Pavilion dv6700 dvd drive problem

I have a Pavilion dv6700 with Vista Home Premium 32.  I can burn cd's and read cd's but when I put in a dvd (bought movie) nothing shows in "my computer".  I've ran fix it, removed registry limits, uninstalled and reinstalled and still......"devise is working properly" but still can't watch a movie.  My wife has recently added frostwire and Overdrive Media Console.  could one of these programs be causing the problem?.......Thanks for any help...

Which software are you using to watch dvd movie?
Try other software such as VLC, here
Pavilion DV2922TX, XP-SP3 32bit, Intel T5750 2.0Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS with 128MB, 4GB 667 DDR2, 250GB HDD

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  • DVD drive problems : should I buy the new iMac ?

    Hello, being new to these discussions, I don't know if this question was answered before.
    My last iMac's DVD drive stopped working after 3 years use. And from reading the discussions, this problem seemed quite common.
    But 3 years is not bad, considering the posts talking about the DVD drive not working on NEW iMacs.
    Does anybody know if Apple is going to do something about this soon ? My computer is a working tool, and I cannot spend time or money on repairs all the time.
    Thank you.
    A Mac user since 1985

    +"Well, since nobody has an answer, I suppose I will wait until I no longer see the DVD drive problems on the discussions."+
    That might be a while. I bought my iMac Oct. 15 and the DVD drive is already not responding. Backing up files, I had burned 2 DVDs from the same package, Toast says this one is a CD-RW and unwritable, and makes a noise like it's trying to eject it but nothing happens. Disk utility says the DVD drive is empty and nothing shows up in the Finder. Using Terminal (drutil eject) and starting up with the mouse button held down makes the same noise as trying to eject it in Toast, with the same results - nothing.
    Still trying to find the receipt to take it back & get it repaired. I sure miss the hole for the paper clip.

  • Pavilion Slimline DVD drives and eject wire...

    I tried to replace the DVD drive on my Pavilion Slimline with an HP dvd1270i DVD drive. Had no problems installing it until I tried to plug the eject wire to a plug on the new DVD drive. Problem is, there's no plug on this drive to attach the eject wire to. The DVD drive that originally came with the Slimline does have this plug. Can someone recommend a DVD drive for the Slimline that does have a plug for the eject wire? Or is there a way to transfer the plug from the old drive to the new drive? Thanks in advance... 

    I have similar problem on my micro PC case from HP
    CD rom tray has not mechanical device for ejecting media but electrical switch instead.
    There is no chance to reach eject button on DVD ROM, because it's hidden under doors on the case.
    And that {Content Removed: Language Filter Evasion}non standard HP connector for opening CD used on case is not compatible with any DVD ROM I can find in my local store including HP products.
    And nobody knows anything about that.

  • DVD drive problem in Lenovo G580

    In my computer sometimes the dvd drive disappears and dvd driver with red multiplication cross is displayed. it was same in windows 7 i had before. recently i ve upgraded to windows 8 but same situation.. sometimes the drive shows up and suddenly disappears with a sound note.any idea rhow to repair the error?
      here s a screen shot of the error.
    Link to image
    rhow to repair the error?
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    Thats not a problem at all dude. The cross mark appears because of Intel Rapid Store Technology. The drive gets disabled and it can be enabled by making right click on it and select 'Enable'. the drive gets disabled if not used for some time and saves energy.

  • T41 DVD drive problems.

    First of all, I would like to say hello! I am new to the forums, and I have been recommended to come here for help and advice regarding my laptop.
    Second of all, my problem. As follows - 
    My laptop seems to have stopped recognizing my DVD drive. When I click on My Computer, is is not listed, but when I insert a CD or DVD I can hear the drive running, however nothing appears on the screen. 
    I have gone into Device Manager in an attempt to diagnose the problem, and it tells me that the driver may be missing or corrupted (code 39). I have run Spybot Search & Destroy, and AVG free edition, and neither have found any viruses. 
    Before the problem started, the drive was working perfectly. The model number of the drive is  HL-D-ST DVD-ROM GDR8083N (I believe it was made by LG Electronics). 
    Lastly, I am not a computer expert. I do not know a huge amount about how they work, so forgive me for any mistakes I have made. If you need to know anything about the laptop or the drive I am happy to try and find it for you. 
    Thanks, 2007DBR9

    Hello 2007DBR9 and welcome here.
    Please donwload a Knoppix or other Linux Live cd. Burn it to cd and boot with it.
    If your drive won´t be found it seems a hardware defect.
    Also you should check recent bios updates on Lenovo support pages, may be there 
    are some hints at the release informations about problems fixed with those drives.
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  • Pavilion g6 DVD drive issues

    Repeated problem happening now,
    DVD drive won't play DVDs. It plays CDs, but doesn't recognise DVDs until I double click on the DVD drive (previously recognised as empty), it then recognises the disk but won't play it in any programme (PowerDVD, VLC, GOM, etc).

    Might be a dirty DVD laser. You can try something like this:
    It is not a software issue or CDs would not work either. It might be a bad drive, however. The CD and DVD systems use a different laser and one can go bad and not the other. 
    Post back if you need any more help. 

  • Hp pavilion cd/DVD drive won't read discs

    My pavilion G6 G6 2295sa won't read cd/DVD but will play DVDs with cyber link I have gone through the suggested routes when I put in the error code E:\hp DVD-RAM UJ8D1 H.01 please help.

    Hi Primhak,
    Welcome to the HP Forums! I need to clarify a couple of things the optical drive (CD/DVD drive) is playing DVDs but won't CDs is that correct? What is this error code that you are talking about? What operating system are you running?
    Finding your OS:​perating-system
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  • DVD drive problems after 10.4.7 updae

    I successfully completed a 10.4.7 update after a nuke & repave of the internal hard disk. At the moment the only applications on my machine are Mac OS 10.4.7 and the iLife suite.
    Since I installed 10.4.7 I'm having a problem with the internal DVD drive (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D Rev. A612) not working properly. On the first boot with the new OS the drive wasn't listed in System Profiler. I rebooted and now the drive is listed, but when I put in a DVD I get the tik-tik noise of the drive searching. Sometimes (maybe 1 in 5 attempts) it does detect the disk and mount it. Any ideas?

    There's a cludgy solution to getting access to the disks which I'm finding works sometimes.
    I created a new folder, e.g. "dvd" in my "Documents"
    Inserted a DVD and clicked to ignore the fact that the Mac wouldn't read it.
    Then using Terminal I mounted /dev/disk1, using the "dvd" folder as the mounting node:
    "/sbin/mount_cd9660 /dev/disk1 ./dvd" when I was in "Documents"
    Then I could get into the folder. I've found that the "mount" command wouldn't do it, and neither did "mount -t iso9660", but mount_cd9660 seams OK.
    Other things to note:
    If you want to watch a movie, you can similarly "ignore" the error message when you insert the disk, and then go to the File->Open Disk menu in VLC.
    But Apple needs to get this lot sorter!

  • Powerbook G4/G5 CD/DVD Drive Problem

    My cd/dvd drive is not working properly. When I put a dvd/cd into the drive it moves but nothing shows up on my desktop. Sometimes it spits it back out. What is the problem. How do I make it work?

    Here's how I resurrected my "dead" laptop DVD-ROM Drive
    Recently I placed a CD in the DVD-ROM (Model M7931, Apple P/N 661-2244) drive on my G3 Pismo laptop to install some software. I heard some slow and fast spin sounds, but the CD icon did not appear on the Desktop. I removed the CD and inserted a DVD, but got the same results. The drive's lens was clean and the drive appeared in the System Profiler. When I replaced the DVD-ROM drive with a CD-ROM drive (M73888), the CD drive read a CD, so apparently the electronics within the G3 were OK.
    I did some Google searching for possible solutions. I read in several forums that these DVD drives have been problematic, primarily with a failed motor. Looking on eBay and some Mac hardware sites revealed that used ones appear to cost $50+ and new ones about $100+. The Service Manual troubleshooting doesn't suggest much, except replace. I thought there might be an alternate (cheaper $) PC drive that could be used. I found this site Replacing or Upgrading the Optical Drive in Your PowerBook G3 or 1400 that suggested replacing the Apple drive with a PC drive.
    I decided that since I had a CD-ROM drive, I probably would not spend $ for an Apple drive at this time, but I might look for a PC drive.
    In the meantime, I thought that since the drive was inop and possibly need to be trashed, I was not adverse to trying to disassemble and attempt a repair.
    There are 3 things in the arsenal of most guys (and many gals) to fix problems - use WD-40 lubricant, use duct tape and/or use bailing wire. It seemed that the tape and wire were not viable solutions for this problem.
    I opened the drive tray from it's enclosure. Using a #0 jeweler's Phillips screwdriver, I removed the metal cover plate screws (5). Then removed the screws (3) holding the motor/plate assembly. I carefully lifted the motor assembly upward at about a 45 degree angle (flex cables were attached). Looking at the side, there was about a 1mm gap between the motor & the plate. Using the plastic nozzle on a can of WD-40, I sprayed a small amount of lubricant. Let it sit for a few minutes and rotated the spindle. Reassembled everything.
    I inserted a CD, didn't hear any spinning noise and the CD icon appeared on the screen. Repeated with a DVD. Both were being read. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! It's fixed. WD-40, the miracle solution. How long it will last? I don't know, but for now it's working.
     Cheers, Tom

  • DVD drive problem solved

    I just received a MacBook Pro yesterday as a Christmas gift. Absolutely loved it until last night. I had watched one DVD yesterday after I got it set up without any problems. Then, I decided to watch a DVD last night. Put in a used DVD I had purchased from Blockbuster Video. They had put an additional label on it with a couple of strips that run through it that I am assuming are used to prevent people from stealing them. The DVD drive read the disc fine but it sounded like the label was rubbing against the top of the drive while it was spinning. In fact, it was so loud, I couldn't even hear the audio when the speakers were turned up full blast, so I quit DVD player, ejected the disc and put in another disc to watch. Was very disappointed when the DVD drive wouldn't work at all. Wouldn't spin. Just made this humming sound and eventually ejected the disc. Tried some other discs with the same result.
    Made up my mind to take the computer to an Apple Store today. But not before reading through the posts in this discussion. Found out that there were some firmware updates. Installed them without any success. Read one post that wasn't really related to my problem where one person suggest zapping the PRAM. I figured it was worth a try so I zapped the PRAM. Now the drive works just fine. Even the DVD that originally caused the problem plays in the drive and doesn't make a bit of noise. Odd solution to a very disappointing problem. I really thought I was going to have to have the drive replaced and would be without my MacBook Pro for a short time.

    I'm sorry, I should've edited this post.
    Later I had the idea of going to the bios and checking to see if my hardware was even recognized at first, and it wasn't. It's probably broken. Did you do this? I got to thinking that its rather unlikely that the system would fail to recognize the CD/DVD drive since its needed for the installation, don't you think? It should be very stable.

  • OS 10.4.9 CD/DVD Drive problem

    After the 10.4.9 update the CD/DVD drive no longer recognizes discs.
    DMG files will mount, but don't show up on the desktop. Installer files will run but the disc icon itself is invisible.
    System profiler sees the drive, but discs won't mount. I've fixed permissions, updated prebindings and run maintenance scripts and that didn't help.
    Drive ejects and opens/closes door properly but discs just spin and never mount. I used the drive moments before the update and it worked fine then.

    How about running Disk First Aid repair on your boot volume via Disk Utility when booted from your Tiger install disc which is much more critical and important over repairing disk permissions or any of the other things you have already done?
    Was a Hardware Test CD included with your Mac purchase and if so, have you run the extended tests?
    If the hardware test checks out OK, run Disk First Aid repair (not very disk) and if any problems are reported and successfully repaired, run repair again until no problems are reported.
    Afterwards and if you used Software Update, download the 10.4.9 Combo Update and re-install 10.4.9.

  • DVD Drive problem

    Is it just me or are people having a lot of problems with there DVD Drives.
    I had mine replaced back in April, barely used the drive, went to use it tonight and its ejecting discs again. Surely it can't be gone again.
    Can anyone give me any ideas at all before I bring it back to the shop?
    Anything at all please???
    I use my mac a lot and I really can't be with out it for more then a couple of days and if I can avoided bring it to the shop , that would be great!

    I am a new MAC user and seem to be experiencing the very same issue. I am a photographer and at first i thought my disk where damaged,after throwing many out..i have found that this was not the case..but it seems that my dvd is very tempermental as well...if so many people are experiencing the same issue with the same product why isnt apple supporting them?? it doesnt seem right?? is there a solution to this issue? I tried to call apple care and my computer is just put of warranty (just a year old)and they said they wanted $49 to even answer any of my questions..this does not seem very right?? does any one have a solution that can help ?? is the only solution to get to an apple store and have them replace the drive?? I do have to use this drive in order to store my images..if i cant open them up when i have a client i am in a sense in trouble??? any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • External DVD Drive Problems - Mountain Lion

    I am having problems using external DVD Drives on my 2012 Mac Mini.
    I have tried using 2 plug and play devices that are stared to work with Macs.
    The drive powers up but it does not appear anywhere on the mac. essentially it wont mount.
    the lasest drive I have tried is the Samsung SE - 208
    Please Help!!!

    Connect the drives, launch Disk Utility, and see if they show up. If so, pop in a disc and see if that solves your issue. AFAIK, they won't mount unless there/s a disc inside. If still no go,Zap the PRAM and Reset the SMC, then try again.

  • Flex 2 15 Dvd drive problem

    I have a new Flex 2 & was trying to install software using the DVD drive. The disk won't fit correctly into the drive due to the center spindle being larger than the center hole on the disk. So rather than sitting inside the drive fitting, it sits on top of the spindle & wobbles. I have never seen a problem like this before. What can I do to fix this pr at least work around this? I haven't bought blank dvd's or cd's in a couple of years, but has the size of the dvd opening been increased?
    Go to Solution.

    That really sounds strange. The center hole diameter has not changed since the beginning. Must be something else. Sounds like a case for warranty repair.
    BTW my optical drive makes loud noise but at least it works. In Germany they were not able to replace it due to stock / logistic problems........
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  • Satellite M300 - DVD Drive Problem

    I have a Satellite M300 and when I insert a DVD movie to watch the DVD drive spins and hums but the disk is not read. The drive stays like this and when I try to eject the disk there is no response at all form the computer.
    When I try to eject through windows media player it says the drive is busy, but still nothing happens.
    The drive continues to spin and hum loudly without reading the disk and the only way to stop the disk spinning and to eject the DVD is to restart the computer and eject during load up before the computer tries to read the disk again.
    I am only a novice at notebooks so any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
    Also the computer was purchased in Australia and I am currently living in Germany
    Please reply in English
    Thanks Daniel

    its is a strange problem, it will do it with more so original DVD's, but does happen on occasion with burnt or created disks
    with original disks it might happen a few times then on an off chance the disk will be read and works fine, but more so it is not read

Maybe you are looking for

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