Payment and shipping to Bulgaria?

heya guys, can anyone inform me if I am able to purchase and pay for a laptop considering the fact that I am from Bulgaria ( Europe ). I have a Bulgarian credit card, but when it comes to the actual payment processing page, I cannot enter different billing information than the one of a credit card issued in USA ( I cannot enter a Bulgarian postal code, it only accepts a US zip code ). Any clarifications on this would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry ,  is only for American Customers. It is not able to ship out products to any countries other then the USA. (Security and Customs reasons)
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  • StoreFront : Payment and Shipping group relationships are missing for some orders

    Hi Team,
    In our application, we are able to see relationship between payment and shipping group for some orders. But we are not able to find these relationships for some orders.
    We are verifying in "dcspp_payship_rel" table. We are wondering why this behavior is happening for some orders.
    Could you please suggest to move further ?

    First of all you must ensure that you are properly using transactions when you create/update the orders.
    There are best practices to update the orders in ATG that must be followed to avoid loss of information.
    Like this steps below:
    Acquire a write lock using the ATG lock manager.
    Start the transaction.
    Synchronized on the Order object.
    Update the Order.
    End the synchronization.
    End the transaction.
    Release the lock.
    Here are some links that should help you understand the steps to be followed to make a correct update of an order:
    Oracle ATG Web Commerce - Managing Transactions in Oracle ATG Web Commerce
    Hope it helps you! =)

  • Payment and shipping

    Is Payment can be made by Visa An international?
    Can you ship to the companies redirect?

    No.  If you want to order from the Apple store online then you need both a US credit card and a US shipping address.  They will not ship outside the US, so if you don't have a US credit card, then you'll have to wait and buy the phone in your own country.

  • Changing Country for Payments & Billing and Shipping Info

    Hi, New to this so please go easy on me.
    I am trying to add my payment details, Billing and shipping address etc but I cannot, I live in the UK and it is defaulting to a presumed USA address system and will not let me save my details because of it.
    How do I change the country so I can start purchasing music?
    Many thanks for your help in advance.

    Scroll down to the bottom and see if there is a flag. Click on it (even if it is the UK flag) and select the appropriate country.

  • On ebay, firefox will not respond to "shipping and payment" and "read more" links. no problem using IE.

    when on Ebay and looking at an auction, the links for 'shipping and payment' and 'read more' (in the item specifics block) do not respond. all other links on auction pages work. and they also work using IE. this is the only website that i have this problem with.
    i did a refresh of Firefox, but the problem persists.

    '''Try Firefox Safe Mode''' to see if the problem goes away. [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode|Firefox Safe Mode]] is a troubleshooting mode that temporarily turns off hardware acceleration, resets some settings, and disables add-ons (extensions and themes).
    '''If Firefox is open,''' you can restart in Firefox Safe Mode from the Help menu:
    * Click the menu button [[Image:New Fx Menu]], click Help [[Image:Help-29]] and select ''Restart with Add-ons Disabled''.
    '''If Firefox is not running,''' you can start Firefox in Safe Mode as follows:
    * On Windows: Hold the '''Shift''' key when you open the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
    * On Mac: Hold the '''option''' key while starting Firefox.
    * On Linux: Quit Firefox, go to your Terminal and run ''firefox -safe-mode'' <br>(you may need to specify the Firefox installation path e.g. /usr/lib/firefox)
    When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "Start in Safe Mode".
    '''''If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode''''', your problem is probably caused by an extension, theme, or hardware acceleration. Please follow the steps in the [[Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems]] article to find the cause.
    ''To exit Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.''
    When you figure out what's causing your issues, please let us know. It might help others with the same problem.

  • AR Down Payment and Freight/Additional Charges

    We have several clients that would like the following functionallity:
    When creating and AR Down Payment Invoice form a Sales Order, the Freight/Additional expenses should be populated.
    The fields should be active so users can apply partial payments and the amounts reduce the open balance on the Sales Order appropriately, leaving the Sales Order open for adjustment (i.e. increased frieght charge)
    This function should work as all other marketing documents do, allowing the mentioned fields to be drawn to the AR Down Payment.

    I have a business case example. 
    My client, who only sells to distributors, so no sales tax is charged, has a web site that enables their customers to purchase products and pay for them using a credit card.  Most products are priced to include freight, insurance, and handling charges.  However, if the customer wants the product shipped over night, they can pay an additional freight charge.  The Web site then forwards a sales order to the manufacturing site with the ordered item number and a flat rate shipping charge for over night delivery.  The sales order is created in SAP B1 and since the order has been pre-paid, the special orders representative that manages these orders, creates a down payment invoice and enters a payment for the full amount of the order including the freight charge.  When the actual invoice is created later, it is saved as a draft so that the special orders representative can drawn from the down payment invoice.  But, since only the item price amount can be drawn, the freight charge has to be handled with an internal reconciliation.

  • Report for open and shipped qty

    any standard report to show open and shipped qty by SO no.?
    pls advice. thanks

    Hi jojo
    For list of open orders t.code is VA05
    Incomplete delivery - V_UC 
    Reward if useful
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  • Open orders and Shipped not billed orders

    Hi All,
                     What is the fastest way to calculate the open orders amount and shipped not billed amount for a given customer.
    Venugopal Reddy

    Can u try this option and see if this is increasin your performance.
    For the billing documents ...
    Goto table VBUK and check the fields LFSTK = 'C' " Delivery completed and
                                                            FKSTK NE 'C' . "billing open
    At header level check that GBSTK ne C "over all processing status is open .
    This will yield you the list of open Invoices ..
    You need to bring in the select query with a join on VBRK and VBUK ..
    once u get the list of open invoices  then calculate the open qty from VBRP and VBUP where VBUP-GBSTA ne 'C'.
    here pick the qty from vbrp and sum it up to check the open qty.
    just like this ..
    SELECT vbeln
             INTO TABLE it_billing_h
             FROM vbrkuk                       "VBRKUK is a DB view " VBAK+VBUK
             WHERE vkorg IN so_vkorg
             AND vtweg IN so_vtweg
              AND spart IN so_spart
             AND kunag IN so_kunnr
             AND gbstk NE 'C'.
        IF NOT it_billing_h[] IS INITIAL.
          SELECT c~vbeln
                 c~fkimg      "---->open qty
                 INTO TABLE it_billing_items
                 FROM vbrp AS c JOIN vbup AS d
                 ON dvbeln EQ cvbeln
                 AND dposnr EQ cposnr
                 FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_billing_h
                 WHERE d~vbeln EQ it_billing_h-vbeln
                 AND d~gbsta NE 'C'.
    use control break and sum the qty ..
    hope this helps ,

  • Rolling back of Quick Pay Pre-payment and Quick Pay in case of void cheque

    Hi All
    I am facing an issue if you can help me out of if
    Here is a scenario
    a payroll manager runs the following processes.
    1. Payroll run
    2. Pre-Payments
    3. Payroll Archiver
    4. Payment Output file
    After running all these process payroll manager finds that he also has to make an adhoc payment on account of car loan of AED 150,000.
    So he runs following processes
    1. Quick pay for Car loan
    2. Quick pay pre-payments (payment made through check)
    3. payroll archiver
    4. Cheque Writer.
    Now due to some technical fault, alignment on printing of cheque becomes disturbed there for cheque misprinted.
    Payroll manager runs Void Cheque process to cancel the cheque.
    After all these processes which has run successfully, order comes from upper management to rollback quickpay for adhoc payment of loan.
    Now question is how it can be achieved.
    I tried different things as follows
    On Assignment Process results screen i queried the assignment which all the processes in descending order.
    I tried to start roll back from cheque writer but system didn't allowed to do this because of check Void process.
    I tried to start rollback from Magnetic report, system allowed to roll it back.
    Then i tried to rollback Quick-pay prepayment, system did not allow me be do it. There fore i couldn't run rollback for Quick-pay.
    There is an another thing i tried.
    On "Assignment Process Result" screen i queried assignment. Then i delete the first entry of Void cheque by using delete option from menu bar on top and saved the record. then i delete cheque writer entry and saved the record. Then i run rollback for quick pay pre-payments and ran it successfully and then lastly i ran rollback for quick pay run.
    One thing cautioned me that if I delete the void cheque entry then its history may be lost or have lost and on the other hand with out deleting void cheque i cannot proceed to rollback quick pay.
    Kindly tell me the best way to run rollback for quick pay in this situation.

    Bt do not provide broadband only so you need existing account holder to add broadband to phone account and then you can pay back the account holder - probably not what you want
    the 12 months advance applies to the line rental not the broadband - as I said BT do not sell broadband only you buy a package which includes phone
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  • Calculating WT on Payments and Invoces as well

    Hi all,
    I have configured EWT Codes and Tax Types for Tax, Surchatrge and Ed.Cess  for Payment and invoice separately.
    Tax Type ->Tax Code ->Rate->     Tax Base->     Description
    I1  ->       I1      ->  2     ->Invoice Amount ->WT Cont Inv
    I2->     I2->     10->     Tax->   Surcharge on WT for Contractors Inv
    I3->     I3->     2->     Tax + Surcharge     ->Ed Cess on WT for Contractors Inv
    P1->     P1->     2->     Invoice Amount->      WT for Contractors Pmt
    P2->     P2->     10->     Tax->     Surcharge on WT for Contractors Pmt
    P3->     P3->     2     ->Tax + Surcharge->     Ed Cess on WT for Contractors Pmt
    I have populated the whole in the vendor master. when posting an invoice I am able to get the Tax calculated based on invoice type codes, and when I am processing automatic pmt program, Tax is again calculated as above
    Can any one guide , why this is occuring?

    We can change the withholding tax type in the vendor master record before making the any transaction such like down payment to vendor.
    As per Indian Law, TDS has to be deducted either on the date of invoice get credited or payment date whichever is earlier.
    So, if u have assign invoice withholding tax type in vendor master record and u r making down payment to vendor and u want to deduct withholding tax then First u have to change vendor master record in withholding tax type from invoice to payment type.
    If any clarification is required my email id [email protected]

  • Calculation of open orders and shipped not billed orders amount

    Hi All,
    I have  a  requirement to arrive at the values of ‘Open Order’ and ‘Shipped not billed  ’ . 
    This is an interface program and the output will be sent to a target server.
    Input :  Company code,  Customer Code , Document date.
    Output Fields are:
    Customer Code
    Sum of all open orders value
    Sum of all shipped not billed orders  value
    To give an example
    A Customer has 50  orders and  the number of line items are  200 .
    Overall  order amount for 200 line items is 10,000.
    70 line items have been delivered (amounting to 5,000) and
    30 line items among the 70 delivered have been invoiced. (amounting to 3,000).
    I need to know the best way to get to:
    (1) Total "Open order" amount for the customer which is 5,000 in this example.
    (2) Total "Shipped not billed" amount for the customer which is 2,000 in this example.
    (3) Total "Invoiced" amount for the customer which is 3,000 in this example.
    We are looking for the tables to access and the sequence of access
    Since the interface is to be executed more than once in a day ,
    the execution time should be optimum
    Please suggest

    check table VBUK
    GBSTK ne 'C'      "over all processing status
    and FKSTK ne 'C'  "open billing orders
    at header level
    for item level check
    Vbup tbale
    make a join on Vbrk and VBuk in the where condition in addition to the selection criteria add the above two conditions and check the same.
    once you have all the open orders enable the items and do the subtotalling and grand total on the item loop.

  • Display Totally paid items(cleared items), partial payments and residual pa

    Hi Experts,
    I am working on one requirement,
    Requirement: Display Totally paid items(cleared items), partial payments and residual payments.
    I am fetching data from BSAD table for Totally paid items, but I want to understand what are the fields to check when fetching data.
    Partial payments: Please let me know the logic to get data for partial payments from BSID table.
    Residual payments: what are the tables to check for residual payments and the logic.
    What are the fields that i have check and what are the fields that I have to check and get.?
    Please let me know what ever you know about this.

    All types of Payments  either Totally paid items(cleared items) or  partial payments and residual payments the Document Number serious will b same.   Try to  extract by  Filtering Assignment Field .

  • A/R invoice+payment and A/R invoice PLD reports

    We are using PLD to generate our reports. Our A/R Invoice+payment report is different from our AR invoice. We have designed to report formats for this in PLD. However, PLD allows to preview only one report that has been made default. Is there an option that we can use to select the type of report to print especially for these reports?

    I don't think there is any alternative way beside selecting PLD everytime you print the layout .
    I believe it is done by same person (both A/R+ payment and A/R invoice )
    If not you can do :
    1. make your PLD  default  by user  or
    2. In most cases ,only few customer pays right away , you can set PLD default by Business partner or customer who does that
    Hope this helps

  • HT2534 When i go to review my apple ID it doesnt have a none selection for payment and it wont let me go on what do i do?

    I had to make a new ID because the old one I have had for years now was not working. So I made a new one under the same e-mail and it said it was not in use. When I go to review it I go through all the steps until I get to the payment and then there is not a none selection for payment.

    Thats how mine is acting right now. I went to an apple store today and they couldnt help me with it. did u end up getting it to work??

  • IS there a way to load and purchase different photos from iPhoto and ship them at the same time? the only way that I can find is to purchase each photo (or multiple of one) at a time, which increases the cost of shipping, as I want to get one print of 20

    Is there a way to order multiple different prints in any quantity from Iphoto? it appears currently like I would have to ship each separately, even if only one print... is there a way around this so I can can get several DIFFERENT prints of any quantity and ship all at the same time?

    Sure - easiest way is to make an album for photos you want to order and drag photos to it - when it is complete open the album, select all and order

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I am having a strange problem with a JSF-application. I am using jdk 1.3.1 (13), Tomcat 5.0.28 and the Sun JSF-Ref. implementation. On my dev-environment all is well. On the system-test environment of the customer, Tomcat would not initialize the

  • Getting my music

    Hello, I recently had to reformat my hd. Because of that, I had to reinstall everything including Itunes. How do I get Itunes to import or consolidate (or whatever you call it) all my music I backed up on another hd. I tried going to file/library/org

  • Keynote ios8 inserting wrong images in slides

    My students are tapping an image to insert and it inserts the image next to it. What can be done to fix this?

  • Turning the optical light on

    I've seen lots of people post about the optical out light coming on accidentally, and I'm looking for a way to turn it on. I often find myself plugging headphones or audio cable into that port in the dark, and I'd like to be able to turn the optical

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    Mayank Gupta from FrameMaker Engineering has posted an article on the new Folders and Groups in FM9's books and how these behave using numbering in FM9. See: