Password Protect a Page in Muse

I want to password protect a page in Muse and have set up a secure zone in BC. I can't seem to find where you can set the user name and password. Can you only do it using a registration form where the user picks a username and password? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Brad,
I found where I could set the username and password and sent it to the contact's email address. The username was sent correctly but the password BC sent was this ?? 8fa49d44c99054c11fc9e772ff
I'm assuming that because this is one of the free sites it's not going to work and that's why I was sent this long string. However when you click on the string it's a Password Reset screen. I thought I might be able to test it to see if it truely does work with Muse.

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  • How do I create a password protected entrance page for a muse site?

    I have created a site in Muse and the client wants it to be password protected for now....the usual Javascript entered between the head and body tags is not working.  Any ideas??

    Even better is that you don't HAVE to have username AND password (although you could if you wanted to), so just a simple PASSWORD box and enter button DESIGNED BY YOU WITHIN YOUR PAGE, rather than nasty popups etc.  Importantly, the password itself is NOT within the source code of your page either!!
    The solution is at I believe you can do this with a FREE ACCOUNT, although it's SUCH a great service for Musers that I paid for a proper account.
    Before you do this, create a page on your site saying "Wrong Password. Please go away" or something to that effect. You'll need it for when they enter the wrong password.
    So, in Jotform, you just create a new form and:
    1. Drag on a password box (it's in the power tools section)
    2. Select it and go to Conditions
    3. Go to Change Thank You URL after submission
    4. Enter: If [name of your password box] field EQUALS TO [enter your password]
    5. In the "Then redirect to" box, enter the URL of your protected page and click save
    6. In the resulting box click "ADD A NEW CONDITION" and do the SAME as stets 3 to 5 but this time say NOT EQUALS TO" with your same password and in the "Then redirect to" box, enter the URL of your WRONG PASSWORD page and click save
    7. Embed the button on your page and you're done!!!
    If you want to mess about with the EXACT alignment of a right aligned button and text box, you can go to Preferences and in the box which allows you to add your own custom CSS, enter the following code and mess about with the values until it's perfect for you:
    .form-buttons-wrapper { padding-top:3px !important; }#id_2 {margin-left: -50px !important;}
    Here's an example, built in Muse:
    I hope this helps my fellow Musers!

  • Is there a way to password protect individual pages in the site?

    Is there a way to password protect individual pages in the site? I only want specific clients to view specific pages.

    Check these related posts:
    Hope this helps.

  • Password protect some pages in an iweb site

    Just wondering if it is possible to password protect certain pages in an iweb site....
    I have a phtography site that i use for more professional pictures, however I wanted to upload personal pictures and only have certain people be able to access the pictures on certain pages?
    does anyone know if this can be done?
    for example and person who visits my site may see all my work on photo page 1 and 2, however only restricted persons can access pages 3?
    if anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciated.

    You can only password protect a site. So you can add another site, move the pages you want to it and password protect it. Then add a text based link to the second site.
    An alternative could be to create an iPhoto Web gallery that's password protected and link to it from your site and have it open in an new window so it's easy to get back to your original site.

  • Copy and paste Java script for password protecting a page?

    I need to password protect one page which I want to call my LOGIN page on a site I'm making in Dreamweaver CS5.5.  Unfortunately I know that the hosting company I'm using does not have the ability to allow me password a single directory on the server end to accomplish this (I know STRANGE)   .... SO
    I found some code online - java script that I can just copy and paste into the <head> section of my page.  This might be a silly question but is this a 'safe' way to do this?    (I don't need anything fancy and the people whom will be accessing this page will all have the SAME password, so I don't need a registration form or anything fancier...)
    Any thoughts?

    Ugg I totally knew you would all say that (because I already knew that would offer me the easiest solution), change hosts and now I'm embarrassed to say that YES I am paying for the hosting; BUT, I have to explain that I'm with this hosting company because way back when I started that site I needed something super user friendly because I was just learning.  Now I have learned more and have started to use Dreamweaver.  I just stayed with the same hosting and will use FTP to upload my new more updated site.  In the company's defense even though they do offer a way to FTP a site up, their main objective (I think) is to have a really easy way for people to get a site up without knowing anything about code or css or anything; and they operate under the assumption that MOST of their customers will be using their super easy software and not use FTP.  That is why I think they are limited to what they offer, at least that is my take on it.  My more recent sites do not use this company as I have tried to learn and 'move up'. 
    Anyway I guess if I don't want to switch hosting I still have the same problem.  Is it really that difficult to make something that has just one use ID and password which would be the same thing for every person?  Might be a great learning experience for me?
    Yep it might be time for me to switch hosting....  sigh.  What to do.....

  • Password protecting a pages doc

    Is there any way to password protect a pages doc in the latest version included in iWork 08?
    Thank you

    PDF Encryption with MacOS X is not high security. It is good enough to hide Christmas shopping lists, but I would not recommend it for bank data. To get high (128 bit) security one has to use Adobe Acrobat Pro.

  • I want to create a password-protected area in my Muse website. What plan upgrade to I need and where do I go to find it?

    I want to create a password-protected area in my Muse website. What plan upgrade to I need and where do I go to find it?

    Same problem here.  Whats the deal?!  Apple??

  • How to password protect a page or a file

    Hello All,
    Please help me,
    Can you please let me know how can i Password Protect a page (or) a file which i have created using the Oracle Portal, i am working on 10.1.2 Version.
    I would be thankful to you if you can provide me any sample URL's
    Kalyan Chandra M.

    Thanks you very much for the URL, i use .htaccess for protecting the files and folder for normal websites, but i am afraid to test it on Oracle Portal,
    I found another link
    where we can protect a page using simple JavaScript, this solves my requirement, but when i
    include the same function in <body onLoad()> then its not allowing me to Edit the page :(( .Can you help me out with a Tip...?
    Or Do you suggest me a better alternative...?

  • Password protect a page

    In DW6, how do I password-protect a specific page in a static html5 site? I would like to be able to set the password, not the user. Thank you!

    If your server is Linux/Apache, you can do it with an  .htaccess file.
    Nancy O.

  • Password protecting certain pages?

    Hi —
    Does anyone know if it's possible to password protect all pages bar your homepage? I'd like to be able to do this whilst I'm trying to update my site but still wanted visitors to be able to access my home page.
    Thanks all.

    You can password protect certain pages only with iTweak.
    As stated by Wyodor , you also need to take a look at your host.
    The most common way is to protect by .htaccess if supported by your host
    Take a look at the tutorial of iTweak for password protect.
    Good luck

  • Password Protect Specific pages

    Is it at all possible to password protect certain pages. For example, I am a videographer and when my clients want to see their videos progress I would like them to be able to just go to my website, then be able to put in a password or something of the sort to then view another page that could have their video on it or what not. Is this at all possible with iweb?
    If not, what are ways I can still achieve this with iWeb and another program?

    I use iWebSites to manage multiple sites.. It lets me create multiple sites and multiple domain files.
    If you have multiple sites in one domain file here's the workflow I used to split them into individual site files with iWebSites. Be sure to make a backup copy of your Domain.sites files before starting the splitting process.
    This lets me edit several sites and only republish the one I want. That will make it easy for you to add unique user names and passwords for each site.
    Do you Twango?

  • Password protect specific pages, not whole site

    I use iWeb to publish my website, and I do have a .Mac account. I know how to password protect the entire site, but I want to know if I can protect specific pages only.
    According to this website ( I can, but I haven't figured out how.
    I guess a workaround would be to publish several sites, but I was wondering if I can avoid that.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    According to this website ( I can, but I haven't figured out how.
    Sorry, no. The sentence on that page that says you can password protect a page is simply wrong. You can only protect a site. Of course a site can consist of only one page.

  • Password protect individual page?

    Does iWeb '08 allow you password protect and individual page, rather than the whole site, as is the case in iWeb '06. This would be a nice addition.

    Protecting a site with a password
    If you publish your site to .Mac, you can require visitors to type a name and password to view your site. You can’t password protect individual pages.
    Passwords are case-sensitive and must use 6—20 characters. They can include any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, but can’t include spaces.
    To create a password for a website:
    In the sidebar (on the left side of the iWeb window), select the site or one of its pages.
    If the Site Inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar (or choose View > Show Inspector), and then click the Site Inspector button.
    In the Site Inspector, click Password.
    Select “Make my published site private.”
    Type a user name and password in the fields.
    All visitors will use the same user name and password.
    IMPORTANT: Don’t use your .Mac user name or password.
    When you publish your website and click Announce, iWeb creates an email message—including the user name and password—that you can send to friends and family to let them know about your website.
    To remove password protection from a site, deselect “Make my published site private” and republish.
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  • Password protect iWeb page

    Is there a way to require a password when visiting a page made with iWeb like there was with Homepage?

    That's correct. Also, to clarify, you cannot password protect a page, you have to password protect the entire site. (There are ways around this)
    But password protecting will not prevent those who visit from downloading your images. If that is your concern, try searching these discussions, or post a new question. What I remember of previous discussions about protecting images is that a)there are some ways to discourage this but b) there is not way to make it completely impossible to download images.

  • How to Password Protect  a Page of Your Mobile App

    I am trying to password protect few pages of my mobile app. I am building the app using Jquery Mobile in Dreamweaver for IOS and Android. What is the best way to password protect a page? I am not looking to create a login page..I just want to create few password protected pages that require just one password. Is there a way to do it in Dreamweaver?
    Thank you

    AFAIK, you cannot password protect one section of a jQuery Mobile page.  It's either all protected or it's not protected. 
    Nancy O.

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