Passing Parameter from Dashboard to WebI

Hi All,
          I need to pass the value that I select from the dashboard to a WebI document.
I have the code below which is not working. 
Now in the above code when i remove
from the last and put the year as
2001,2002 or any..It use to give me the result.It opens up the reprot with the year showing 2001 or 2002 etc.
Please help me in the code to pass the value that i select in the graph of a dashboard.
I am Using BOXI R2

If you are going to a WebI document, I think you should be using the OpenDocument feature.  Are you familiar with OpenDocument?  If not, it is described in be_xi_r2_opendocument.pdf

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    Hi All -
    I want to pass parameter from a URL to 10g Oracle Web Forms - Oracle Application Server 10.1.2
    How to receive this 'username_sso' value inside my forms application ?
    Created a Parameter in the same name as URL parameter 'username_sso' in forms but didn't receive the value. I want to know how to receive the value of this parameter within forms from URL.
    Thanks - Suresh

    Try this,
    1. Create a parameter in the formsweb.cfg (say username_sso) under default section ( or you can create it in your own config section)
    2. Add the username_sso in otherparams parameter as username_sso=%username_sso%
    3. Add this username_sso parameter in your form.
    4. Run the form as

  • How to   Pass Parameter from BIP  to Dashboard  Report

    Parameter from BIP to Dashboard Report
    If I select BIP report paremeter should pass value to dashboard report
    thanks in advance.
    CHEERS ,

    Hi Saichand,
    I hav gone through above link its passing values from Dashboard prompt to BIP report only..
    just i need like reverse (if i click on BIP report value then it should pass that value to Dashboard reports) in this this case how to pass parameter from BIP to dashboard report
    Thanks in advance

  • How to pass parameter from 1 stored procedure to another stored procedure inside crystal report

    I have several stored procedure in my Crystal Report. I am wondering if it is possible for me to pass a parameter to one of the stored procedure and to use the result of that stored procedure E.g. CustomerCode. To another 2 stored procedure to generate the report dynamically?
    I have 3 stored procedure
    The 1st one is used to gather information and process the calculation
    another 2 stored procedure is used for generate the graph and both of them required to take 2 parameters. The 1st stored procedure will require 1 parameter (E.G. Reference Code) and will return a set of information including the data that could be use on the other 2 stored procedures.
    After I added these 2 stored procedure, it requires me to pass 3 parameters to the report. I would like to know if I could only pass the Reference Code for stored procedure 1 and use it to retrieve the information for the other 2 parameter?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Chi
    To pass parameter from 1 stored procedure to another stored procedure, you will have to create sub report. In your case you will have to create 2 sub reports for 2nd and 3rd stored procedure and link those sub reports with the main report using Reference Code field in order to pass the values.
    After creating the report when you will refresh the report, it will ask 4 parameters, one parameter for main report, one for the first subreport and two for second subreport to fetch the data correctly.
    Poonam Thorat.

  • How to pass parameter from form6i to report6i

    when i passed parameter from form6i to report6i, while previewing report the data was not displaying only fields heading was displaying, but in report6i there is a parameter form thru that it was displaying data, but thru form6i to report6i it was not. Please kindly help me and give me the some sample or example of it.
    Best regards


  • Master-detail relationship - passing parameter from form to form

    I have a question about master detail relationship.
    In first form we have master-detail relationship.
    Example on dept, emp tables:
    We query dept (master), so we can get one or many emp (detail) records. Then we have a third table - tasks. Tasks table (detail) can have many records for one employee.
    Tasks table is in another form, which is called with call_form built_in. So we pass a parameter from master to detail - parameter empno. Because of that, we can only see tasks for one employee and can't navigate to another employee. This is normal.
    Now comes the question.
    Is it possible to call a form (with tasks table) with deptno parameter (so we can navigate through all employees with that department), but first show employee that was last used in first form?
    Example of our goal.
    Master: deptno = 20
    Detail: navigate to JONES employee
    Call new form (tasks)
    Tasks for JONES employee are first shown
    Can navigate to another employee - without requery
    Is this possible?
    If we pass deptno parameter, we can navigate through all employees - but must navigate to the employee we last used in first form.
    If we pass empno parameter to second form, we see last used employee but cannot navigate to another employee without requery.
    Hope you understand my problem.

    yes you can pass parameter from one form to another.
    In your master detail form set the trigger when-new-instance and there define the global variable like
    and in your task table set the trigger when-new-instance and there define the global variable like and also write this code
    END IF;
    now you maintain your trigger according your need.

  • Problem while passing parameter from report to report.

    I'm using forms and reports 10g, hava a problem while passing the parameter from reports to report.
    i'm using srw.set_hyperlink to call report from report.
    i have created a key value in the cgicmd.dat file called
    faccre802005-2006: report=faccre80 destype=cache desformat=pdf userid=<userid/[email protected]> server=<servername>
    Now in the format trigger i'm using this key value
    function BTN_DEBITFormatTrigger return boolean is
    temp varchar2(5000);
    temp := IP_ADDRESS||'?faccre80'||:P_FIN_YEAR||'+server='||server_name;
    temp :=temp ||'+'||'P_PREVIOUS_CODE='''||:ACCT_CODE||''''||'+'||'P_COMPANY_CODE='''||:P_COMPANY_CODE||'''';
    temp :=temp ||'+'|| 'P_FROM_DATE='''||TO_CHAR(:P_FROM_DATE,'DD-MON-RRRR')||''''||'+'|| 'P_TO_DATE='''||TO_CHAR(:P_TO_DATE,'DD-MON-RRRR')||''''||'+'||'P_TRUST_CODE='''|| :P_TRUST_CODE||'''';
    temp :=temp ||'+'|| 'P_UNIT_CODE='''||:P_UNIT_CODE||''''||'+'||' P_FIN_YEAR='''||:P_FIN_YEAR||'''';
    temp :=temp ||'+'|| 'P_LEVEL='''||:P_LEVEL||''''||'+'||'P_HEADER='''||replace(:P_HEADER,' ','%20')||''''||'+'||'P_FORMAT='''||:P_FORMAT||'''';
    return (TRUE);
    Report is coming but not the expected result because parmaeters are not coming from first report to second report.
    If i dont use cgicmd file userid and password are displyed in the URL.
    Pl tell me how to pass parameter from one report to another.
    thanks and regards

    I got the solution.
    I forgot to add %* at end of the KEY value.

  • How can I pass parameter from report to form?

    Hi :)
    Now I try to build conference room like this by using form
    and report. And i design that when users click at group report
    then i'll show page that contain questions report and add
    question form. And question form and report must receive the
    same parameter from group report.
    First Problem: is I don't know how group report send the
    same parameter to question report and add question report at the
    same time. And is it possible??? If not please suggest me what
    should I do???
    Second Problem: is I don't know how can I pass parameter from
    report to form. I don't know the way to do it.
    Please tell me!!! Please...
    I look forward to hearing from all of you.
    Thank You.

    One way is to create a link based on that form and attach that
    link with the report. Through links you can pass parameters

  • Hw to pass parameter from report to forms

    Dear Friends,
    I m working on Forms n Reports 6i,
    I m running report n passing parameter from the forms now the requirement is that if report run successfully it shuld give the msg otherwise give an user define error msg.
    Hw do i pass any parameter from report to form for acknowledgment.
    Thanking yours

    Hi Rajat,
    using run_product built in i can pass parameter from forms to reports but hw can i get some parameter value from reports to forms as mentioned earlier my post
    Thanking Yours,

  • Not able to pass parameter from one fragment to another fragment in another taskFlow

    I'm trying to pass parameter from one fragment to another fragment and want to print the parameter value in second fragment.
    i have inputtext in first frag---
    first fragment belongs to one taskflow1 and this taskflow1 i had darg and drop to one mainPage.
    Under taskflow1 itself i drag and drop one taskflow call activity and on top of that i drag and drop another bounded taskflow as taskflow2
    under taskflow2 i have one fragment as fragment2and in that i have one outputtext field, now here i want to print the value from fragment1--inputtextfield value
    to achive this i had tried many ways but somewhere doing mistake please explain step by step.

    In addition you need to tell us your jdev version!
    Can you elaborate on your use case a be more?
    On which event this should happen?
    In general contextual events should allow you to implement this, however, as I don't understand the use case, I find it hard to help.

  • Passing parameter from workitem to bsp page

    is it possible to pass parameter from workitem to bsp page and also vice versa?

    SAP_WAPI_READ_CONTAINER function works well.but i need to pass a parameter to workitem container.
    what i am trying to do is;
    1-get data by using sap_wapi_read_container
    2-change data
    3-send changed data back to workitem
    my problem is in third step.I am using SAP_WAPI_WRITE_CONTAINER. but it doesnt work.After execution the FM return_code set to 1.
    Do u know how to set a variable in workitem?

  • Passing Parameter from Web Page to Form 6i

    Dear All,
    We are using 9i AS with Form 6i. I want to created a web page for user login and called my application By passing value"http://hrtest/dev60cgi/ifcgi60.exe?form=login_form.fmx&width=1000&height=700&
    userid=logme/[email protected]","","width=1000,height=700,top=0,left=0,location=no,directories=no,
    and it successfully run.
    I want to pass additional parameter to my login_form.fmx from web page like User Shift entered by user on logon ?
    Please help me out.

    I got the clue
    pass parameter in your UR
    //hrtest/dev60cgi/ifcgi60.exe?form=LOGIN_FORM_Para.fmx&width=1000&height=700&userid=power/[email protected]&otherparams=PAKISTAN=ALLAH"
    Define a :PARAMETER.PAKISTAN on Form
    and write following trigger
    message('ALLAH HO AKBAR');
    message('ALLAH HO AKBAR');
    end if;
    Khurram Altaf | Assistant Manager ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning Department
    Kohinoor Textiles Mills Ltd
    Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.
    +92.51.5473940-44 ext 250 | +92.333.5256626
    e-mail: [email protected] | web:

  • Passing parameter from WEBI report to xcelsius

    i transfered the parameter from WEBI report (3.1 sp2) table using a link to a gauhe from xcelsius
    i can see the parameter the right number in the gauge value but the problem is that the pin does not move

    How are you connecting your report to Xcelsius? Live Office or QAAWS?

  • Using Go URL to Pass parameter between dashboard

    Hi All,
    I am trying to pass parameter using GO URL functionality from one dashboard analysis field to another dashboard.
    The navigation is working properly but the parameter is not getting passed, I am not sure why.
    The Called dashboard has a analysis which has IS PROMPTED filter attached to it for the passing filter. I tried various ways to make this work
    Option 1
    In the calling analysis, I am using a Narrative View and inside I have used the below code.
    <a href="saw.dll?Go&Path=/shared/MI/_portal/Client-MI&Page=Supplier%20Detail%20Tab&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=eq&P2=Dim%20Supplier.Supplier%20Name%20Current&P3=1+%22STR%20LTD%22"> @2[br/]
    This one navigate but filtering is not happening
    Option 2 (My first preference will be this option)
    Also I tried to provide custom Data Format under the column Properties
    [html]"<font class="nav" onclick=\"JavaScript:GoNav(event, '/shared/MI/_portal/Client-MI/Supplier Detail Tab','Dim Supplier','Supplier Name Current','"@"');\">"@"</font>
    This ends up giving error
    Type mismatch of catalog object /shared/MI/_portal/Client-MI/Supplier Detail Tab -- expected , got .
      Error Details
    Error Codes: UVWDR6UA 
    Also, both the tabs (Called and Calling are under the same Dashboard)
    Can anyone please let me know, were I am making mistake. I tried refereeing Oracle documentation but still no result.

    Looks like you've got it almost right - just an extra unneeded "
    <a href="two.jsp"?ant=<%= ant %>"><%=antName%></a>
    which should render on the page as something like
    My Ant Task
    When you click the link, it should pass that parameter, and you can get it via request.getParameter().

  • Integration from dashboard to WebI report in BI 4.0

    Hi All,
    I have migrated dashboards(created in Xcelsius 2008 SP3), reports (created in BOXI 3.1), and corporate dashboards(Created in BOXI 3.1 environment) to SAP BI 4.0 environment. The dashboards and reports are working fine when they are not integrated with each other. The corporate dashboards(BI Workspaces in BI 4.0) contains a dashboard and a report. According to the selections in the dashboard, the report should be triggered with the parameters passed from the dashboard. But when I migrated, the BI workspaces are not passing the parameter from the dashboard to report. I had verified the parameter passing and Content linking.
    Since I am new to SAP BI 4.0, I am not aware of the problems may happen in the migration of Corporate dashboards from BOXI 3.1 to BI 4.0. So can anyone please help me to solve this issue?

    Hi Neelakandan,
    I have never worked with FS commands. But i doubt  some restrictions are there for FS commands in adobe flash 9 and above. Please confirm it by referring the topic 8.2.3 FS command restrictions in the Dashboard and presentation design user guide. see the link below.
    Also please check if you can do the same using external interface connection. I believe it is possible.Please refer below thread also.
    Hope it helps you.
    Nikhil Joy

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