Passing variable from one JSP to another

I am working on customizing Oracle Application(istore).
I need to pass variable from 1 JSP to another.
JSP 1 contains the following line of code:
<INPUT type="HIDDEN" name="soldtoCustPartyName" value="<%=soldtoCustPartyName%>">
How can I pass this to another JSP Page. The other JSP should take the 'soldtoCustPartyName' and find out the primary address country.
So please help me in getting variable passed from 1st JSP to next.
By default, 1st JSP is not fwded to 2nd JSP.
This is very very urgent...Please help.....

When you push the submit button on jsp1 - it goes to jsp2?
// in jsp1.jsp
<form action="jsp2.jsp">
<INPUT type="HIDDEN" name="soldtoCustPartyName" value="<%=soldtoCustPartyName%>">
<input type="submit">
//Then in jsp2.jsp all you need is
request.getParameter("soldtoCustPartyName");This will pick up the value that is coming from the hidden field on jsp1

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  • Passing variables from one jsp to another

    Hi All,
    I've searched thru the forum and can't find an answer to a prob I'm having, trying to pass a variable from one jsp to another.
    in file searchBar.jsp i have
    String archiveSearch = "off";
    if (userUtils != null && userUtils.getSearch().equals("on"))
    <a href="/webLayout/webSideBar.jsp?searchState=<%=archiveSearch%>onclick="archiveSearch = "on""></a>
    and in file webSideBar.jsp
    String searchState = "off";
    String archiveSearch = (String)request.getParameter("searchState");
    basically it will give me a variable archiveSearch set to on in webSideBar when the user clicks on the search button, but as it is it's not passing the variable from the searchBar.jsp to the webSideBar.jsp and I think it looks ok !!!! but it's not

    Looks good to me as well.
    Couple of suggestions
    1 - view source on searchbar.jsp - see what the generated source code for that link is
    2 - Look at the url used to generate webSideBar.jsp. If its not in the address bar, right click the webSideBar page and choose properties.
    Check to see what parameter was passed.
    Are these pages in a frameset? Do you have to specify a target frame for your link?

  • OBIEE 11g How to pass variable from one prompt to another prompt in dashboard page.

      How to pass variable from one prompt to another prompt in dashboard page.
    I have two prompt in dashboard page as below.
    prompt: values(Accounting, Operational) Note: values stored as
    presentation variable and they are not coming from table.
    Date prompt values (Account_date, Operation_date)
    Note:values are coming from dim_date table.  
    Now the task is When user select First
    Prompt value  “Accounting” Then in the
    second prompt should display only Accounting_dates , if user select “operational”
    and it should display only operation_dates in second prompt.
    In order to solve this issue I made the
    first prompt “Reporttype” values(Accounting, Operational) as presentation
    values (custom specific values) and default presentation value is accounting.
    In second prompt Date are coming from
    dim_date table and I selected Sql results as shown below.
    SELECT case when '@{Reporttype}'='Accounting'
    then "Dates (Receipts)"."Acct Year"
    else "Dates (Receipts)"."Ops
    Year"  End  FROM "Receipts"
    Issue: Presentation variable value is not
    changing in sql when user select “operation” and second prompt always shows
    acct year in second prompt.
    For testing pupose I kept this presentation
    variable in text object of dashboard and values are changing there, but not in
    second prompt sql.
    Please suggest the solution.

    You will want to use the MoveClipLoader class (using its loadClip() and addListener() methods) rather than loadMovie so that you can wait for the file to load before you try to access anything in it.  You can create an empty movieclip to load the swf into, and in that way the loaded file can be targeted using the empty movieclip instance name.

  • Passing variables from one swf to another

    I am facing problem to pass variable from one swf to another.
    I am using loadMovie to load another swf. how can I pass a variable
    value to another swf. Can anyone help me plz? It is somewhat
    thanx in advance.

    first of all:
    this is the Flash Media Server and your problem is not
    related to FMS....
    second thing related to the "somewhat urgent" :
    we, users on this forum, are not there to do your job... so
    calm down otherwise no people will answer your question. This forum
    is a free support forum that community of Flash developer use to
    learn tricks and to solve problems.
    Possibles solutions:
    If the two swf are seperate you can use LocalConnection to
    establish a connection between different swf.
    If you load a second swf into the first one you can interact
    like a standard movieClip(only if there from the same domain or if
    you a policy file on the other server)
    You can use SetVariable(via Javascript) to modify a root
    variable on the other swf and check with an _root.onEnterFrame to
    see if the variable had changed in the second swf.
    * MovieClipLoader will do a better job, in your specify case,
    than the loadMovie. Use the onLoadInit event to see when the swf is
    really totaly loaded into the first one otherwise you will have
    timing issues.
    My final answer(lol) is the solution 2 with the

  • Passing value from one jsp to another?

    how to pass value from one jsp to another? i have a value assigned in the link, i want to pass that value to another jsp page?
    please help with code?

    Instead of the value being passed, i am getting a null value.
    Here is my calendar code:
    <%@page import="java.util.*,java.text.*" %>
    <title>Print a month page.</title>
    <body bgcolor="white">
                  boolean yyok = false;
                  int yy = 0, mm = 0;
                  String yyString = request.getParameter("year");
                  if (yyString != null && yyString.length() > 0)
                          yy = Integer.parseInt(yyString);
                                  yyok = true;
                       catch (NumberFormatException e)
                          out.println("Year " + yyString + " invalid" );
                  Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance( );
                  if (!yyok)yy = c.get(Calendar.YEAR);  
                         mm = c.get(Calendar.MONTH);
                  <table align="center">
                       <form method=post action="calendar.jsp">
                          Enter Year : <select name="year">
                 for(int i= yy;i<=2010;i++)
                  <OPTION VALUE= <%=i%> > <%=i%> </option>
                      <input type=submit value="Display">
    String[] months = {"January","February","March",
                    "October","November", "December"
    int dom[] =     {
                        31, 28, 31, 30,
                        31, 30, 31, 31,
                        30, 31, 30, 31
                int leadGap =0;
    <div id="t1" class="tip"><table border="4" cellpadding=3 cellspacing="3" width="250" align="center" bgcolor="lavender">
    <td halign="centre" colgroup span="7" style="color:#FF0000;">
              GregorianCalendar calendar =null;
              for(int j=0;j<12;j++)
                        calendar = new GregorianCalendar(yy, j, 1);
                  int row = 1 ;
                  row = row + j;
              <colgroup span="7" style="color:#FF0000;">
              <tr align="center">
              <th colspan=7>
                  <%= months[j] %>
                  <%= yy %>
        leadGap = calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK)-1;
        int daysInMonth = dom[j];
        if ( calendar.isLeapYear( calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR) ) && j == 1)
        out.print(" ");
          for (int h = 0; h < leadGap; h++)
        for (int h = 1; h <= daysInMonth; h++)
          out.print("<a href=desc.jsp>" + h + "</a>" );
        if ((leadGap + h) % 7 == 0)
    if( row%3 != 0)
    </html>I need to pass the value in 'h' to the desc.jsp page.
    my code for desc.jsp is :
    <body bgcolor="lightblue">
    <form method=post action="Calenda.jsp">
    <%= request.getParameter("h") %>
    <h2> Description of the event <INPUT NAME="description" TYPE=TEXT SIZE=20> </h2>
    </html>But i am not able to pass the value. The 'h' value contains all the date. i want to pass only a single date, the user clicks to the other page. please help

  • Passing Variables from one View to another

    First of all Hi this is my first post on the sap forums.
    Aplogies if I have come to the wrong place or if this question is very easy, but I am new to abap and web dynpro and have found myself struggling a little bit.  So I stumbled across this site and thought I would ask for help.
    My problem is this, I have 2 variables on my MAIN view, one called MONTH and the other called YEAR.  What I want to do is on a button click on the MAIN view pass the values of these variables to another view called SUMMARY_RPT and then use these variables in an SQL query I have on this view.
    Anybody out there that can help ?
    Many Thanks,

    Hi George,
    Welcome to webdynpro abap community. To pass data from one view to another, you can should create two attributes (type string) in the attribute tab of of the component controller. Now these will act as global variable for you. Now you can access these attribute in your view in this way:
    wd_comp_controller->gv_val "gv_val is the name of the attribute
    Populate the value in it and use it anywhere you want.
    There is one more way to do the same.
    Create a node under context in component controller and create 2 attributes(type string) after that. Map this node to both the views. Now get the value of month , year and set these attribute with the same values with the help of code wizard in view 1. Now in the view2 simply read those attribute and you'll get the value of month and year which was entered in the first view. Read the attribute with the help of code wizard. Now you can use them accordingly.
    I would suggest you to use 1st method as it is better performance wise.
    I hope it helps.

  • How to pass information from one JSP to another JSP? help please

    hi there
    my question is how to pass some information such from one JSP to another one. for exmple, on one page there is a form, and i need to pass some values from the form to another jsp, or some values that were calculated on one JSP and need to be passed to another one. thanks

    You can do this in several is a simple one...
    When you call the second page url, use this"hello"
    on the second page use this:
    String firstPageVariable = request.getParameter("myVariableFromPageOne");

  • How can I pass variables from one project to another using Javascript?

    Hi all, I am trying to do this: let learners take one course and finish a quiz. Then based on their quiz scores, they will be sent to other differenct courses.
    However, I wish keep track on their previous quiz scores as well as many other variables.
    I found this nice widge of upload/download variables by CPguru ( -captivate-5/). However, this widget works by storing variables from one project in local computer and then upload it to another project.
    My targeted learners may not always use the same computer though, so using this widget seems not work.
    All these courses resided in a local-made LMS which I don't have access to their code. Therefore, passing variables to PHP html files seems not work.
    Based on my limited programing knowledge, I assume that using Javascript to pass variables may be the only possible way.
    Can someone instruct me how to do this?
    Thank you very much.

    If you create two MIDlet in a midlet suite, it will display as you mentioned means you can't change the display style.

  • Passing variable from one template to another

    We have problems in the BI7 environment with passing variables across from one web template to another.
    In BW3.x there was a Java Script Command SAP_BW_URL_Get used to construct URLs.
    (Please also see the SAP documentation:
    In BI7 this command seems to be not existent.
    But as it is such a basic functionality I can’t believe that is not available anymore.
    I guess it is replaced by another command.
    Could you help us to find a functionality that replaces the SAP_BW_URL_Get command?

    Hi Andrew,
    Did you manage to find any solution for this one?
    Currently we are also facing the same problem.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,

  • Passing Variables from One Class to Another

    Hello, I am new to Java Programming and I'm currently starting off by trying to build a simple application.
    I need help to pass variables created in one class to another.
    In my source package, I created 2 java classes.
    InputFileDeclared reads numerical data from an external text file and store them as string variables within the main method while Main converts a text string into a number.
    Hence, I would like to pass these strings variables from the InputFileDeclared class to the Main class so that they can be converted into numbers.
    I hope somebody out there may enlighten me on this.
    Thank you very much in advance!

    Values are passed from method to method, rather than from class to class. In a case such as you describe the code of a method in Main will probably call a method in InputFileDeclared which will return the String you want. The method in Main stores that in a local variable and processes it. It really doesn't matter here which class the method is in.
    You InputFileDeclared object probably contains "state" information in its fields such as the details of the file it's reading and how far it's got, but generally the calling method in Main won't need to know about this state, just the last data read.
    So the sequence in the method in Main will be:
    1) Create an new instance of InputFileDeclared, probably passing it the file path etc..
    2) Repeatedly call a method on that instance to return data values, until the method signals that it's reached the end of file, e.g. by returning a null String.
    3) Probably call a "close()" method on the instance, which you should have written to close the file.

  • Passing variable from one server to another within different application.cfm

    hello all.
    currently , i have 3 server..
    each is installed with coldfusion server.
    let says,
    server A,server B, and server C.
    server A has the application.cfm for login.
    from server A , I want to carry the login ID to server B(also
    has application.cfm) or server C(also has application.cfm) without
    having to login again.
    Present, what I facing right now..
    server A has the application.cfm login and then direct to
    server B(also has application.cfm).
    But at server B it will request user to relogin.
    Same with server C.
    should I changed and modified the application.cfm in server B
    and C by removing 'cflogin statement'?
    I have no idea.. :chomp: :confused:
    Please anybody, help me with this..

    I'll admit I'm not the most educated on application/session
    management but I'll try and help.
    When a user logs into your CF server, it creates the session,
    which is only for that server. That's probably the issue you're
    running into when the user jumps from one server to the next. You
    might want to try using a cookie and CFTOKEN on the login (server
    A) and then use the application.cfm file on server B and C to check
    for the existence of the token. If it's there (in the client
    cookie) then it would allow them access.
    ---set the application in the application.cfm page on all 3
    servers to the same name---
    <cfapplication name="myappname"
    SESSIONTIMEOUT=#CreateTimeSpan(1, 0, 0, 0)#
    ---then check for the cookie value on each server as well---
    <CFIF IsDefined("Cookie.CFID") AND
    <CFSET Variables.CFID_LOCAL=Cookie.CFID>
    <CFCOOKIE NAME="CFID" VALUE="#Variables.cfid_local#">
    There might be some yes/no variables in the session
    management you can set (yes on A, no on B and C) if the above does
    not work. But with the users jumping across servers, the cookie
    might be the best answer for you.
    Actually, I realized something. You would want to set the
    setclientcookies only on server A but have B and C check for the
    Hope some of this helps.

  • Passing information from one jsp to another

    I have a problem when trying to get information from a jsp page. Lets say that a jsp page has a textbox named "bannerurl" and it has the data "". When I try to get the information in an other jsp file using request.getParameter("bannerurl"), I get only the following data - """. All information including and after the "&" is ignore. This could be because it is recognizing the information after the "&" as an other parameter. How do I solve this problem.

    Are the two jsps below roughly doing what you want your application to do?
    1st page
    <%@page contentType="text/html"%>
    <head><title>JSP Page</title></head>
              <form method="post" action="temp2.jsp">
                   <td><span id="urlLabel">Enter url</span></td>
                   <td><input type="text" size="50" maxlength="50" name="urlField" /></td>
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="urlTestField" />
    2nd page
    <%@page contentType="text/html"%>
    <head><title>JSP Page</title></head>
    <% out.write((String)request.getParameter("urlField"));%>

  • How to Pass Variables from One Application to Another Pop Up Window

    I am wondering if anyone on the list has tried calling up a
    pop up manager, and have two other variables imported for secondary
    usage. I have tried using [Bindable], but this does not seem to be
    working, and I am still getting errors that tells me that the
    variables are "not defined" when it gets passed to another
    HTTPService. I tried embedding the Pop Up Manager in the same
    application as the one that is supposed to "pass the variables,"
    but it no longer acts as a pop up window.
    Could anyone please tell me where I can find the answers for
    Thanks in advance.
    Here is the code of what I have for my pop up manager:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:TitleWindow xmlns:mx=""
    title="New Scenario"
    height="145" horizontalScrollPolicy="off"
    import mx.managers.PopUpManager;
    import mx.controls.Alert;
    [Bindable]public var message:String;
    [Bindable]public var message2:String;
    private function titleWindow_close(evt:CloseEvent):void {
    private function submit_click():void {, "Alert");
    var win:Hello = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this,Hello, true)
    as Hello;
    private function reset_click():void {
    scenario_name.text = "";
    <mx:HTTPService id="new_scenario" method="POST" url="
    <mx:request xmlns="">
    <mx:FormItem label="Scenario Name:">
    <mx:TextInput id="scenario_name"
    maxChars="45" />
    <mx:ControlBar horizontalAlign="right">
    <mx:Button id="submit"
    click="submit_click();" />
    <mx:Button id="reset"
    click="reset_click();" />

    I am trying to display some data on the Child window that
    would need to take the data from the parent titleWindow, which
    could be drop down menus, text labels or combo boxes. I would need
    to use a HTTPService on the child dialog box to accomplish task I
    think, but the problem is, how would I get the information from its
    parent window? The example I have are all about how the text input
    from the child window gets feed back to the parent.
    Would I need to create a "reverse" declaration or something
    so I can access the information from the parent in the child
    I hope this makes sense.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Pass arraylist from one JSP to another

    Hi all,
    I have a jsp in which i have a table with a list a of users. When we select some users and click on the deactivate link all these user information must be passed to another jsp which is a confirmation page to delete the users.
    In my first userlist jsp i have the code
    <h:commandLink styleClass="bold" value="Deactivate User" action="delete" actionListener="#{userlistcontroller.deleteaction}" ></h:commandLink>faces-config.xml
      </navigation-rule>In my backing bean action method i populate the list of users that need to be deacivated in an array list
       String userAction;
       List<Integer> selectedUserIDList;
       public void deleteaction(ActionEvent event){
           userAction = "delete";
           selectedUserIDList = new ArrayList<Integer>();
           for (CompanyAdminUser user : userList) {
                 try {
                    boolean val = selectedIds.get(user.getID()).booleanValue();
                 } catch (Exception e) {
                        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
      }can someone help me how to pass this selectedUserIDList (arraylist ) and the userAction="Delete" to deacviate users jsp.
    Thank you
    Edited by: twisai on Mar 10, 2010 9:02 AM

    You can easily pass the 2 variables you mentioned using <f:param> inside your <h:commandLink>.
    <h:commandLink styleClass="bold" value="Deactivate User" action="delete" actionListener="#{userlistcontroller.deleteaction}" >
    <f:param name="userAction" value="delete" />
    <f:param name="userIDList" value="#{userlistcontroller.selectedUserIDList}" />

  • How to use session to passing data from one JSP to another JSP

    Dear All, I had create 2 jsp web page and want to do this:
    1. input some data into the text box and click the submit button, the jsp page
    will open another jsp page and send the text box data to the new open jsp page.
    can any one tell me how to open a new jsp web page and reciev data from another jsp page?
    thanks yu very much!
    the question.jsp got some code like:
    <input type= 'text' name = 'txtName' size = 10 >
    <input type= 'submit' name = 'submit'>
    <% some jsp code %>
    some jsp code here

    Contents of HTML forms are transmitted as name-value pairs, so you can call request.getParameter(String name) with your form field's name in order to access its value:
    String textValue=request.getParameter("txtName");Regards

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