PC key caps for iMac keyboard

I am planning to switch from PC to iMac as soon as the 2012 iMac becomes available (whenever that may be). Since I use my current desktop for work and gaming, I plan to run Boot Camp with Windows 7 all the time. I prefer the look and feel of the iMac keyboard, but would still prefer a PC keyboard layout, so I my question is this: where can I buy PC keycaps on the iMac keyboard. The keys in questions would be:
iMac key     PC key
cmd left       alt
cmd right     alt gr
alt left          windows
alt right        menu
f13               insert
f14               print screen
f15               pause/break
I have found several websites that sell replacement keycaps for iMac keyboards, but I have not found any that sell PC keycaps for iMac keyboards. Any tips?

Thanks, The hatter, but I would prefer to keep the iMac keyboard since I really like its look and feel. No idea where I can buy PC keycaps for it?
I just strikes me, wouldn't this be something Apple could sell to custmers that buy iMacs to use primarily with Windows? I mean, since switching to Intel processors and offering Bootcamp, Windows would as natural a choice for iMac users as OS X?

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  • Need new key-caps for Thinkpad T61 wide-screen.

    There seem to be lots of types of key-caps. How do I tell which one I need. I did try to find it on line, but its too confusing.. There's a lot of info and a lot of videos. Once I GET the key caps I can watch the video to see how to replace (or get desparate and go to geek Squad.

    Welcome to the forum! Are you trying to just replace a few keys or the entire keyboard? The video will walk you through replacing the keyboard but not individual keys.
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  • Covers for iMac / Keyboard?

    Does Apple or anyone else make a cover for the monitor and keyboard to shield it from dirt and dust? I seem to recall an older version having a cover...

    Type 'Cappuccio' in the Apple Store menu. You should be able to see a range of Tucano Cappuccio covers on the results page that are designed for both 17" and 20" iMacs. The Tucano website shows both a keyboard cover and a screen cover for iMacs
    I can't tell if this includes a keyboard cover, but there is also a product in the Apple Store by iSkin that is a keyboard cover only. You'll find it under Extras.
    I'd buy the Cappuccio first to see if there is a keyboard cover included; if not, then get the iSkin cover as well.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Keyboard skin for iMac keyboard with 'L' shaped Return keys -do they exist?

    Hi people. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find a silicon cover for my European G5 iMac's keyboard. It has a large 'L' shaped Return key and all of the places I've tried (zcover etc) only stock skins for keyboards with thin, American stle Return keys.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    I use this cover, the iSkin. The area that covers the return key and the key above is molded L-shaped. It will accommodate a US or Int'l Apple keyboard.

  • IBook as key board for iMac

    Hi everyone.
    I just got a new G4 iBook and was wondering if there is any way to use it as a wireless keyboard (and maybe a wireless mouse) for my G5 iMac.

    Yes, you can connect two Macs on a wired or wireless network. You just mentioned you wanted a "wireless" keyboard in your original topic.
    On a Mac OS X 10.4.x computer, open the Sharing System Preferences. Click on the "Apple Remote Desktop" service (you may need to open the padlock to make changes to this window). Then click the "Access Privileges..." button. In the next sheet, you can check the box and fill-in a password in the "VNC viewers may control screen with password:" field.
    Then you should be able to use the VNC client on the other computer to type in the IP address of the computer you want to remote control and then type in your password.

  • Hi ...  where can I buy new key caps for my macbook pleeeeease ?

    Hi ....   any ideas where I can buy keycaps for a macbook please ?

    http://www.powerbookmedic.com/MacBook-Keys---Individual-Key-Keycap-p-16959.html? source=pjn&subid=43737

  • Wireless 10 key pad for imac

    I can't believe that Apple does not offer a wireless numeric 10 keypad for the new iMac.  Is there another source for this? 

    Hello, this is the only Wifi one I find that doesn't need a USB dongle...

  • Cleaning and replacing key caps

    Is there anywhere u can buy key caps for the MacBook Pro so u can replace it?
    If not then how do i clean the key cap so that the oil stains come off?

    After printing 10 pages on photo paper, all with streaks, I shut off printer.  The next day, I tried again, and no streaks.  I am considered looking into an extended warranty for this product.  FYI, to inquire about extended warranty services, you can contact:
    HP Technical Support Team Sales Dept at 866-234-1377
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  • T410s Fn Ctrl Key Caps?

    First of all, kudos to Lenovo for implementing the Fn-Ctrl swap in the BIOS.  I have an X100e and a T410s, works great on both.
    On my X100e, the physical key caps were the same size, so it was easy to switch the physical Fn and Ctrl keys.  However, on the T410s, the key caps are different sizes (Fn smaller than Ctrl), so they can't be directly swapped.  Is there any way to get key caps in the opposite sizes (smaller Ctrl, larger Fn)?
    Thanks in advance...
    (Aside:  why can't Fn+C ALSO be copy, etc?  It currently doesn't do anything else....would solve all of this nonsense in the first place....but I digress)

    Are you saying, "I don't think that you can get key caps for Fn and Ctrl of the right size such that they can be replaced after performing the BIOS Fn-Ctrl swap?"
    If that is true...anyone have any other ideas?  Maybe there's a way to get the labels/stickers?

  • I cant use the X key on my imac wired keyboard, the key viewer shows the two commands keys pressed when i hit x and the caps lock light is always on....thank you

    I cant use the X key on my imac wired keyboard, the key viewer shows the two commands keys pressed when i hit x and the caps lock light is always on....not really sure what happened, but i didnt do anything different from my daily stuff
    just an update....when i hit the right command key it respond normal (cmd v cmd c...etc) but when i hit the left command key it shows the x and two commands pressed as well as it delete what i'm working on i.e like backspace but takes out everything at once
    thank you

    Hi Moe,
    Sounds mostly likje a bad KB, do you have another to test with?
    One way to test is to Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, Test for problem in Safe Mode...
    PS. Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive
    Reboot, test again.
    If it only does it in Regular Boot, then it could be some hardware problem like Video card, (Quartz is turned off in Safe Mode), or Airport, or some USB or Firewire device, or 3rd party add-on, Check System Preferences>Accounts (Users & Groups in later OSX versions)>Login Items window to see if it or something relevant is listed.
    Check the System Preferences>Other Row, for 3rd party Pref Panes.
    Also look in these if they exist, some are invisible...

  • A s d f g keys not working on a wireless Apple keyboard for Imac

    a s d f g keys not working on a wireless Apple keyboard for Imac.
    When I type they on't work.
    *Exmple o complete entence.
    Plee help! Thi i very rutrtin. I on't wnt to ue cut n pte or ome letter.
    Thnk you in vnce.

    Make a Service appointment for the keyboard at your local AASP.
    Apple - Find Locations
    I'm not sure how old it is, but it is covered for 1 full year as long as it didn't take that 19 story dive.

  • I bought this very nice iMac. The first time I ever use a Apple product. Can someone please tell me where the delete key is on the keyboard. I cannot think for one moment that Apple did not provide for such a key. Please help.

    I bought this very nice iMac. The first time I ever use a Apple product. Can someone please tell me where the delete key is on the keyboard. I cannot think for one moment that Apple did not provide for such a key. Please help.

    The delete key does a backward delete because it is the natural way to delete while typing. May not be to you and the millions of youngsters who grew up with windows computers. When you are typing and want to delete that which you just typed you are already at the end and you delete back to where you want to re-type. When you go back to a document and want to delete a selection, you have to go to the end of the selection instead of the beginning. it's just the way its always been done on macs. it takes some getting use to.
    If you select text to be deleted with your mouse then the delete key deletes the selected text. same for either delete key method.
    It is not convenient when you tab to fields in a form. That why fn-delete does a forward delete.
    Macs have a couple of keyboards. The small "wireless keyboard" only has the (backward) delete (fn-delete forward). The larger "Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad" has both a Delete (backwards) key beside the = abd it has the "delete >" key in the groups with fn, home, end, Pg up and Pg dn. This keyboard is best for users who have switched from windows or are familiar with the windows forward delete.

  • Keyboard settings stuck on Key Caps/Link Troubles

    Somewhere between finishing the installation of a Belkin wireless G router on my iMac, and rebooting the system to finalise, something has gone horribly wrong. My G3's keyboard now types in nothing but non-English symbols - the key cap settings have taken over. I'm almost positive that I've pressed the wrong key combinations at some point and wrought this newbie nightmare upon myself, but damned if I know how to reverse it. I've checked the keyboard control panel several times, and it always says that it's set to Roman characters, and US English.
    Another anomoly that began at the same time is my inability to click links in IE 5. When links are clicked, the download manager comes up, but the target page does not. Bookmarks/Favorites work, but the links on any page don't.
    And finally - for this installment - the "close window" box at the top left no longer closes level by level. It now closes out the entire folder at once. I had none of these problems fifteen minutes before finishing the Belkin and a Charter High Speed self-install disc. What the blazes did I do wrong, and please please pleeeease, someone help me figure out how to fix it!
    Now that my panic and griping are out of the way, I can say hello to you all! I'm a Windows-raised computer geek, desperately wanting to make "the switch" for good. Hard to do that, though, when I can only type in French and German accents (on my PC at present.) I bought my iMac second-hand, and although it hasn't been upgraded since its whopping 64 megs of RAM were put in, it's every bit as quick as my 768 meg PC. Sometimes faster. Go figure.
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    There's a distinct possibility that your USB port is overloaded. Are you running the Wireless router from a powered hub? What happens if you disconnect the router?
    'Bet a powered USB hub will make all your troubles go away.
    I started years ago on Windows 3.1. 'Saw a Mac and said goodby to Bill Gates and Co.

  • I need a new key for my keyboard - help please

    Hi there. I've had my PowerBook G4 12" for just over a year. I love it and I want some help with the keyboard. I took off the top arrow key on the bottom right corner of the laptop. I did this because it felt like whenever I hit the key it wouldn't feel like all the other ones. It wasn't smooth and such. So I was trying to clean it I suppose. Now the key is off and that rubber thing that was under it is gone. Can I get this fixed? Thanks.
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    By the "rubber thing that was under it" do you mean the white plastic spring (known as the "scissors mechanism")? If so, you can purchase them individually here to fit yourself:
    You can also get replacement key caps, if you're missing that too.
    Just make sure you're getting the right ones for the 12" PowerBook you have (it sounds like you have what they call a "late model", which is what I've linked to above, but email them if you're unsure before you order).

  • How can I assign a function key on my IMAC's wired keyboard to enter my email address in documents or on internet forms?

    I'm trying to set up my wired IMAC keyboard to create shortcuts to enter my email adresses into emails or into web forms.  I was able to do this when I was working with PCs but can't find direction on the process for the MAC.  There seems to be 7 unused Function Keys at the top of the keyboard that are srrving no apparent purpose so logic tells me they must be available for sutomization.
    Please help. My fingers are tired...

    I don't think you can with the standard Mac OS X tools / sys prefs..
    You have to step into the realm of 3rd party key mapper tools.
      I'm reluctant to go there..
    I'm happy being able to remap option to be my command key
      using the standard System Preferences ->Keyboard..
    but.. googling a bit shows some 3rd party tools..

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