PDF addresses not longer load and display PDF in Firefox and solutions suggest to other users with problem DON'T WORK (work fine in Chrome and Safari)

This is an ongoing problem with other users. When putting a PDF in address window of Firefox and clicking go to address FIREFOX WILL NOT LOAD AND DISPLAY THE PDF. This problem has come up in questions from other users on your site. NONE OF THE SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS WORK! (trying either the Firefox PDF viewer or the Acrobat viewer as default viewer)
I am using Firefox 23.0.1 (as some of the other users with the same problem). This was not a problem in the past with Firefox. Safari and Chrome continue load and display PDFs just fine from their addresses. This is a big problem as I now have to inform people who want to view my PDFs NOT TO USE FIREFOX BUT TO USE SAFARI OR CHROME.

It appears that a link to a PDF on an internet page will not download in Firefox either!
I went to this page:
and tried to download the PDF link at the bottom of the page (Download: PDF 11.3 MB) It didn't work! Nothing happens. Tried it in Safari and it worked flawlessly.
I have a PDF file of my work in the public_html folder on my URL. I give the address generated by that file to people who want to view my work---this works perfectly in Safari and Chrome. As to your other question, can't bookmark it if I can't get to it in Firefox.

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