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What are the areas in SAP SD where we have some reletion of credit card?

Hi Friend,
There are many places where we have the credit card relevent in SAP SD such as:
01. When you create a sales order, you can enter credit card data manually, or copy it from the payer master record. You can enter one card in the sales order overview screen. You are able to enter multiple cards, or multiple authorizations on one card, in the payment card plan in the sales order header. The system automatically authorizes the sales order when you save it.
02. At a later time, you create the delivery. The authorization may have expired in the meantime, so the system checks to ensure that it is still valid. If the authorization is no longer valid, the system tells you to reinitiate authorization in the sales order. You complete and save the delivery.
03. When all the items are picked, packed, and goods issue is posted, you create a billing document. Here, payment card data is copied from the sales order, or uploaded directly into the billing document from an external system, as in the case of point of sale. The system uses the authorizations in the payment card plan to calculate billing amounts. You process the billing document and release it to Financial Accounting.

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  • Billing document not cleared when processing Payment cards in Sales order

    I am having an issue with Payment card processing (credit card). We are using SAP R/3 4.7. When I use manual authorization, the status of billing document still shows "A" incomplete. The status shows authorization successful but not settled in billing document.The accounting document when billed shows not cleared.We are not using any interface for credit processing. The authorization check is done outside of the system manually. We are planning to use manual authorization for all such transactions. I am not sure if any specific config is to be done or am I misssing something.
    Any inputs in this regard would highly be appreciated.

    Hello Sanjay,
    Please also check to see if the field VBAP-ABFOR is filled for the line item (This is the Form of payment guarantee). Without this field filled the billing does not know that the item will be covered by payment cards.
    VBAP-ABGES (Guaranteed (factor between 0 and 1)) should also be filled with 1.
    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Ian Kehoe

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  • Payment card details not replicated from CRM to ECC

    We are creating BP in CRM which replicates into ECC. In BP, we are maintaining Payment cards. But, while replicating to ECC, this Payment card details are not replicating to ECC.
    The data is present in the BDoc.
    Please help!!

    Hi Debolina,
    Can you please share the solution. I have the similar requirement.

  • Unable to update payment cards data through ORDERS05 in va02

    Hi all,
    I noticed one thing that in IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS (ie creation of sales order)  we have a bdcdata populated for payment cards (for header in VA01) .But when we are changing sales order by IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG (change sales order VA02) we have no bdcdata populated for updating payment cards ( like CCNUM ) though we are passing these details through IDOC.
    Can anyone tell me why bdcdata through idoc posting is getting populated in VA01 but not through VA02 . We can change payment card dara manually in VA02  why cant we achieve the same through idoc.
    Please help me as updating payment card data through idoc in VA02 is my requirement .
    Do i need to populate it by writing code in an exit in IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards

    Can you please let me know the segment in ORDERS05 Idoc to process the Payment card information and if the standard Function Module can handle the creation of a Sales Order with data for Payment Card.
    We have a requirement to map the Tokenized Number of the Credit Card send from a store front end to ECC mapping via SAP-PI.
    Thanks in Advance,

  • ERP_H Component is not having Payment Card funtionality in CRM 7.0 Web UI

    Hi Experts,
    In ECC 6.0 while creating sales order in header we have "Payment Card" tab which can be used to enter credit card details and some authorization functionlity.  But this functionality is not available in ERP_H component. 
    I hope the Payment Card functionality should be already available in SAP.  Please advice which component is holding Payment Card details and how to update the Payment card details through Web UI to ECC.
    Thanks and Regards,

    you are right, this information is not yet there in ERP_H.
    ERP_H component works with ERP data in background, where the functionality of payment cards is available.
    You could programm your own assignmentblock and add it to the usage of ERP_H.
    Or you could raise an OSS message and describe that you can´t use ERP_H without payment card functionality.
    Hopefully SAP will add the important missing options from SD order soon to ERP_H component.
    Kind regards

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    Thanks for listening,

  • Payment cards

    PAYMENT CARDS every time i order one the order dissapears and i dont recieve it .direct debit is not easy for us i have to keep altering the payment date to often ,i was told that a payment card was the best option for me .is there somthing wrong with bts order system as it fails regular on all sorts of orders ?i ordered another card this morning the order look fine then 30 mins later it tell me it isnt there ?

    If you would like to try Live Chat they should be able to help you.
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  • Payment Card Order completely invoiced but in the order is still showing Overall Status as Blocked

    Payment Card Order completely invoiced but in the order is still showing Overall Status as Blocked

    Share the screen shot of payment card tab from that sale order.  Also what values are flowing in Status tab.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Payment card security code?

    payment card security code?

    It's asking for the 3 digit number on the back of your credit card BUT if your card has a negative balance, it'll keep asking for the code until you have funds available on your card or you enter a new credit card. 
    NOTE:  It'll do this even if you're trying to download a free app.
    A few years ago, you could download as much apps as you wanted even if you didn't have the funds.  It would realize your card was declined after a few days and then block you from purchasing apps until you entered a card with the funds to pay them for your purchases.  Now it's different.

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    PAyment card not working

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    1. Do you have the recovery (third) partition, which contains the image file?
    2. Do you have recovery discs that accompanied the computer when it was new?
    3. Can you show me what's in this folder? I want to know files and the dates. Attach a picture.
    4. Can you reach the Windows recovery environment?
       How to launch the Windows Recovery Environment

  • Payment card error

    Hi Everyone,
    We have three open payments in the sales order; 10.00 on a gift card, and 20.00 and 100.00 on Visa. released the billing document to accounting so that it would utilize the payments.  The total of the billing document is 25.25. 
    What should happen is that the Gift Card should be used first, which it was and then the 15.25should be utilized from the 20.00 visa card leaving the 195.29 open for future use as that is the balance on the order to be shipped.  If we look at the u201CSettled in Billingu201D section, we notice that the 15.25 utilized the 100.00 payment instead.
    I think it is still looking at the total value of the billing document when it looks for its next payment to utilize instead of the balance it really needs.  Since it still is looking for something >= 25.25, it utilizes the 100.00 in error.
    Any help is greatly appreciated,

    We can use more than one credit card in one sales order. order amount will be split between payment cards.
    IMG>Sales and Distribution>Billing>Payment Cards>Maintain Card Categories>Maintain Card Categories
    deselect the field one card per transaction.

  • Payment cards - third party products

    Dear All,
    I am looking for some third party companies to use payment cards in SAP.
    We want to use the authorization and settlement functions using RFCs or other communication methods.
    Any ideas?

    please explain document flow in sap

  • Payment card retrieved from customer master?

    hi gurus,
    i am using payment card processing. i want to know why i can only manually input card type and no in sales order although i have maintained the information in customer master. can anyone kindly tell me how can i set to enable auto retrieving card type and no from cutomer master into sales order? thanks a lot.

    Hi Daniel,
    i guess you havent missed any config and the payment card details wont copy to sales order by default. I am also working payment cards. Reason why it isnt set in config is, we may want to input a different card number at the time of sales order / or want to use two cards to authorize a sales order / or if one of the cards has expired or invalid then i want to input a second card info.
    Still if you want to pull in the info from customer master you may check with userexit_field_modification.
    let me know if you have more queries on payment cards.
    sadhu kishore

  • Custom screen for Payment card information in Sales Order

    Hi All,
    I want to know if its possible to develop a custom screen to accept multiple payment card information in Additional data tab and save it in normal payment card information at the time of saving sales order. This sounds little

    Hi Nilesh,
    Please, see SAP Note 914603 - FAQ/Collective note for payment cards (Consulting/modif). Here you have the relevant notes related with this topic, so, in point 4, the note says:
    4. Payment cards in the order (with billing plan)
    - 914811 FAQ: Authorisation Problems - Why?
    - 915193 No authorization in the order
    - 313416 Installment plan payment with payment cards
    - 361790 No Authorization or only pre-authorization executed
    - 701569 Incorrect value to be authorized in the order
    I hope this helps you

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