PC Suite problem with Text Editor

I'm getting error while executing the Text Editor of PC Suite and Click on To. for selecting the address.
I'm using USB cable to connect my phone with the Notebook.
I found the below error.
AppName: textmessageeditor.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr71.dll
ModVer: 7.10.3052.4 Offset: 00010440
In order to troubleshoot, I have carried out the following activities :-
1. Uninstalled the PC Suite
2. Used the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner
3. Installed the PC Suite
But the problem still persists.
My System details are as follows:
Operating system:
Microsoft Windows XP
Build 2600
Service Pack 2
Language: English
Language for non-Unicode programs: English
Locale: English
Input language: English
Nokia PC Suite:
Language: English
Connectivity Cable Drivers:
PC Connectivity Solution:
No supported Bluetooth stack found

Please find the logs attached.
e8a5_appcompat.txt ‏1 KB

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  • Problem with text editor font

    Actually I am facing some problems with the text editor font. Since I have some part of text was written in arabic (For labels), currently these parts are not readable and appears like this:
    "ط§ط³ظ… ط§ظ„ط¥ط¯ط§ط±ط© ط§ظ„طھط¯ط±ظٹط¨ظٹط©"
    I have tryed to fix that using:
    Tools --> Preferences --> Code Editor --> Font
    However it still arise.
    Please reply me the solution if you have some idea about this..

    Which JDeveloper version?
    What is the character encoding settings for your project's compiler in the project properties?

  • Problem with text editor

    I am displaying a network graphics screen. Now in 1 of the user-command i want to display a  text editor in a popup. I used CALL FUNCTION 'TERM_CONTROL_EDIT' . But when the editor is coming it is actually not a editor just a pop-up window, and i cannot write anything in that.I dont understand where the problem is.Cant i call a text editor as a popup in default screen 1000 (used by sap to generate network graphics)

    Hi Have used the Class
    use this it will help to you.
          g_text_container       TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,
          g_text_editor          TYPE REF TO cl_gui_textedit,
    CREATE OBJECT g_text_container
            container_name = 'EMAIL_BOX'.
       CREATE OBJECT g_text_editor
             parent = g_text_container
             wordwrap_mode = cl_gui_textedit=>wordwrap_at_fixed_position
             wordwrap_to_linebreak_mode = cl_gui_textedit=>true.
        CALL METHOD g_text_editor->set_toolbar_mode
            toolbar_mode = 0.
        CALL METHOD g_text_editor->set_statusbar_mode
            statusbar_mode = 0.
    For this u need to craete a screen se 51.

  • Solved: InDesign CC: Problems with text in text box: text flows around invisible object

    I just upgraded from CS4 to CC. I have two problems with text in some text boxes:
    The text seems to flow around invisible object that I cannot find or delete. It's as if there is a photo or other object behind the text box; but when I press COMMAND-a to select all, I don't see any such object.
    When I move this text box, the layout of the text within changes. For example, when the box is high on my spread, the text flows correctly within the box; but when I move it down, it flows around that hidden other object. For another example, when the box is low on the page, the text starts at the top of the box; but when I move the text box up, the text starts somewhere in the middle of the box.
    I have checked margins of the text box and the paragraph options of the text paragraphs (margins, indents, alignments). They all look OK.
    If I modify the text box, checking the box "Ignore text wrap", then the problem goes away; but then the text also will not flow around a real object that I want it to flow around.
    There were objects in a hidden layer on that one spread. It seems that in CS4 when you "select all" you would also select objects in hidden layers; but in CC it doesn't.

    Arthur, Garry
    Would be great if you could send the files as attachment in an email to [email protected]
    Else, you may post here using these steps: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3994281
    - Neeraj

  • ID CS5: Problem with Text Wrap being Forgetful :(

    I am having a problem with text wrap. Whenever I open this INDD file I am working on now, some of the images shift from having what I call "actual" text wrap to having "false" text wrap. "Actual" text wrap *actually* wraps the text around the image as it is supposed to; "false" text wrap says that "Wrap Around Bounding Box" is applied to the image yet no text is wrapped. After opening the file, making sure to unset and reset the text wrap on each offending image to show an "actual" text wrap WITHOUT changing layer order, saving the file, closing, and reopening, some images have "false" text wrap again! This is a 77 page document with images on every page.
    Another occurrence is if I largely change the flowed text. If I must remove a paragraph on page 7, for example, then the "actual" text wrapped images on page 10, 12, and 18 change to "false" text wrapped images and I have to reset the text wrap on each image. There are often images in between offending ones that DO NOT change, but it doesn't seem to be the same ones each time. So once image A, C, and D will change to "false" text wrap, while B, E, and F are fine; the next time, A, B, and F are wrong and the others are fine. This is driving me crazy as I have never in 8 years of using InDesign encountered a problem using Text Wrap. Please note:
    Ignore Text Wrap IS NOT selected.
    The text box IS below the images.
    The copy is flowed throughout the document.
    Preferences>Composition>"Text Wrap Only Affects Text Beneath Selected"" DOES NOT FIX IT.
    "Wrap around bounding box" IS showing as selected for the image/images.
    There is NO CLIPPING PATH / PHOTOSHOP PATH / ALPHA PATH on these images.
    The images / text box order is not changed between being correct and being incorrect.
    Anyone else with this trouble? And, if so, how did you fix it? Thanks,
    A. Henson
    InDesign 7.0.3
    iMac i7
    8GB RAM
    OS X 10.6.6

    I emailed you offline to see if you can provide me with an example file that shows the problem.

  • I'm having problem with text boxes.  Whenever i hit the enter button to start a new line or paragraph, the cursor doesn't drop down to the next line.  Instead i get this little red + sign in the box.

    I'm having problem with text boxes.  Whenever i hit the enter button to start a new line or paragraph, the cursor doesn't drop down to the next line.  Instead i get this little red + sign in the box.

    You are absolutely right.  Thought Enter meant Enter.  I was wrong.  Thank you for the help.
    Rod Rogers, Broker
    Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)
    Metcalf Land Company, Inc.
    Office: 864-585-0444
    Mobile: 864-316-0297
    Fax: 864-583-6000
    <http://www.metcalfland.com> www.metcalfland.com

  • Having problems with texts width when viewed in Firefox

    I My site is OK when viewed in Chrome and Safari, but in Firefox, the width of paragraphs is becoming very long and all is displayed wrong.
    I need a clue where to look to fix. I have not , or very little knowledge of HTML code. So I rely on the DW CS5 interface.

    Thanks Nancy ,
    I'll try,
    Should I just paste your info between the brackets, I guess.
    I am not so good with this but I need to spent a bit of time to fix this
    old web site while another one is being designed.
    Yes the images are too big, I'll reduce them, and optimize. This was
    done in a rush..
    Le 14-02-23 18:07, Nancy O. a écrit :
          Re: Having problems with texts width when viewed in Firefox
    created by Nancy O. <http://forums.adobe.com/people/Nancy+O.> in
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  • Problem with Text Messages

    I have a 5530 XpressMusic phone with around 4000+ text messages saved on the memory card.
    Whenever the number of text messages increases above approximately 3500+ messages, the new text message alert stops appearing, no tone or vibration alerts. Even delivery reports refuse to appear. 
    Nokia PC Suite (Latest version) has a lot of trouble displaying those texts as well (So that I could backup the data) and nothing appears in Communication Center.
    I had the exact same problem with the older N70 ME and had to delete texts to get back to normal. Its going to be very cumbersome to go through all those messages and pick and prune to a size that the phone/Suite can handle.
    I have the latest firmware. Any help with this? 

    ok this isn't any help sorry,but can't find anywhere to post a new thread,so this is the closest post i've found so hopefully i can get some help here :robotmad:
       when i have "backed up" my messages from the phone to my memory card AND picked my memory card as the place where my messages are stored,i put the memory card into my pc to browse the memory card i cannot find anything on there relating to the back up or my messages,i've gone through all the folders i can see,even the empty ones(btw do i need keep the empty folders or can i delete them),now this is really "bugging" me as my little lad sent me a merry christmas text message so i wanted to do the above action so i could save the message on my pc as a keeps sake
             hope you guys can help
              thanx a lot

  • Problems with text in iWeb publishing much larger, or smaller than in iWeb (it is insane)!

    More than a year ago I had a problem with my iWeb not publishing correctly: links to other websites would not open in a separate window as designed in iWeb. I got help from an AppleCare techie and after he did a lot of tests, he concluded I had a corrupted Domain file (which became apparent after I upgraded to OS Snow Leopard).  I don't remember if I discussed with this techie another problem I had been having for as long as I had used iWeb, and that was "exploding" text: certain words, often italicized, would be huge, after publishing, relative to the surrounding text.  Sometimes certain words, or sentences would be smaller than designed in iWeb.  Through trial and error I would sort of solve these problems by enlarging text boxes, or making the offending word or phrase one text point smaller.  Sometimes deleting the text box entirely, and starting over would work.  And then there are the weird things that happen when my wife opens my website in Internet Explorer: things that make no sense and seem to be totally out of my control.
    So, I've spent a long time rebuilding my website in this supposedly uncorrupted Domain file, and today I finally finished and published to my hard drive, checked it out, and the "exploding" text is there with a vengeance.  So much so that I may just stick with my original ("corrupted") Domain file, the text problem on this new one seems even worse than the old one.  Anyone had this problem?  I meant to ask this question years ago, but got a bit lazy.
    Another question is: I've heard Apple is going to discontinue iWeb.  Despite my problems with the program, I rely on it.  What are the options going to be for iWeb users?

    Well you heard wrong didn't you!
    Apple is discontinuing MobileMe, which is the hosting in favour of iCloud services which will not contain any hosting.
    iWeb is an app and as far as we know you can still continue to use it - it will still work so carry on using it if you are happy with it.
    If you want to look at other alternatives to iWeb, then others suggest RapidWeaver and Sandvox as being closer to iWeb - both are available via the Mac App store.
    Also Freeway Express and Flux 3 are worth looking at - more design freedom and you are not restricted to templates as with RapidWeaver.

  • Problems with text on my macbook pro, dock not loading and blinking display

    Hi guys,
    if anyone can help i'll be very greatful!
    I've been having problem with the text on my mac, all of the words are in gibberish and the dock won't appear,
    can someone please help.

    Hi gio-vio!
    It seems like you are trying to view Safari in your picture. If this happens whenever you open Safari, you may find some helpful information in the following article:
    Safari: Unsupported third-party add-ons may cause Safari to unexpectedly quit or have performance issues
    If this is happening from the moment you boot into your user, then you may want to troubleshoot by attempting a Safe Boot:
    OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?
    If the issue still persists, you may need to ultimately reinstall OS X:
    OS X Mavericks: Reinstall OS X
    Thanks for being a part of the Apple Support Communities!

  • Problems with text box borders, tabbing and saving doc in Acrobat Pro 7.1.0

    When I view my form document in Acrobat Reader, there is a red border around several text boxes
    in which I've selected 'NO border'
    Also, I've selected 'column order' for tabbing, but tabs continue to function in order in which I inserted form item (text box, check box or radial button). Since I didn't insert these consecutively, tabs no jump all around the form instead of proceeding in order from top to bottm and left to right.
    I've checked for Mac Acrobat Pro updates and see that there are three  - 7.1.1, 7.1.3, and 7.1.4, and am downloading them for install.
    Do any of the updates fix these problems? Or how can it be fixed?
    On opening document in Reader, I also get a message informing that document cannot be saved with changes and must be printed, even though I've created it with fillable forms.
    Is there some setting for allowing document to be saved?
    I want to be able to have recipient be able to download form, fill it out, save changes, attach to email and return it to me.

    This has been a problem since version 8 on the mac. Acrobat 7 on the mac worked fine with the right side trim but not on the PC.
    We are still having this problem with Acrobat 9.4.0 on the Mac & PC.
    This has now been an issue for 2 versions of Acrobat Pro.(8 & 9)
    Being in Pre Press and having to constantly set the trim for jobs, this is now taking up too much time and costing money.
    Please fix this Adobe.
    and on another note. how hard would it be to display the trim (if set) next to where the page size is?
    If the trim is set it should display it! why should we have to go to document/crop pages>trim.
    Im in a busy Pre Press Dept and the amount of times you have to check a trim size is stupid.
    I always set prefs to display crop / trim / and bleed boxes and this helps but it should display it if its set.
    Hope this is resolved soon.

  • I'm having some problem with Text imported from Motion into FCPro

    Hey Everyone.
    I've got an animation that I created in Motion.
    The format for the timeline in Motion is NTSC DV 4:3
    Final Cut has the same attributes to the sequence.
    I have text on my graphic.... Some of it looks great. Some of it does not.
    You can see it here.
    The word "Show" looks terrible, where as the other text looks great.
    I do have a filter on the word show... actually it's not even a filter it's just one of the style parameters which is Outline and Face. The outline attribute has a bit of a blur on it.
    Still i would think this would copy over into final cut without and issue but for some reason it looks really bad.
    Anyone have any ideas on this?

    Your problem stems from the bright red on a dark background. It is particularly noticable on text because it is a uniform color.
    You might have other elements in your movies that use this exact shade and it wiil happen there, but it is less noticable because that element consists of multiple tones and is probably moving.
    Very saturated, bright reds always cause problems in video. It is a limitation of the medium.
    If you want to learn more about this facinating subject, the keywords are *Chroma Rise Time*.
    The solution: desaturate and/or lighten the red, change the color completely or live with it.
    Once I render. I get the pixelation.
    Your Motion clip is being rendered to your NTSC DV Sequence setting which is 1:5 compression.
    The problem with the red is only made worse due to this.
    Message was edited to answer newer information from Fraky.

  • Problems with text using Photoshop CC on Windows 8.1

    I am using Photoshop CC on Windows 8.1.  I get  flickering on the screen as described by others.  My main problem, however,  is that when I try to use the text tool the layer goes completely black and I cannot see what I am typing or edit the text.  I have tried updating my video card driver and my monitor driver.  I have deleted the font cache file, I have tried using Photoshop without plug ins (I use Nic plug ins).  The only thing that has worked is resetting the preferences by holding down alt+control+shift keys when starting photoshop.  This allows me to enter text normally on one photograph and one only.  Once I have completed that first photograph and load another I get the black layer.  I desperately need help.  If this continues I will have to cancel my membership as I was much better off using my Photoshop Elements 11 disc.
    Any help will be very gratefully appreciated...............help seems to be very difficult to come by Adobe you make it very difficult for your customers!

    Ok,I can appreciate that I may not have given enough information.  You state that without proper system information nobody can help, but I need to know what information is needed.  You also state that I should simply turn off hardware acceleration in the perfs.  What does that mean?  How do I do that? I have tried changing the GPU Drawing Mode to basic and it didn't work.  Is this what you mean?  You may be assuming a level of knowledge I do not have. From research I have done this seems to be a problem with windows 8.1 that Adobe have been aware of for about a year.  I have followed all the online advice I have been able to find but nothing seems to be working.

  • Having problem with text sise on webpages

    the text is several times bigger in the first post on a forum and it is the same for a another phone too.
    i only have the problem with firefox
    screenshot http://bildr.no/view/ME9Cc2VS

    This is a common feature of smartphone browsers in which desktop sites are text inflated to make the main body of text larger. This tends to break down in forums or sites that provide short summaries of articles.
    You can disable or change the inflation levels in the Firefox for Android settings.
    * With Firefox open
    * Press the phone's menu button or the three dot button in the upper right
    * Select settings (you might need to scroll the menu or select more)
    * Select Display
    * Select Text Size
    * Press the small 'A' till the text does not shrink any more
    * Press set
    Future pages will not be inflated.

  • Problem with text formatting on upload

    Hi there,
    I am new to iWeb and coming from a design background where I'm used to being able to format text leading and character spacing in programs like inDesign.
    I have found where to do this in iWeb so that my text is not all bunched up and close together, giving the layout some breathing space, but when I publish the site and view it online this formatting doesn't work and the text goes back to its old bunched up look.
    Does anyone have a tip on how to fix this?

    Thanks Tom,
    The URL is www.yachtprojects.eu and I am having all sorts of problems with the site now. I am based in France, using Orange as my ISP and I cannot access the site from either my home computer or my iPhone (which is also on Orange). It takes AGES to load and then finally comes up with the text but no images.
    Other people however can see the site, and when I was in Ireland last week, I could see it, but it had some worse problems with the fonts not fitting the layout than I was describing before. I have no idea why this has happened or how to fix it and I'm currently looking at moving the site to a different server to see if that makes a difference. The current server people claim that they can see the site OK so they have no interest in helping me solve the problem.
    With regard to viewing the site on other browsers, I have tried Safari, Firefox and Explorer and none can view the site properly from my home Mac. Other people everywhere else seem to be able to see the site, but I don't know if the text looks the way it should or not and I suspect the line spacing problem is still there.
    The best representation of the site with just the initial problem of line spacing but all other things OK is if you look at it on my mobile me server: http://web.me.com/alisononline/yachtprojects/Home.html this is the way the site was meant to look, but just with the line spacing not as spread out as it should be.
    It would be wonderful if you could help shed some light on these problems for me!

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