PDF Bigger Out of PS Than Out of InDesign

If I save a 300 dpi image in PS CS3 as a JPEG it's about 3.5 megs. As a TIFF it's 29 megs. As a PDF print quality it's 11.5 megs. But if I go to InDesign CS3 open a document and import the 3.5 JPEG and then save it as a print quality PDF, the file is about 4 megs. Why is it 11.5 megs in PS with the same settings?

If you place the low-resolution PDF into IND, even if you export with print settings, the resultant JPG will still have a low resolution. Placed the uncompressed/sampled TIF into IND and see how big that print-quality PDF is.

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  • Exporting PDF's out of InDesign CS5.5?

    I have a bunch of users in my newsroom that are having various different issues (yes we have 3rd party extensions and no we can't disable them and put out a paper that way...kind of between a rock and a hard place there!).  One of the issues is exporting pages out as PDF's.  It's crashing fairly regularly. 
    It appears to me that there are 3 different ways to put out a PDF for printing (systems admin for a newspaper).  Is there a right and a wrong way to get a PDF out of InDesign?  Perhaps a less likely to crash option?  As of my count there's 3 different ways that a PDF can be created from InDesign:
    File - > Adobe PDF Presets
    File -> Export
    File -> Print
    The computers they are running are Windows XP (all updates applied), 4 Gigs of RAM, Dual monitors set vertical (read something that this might be an issue?), Quad Core systems. 
    Thanks in advance.

    Stack Trace: http://pastebin.com/T8LRNDDv
    Sorry for the delay. As Jongware suggests, the messages about symbols are normal and not indicative of a problem. I try to eat symbols for breakfast but not for lunch, if that's OK. Your first frame:
    *----> Stack Back Trace <----*
    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child             
    0012f6fc 065a1c70 63ccb5e0 00000000 0012f74c APPFRAMEWORK+0x67777
    0012f788 065a1fb6 0012f830 0012f800 0012f810 APPFRAMEWORK+0x71c70
    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 APPFRAMEWORK+0x71fb6
    Is not encouraging. It doesn't look anything like PDF Export, and it also appears to be rather incomplete.
    Was this crash, from 8:26pm on Monday, truly in pdf export?
    7.5.2 is certainly the version to be on. Do you know if your problems occurr with CS5?
    Which of the 3 (well, 2) methods of obtaining a PDF produce the crashes?
    Have you taken special steps to disable background (async) PDF exports?

  • Need help exporting multiple individual PDF files out of Indesign CC

    I work for a monthly publication and we send our files to the press at the end of the month. There are around 190+ pages that need to be exported as individual PDF's and each PDF needs to be labled as their correct page number. Since we often are backed up against the wall at our deadline, we really need a way to export all these files at one time. Is there a way to export multiple PDF files at one time in Indesign CC?

    You could script InDesign to export each page as individual PDF with specific export presets and labeled with correct page number.
    But you could also use Acrobat Pro for this task (sorry for the certainly wrong translation of the Acrobat UI – I use a german version ...):
    Export the whole publication as 1 PDF file (pp. 1-190).
    Open it in Acrobat Pro and choose »Tools › Extract Pages«.
    Type 1 to 190 and check the box »extract pages as single pages«, choose the location where to extract to and acrobat automatically numbers your new PDFs sequentially from 1 to x. (Caution: it doesn’t take the correct page number, but numbers sequentially, so it is important to have a PDF from pp. 1-190 in the correct order.)
    So with this (as mentioned – sorry for German ):
    You’ll get this:

  • How do I create a downloadable link from an Interactive PDF file created out of InDesign CS6?

    I created an Interactive PDF file out of InDesign and would like to make the large file a downloadable link and share it with the user in an email. I do not want to use DropBox or GoogleDrive.
    The company I contract for has their own site - do I insert the file into the site or can I create a separate link for it?
    I will be recreating these presentation PDF's constantly, so I would like to know if there is a simple way to create this link for files in the size of 7-12MB.
    Any ideas on downloadable links? I do have flash - but rarely use, perhaps load the file out of flash?
    Thank you so much for your help,

    Hi Willie,
    Thanks for your help. Most likely contact the company who maintains the
    site then to share the file with them I'm assuming?

  • PDFs print out darker in Windows Reader 9.0 than Mac Reader 9.0, also Win Reader 9.0 darker than 8.x

    Using Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for Mac OS X and 8.* for Windows, my PDFs printed out identically for both platforms.
    However, after I upgraded Windows Adobe Reader from 8 to 9.0.0, it prints out the PDFs significantly darker than before, whereas when I upgraded the OS X Adobe Reader from 8.1.2 to 9.0.0, the print outs did not get any darker.
    Now they are both on v9.0.0, Windows printouts are significantly darker than the OS X printouts, using the same PDF file, printer, etc.
    Any idea what's going on here? Is there some of weird gamma correction-type thing going on - although I thought that only affected monitor displays, not print outs? Or should I report it as a bug?
    The PDF I am testing is here:
    I also tried printing it out from other PDF viewers - Preview.app on OS X and Foxit Reader on Windows - and they both print out normally i.e. the same as Adobe Reader 8.* for all platforms, and 9.0 for OS X - definitely not as dark as Adobe Reader 9.0.0 for Windows.
    I'm running OS X 10.5.4 and Windows XP Professional as a VM using Parallels.
    Needless to say, I want to be able to generate PDFs that have the same darkness regardless which PDF viewer or OS platform is being used to print it out.
    Thanks, Xen
    [Edited to improve clarity]

    Thanks Michael,
    The file that I have sent her has both vector and raster graphics in it, and they were apparently printing fine. It just seems to be text that's not printing correctly.

  • Devanagari font in layed out in Indesign (using IndicPlus) does not export correctly to a PDF.

    Namaste InDesign gurus,
          I have a problem at hand. Wondering if anyone has encoutered similar problem before? Any help is greatly appreciated. And if you're in San Francisco bay area - I can buy you a lunch :-)
    Short description: Devanagari font in layed out in Indesign (using IndicPlus) does not export correctly to a PDF. All the ligatures are assembled and displayed in the PDF.
    Adobe Indesign Version: InDesign CS5 Design Premium - regular U.S. version (not ME).
    Steps I took:
              I purchased CS5 Design Premium and also purchased the IndicPlus plugin to author sanskrit documents in InDesign. I create Sanskrit text using either of the following methods.
    1) Itranslator
    2) Paste the devanagari from the Itranslator directly into InDesign or paste it first into MSWord and then copy from MSWord and paste it to Indesign.
    It doesn't matter how I paste it. After I apply the IndicPlus character/paragraph style so that the sanskrit looks good in InDesign, when I try to export it to a PDF. The PDF does not display the ligatures currectly. It just lists all the characters in order without assembling.
    I've spent a lot of money buying CS5, IndicPlus and then I can't even create a simple PDF document from InDesign. It is very frustrating.
    Has anyone been able to successfully export a sanscrit document from InDesign PDF ?
    (Please let me know if my problem description needs more fleshing out).
    I could create the PDF from MSWord directly but I'm trying to use indesign to layout my book. If InDesign cannot export to PDF I'll just have to use MSWord for my book layout. I've spend probably scores of hours trying to learn InDeisn and formatting my book content - seems like it is all going to be waste.
    Is MSWord the best choice or only choice for laying out books that have sanskrit text in them?

    Has anyone been able to successfully export a sanscrit document from InDesign PDF ?
    Not Sanskrit, no, but plenty of Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, and other languages written in Devanagari script - so it should be possible. I don't even use IndicPlus, which by most accounts makes working with Indic text much easier.
    1) Itranslator
    I've never seen this, but a quick Google led me to the homepage of ITranslator for Windows, where I saw this:
    Itranslator 99 (Build  & New Beta Version
    uses 8-bit true type fonts and is compatible
    with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
    For more information, click here.
    Itranslator 2003 (Build & New Beta Version
    uses 16-bit Unicode-compatible fonts and is working
    only on Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003.
    For more information, click here.
    So, if you're using ITranslator 99, there's the problem - those "8-bit true type fonts" won't work in InDesign. Can you post a sample of the text you're trying to paste into InDesign? Name the font(s) you are using, both in Word and in Indesign, and if possible make a small sample of the text available for us to test. It's also possible that InDesign is using a substituted font, which could cause this problem. So, if the font name in InDesign has brackets around it, you know that InDesign doesn't actually have that font installed and is auto-substituting. Also, if you go to View -> Screen Mode -> Normal and the text is highlighted pink, you know that the font has dropped. (Unless the highlighting for dropped fonts was turned off - check in Edit -> Preferences -> Composition and make sure that "Substituted Fonts" is checked.
    Also, for what it's worth, is there any way you could Place your text instead of copying and pasting? This may be cause of your problem - but even though it probably isn't, it's still worth a try.
    Lastly - no, I've found InDesign to be superior for typesetting for almost all languages, but the learning curve is pretty steep, and many of the problems faced by people working in non-English languages are not easy to research when you have a problem.

  • Open a pdf with out print or save button

    Is there any way to open pdf with out using save or print and also make other users to not to open the file.

    My understanding is that you have a PDF document in a document library and you want to open the PDF in one click.
    If my understanding is right, then you can set the default open behavior to ”open in the client application”.
    Also, please install the corresponding software to  the default program of opening the PDF.
    About making others not to open the file, you can set the Library permission for specific user to achieve it.
    Here is a detailed article for your reference:
    Best Regards
    Jerry Guo
    TechNet Community Support

  • The Best pdf reader out there

    Hi Guys,
    There are many free pdf readers out there in the market...adobe reader being the dominant one...still, many people just do not use adobe reader because of the blot...it is slow...is heavy...download size is big and then there are too many update pop ups....
    so, which pdf reader would you choose? (I have been using foxit reader..and find it very good...stable...and fast..)

    It all depends on your individual usage.
    If you want to view/print simple PDF files, Foxit would probably be fine (spyware aside).
    If you want to view and interact with more advanced PDF's (3D, commenting...etc), then Adobe Reader would be a better choice.
    Basically, there is no overall better reader that would fit all situations.

  • How to get PDF icons out of Word Toolbar??

    Hello all,
    I installed photoshop CS2, and now I cant seem to get the "make pdf" icons out of the toolbar.
    I went into the toolbar options in word and de-selected "Adobe acrobat PDF maker" which removes them for that session. But the next time I restart Word they are right back where they were before!
    Any ideas??

    Kill these files:
    Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/PDFMakerLib
    Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Word/PDFMaker.dot
    Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/PowerPoint/PDFMaker.ppa
    Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Excel/PDFMaker.xla
    The next time you launch Acrobat 6, you will get an error message asking to repair PDFMaker. Uncheck PDFMaker, check Don't show this again, and click Continue. That is the end of the annoyance.
    Or from Macworld.com:
    5. Banish Acrobat from Microsoft Office
    If you have Acrobat 6.0 Professional and Microsoft Office v. X, you may have noticed a small Acrobat PDF toolbar in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The file responsible for this toolbar can become corrupt, causing intermittent problems, such as slower performance. To permanently delete the toolbar, search your Mac for all instances of PDFMaker.xla, PDFMaker.ppa, and PDFMaker.dot, and delete those files. You’ll never see the Acrobat PDF toolbar in Office apps again.

  • How do I move PDF files out of iBooks and into Goodreader?

    Question. How do I move my PDF files out of iBook and into Goodreader. ??

    I may havE found why the files disappear in the first place.
    In iTunes, after connecting your iPad, check on the sync list. Click the "books" tab and be sure that "Books and PDF files" is selected. Then go thru the list and be sure all the PDF files you want to save are checked.
    Perhaps this wasn't done causing the PDF files to not be synced and thus restored during the conversion to iOS5.
    Thanks for your help. I will stop worrying about it and in any case, I  now have several ways to recover those PDF files.

  • Problems printing PDF-X3 out of Scribus

    Hello everybody,
    I'm trying to print a PDF-X3 out of Scribus. The X3-compatiliby-check seems to have no problems,
    but the Distiller says:
    %%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
    %%[Page: 1]%%
    %%[Page: 2]%%
    %%[Page: 3]%%
    %%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: Ã ]%%
    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
    %%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%
    I have no idea was the problem is! May anyone help?
    Greetz Sanne
    It seems to be the same problem if I don't use PDF-X3. What does that mean "OffendingCommand: Ã"? I can't find the errortype anywhere!
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    Hi presottom
    Please refer ; http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/troubleshoot-pdf-printing-acrobat-reader.html
    Let us know more details about it to help you better ?
    What is the OS ?
    is there any error message , etc .. ?

  • Export to PDF Alignment Out

    Hi ,
    I was using WAD to create a function to export Analysis Grid data to PDF in portal. However the alignment after generated to PDF was out.
    For e.g the data in the second column will appear/combine with the first column data. is there any fixes to it?

    Plz. check following SAP Notes, if applicable as per your BI Ver/SP Level.
    Note 1133749 - Analysis item: Export to PDF fails
    Note 1106173 - SPS 12/13/14: Print/export of analysis item is incorrect

  • Why does my PDF come out rotated when I haven't selected that?

    Why does my PDF come out rotated when I haven't selected that?

    What you are trying to do is a process that we call “refrying a PDF file,” a process that we at Adobe most strongly discourage. There are facilities within Acrobat itself that allow you to remove objects and crop pages without having to ruin the PDF by creating PostScript and then distilling that back into PDF, a potentially very lossy process. You lose all color management, all live transparency, and could have font problems in the resultant PDF file.
    The Adobe PDF PostScript Printer Driver Instance is parameterized by joboptions set in its properties. These properties have a parameter for page rotation. If the options specify automatic page rotation, you may be getting these unexpected results on the basis of Distiller's analysis of each page and trying to second guess the orientation. You should also be aware that the PostScript generated by Acrobat (and Reader) is optimized for printing on a PostScript device, not for generation of PDF by distillation.
              - Dov

  • I work in psd, i want to send mail to pdf,  with out pixel, how do i do ?

    i work in psd, i want to send mail to pdf,  with out pixel, how do i do ?

    Well it is difficult to understand your question so little information, and with an apparent language problem, but you can can Save As to the pdf format.  If you have any text layers, do _not_ flatten before exporting.  Use a High Quality Print preset in the PDF dialog box, unless file size is critical.
    If I have misunderstood your question, please give a lot more information, including what version of Photoshop.  You can use your own language if that is easier, and we'll use the forum Translate feature, but the more information you put in your post, the better chance of it being understood.

  • Saving smallest pdf file out of Illustrator

    how do i save the smallest possible pdf file out of Illustrator?

    Does your Illie file contain placed images?
    Are you working in RGB or CMYK?
    How do you intend to use the pdf?
    A lot of questions need answering.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I am unable to download photos from three different cameras, Sony, Samsung and Nikon using the lightning USB camera connector. I get a error message saying the the USB device uses too much power.

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    How to downgrade from iOS 8.1.1 to ios 7.1.2

  • IDVD Force Quit when Burning

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