi  "BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAILEDLIST ".
    Here  i am getting multiple entries . using subtype '0001'  i will getting username and
    with subtype '0010' i will get email address of the manager.
    Passing username fetched from above step into bapi HR_GETEMPLOYEEDATA_FROMUSER
    i will get the name of the manager.
    Can you help me with an alternative solution,where i can get user id based on appraisal id and plan version ??

  • PD configuration: is appraisal model and appraisal catalog one and same?

    Dear Members,
    first time i am working on Personnel development.
    i was little confussed with configurations.  is appraisal model and appraisal catalog one and same?
    if they are not same where we are relating model and catalog?

    Thanks for taking time,
    here i am creating Appraisal model (BS), Criteria Group BG and Criterion BK  using PP01 t code and Appraisal Template VA, Criteria Group VB,and Criterion VC are creatig in IMG Screen, how does we relate them and where do we create Appraisal Object type BA.
    i have created VA->VB->VC  and BS->BG->BK.
    how about BA?

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