Pavilion dv6 - the search for WLAN doesnt exist after installing windows 7 ultimate

pavilion dv6 - the search for WLAN doesnt exist after installing windows 7 ultimate
after installing windows 7 my computer only displays the LAN on my quicklaunch bar and I can even search for open WLAN networks =(

You probably need to install the wireless card driver.

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    Try this; Locate the Firefox program shortcut, or open your file browser
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    In the browser on my N95-1 (v30 firmare), the option to search for wlan had disappeared. The only options are my home wlan (when at home), and the various GPRS access points. How can get the search for wlan option back?

    Are you sure you don't just have to scroll to it in the list presented to you?
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  • Search for WLAN disappeared from my N81

     I own a Nokia N81 and today, all of the sudden, the "search for WLAN" option that used to be available on the menu that pops up whenever there's the need to connect to the Internet just disappeared (I can only see 2G and 3G access points).
     If I'm near a WLAN network that I had previously setup on the access points setup menu, it appears on the popup menu.
     I didn't do anything (didn't change any setting, didn't install/uninstall anything). The only thing I remember was my phone getting out of battery last night, but that already happened before without this issue.
     Does anyone know what may have caused this? And is there any possible solution?

    Does anyone have a clue about this problem?

  • "search for WLAN" option gone missing

    My N82 had the "search for WLAN" option below the "select access point". but since of today it has gone missing and i have no idea how to get it back.
    below is the option i'm referring to which i found on the net because i can't post a pic of my phone cos the "search for wlan" has disappeared.
    Pls help...

    sorry for the late reply...
    Isn't there an alternative?
    cos i'm afraid i might mess my phone up and don't want to take that chance.
    i think this happened while i was messing around the access points menu in settings trying to delete the unwanted access point it had stored there.
    i don't think i deleted it unless it was there with another name?
    maybe like default or something???
    isn't there a way to add a 'search for wlan' shortcut there like it was originally?
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  • Restricting the Search  for Material while creating Shopping Cart

    We are in SRM version 5.0 and following a classic scenarios.
    In search strategy while we are creating a shopping cart and we click on the start button a list of all the  materails  appear from where the user can select any item.
    Now in R/3 if a user belongs to Mumbai plant can we restrict the search that only material existing in Mumbai plant in R/3 appears in the search criteria and not that all the materials are displayed.
    Nimish Sheth

    Hi Vadim,
       The Plant related data for products/material is not stored anywhere in SRM.Then where can I apply the filters for the materials pertaining to the specific  plants through the BADI BBP_F4_READ_ON_ENTRY through the Method GET_PRODUCT?

  • Search for WLAN

    Please tell me how to disable this notification which pops up every few minutes I use the phone..
    Its very irritating. It is titled 'Choose your connection' and the option is :"search for wlan".. I have tried all the setting changes but this thing never stops...
    Please help me out..
    Scr000012[1].jpg ‏23 KB

    Sheldrick Wrote:
    Hey Mobile9, welcome to the Nokia Forums!
    A data connection is automatically established when the online mode has been selected in the home screen settings. The Home Screen Widgets Can Then Automatically Fetch The latest information from internet and show it on the home screen.
    You can disable the automatic data connection. On the home screen, select Options > Widgets to offline mode.
    Note that the data connection may be opened automatically also by some other applications, for example by e-mail clients. The home screen setting doesn't affect the connections opened by these applications.
    Please get back to me if this solves your issue or if the problem persists.
    @ Mr.. Sheldrick -I always keep Widgets to offline mode. But how do I get to know which apps try to connect to the net.. And how do I control them ?

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    Hello, all.
    In iTunes, an Albums search by track names returns albums as if they only have one track on them, but I still want to access the entire album. How can I have the search results show the entire album (with just the searched for name highlighted)? For instance, I'm wanting to play an album with a particular track on it or I'm searching for albums that include that track. iTunes incorrectly assumes that all I'm after is that one track and then incorrectly displays the album as if there is only one ttrack on it. This is a bonkers default setting. Can I change this?

    Click the search magnifying glass and uncheck "Search entire library".
    Type in the name of the track.
    Click the album of interest to show tracks.
    Select the track.
    Press the X in the search box to clear the search.
    Double click the track you want to start playing first.

  • Im From United Arab Emirates and I would like to purchase mini Ipad, however, the option for buying doesnt appear for me ?! is there a list of countries !!!!!?

    Im From United Arab Emirates and I would like to purchase mini Ipad, however, the option for buying doesnt appear for me ?! is there a list of countries !!!!!?

    Unfortunately, Toshiba USA doesn't ship there, and it's not available to download. You'd have to see if there's a third-party that could sell you it or have someone you know in the US order it and then ship it to you. Sorry.
    - Peter

  • The search for a perfect design pattern

    The search for a perfect design pattern
    I am searching tip to upgrade a labview program used. I am looking for the best approach to make
    my program more robust and scalable.Software and hardware. 
    Today the system consists of :
    GPS, weather station, ultrasound wind sensor, echosounder  and a  webcamera,  all connected to a computer.
    The computer OS is XP pro with Labview version 2009 installed. Except for the webcamera all peripherals have serial communication interface. 
    The webcamera  interface is ethernet.
    Device                           Data type                 Interval                    Interface
    GPS                                NMEA string                1 second                   Serial  rs232
    Ultrasound wind sensor   NMEA string                1 second                   Serial rs232
    Weather, temp,humid     NMEA string               35 seconds                 Serial rs232
    Echosounder                  NMEA string               500ms-5 seconds       Serial rs232
                                                                          (depending of depth)
    Webcamera                    Jpg                           Snapshot on demand  Ethernet
    The tasks to be solved
    All the data have to be stored.
    All the data have to be displayed in real time.
    Weather history data must be buffered to be plotted in a graph (pop-up windows).
    Absolute wind speed and direction have to be calculated.
    Option to send navigation data attached to email at desired time intervals.
    Image snapshot at desired time intervals.
    The data wich streams into the serial ports are not synchronized and vary in intervals . Would it be a good idea to put all the serial peripherals into a serial device server. Is it possible to let the server place a event in my software, to  trigger reading of the data, from the the server.  Or how could that be done in other ways?
    The perfect design pattern
    In version one of the software I use 4 parallel loops to read data at the serial ports, inside these loops the data was separated and outputted to a datasocket server.  I used datasocked read in other loops to present and store data. But it did not look good, and yes it was a mess, a really rat nest. I am looking for a better design pattern.
     Could some kind of producer/ consumer pattern be the way to go?
    Comments and tips are wanted.

    Nice Project! Congratulations ;-)
    I am not an expert for large applications. But your project looks nice and manageable. Here my straightforward ideas:
    I would build a GUI, with menu bar, pop-up graph display thing.
    THen low level tasks with each one handling a RS232 device and feeding queues or fireing notifications.
    Maybe handle the snapshots in an event structure on the GUI blockdiagramm.
    When GUI and producer tasks are running, close the gap with a middle layer which captures the data and actualizes GUI by reference. For instance the graph-thing-dialogue triggers a "flush queue" and displays the last 200 entries of the array of data.
    I often run into issues when having defined too many userevent structures. I guess i am too stupid for that. Thats why i rather use queues (when i dont want to loose data) or notifiers (data is up-to-date). Nevertheless I like a "stop-all-tasks" user event...traditionally.
    My team is actually developing a large application. We are using LabVIEW classes and objects.
    So have fun!

  • Skipping the search for linked images

    Hi all
    My indesign document have 250 images. While I have moved the indesign document to different server. All the images are missing links now. While I am opening the document indesign looking for image links, this process is cosuming more time to open the document.
    I want to just skip the searching for linked file and open the file. I will relink them afterwards.
    Skipping the search for linked images while opening the indesign file is prossible?
    Thanks in advance

    That preference can be changed. Edit>preferences>file linking (Windows) or InDesign>preferences>file linking (Mac)

  • Problems with the Search for room content

    I face a problem configuring the search for room content using KM search iView (
    I found the chapter Configuring the Search for Room Content in the help. So I set up the following things :
    1- I assign the room_id iView parameter to the roomid room parameter (in the template)
    2- I added room_cm_search component to the component set (I added it at the bottom of the "component for basic search function")
    3- I select the entry "Folder" as the default search scope in the search option set. I specify a root folder for search as well.
    But it doesn't work properly. It always returns "no result found". And if I add the room_cm_search component at the top of the "component for basic search function", It runs the search on all the documents of the default search scope, and not only on the room documents.
    Can you please tell me the right way to configure the search for room content using the iView ?
    I work on EP 7.0 SP 10.
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Loic,
    the Room Content Search iView is a special Search iView that is filtering for documents that were created in the Room Context (all documents get a specific metadata that is keeping the roomiD) . The easiest thing is to use the standard iView used for the delivered templates from SAP.
    I would advise to use the iView that is already preconfigured for a room template or part template and can be found and referenced in your template from the following path: Portal Content ->> TemplateAndPartContent --> Generic -->iViews and take the iView "Search Room"
    If you reference that iView in your room template or room part template, you have to think about the correct configuration in the template configuration iView. Just take as example the configuration of the part template "SAP Search Room".
    Or even better: Copy a template (room or part) from SAP that is containing the Room Search and delete everything what you don´t need out of the template. You safe time and you can add all additional content you´ll need to your template. Some ideas can be found in the following "How to Guide":
    What you have written under 3 -> would never work as the root folder for search doesn´t make any sense as the documents of a room are stored in different folders and you can´t define a root folder. Therefor you have the specific room_id parameter that is filtering what documents belong to the room.
    Good luck,

  • HT4796 The PC side quits during the search for files to migrate. It starts with Documents then dies.

    I am trying to migrate Office Outlook info from a Windows 7 PC to a MacBook Air Mac OS X v10.7 Lion. The computers match, then the search for files commences and the PC side quits. No programs are open and the Windows auto update is off. I uninstalled and reinstalled the migration assistant program with the same result.

    That's nothing!
    An engineer and I contacted Adobe technical support by phone to ensure the PC I was having custom built was configured to its optimum. They advised XP64 as the best operating environment. After that discussion we had to completely revise procurement, etc to get the bits and compatible XP64 compatible software, putting the build project back a few weeks as well, Imagine how I laughed when I found out on one of these forums that XP64 is the worst choice and totally unsupported by CS4!
    I have written to Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO and didn't even get an acknowledgement I raised this last week on the Adobe stand at BVE and was told they'd get someone to contact me asap but guess what, niet...! To be fair there has been one Adobe executive that recognises the problem and the damage poor customer support is causing the company; he has been as helpful as he can. Unfortunately, it seems the overall Adobe culture at the top is "get the money and run". If your problem goes beyond what's already on their web pages, tough luck!

  • What is the Search for:-  All images/All documents/all movies for in Finder

    I am confused as to the purpose of Search for:- All images/documents/movies in Finder. I seem to have documents, pictures and music I have never seen or downloaded, and often photos I have actually downloaded are copied in triplicate sometimes more. I have at times got 10,000 items in my documents in Search for? My worry really is does this all take up memory on my computer and if so why is it happening and how do I stop it?
    I do hope someone can explain the purpose of the Search For?

    Thanks Kappy, I had thought that is what it probably was but just confused by all the items I never searched for or downloaded. Now that I know it doesn't take up any memory I shan't worry about it. When I deleted everything from the search for files all the photos in my iphoto and documents were also removed. (thankfully I always have my stuff backed up on hard drive) I guess one just shouldn't remove them? Is there a safe way to clear it out without loosing the stuff I need to keep?

  • Each time i turn on computer the search for new downloads comes up. I have checked into area and selected only monthly updates. Help pls.

    Each time I turn on computer and enter Safari the "search for updated software" popup comes on.  I have selected for monthly checks. 
    Any hlp please to turn this off would be appreciated.

    Go to /Library/Preferences.
    Move the file to the Trash.
    Restart your Mac.

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