Payment Run Not Posted to Vendor.

Hi Experts,
We are facing Issue with payment Run, User has run the payement run but he is unable complete the Payment Run & his status is " Payment proposal has been created".I checked with user & found that there is somewhere another payment programme that hasn't been completed.
Because of this uncompleted Payment run the Vendors got block & user is unable to Run the new payment run for these vendors.
Can you please Guide me How can we Overcome this issue.

Hi Kapil,
1st you need to find out the old proposal run which was failed, you can get it from REGUS table if you know the vednor no , you also get this informatin from Regup table, in this table there will be two lines one for clearing doucument & other one for proposal run. where ever you will find only proposal run. take the date go to F110, delete the proposal by going to edit
Once above is done then delete the latest proposal whihc was filed by going through F110. after completeing both steps now you can able to complete payment run..still if you face any issue. share log. it will help to understand more........
Hope this will help..

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  • Payment Run not posting to the Vendor

    I have created a payment proposal which shows one payment processed. But for some reason it is not being posted to the vendor account.
    Am I missing some step? After creating the payment proposal, I had scheduled the payment run and run it in SM37.

    Steps to be followed in the payment program
    - Enter parameters
    - Schedule a proposal : Once you schedule a proposal if everything is correct then it will give you a message posting orders generated and posting orders completed. At this stage, yuour vendor account gets posted and a payment doc is created.
    If there are any errors it will throow as an exception and you can edit your proposal accordingly
    - Schedule a print - At this stage, the print program gets trigerred wit the variant selected.
    This is the rpocess for an APP
    Hope this clarifies your doubt. Assign points as a way to say thanks

  • Automatic Payment program: Payment method not defined for vendor abroad

    Hi All,
    I have a situation wherein the client has a company code in Poland . The Company code is trying to make a payment via f110 to a vendor based in sweden. The vendor wants payment to the invoice to be made in Polish Currency i.e. it wants clearing to be done in Company codes local currency.
    But F110 is throwing the error Payment method not defined for vendor abroad. Can you suggest what could be the possible Error.

    Have you followed the above advice, i.e. used the same medium format just allowing foreign payments for it?
    AFAIK, the Poland banks require a separate format for foreign payments, if only because international bank nbr SWIFT has to also be given and not just the IBAN.
    At my company, the Deutsche Bank Poland requested IDocs to be set up instead, I'm working on it now..

  • Runs not Posting to a Challenge (help)

    Has anyone had a problem with runs not posting to a challenge. We are seeing this in our Challenge which started today.
    Any suggestions?

    Our challenges for friends and myself aren't working either. Do you have to wait until everyone, who's invited, accepts before everyone can start? Nothing on Nike+ gives you any info on this.
    Bummer, because I had good speed times in some extreme heat yesterday that now went for not. Sure I can see them in my runs, but there's no way to share among friends. Hope that becomes an option to accept buddies and see each others stats, not just in the challenge your in with them.

  • Payment method not defaulting from Vendor master data

    Hi All
    I am running F110 payment run. In the Payment proposal SAP  is not pulling payment method from vendor master data for some invoice. we have like two payment methods , Sap is defaulting payment method for one type of payment method and not defaulting for the other...What could be the possible reasons?( for both the invoices We are not maintaining any payment method)

    In F110 if payment methods are different from vendor master data and payment methods mentioned in parameters tab it will take payment methods from parameters tab, so that you have to give both payment methods in parameters tab so that it will consider both.

  • Payment run not able to delete.

    Dear Sir,
                In F110 identification 3012
    Parameters have been entered
    Payment proposal has been created
    Payment run could not be carried out
    So Now when I am trying to delete the payments run from the menu path, it is givig error
    "You ar enot authorized to use this function for vendors"
    Message no. F0062
    There is one more incomplete identification 3010 having same staus and having same vendors, so I tried to delete that but getting same errors.
    Please suggest me what I have to do in this regard? in there any program there by which I can find the identification in SE38.

    Hi Abhishek
    As per the system message, system didn't carried out the payment run.  it means, you cannot delete the payment also, cause, it is not at all created by the system.
    first point is, your payment proposal may not be correct hence payment nun also not carried out.
    As you mentioned, same vendor is used in previous identification,  SAP system do not permit to use one venodr at multiple payment proposals at a time.  Either you complete the payment run or delete the payment proposal.
    At above case,  first you check, whether system is considering the vendor for payment or not.  if your proposal is correct and giviing all results, then payment run will also go correctly. 
    your vendor is blocked at first payment proposasl which you created previously,  delete that first and you can use in a new payment propsal/run
    Please try this..
    S. Habib Pasha.


    Hi Everyone,
    We use the APP functionality to pay customers credit memo. so when running F110, we indicate the credit memo document number in the further selection criteria in F110. It has always been working fine, but some customer that we have paid before, we ran F110 and it cleared some documents but did not clear the others. The line item is sitting in the customers account correctly and the payment terms is the one we have always used (2% 15 days net 30days).
    What do you think i can check againg

    hi Adeola,
    See for running the F110 the payment must be overdue then only can able to run the APP run.
    As you have mentioned in ur seetings only that the payment terms is set for 30 days.
    As this payments is not yet overdue.
    If you Run after 30 days then you can run the Payment run.
    Please let me know, is this helpfull to u.....

  • Automatic Payment Run (F110) posting key setting

    I would appreciate very much if someone could advice me about the posting key setting for Automatic Payment Run (F110).  Where is the config done?

    Hi Vani,
    I am of the view that the solution to this issue would be :-
    Moving  to  transaction FBKP.
    Posting Key Allocating/checking.
    Defination of each posting key and it field status
    Vivek Sahni

  • Payment Run Not Printing Check. No Spool Created.

    Hi Gurus,
    We did a payment run and it generated a spool at 1st and it was at "waiting status" which is strange because when we do this, it prints immediately.
    So, then the spool disappeared and no checks was printed. We tried to reprint it and no spool was created and nothing came up.
    We check the printer and no job was waiting. We checked the windows side, and no job was waiting as well.
    We we go to SP01, the spool is not listed there.
    There has been no significant changes in the system. We ran payment run we days ago and it worked fine.
    This is strange.
    Does anyone has a solution?

    Go to FCHD and enter your Run Date and Run ID and delete the check information from the Payment documents.
    This will allow you to run Print program once again and a new spool will get generated. There will be no difference in your status but you will be able to print the cheque.
    But please remember, if you have already executed payment runs after this one, then it will not allow you to execute FCHD.
    For why the spool was not printed immediately, check the Variant whether print immediately is ticked or not besides the printer that you have chosen.

  • Deleting / Canceling Payment Run after posting done

    Hello Friends,
    We are executed all the steps in the payment run with a payment method which has wrong payment medium,
    postings are done and payment medium file is generated, now we have created a new payment method with correct payment medium.
    We want to now to generate the payment medium for the same open items for which we have already run the payment run.
    If already executed payment run can be canceled / deleted, we can run again with new payment method with correct payment medium.
    Please advise on the way to get out of this issue.
    Thanks in Advance.

    There is no reversal of payment run.
    You need to reverse the payment documents manually through FBRA
    then again re-run your F110.

  • Payment Terms not copied from Vendor Master to PO

    PO was created for a Vendor and Vendor master has the correct payment terms but they did not get copied to the PO. 

    Hi Megha,
    Did you maintain the payment terms in the Purchasing area of the vendor?
    SAP says
    Master records have separate areas for Financial Accounting, Sales, and Purchasing. You can specify different terms of payment keys in each of these areas. When you then enter a business transaction, the application in question will use the key specified in its area of the master record.

  • Depreciation run not posted for 2006/2007 and 2008.

    I have a situation where depreciation has not been posted for 2006,2007 and 2008.
    Now since there are 2 fiscal years already open the system does not allow to post to the 2008. since only 2 fiscal years can be open at a time.
    Old periods cannot be opened to post depreciation.
    I feel the only way out is to assign a new depreciation area?
    Is it possible to change the Chart of Depreciation or active (posted to) depreciation area?
    Any suggestions.

    If your 2007 is open then post the depreciation thru AFAB with unplanned posting run, after completing it you can close the periods & open 2008
    Hope this solves your issue

  • IHC Payment Order not posted

    I have been unable to post Payment Order (Manual or through IDOC). The error message doesn't give any relevant information. Can you please let me know what can possible go wrong? I have checked configuration and partner profile settings and both looks fine. Your help will be highly appreciated.

    You are missing below configuration.
    Path - In-House Cash > Account Management > Payment Processes in In-House Cash >
    Define Transaction Type for Automatic Payments
    Naresh Garla

  • Payment run  - should not clear the open item but should post payment doc

    Hi Gurus,
    Can you please help me , on how to acheive like when payment run F110 post the payment doc it should not close the open item rather keep that open item as open item , but hsould be be paid by payment doc posted through payment run F110.
    Have any one of you had similar requirement ..? FICO gurus help me to acheiev this .. any exit /BADI ..or ideas..
    Appreciate your help in advance

    HI ,
    Thanks for your reply , but still I am not clear on that.
    reason they want to keep this open to be kept as open item , so that item will be picked up by dunning run ..
    Basically  the open invoice is being cleared by payment doc which was generated by payment run. If we look at BSEG in the open item record BSEG-AUGBL = will have the clearing doc number , and in addition to that BSEG will have created another record for the clearing doc as well .
    May be since open invoice record is being updated with clearing doc (AUGBL ) , I belive its not shown up as open item .
    Somehow this item should be kept as open item ... that is the req and also paid item payment reference should be transfered to Bill of exchange as well.
    Hope you have clear background of my req...
    Tnanks in advance ,

  • Eliminate vendor in payment run

    Dear Experts,
    We are placing workflow in f110 between edit proposal and payment run. the purpose is that the workflow goes to manager and he can approve and reject vendors for payment. After Manager reject one vendor we have set payment block in FB02 for the relavent documents.
    Now the problem is payment run is posting documents for all vendors inspite of payment block in fb02 after rejection. APP works on changes in document after deleting and recreating proposal. Now kindly help me to eliminate the rejected vendors in payment run after approval.
    Best Regards,

    I got in SDN that BTE 1830 will be the right choice to use in my case to exclude the vendor in payment run. I tried this with my abaper but unable to call. We set break point in pament run but it is not stoping anywhere. Any suggestions to set break point and make it sucessful?

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