Payroll Journal Header Form

Hi all,
I have a question regarding US Payroll Journal (RPCLJNU0) .
By using the standard the UJT1 header form I have created a custom form for my client in pe51
When I execute the form the Payroll area shows up as an astrick ( *) instead of displaying the payroll area the PERNRs belong to in the HEader of the form.
Eg: Payroll Area:  *
I have picked the Payroll area from VERSC - ABKRS.
Is there any additional config  I have to do for the payroll area to be displayed.
Any input will be greatly appretiated.
Thanks a ton in advance.

Take the help of your ABAPer and check the Form you are using.

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    Does any body knows how could I add/modify values in the INVOICE SUB-TYPE field at the Invoice Header Forms?. This values are related to the Globalization, in this case for the Chilean Localizations.
    Alejandro R.

    It gives any error or just does nothing?
    Have you tried making another simple form with just one block and one or two items?
    You can do this type of testing in these conditions.
    Which version of forms are you using?

  • AP to GL Transfer: How to have a custom Journal Header name in GL.

    Does any one know how to have a custom Journal Header name while transferring the Journals from AP to GL?
    Assume that I am transferring the Journals which belongs to a Single Invoice from AP to GL. When these Journals are transferred from AP to GL, Oracle will create a Journal Header with the default naming convention. The Oracle generated Header name will be as shown below.
    *123456 Purchase Invoices USD*. Where 123456 is AE_HEADER_ID and USD is the Invoice Currency code.
    Our requirement is, we want the Journal Header name something like *"Hello World"+TIMESTAMP*, where TIMESTAMP is the date when the user has ran the AP to GL transfer program.
    I know that when building the AAD(Application Accounting Definition) we can define the Journal Header descriptions and Journal Lines descriptions. But, I did not see any setup option to have the custom Journal Header name in GL.
    Any suggestions on this issue are highly appreciated.
    Advanced Thanks,

    Hi Lokesh,
    The best way to have a custom journal header name is using hook package.
    When data move from XLA to GL, every time it creates a new dynamic table as GL_INTERFACE table but the name is different (XLA_GLT_XXXXX).
    This table information stores in 'gl_interface_control' table but after use the record has deleted from 'gl_interface_control'.
    So we can't see table information after finishing create accounting program.
    What the modification you will made in this table it will affect GL base table. So to made custom journal header name, we need to change Reference4 column of dynamic table.
    Here is the code to get the table name and through procedure you can update the Reference4 column.
    FUNCTION pre_module_hook(run_id IN NUMBER,
                   errbuf IN OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN IS
    chr_errbuf varchar2(50);
    chr_retcode varchar2(50);
    l_interface_Table_name varchar2(2000);
         SELECT interface_table_name
    into l_interface_Table_name
    FROM gl_interface_control
    WHERE interface_run_id = run_id;
    xxdb_gl_icaccntgdist_pkg.gl_int_jrnl_update (chr_errbuf,chr_retcode,l_interface_Table_name);
    END pre_module_hook;
    Make these changes in GL_IMPORT_HOOK_PKG.pre_module_hook function.
    You can make the changes through calling procedure using dynamic query under the function pre_module_hook.
    Gaurav K
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  • Journal Header Is Corrupt

    powerbook 12",10.5+, 867mhz,640mb ram, has replaced HDD. ical has been closing down not allowing editing - other apps have been playing up as well. I have done permission repairs and in attempting to run defrag I got the following error message, "Unable to open volume; HFS errors. hfs_journal.c:103 (from 0x5958c) (13) The Journal Header is corrupt (checksum 87ce7007, should be 2505bbbe)"
    tried researching this - no joy.
    Any ideas would be great.

    Since it happens with another user, either reinstall iCal...
    Custom installs in Mac OS X 10.4...
    "Here's a list of all the custom installation options available with Optional Installs.mpkg:
    * Applications
    o Address Book 4.0
    o iCal 2.0
    o iChat 3.0
    o iTunes 4.7.1
    o Mail 2.0
    o Oxford Dictionaries
    o Safari 2.0
    o X11"
    Or a relatively painless Archive & Install, which gives you a new/old OS, but can preserve all your files, pics, music, settings, etc., as long as you have plenty of free disk space and no Disk corruption, and is relatively quick & painless...
    Just be sure to select Preserve Users & Settings.

  • Is there any API or Program to Update GL Journal Header DFF Values

    Hi All,
    Can anyone let me know if we have any API or Program for updating GL Journal Header DFF Values.
    Any information will be appreciated..
    Thank You

    DFFs (Attribute1-15) can be updated directly using custom programs. Oracle doesn't provide any APIs to update Attribute1-15.

  • How to Change Journal Header name to Custom Header Name while GL Importing?

    Hello Experts,
    I am in situation where customer wanted to keep their own journal header naming conventions to imported journals in Oracle GL for custom Journal sources.
    As I know while importing journals, Oracle Creates the Journal Name based on the below mentioned logic.
    "Journal Import creates a default journal entry name using the following format:
    (Optional User-Entered REFERENCE4)(Category Name)(Currency)
    (Currency Conversion Type, if applicable)
    (Currency Conversion Rate, if applicable)
    (Currency Conversion Date, if applicable) (Encumbrance Type ID, if applicable)
    (Budget VersionID, if applicable). If you enter a journal entry name,
    Journal Import prepends the first 25 characters of your journal entry name to
    the above format"
    But then How it is possible to only allow journal header Name to be used present in REFERENCE4 excluding all other string provided by Oracle? Instead of using omitted string custmoer wanted to keep their own parameters. Example - REFERENCE4.A.B.C etc.
    Is it possible to solve this using seeded setup or modifying some hook packages or anything else?
    As far as I know there can be one workaround to be use of updating journal header name after journal import being completed successfully for custom journal source. But only fear is Oracle doesnt allow updating the base table without API. Am I rght?
    So it would be really great if anyone of you can suggest the best solution or best possible workaround.

    Duplicate - How to Change Journal Header name to Custom Header Name while GL Importing?

  • Difference between a Journal header and a journal line

    Can anyone please explain the difference between a Journal header and a journal line ? Can we have different journal headers for the same journal import process?
    Thanks and regards,

    Not sure if I know what you mean, but...
    You can organise your journals by using journal headers. A batch can contain many Headers. Like this:
    Batch No 1
    - Journal Header 1
       - Line 1       Deb: 200$
       - Line 2                      Cre: 100$
       - Line 3                      Cre: 100$
    - Journal Header 2
       - Line 1       Deb: 100$
       - Line 2                      Cre: 100$When you run Journal Import, you run for a specific source. So Yes you can have different journal headers for the same import process (if you mean import from GL Interface).
    Does this clearify?

  • Difference between Journal batch,journal header and journal line

    Can someone explain what the difference between Journal batch, Journal header and journal line are?
    Can we post only one batch at a time?

    Journal Batch means it contains batch name, description, status, running total debits and credits, and other information.
    Journal Headers means it contains batch ID, the journal entry name
    and description, and other information about the journal entry.
    Journal Lines means it contains journal entry header ID, the line number, the associated code combination ID, and the debits or credits associated with the journal line.
    So here is the replationships.
    Batch--- 1 to many -- Headers
    Headers -- 1 to many -- Lines.

  • Remarks field in Journal Entry form

    Hi All,
      I am wondering how is created the Remarks field in Journal Entry form? It contains a string which describes the journal entry origin and sometimes it contains the Business Partner Code. I would like to know the origin table, field of the string (only the string without BP Code).
    I would like to write a query which contains all available TransType, and one string remark field for every TransType field.
    I wrote the following, but it is not good because the string contains Business Partners Code, more than one line for each TransType field, and doesn't contain every existing TransType type.
    SELECT DISTINCT convert(integer,TransType) As TransType, LineMemo from JDT1 ORDER BY TransType

    there is not any single table which determines the remarks or memo for Journal entry. in the documents from which, account posting happens (such as invoice) , you will find a field called jrnlmemo in accounting tab (in master table such as OPCH). also, the transtype in OJDT can help you build the case for your query.
    Binita Joshi

  • Adding a new field to Payroll Timecards header doesnt save

    I have added a new text field in the header section of Payroll Timecard layout. I have created a DFF context in OTL Information Types and have given the attribute in the COMP Qualifiers definition. But when i enter the data and try to continue it errors out and asks to contact System Administrator.Please help if some1 has faced similar problem.

    Enable the FND Diagnostic and test again. That will give you detailed error stack. Provide that.

  • Payroll Journal Import Error EF04

    we are working in oracle applications 11i (11.5.0) TEST Instance.
    As monthly operations the payroll personnel upload the salaries journal to Gl Interface with oracle web adi. We have oracle hrms full install.
    We are trying to setup and use the direct payroll gl interface. The following steps are done so far:
    1. Cost Allocation Flexfield is setup and points to the same value sets as in the Accounting Key Flexfield.
    2. KFF qualifiers NOW are all enabled for all segments.
    3. 5 Costing accounts for 5 elements are entered directly to an employee at employee assignment element entry level.
    4. GL map to costing segments is done and although the employee is paid in foreign currency, his payroll is assigned to the functional set of book.
    5. costing is run
    6. cost break down report for costing run and only 2 lines are there! this is my first issue
    7. transfer to GL is requested .
    8. On the attempt to import the journals from payroll the request completes with warning And the two line have error code EF04
    The GL super user have checked the 5 accounts and they are valid and their combinations exist in the system.
    What do we need to check?
    Thanks ...

    Please review these docs and see if it helps.
    Journal Import Error with Status Code EF04 [ID 235029.1]
    Journal Import fails with EF04 error but security rule violation for new code combinations [ID 953109.1
    Journal Import - Record With Two Errors Ef04 And Em30 - Em30 Code Is Incorrect [ID 1175769.1]
    Receiving EF04 Error when Consolidation Run Option is Set to Run Journal Import [ID 150841.1]
    Doing a Journal Import Encounters EF04 Invalid Accounting Flexfields [ID 107896.1]
    EF04 error in GLLEZL incorrect, as code combination gets created [ID 368198.1
    Errors Caused Because of Misclassified Accounts [ID 231948.1]
    How to Use the Journal Import Correction Screen [ID 1056801.6]

  • Payroll Journal in a single line

    Hi Experts,
    My client requirement is that all the payments n deductions need to come in a single line for every employee in the form of a report. Is there a solution for this ??
    Plz help.
    Thanks & Rgds,

    You can go for a custom to get the data in a single like per employee.  All you need to allign which wagetypes to be called after which line of the table as required.

  • HR-ABAP Payroll-reports-interfaces-forms

    Hi everybody,
                     Please can any body send me the code for HR-ABAP  Payroll, time management  in case of REPORTS, Interfaces.
    I mean  to  get  coding fof retrievel of data from Payroll and Time Management modules.
    Waiting for reply.

    please go thorugh following links
    HR deals with the INFOTYPES which are similar to Tables in General ABAP.
    There are different ways of fetching data from these infotypes.
    There are different areas in HR LIKE Personal Admn, Orgn Management, Benefits, Time amangement, Event Management, Payroll etc
    Infotypes for these areas are different from one another area.
    storing of records data in each type of area is different
    LDBS like PNP are used in HR programing.
    Instead of Select.. we use some ROUTINES and PROVIDE..ENDPROVIDE.. etc
    and in the case of Pay roll we use Clusters and we Import and Export them for data fetching.
    On the whole Normal ABAP is different from HR abap.
    For Personal Admn the Infotypes start with PA0000 to PA1999
    Time Related Infotypes start with PA2000 to PA2999.
    Orgn related Infotypes start with HRP1000 to HRP1999.
    All custom developed infotypes stsrat with PA9000 onwards.
    In payroll processing we use Clusters like PCL1,2,3 and 4.
    Instead of Select query we use PROVIDE and ENDPROVIDE..
    You have to assign a Logical Database in the attributes PNP.
    Go through the SAp doc for HR programming and start doing.
    Please check this link for HR sample programs.,295199,sid63_gci983590,00.html
    Reward Points if found helpfull..
    Chandra Sekhar.

  • Form Settings (Header) / Form Settings (Table format)

    Is there a way for me to ensure that all my end-users share the same form settings ?
    Lets say that mine, as a manager is fully correct and that i want to apply the same form settings to my 50 users.
    How could i do since i don't want to do it, computer by computer, 50 times.

    Hi Stephane
    For copying Form settings, user field settings, I am look and feel of the modules from one user to another, read the following 2 threads for complete details
    Replicate User Defined Field settings
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  • Issue in form personalization from Sales Order Header form

    Hi ,
    I am trying to call an pl/sql procedure in which i am invoking API to apply holds.
    I am able to succesfully see the hold applied when i run it from SLQ Developer.
    from Form personalization , i m doing the below
    10 Invoke API to Apply Line Level Price Hold if Customer Credit Limit is greater than Sum of all the order total of that customer
    Condition :
    Tigger Object :LINE
    xcbpc_om_apply_line_hld.xcbpc_cust_credit_check(:LINE.SOLD_TO_ORG_ID,:ORDER.TRANSACTIONAL_CURR_CODE) = 1
    5 Built in Built in Type: Execute a Procedure
    v_field_value VARCHAR2(200) ;
    ('''||${item.LINE.HEADER_ID.value} ||''','''||
    ${item.LINE.LINE_ID.value} ||''','''||${item.LINE.ORG_ID.value}||''');
    10 Messgae Show
    Customer Credit Limit is Exceeded.Hence Hold is applied
    The Api is getting called from form( i can see through debug messages) but i am unable to see the hold on the form.
    Can any one help me out on this?

    As I know, project number is used for oracle project management module. You can not use it alone.

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