Patterns and brushes

Hope you're well.
I am trying to created a graphic like image in the following tutorial:
I've done a pretty decent job with it but there were a couple of parts I had some difficulty with and would really appreciate anyone's assistance in
leaning how to do it right.
1.) At 1:40 into the tutorial, he selects a diamond pattern as a Pattern Overlay effect. However, it's a pattern he created himself. How do I create a pattern like that?
2.) At 4:35, he draws a line with the pen tool having first selected a brush and then strokes the path. However, my path doesn't look like his. It's just a straight line,  while his splays out a bit so he's able to create that shining star effect when he rotates a copy. I've attached a jpeg of mine. What am I doing wrong to not get a line like his? Am I not choosing the right brush. I chose a brush with the diameter of 17 like he does in the tutorial. Does it look like I selected it from a different place?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for your reply.
It's great that you can get the basic diamond shape but how do you then create a pattern like the one he has in his tutorial?...which has a very grainy quality that seems more complex than using a few basic diamonds to create a pattern. Am I mistaken that it is more complex than that?
As for the path, firstly right (ctrl in my case) clicking on the work path doesn't work. You need to control click on the path itself, which now doesn't seem to work either. Its now not giving me the option to stroke the path.
When you say select the paintbrush size before doing this, do you mean before selecting the paintbrush? Or at some other point?
Thanks very much.

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    I tried using the below code. But for both "cmyk" and "grayscale" pattern it gives only CMYK. Kindly check and advise.
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    Look under Brush Tip Shape and look at the spacing settings or that spacing is not unchecked. (the default spacing is usually 25%)
    For tapered strokes set the Size Jitter under Shape Dynamics to Pen Pressure, then the size varies depending on how hard you press the pen on the tablet.

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    I am using the pattern stamp tool. when i select my pattern it adds a hatching to the source pattern and copies that hatching to the destination image

    Please post screenshots to illustrate what you are talking about.

  • Object Oriented Patterns and Visio

    Visio question:
    Does anyone know if there are established shapes for each (or any) of the object oriented patterns? If not, is anyone working on that or interested in that?
    Since they all have names (Momento, Proxy, Iterator, Mediator, Observer, etc.) it seems like they ought to each have their own shape. Since Object Oriented is all about communication of intent, each pattern having its own recognizable shape would go a long way toward a more meaningful communication through diagram. Also, if they each had their own shape, then the super-patterns (based on commonly grouped patterns and interactions) could also be easily represented.

    I'm kind of making an assumption here and if it's in error then feel free to disregard the rest of this post.
    Assumption that you're thinking terms of shapes for representing in UML the various patterns. Everything you need is right there in front of you already regardless of whether you use Visio, Rational, Poseidon or some other UML tool.
    Patterns are not individual constructs. One does not make a Mediator class. One makes a Java class that is an implementation of the Mediator pattern. As such you would see in the static class diagram the same grouping of classes for an X Mediator as you would for Y Mediator. That is the image you're looking for. It's not a single widget that you drag onto the screen, it's in the pattern itself.
    If, however, you're talking about something like a graphical representation to give to managers that says "Here be Momento patterns", then I would postulate that you're trying to communicate information that they don't need nor should they concern themselves with. Patterns are an implementation issue. They deal with, "How" we will solve a problem, not what problem will we solve. Mangaers, IMNSHO, need only concern themselves with what problems we will solve, not how they will be solved.
    Just my 2 krupplenicks on the subject, your milage may of course vary.

  • Pattern and Matcher of Regular Expressions

    Hello All,
    I need some help with the regular expressions in java.
    I have encountered a problem on how to retrieve two strings with Pattern and Matcher.
    I have written this code to match one substring"MTMISRVLGLIRDQ", but I want to match multiple substrings in a string.
    Pattern findstring = Pattern.compile("MTMISRVLGLIRDQ");
    Matcher m = findstring.matcher(S);
    while (m.find())
    outputStream.println("Selected Sequence \"" + +
    "\" starting at index " + m.start() +
    " and ending at index " m.end() ".");
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Double post:

  • Adobe photoshop licensing for this product has expired, backup swatches and brushes.

    when i open adobe photoshop CS3 and flash CS3 a box appears saying " licensing for this product has expired. please reinstall or contact help"
    i have tried all the soutions and are at to "reinstalling" i dont have the disc or the code.
    all i am worried about is getting a copy of my swatches/palates and brushes. Is there any way of saving the swatches and/or brushes?
    or if i were to install the CS5 version of photoshop would it automatically convert my settings, (swatches and brushes) to the newer verison?

    Somebody posted this very helpful file location chart just yesterday, and already it has been useful.

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    Thanks in advance.

    The books they were first reported in, and the expressed intent, I guess. Arguably, the Business Delegate pattern is a special case Proxy, with more specific details about what resource is being proxied

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    This is a question for anyone who might be familiar with the standard DAO design pattern and the Java Persistence API (JPA - part of EJB3). I'm new to this technology, so apologies for any terminology aberrations.
    I am developing the overall architecture for an enterprise system. I intend to use the DAO pattern as the conceptual basis for all data access - this data will reside in a number of forms (e.g. RDBMS, flat file). In the specific case of the RDBMS, I intend to use JPA. My understanding of JPA is that it does/can support the DAO concept, but I'm struggling to get my head around how the two ideas (can be made to) relate to each other.
    For example, the DAO pattern is all about how business objects, data access objects, data transfer objects, data sources, etc relate to each other; JPA is all about entities and persistence units/contexts relate to each other. Further, JPA uses ORM, which is not a DAO concept.
    So, to summarise - can DAO and JPA work together and if so how?
    P.S. Please let me know if you think this topic would be more visible in another forum (e.g. EJB).

    Thanks, duffymo, that makes sense. However ... having read through numerous threads in which you voice your opinion of the DAO World According to Sun, I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the following ...
    Basically, I'm in the process of proposing an enterprise system architecture, which will use DAO as the primary persistence abstraction, and DAO + JPA in the particular case of persistence to a RDBMS. In doing so, I'd like to illustrate the various elements of the DAO pattern, a la the standard class diagram that relates BusinessObject / DataAccessObject / DataSource / TransferObject ( With reference to this model, I know that you have a view on the concept of TransferObject (aka ValueObject?) - how would you depict the DAO pattern in its most generic form? Or is the concept of a generic DAO pattern compromised by the specific implementation that is used (in this case JPA)?

  • Pattern and Matching question

    I'm trying to use the pattern and matcher to replace all instances of a website
    address in some html documents as I process them and post them. I'm
    including a sample of some of the HTML below and the code I"m using to
    process it. For some reason it doesn't replace the sites in the underlying
    images and i can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Please forgive all the
    unused variables, those are relics of another way i may have to do this if i
    can't get the pattern thing to work.
         public static void setParameters(File fileName)
              FileReader theReader = null;
                   System.out.println("beginning setparameters guide2)");
                   File fileForProcessing=new File(fileName.getAbsolutePath());
                   //wrap the file in a filereader and buffered reader for maximum processing
                   theReader=new FileReader(fileForProcessing);
                   BufferedReader bufferedReader=new BufferedReader(theReader);
                   //fill in data into the tempquestion variable to be populated
                   //Set the question and answer texts back to default
                   //Define the question variable as a Stringbuffer so new data can be appended to it
                   StringBuffer endQuestion=new StringBuffer();//Stringbuffer to store all the lines
                   String tempQuestion="";
                   //Define new file with the absolutepath and the filename for use in parsing out question/answer data
                   tempQuestion=bufferedReader.readLine();//reads the nextline of the question
                   String tempAlteredQuestion="";//for temporary alteration of the nextline
                   //while there are more lines append the stringbuffer with the new data to complete the question buffer
                   StringTokenizer tokenizer=new StringTokenizer(tempQuestion, " ");//tokenizer for reading individual words
                   StringBuffer temporaryLine; //reinstantiate temporary line holder each iterration
                   String newToken;   //newToken gets the very next token every iterration?  changed to tokenizer moretokens loop
                   String newTokenTemp;   //reset newTokenTemp to null each iterration
                   String theEndOfIt;  //string to hold everything after .com
                   char[] characters;  //character array to hold the characters that are used to hold the entire link
                   char lastCharChecked;
                   Pattern thePattern=Pattern.compile("src=\"https:////", Pattern.LITERAL);
                   Matcher theMatcher=thePattern.matcher(tempQuestion);
                        while(tempQuestion!=null) //every time the tempquestion reads a newline, make sure you aren't at the end
                             String theReplacedString=theMatcher.replaceAll("https:////");     
                             //          temporaryLine=new StringBuffer();
                             //add the temporary line after processed back into the end question.
                             endQuestion.append(theReplacedString);                              //temporaryLine.toString());
                             //reset the tempquestion to the newline that is going to be read
                                  newToken=tokenizer.nextToken(); //get the next token from the line for processing
                                  if(newToken.length()>36)  //if the token is long enough chop it off to compare
                                       newTokenTemp=newToken.substring(0, 36);
                                  if(newTokenTemp.equals("src=\""));//compare against the known image source
                                       theEndOfIt=new String();  //intialize theEndOfIt
                                       characters=new char[newToken.length()];  //set the arraylength to the length of the initial token
                                       characters=newToken.toCharArray();  //point the character array to the actual characters for newToken
                                       lastCharChecked='a';  // the last character that was compared
                                       int x=0; //setup the iterration variable and go from the length of the whole token back till you find the first /
                                            //set last char checked to the lsat iterration run
                                            //set the end of it to the last char checked and the rest of the chars checked combined
                                       //reset the initial newToken value to the cut temporary newToken root + userguide addin, + the end
                                  //add in the space aftr the token to the temporary line and the new token, this is where it should be parsed back together
                                  temporaryLine.append(newToken+" ");
                             //add the temporary line after processed back into the end question.
                             //reset the tempquestion to the newline that is going to be read
                             //reset tokenizer to the new temporary question
                             tokenizer=new StringTokenizer(tempQuestion);
                   //Set the answer to the stringbuffer after converting to string
                   //code to take the filename and replace _ with a space and put that in the question text
                   char theSpace=' ';
                   char theUnderline='_';
                   questionText=(fileName.getName()).replace(theUnderline, theSpace);
              catch(FileNotFoundException exception)
                   logger.log(Level.WARNING,"The File was Not Found\n"+exception.getMessage()+"\n"+exception.getStackTrace(),exception);
              catch(IOException exception)
                   catch(Exception e)
    <SCRIPT language=JavaScript1.2 type=text/javascript><!-- if( typeof( kadovInitEffects ) != 'function' ) kadovInitEffects = new Function();if( typeof( kadovInitTrigger ) != 'function' ) kadovInitTrigger = new Function();if( typeof( kadovFilePopupInit ) != 'function' ) kadovFilePopupInit = new Function();if( typeof( kadovTextPopupInit ) != 'function' ) kadovTextPopupInit = new Function(); //--></SCRIPT>
    <H1><IMG class=img_whs1 height=63 src="" width=816 border=0 x-maintain-ratio="TRUE"></H1>
    <H1>Associate Existing Customers</H1>
    <P>blahalbalhblabhlab blabhalha blabahbablablabhlablhalhab.<SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"><B><IMG class=img_whs2 height=18 alt="Submit a

    If you use just / it misinterprets it and it ruins
    your " " tags for a string. I don't think so. '/' is not a special character for Java regex, nor for Java String.
    The reason i used
    literal is to try to force it to directly match,
    originally i thought that was the reason it wasn't
    working.That will be no problem because it enforces '.' to be treated as a dot, not as a regex 'any character'.
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  • String.matches vs Pattern and Matcher object

    I was trying to match some regex using String.matches but for me it is not working (probably I am not using it the way it should be used).
    Here is a simple example:
    /* This does not work */
    String patternStr = "a";
    String inputStr = "abc";
    if(inputStr.matches( "a" ))
    System.out.println("String matched");
    /* This works */
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile( "a" );
    Matcher m = p.matcher( "abc" );
    boolean found = false;
    System.out.println("Matched using Pattern and Matcher");
    found = true;
    System.out.println("Not matching with Pattern and Matcher");
    Am I not matches method of String class properly?
    Please throw some lights on this.
    Thank you.

    String.matches looks at the whole string.
    bsh % "abc".matches("a");
    bsh % "abc".matches("a.*");

  • HELP. Made a pattern and it does not show correctly

    I made the attached fish scale pattern and when i look at in the pattern window it looks fine. However, when ever I use it there is a gold gride line embedded into the pattern. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    Most probably that's just the usual screen redraw/antialiasing issue with patterns.
    Uncheck antialiasing in Preferences > General to test this
    When printing this shouldn't appear.
    When exporting into bitmap formats try the antialiasing setting Supersampling

  • Photoshop CC. Colour selection not working when using alt and brush.

    Hi, Photoshop CC. Windows 8.1 64 bit. Colour selection not working when using alt and brush. I have tried rebooting and other things like closing swatch panel etc.
    The alt key is otherwise OK.  It's not the recent upgrade from Win 8 to 8.1 (5 days ago) because the colour selection facility was working yesterday. Any ideas.

    I'd say things sound desperate enough to try resetting Preferences
    Reset Preferences
    Windows — Hold down Shift Ctrl Alt immediately after starting Photoshop
    Mac — Hold down Shift Cmd Opt immediately after starting Photoshop
    If that fails, we need to know your operating system?
    Do you have a full CC subscription, or by apps do you mean Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom?
    Another other information that might pertain ?

  • How to keep pen and brush's setting as per layer

    Hi , is there anyway to keep the pen and brush setting remember as per layer , let say i have 2 layers of different stroke setting , after i draw 1 to another , it always revert to 1pt stroke width automatically .
    i want to keep all the setting : transparency , color , stroke width to be remembered in layer . Therefore, i dont need to change again or remember whenever i draw in between layers.
    Thanks in advance .

    Brushes have nothing to do with Layers. So no, you can't associate/restrict a given Brush to a given Layer. However, you can:
    1. New document. Define two Layers.
    2. Brush Tool: Draw something on Layer 1 with a Brush.
    3. Brush Tool: Draw something on Layer 2 with a different Brush.
    4. Appearance Palette: Set the New Art button to Maintains Appearance.
    5. Press Ctrl to momentarily invoke the black pointer. Select the path you drew on Layer 1. Layer 1 becomes the active Layer and the Appearance of the object you select becomes the current Appearance.
    6. Release Ctrl and draw anothet path. It is on Layer 1 and has the same Appearance of other items on Layer 1.
    7. Press Ctrl, select an object on Layer 2.
    8. Release Ctrl, draw another stroke on Layer 2.
    ...and so on.

  • C_TSCM52_05 SAP certification for SAP MM pattern and pass percentage

    Hi Experts,
    Good day every one.
    Can any one please let me know if you appear for the sap mm certification.
    i need the pattern and pass percentage.I am going to attend in december.
    i want share my experiences with you after completion.
    please some one who attended most recently or if you have any known informatiom let me know.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

    Pass grade is 63%.
    You will have multiple answer questions, you will be told how many choices you should select, if you miss one the whole question will be marked wrong and you won't get points for the options you got right.
    Also you will have single answer question...
    I took it last month and passed it, you should study hard and read the material at least 3 times,
    good luck

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