Payment Term for 1st of the Quarter

Need a new a payment term which should be due on 1st of the quarter. Our Fiscal year yr starts from Jan to Dec.
If I raise invoice  in Sep 16th,2010, Due date should be 1st of Oct 2010
If I raise invoice in Oct 20th, 2010, Due date should be 1st Jan 2011.
How to configure the Payment term ?

Hi Pratap,
Case I  If I raise invoice in Sep 16th,2010, Due date should be 1st of Oct 2010
Payment Terms - ZV001
Day Limit - 16
Fixed day - 1
Additional month - 1
Then once again go for new entry and provide the details as
Case II - If I raise invoice in Oct 20th, 2010, Due date should be 1st Jan 2011.
Payment Terms - ZV001
Day Limit - 31
Fixed day - 01
Additional month - 3
You need to apply enhancement in FI substitution, where program logic update above payment terms based on quarter in the document line item.

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  • How to Create payment term for -Net Due 1st Day of Second Month Following

    We need to add a payment term for "Net Due 1st Day of Second Month Following Delivery". We need this to be in the system as soon as possible as we just were told of a change in terms for our client effective May 1st.
    Kindly advice me how to select the dates in OBB8?

    Hi Supriya,
    In OBB8, create a new payment term with the following settings -
    Default for baseline date = No default
    Payment terms/Term 1/Fixed date = 1
    Payment terms/Term 1/Additional months = 2
    This payment term will ask you for a baseline date on document entry. You can give the delivery date as the baseline date. If required, this date can be changed after posting the document also.
    Hope this helps.

  • FB10 - Default payment term for Credit memo

    I have question regarding the Payment terms in FB10- Credit memo entry (KG).
    You must be aware that when we use F-43 or FB60 for posting Vendor Invoices (Document type KR), the payment terms on the screen will be "*", which means it should be picked up from the Master data. Similarly for posting Vendor Credit Memos (Doc type KG) using F-41 or FB65, the payment terms field is blank, which means 'Immediate payment'.
    In case of FB10, Fast entry transaction code for both Vendor Invoice and Vendor Credit memo, the Payment terms for KR document is *. But for doc type KG (Credit memo), payment terms field is not blank. Instead, it is shown as *. Why is it? How can we make this blank for KG document postings. Please advise. Kindly revert in case you have any questions.

    Please check the note 17410 for explanation.
    Ravinagh Boni

  • How can we block, a particular payment term for a particular vendor.

    Dear Experts,
    How can we block, a particular payment term for a particular vendor.

    Hi Chandra,
    If you want to block payment term for "particular vendor" then you need to define a validation rule.
    As per my understanding, the link provided by Owen will block term for all vendors.
    Ankit K. Agarwal

  • Payment terms for a particular sales order

    Dear Gurus,
      I want to trigger a particular payment term for a particular sales document type.
    i.e., when i create a sales order with this particular sales document type the desired payment term should be copied into sales order by default. Is this possible.. please suggest.

    Dear Suri
    As you would be aware, by default, Payment Term will flow in sale order from customer master.  However, if you want to have a different payment term to flow automatically, then you have try with any of the following user exits.
    User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_READ_DOCUMENT
    User-Exits in program MV45AFZB - USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAK
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Payment term for Customer

    Single Invoice has been raised with staggerred payment terms. For Ex: Invoice value is 100 Customer will be making payment in three equal instalments. (100/3)
    Currently in system we have configured single payment term. when we run the ageing report total value appear under one ageing buket.
    Can any one explain how to configure in system.

    Through Installment Payment term you can do this,
    For eg. In 5 Installment if you want to made for payment.
    1, Create the 5 Payment Terms u2013 OBB8
    Z001 - Customer / Vendor / Fixed Day (15th of Every Month) / Addition Month u2013 1 / Document Date / No Discount % and Due date details
    Z002 - Customer / Vendor / Fixed Day (15th of Every Month) / Addition Month u2013 2 / Document Date / No Discount % and Due date details
    Z003 - Customer / Vendor / Fixed Day (15th of Every Month) / Addition Month u2013 3 / Document Date / No Discount % and Due date details
    Z004 - Customer / Vendor / Fixed Day (15th of Every Month) / Addition Month u2013 4 / Document Date / No Discount % and Due date details
    Z005 - Customer / Vendor / Fixed Day (15th of Every Month) / Addition Month u2013 5 / Document Date / No Discount % and Due date details
    2, Create Parental Payment Term u2013 ZINS u2013 OBB8
    ZINS- Customer / Vendor / Document Date / Installment Payment
    3, Make a Link to the Payment Terms to Parental Payment Term u2013 OBB9
    Pmt Term     Inst     Percentage     Pmt Term
    ZINS          1     20          Z001
    ZINS          2     20          Z002
    ZINS          3     20          Z003
    ZINS          4     20          Z004
    ZINS          5     20          Z005
    4, Maintain the Payment Term ZINS in Customer Master - FD02
    5, Now you can do the Invoice (F-22 / FB70)
    6, Check the Open Item with the Due Dates u2013 FBL5N
    Sridhar Sha

  • Payment Terms - Only specify sales text for payment terms for customers !

    What is wrong with the format in the attached screen shot ?
    Do I have to Choose Customer & Vendor ?

    Hi Emad,
    This error “Only specify sales text for payment terms for customers" appears because this payment term is not applicable for customer. There are two choices either to delete the description text and make the payment term applicable only to vendor,However if you want to keep the description text, then make payment term applicable to customer as well by tick mark.

  • Payment Term for advance payment

    Can we configure a payment term for advance payment thro OBB8. it says that customer needs to pay us in advance.
    If yes, how do we configure this.

    the accounting document is created after a delivery for a customer invoice via billing.
    i believe there is an option in SD where you have an extra tab for payment. Once the payment has been received, i.e. entered into the sales order, the delivery can be made.
    This should work for your process, however best to speak to a SD consultant to get the full picture.
    Hope this helps, assign points and mark thread as answered if it does!!!

  • Unable to change payment terms for BP

    I have a system where on the business partner master if we change the payment terms for a business partner the price list is also changing which we do not want it too. Is there a way to stop this from happening?
    An example is:- The business partner's payment terms = 30 days with a price list called 'Distributor'
    After changing the payment terms it changed the price list 'End User'
    And if we change the payment terms back to 30 days it changed the price list again but to another called 'GN Purchase Price GBP'
    I look forward to receiving your advise.

    Noticed afterwards that there is a Price List option within the payment terms screen. This is what's causing them to change.

  • Payment terms for different products from a single vendor

    Hi Pundits,
    Our client has a requirement to assign different payment terms for different products. Each product he buys from his vendor has it's own payment terms. He wants us to customize in such a way that when he/user enters the invoice, not only the vendor number is shown along with the product name but also the payment terms for that particular product are calculated.
    I know that only one payment term can be assigned in the vendor master data. Is there anyway to get around this?
    Creating the same vendor multiple times and assign payment terms looks a possible option but that looks quite hectic cause he has close to 1000 payment terms.

    Taurian, thank you for that suggestion!
    I can maintain as many existing payment terms as the client has with his vendors and let him choose the payment terms at the time of invoice entry.
    The only problem is that he might have to change it according to the current market rates for that product. So maintaining any payment term is of little use.
    Edited by: Dummy_Variable on Aug 16, 2011 8:26 AM

  • Payment terms for Customer Invoice with a credit line item

    Hi all,
    We have a business scenario where we create customer invoices on a weekly basis. The payment terms for these items are a certain payment discount if paid within 365 days. Included in these invoices are credit items which relate to refunds that are due to the customer.
    Below is a scenario for Customer XXXX:
    Invoice 1 Baseline date 12.01.2007
    Invoice 2 Baseline date 08.02.2008
    Invoice 3 Baseline date 15.02.2008
    I have set up a payment run for this customer to direct debit their items. In my scenario I only want to pick up the first two invoices.
    Therefore I set up the payment run to pick up those items which are due up to 09.02.2009, setting the next payment run posting date to 10.02.2009. I would expect the system to pick up only the first two invoices.
    What the system does is that it pays/collects the first two invoices in total, but then selects only the credit items of invoice 3. I would expect it to ignore Invoice 3 altogether.
    In another example if I had the same invoices, but invoice 3 did not have any credit items involved, then it does ignore invoice 3 as
    I need to understand why for the credit items within a customer invoice are treated differently in relation to payment terms.

    In the customer master assign a different credit memo term than the payment term.
    Try changing the credit memo term for 3rd Invoice as such it do not fall in your selection criteria.

  • Payment terms for Invoice plan

    Hello All,
    I've a Partial Invoicing plan for my equipment purchase. The first milestone payment is along with Purchase order. Means need to pay immediatly.
    My PO is having payment terms - Payment 90days after end invoice month. This payment term is ok for all milestone payments. But for the first one, I need to pay immediatly.
    Is it possible to have different payment terms / bye pass payment terms for the first milestone?
    I don't want to use downpayment option for this.

    Hello.. Thanks for your feedback.
    But in IV, normally due date is calculated from baseline date. Base line date will be defined by IV creation/posting date (Based on IMG setting). So by making the START Date for invoice Plan as Past Date will not work.

  • Payment Terms for Customer

    Hi Guys
    We have few payment terms for our company. Now we want to restrict payment terms based on the customer number
    For example Payment term Z0001 for customer group 001 .....
    Is it possible to restrict by doing some configuration
    The next is we want to block few payment terms. Is it possible to block a payment terms
    Warm Regards

    The payment block is fine, i can either add a new payment block reason or i can assign the existing block reason and i can proceed
    But what ever you have said will not control my user with the solution we have give, then the system will run if my user did things on correct process
    I suppose we can do a validation, for this customer group this payment terms are allowed.
    Something like that.
    Hope it will work, can you put your valid suggestion
    So at any point of time, it cannot be done by any standard configuration - hope iam right
    Warm Regards

  • Maintaining payment terms for Installment payments

    Kindly let me know how to create payement term record for more than 4 installments.
    As in STD. 3 installments we can maintain.
    But how more than 4??????
    Thanks in advance;

    Hi Avinash,
    you can use T. code OBB8 & OBB9 to create payment terms for installment planning.
    1. Create Payment terms in OBB8 and Assign the payment terms created in OBB9.
    2. I don't think there is any restriction on number payment terms you can create and assign. You can create and assign as many to meet your requirement.
    Hope this helps you....

  • PO payment term for freight condition separate from payment term in header

    In the PO header we have payment term BB30 (30 days end of month).
    they are written in the tab 'delivery/invoice'.
    On item level, we have maintained a freight condition in the tab 'conditions'. With the magnifying loop we have maintained the condition details. So we have assigned that condition to a separate vendor (the carrier) and now we want to choose a different payment term for this vendor which is not the payment term in the header of the PO.
    Is that possible? How?

    Maintain desired payment term in vendor master for transporter vendor.
    In MIRO, system will pick payment term while doing 'Planned delivery cost' for that vendor.

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