Pdf for slide shows

When I create a slideshow in Photoshop Elements .pdf is my preferred file format  to save the show.
One of the nice features of .pdf for slide shows is the 'fade out /fade in' transition between slides, which has been functioning on my laptop, even if slide changing was set to manual.
I recently downloaded Acrobat Reader for iPAD. Although slide changing was no problem the 'fade out /fade in' effect was gone. Is there any way I could get it back?

No transitions and multimedia on Adobe Reader for iOS.

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  • Video adapter only works for slide shows.

    We received the Apple video adapter today. It appears that it only works for slide shows? It might also work for Keynote, but we don't use that much and haven't installed on the iPad. For our purposes, we'd like to be able to display from other programs- Numbers, Pages, and a PDF reader. This seems counterintuitive to business use if the adaptor isn't fully functional. We are hoping that a software upgrade will make the adaptor functional.

    The iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter can play content to a VGA display when using the following apps:
    Photos—Slideshow playback only
    Safari—Video content on webpages
    Whether Apple will add additional support in the future is unknown, but you can indicate your interest to Apple via their feedback page:

  • Using downloaded songs for slide show background music

    Maybe I am naive, but I just joined iTunes and downloaded some music to use as background for slide shows of family pics. I am using Microsoft Plus! to put the slide shows together. The iTunes songs downloaded in MPEG-4 and the Plus! code will only recognize MP3. I am also concerned that the copyright protection will make the songs not useable for the slide show compilations. Any ideas? Thanks!

    In iTUnes you can burn the song to CD then reimport it as a MP3. Goto edit>preferences>advanced tab>Import sub tab, and set it from "AAC" to "MP3" then hit OK
    Now burn the songs to CD in itunes. Put the CD back in and hit the "Import" button in the top right corner of itunes

  • Import subtitles for slide show

    I have two slide shows, each with 50 slides. I would like to generate a text file with the subtitle definitions and import it, but apparently subtitles can only be imported for timelines. Why is that?
    I have the names of the slides (the texts that should be displayed as subtitles) in an excel file and generated a text file out of it that has exactly the format needed for importing subtitles.
    It would be rather time consuming to manually copy the names of the 100 slides out of the Excel sheet and insert them as a description for each slide.
    Are there any technical reasons why importing subtitles for slide shows is not allowed?
    Christian Kirchhoff

    thanks again for the reply. In one case I really could do it, you are right there.
    But there are slide shows, too, which do not proceed automatically but wait for the user to press the previous/next chapter buttons on the remote control. To realize the same behaviour in a timeline one had to set the end action for a chapter to "return to beginning of chapter". That works, kind of, but I found out that both with software DVD players on a computer and with regular DVD players the navigation (forward/backward) is very...irregular. Sometimes when you press the next chapter button it works, and sometimes not.
    That's why I wanted to stick with the slide show instead of a timeline.

  • Ken Burns for slide shows?

    Why isn't there a Ken Burns affect for slide shows?  This should have been in Lightroom 3!

    You're right.

  • I pad can you take only pictures you want for slide show

    On ipad can you only use pictures you want for slide show?What is delete on top of photo page?Did not delete picture I marked.Thank you

    And as is often the case with Apple, there's more than one way to do it. Another way to accomplish this is to download a copy of MPEG Streamclip as relayed by longtime iMovie Discussion Group participantAppleMan1958
    First, get an app called MPEG Streamclip, which is free. (google MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5)
    Open MPEG Streamclip.
    In iMovie, select the clip you need. Then, right-click/Reveal in Finder.
    Drag this clip into MPEG Streamclip
    In MPEG Streamclip, move the playhead to the frame you want.
    In MPEG Streamclip, click FILE/EXPORT FRAME.
    Choose JPEG, TIFF, or PNG and give it a name.

  • Desperate for Slide Show Help

    This is my first Flash slide show, and I am just lost. I've
    posted this on a couple of Flash groups and haven't gotten an
    answer at all, and so I'm still clueless. Here it is:
    Obviously I am missing a few things to make this happen like
    it should, and I can't figure out what I've done wrong. Here are my
    1. Why won't it automatically go from slide to slide? (There
    are nine and you can go from one to the other with the arrow keys
    just fine.)
    2. Why won't it go back to the first slide when it's done,
    which is what I specified using the Behavior panel?
    3. These aren't that important for this slide show, but why
    won't the "Next" and "Previous" buttons stay on the screen?
    If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. I did this
    in Flash 8.

    experienced forum contributers are not likely to download
    files. your best chance for help is to copy just the code that's
    causing the problem and paste it (here using the attach code

  • Newbe requests help with audio for slide-show on Premiere Elements 4.

    I recently wrote you regarding a problem I was having with a slide show I was making on Premiere Elements 4 importing photo clips and music from PhotoShop Elements 9.  Thank you for your help.
    This very large slide show, some 200 clips that I have not resized is completed.  I am now having many problems with the music audio I am adding to various sequences of the slide show.  Specifically:the audio will not stay fixed on the places where I put it and end it.  Working on the Timeline Usually the length of the audio is shorter than the ending of the photo clips where it must go.  I click on the audio and stretch it and end it at the place I designate.  However, the other end has moved also so now I am left with a gap where there is no audio at the beginning of the segment.  Now in addition, the "Delete and Close Gap" does not work most of the time causing me to manually move the photo tiles which sometimes move when this happens.  I have to move each one or two individually to the left to close the gap and many times this causes loss of one or two photo tiles or they are out of order or have increase in number (of the one I am moving).
    The program has also shut down for the past 10 days causing me to lose a good deal of work and sometimes photo clips and sometimes I get many duplicates of the photo clips.  All I do is edit mostly the same two segments doing this over and over because I can't proceed to importing any more music because I can't get the first segments correct.  I have chatted with you people, Sony techs, Microsoft Techs and Canon Techs.  The Sony techs suggested the program was at fault and I used the original installation disk and repaired the program.  It has still shut down on me but not as much.
    I got error messages on the photo-cap instructions page you suggessted otherwise I would show pictures of the above problems.
    I tried to copy and/or cut and paste from the Timeline thinking I would start a new slide show in PhotoShop Elements 9 using the same photos in reverse.  The program would not let me copy or paste.  There is great difficulty in highlighting the photo tiles in Timeline because I have to shift click on each individual tile and there are too many tiles and it would take too long to get a whole segment copied.  Maybe you know another way to do this?
    I am at a stand-still now and I am quite despondent because I have been working on this slide-show for 3 months and it was a surprise for my daughter's 25th anniversary that was last Tuesday.
    I do hope you have some good suggestions that will lelt me complete this Project and get it on a disk.  I am not that technical so please be specific.
    Thanks in advance.

    Here's the basic advice I'd give, based on my experience. Much depends, though, on your goals and the specifics of your computer system:
    1) Resize all of your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size. This is VITAL if you want the program to maintain stability as you work. Also render often (by pressing the Enter key). When the render, the red lines above the clips on your timeline will turn green and the program will run much more efficiently.
    2) Work on your large slideshow project in shorter segments. You've got over 15 minutes worth of slides. Try working on this slideshow in 5 minute segments, output each segment and then combined the finished videos.
    3) Use only WAV audio as your music and audio for your slideshow.
    4) When you add video, audio or stills to a parallel track on your timeline, hold down the Ctrl key to override the ripple function and your current clips will remain in place.
    5) Maintain your computer by using a tool like the excellent, free, one-click Advanced System Care available at http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcareper.html
    As for Delete and Close Gap, how it performs depends on whether you've selected Clear or Delete, whether you've pressed the Backspace key or the Delete key and if there is video or audio on a parallel track. (This is all covered in my books, by the way, if you're interested.)
    Without knowing the specifics of your project and your situation, it's hard to give out more specific information -- but this advice should get you a long way toward completing your project!

  • Settings for slide show?  Export?

    I am putting together a 250 photo slide show in FCE 4. I exported TIF and JPEG files from iPhoto and imported in FCE. My slides look good when played on the browser. My exports, however, do not look good. What might I be doing wrong?
    Quicktime export has washed out colors that are vastly inferior to the browse in FCE. Dimensions, however, are fine (16x9). There are also a few pauses and/or hiccups in the Quicktime playback.
    Apple TV export is squished. It looks like output was compressed to fit 4:3. Colors are also washed out.
    Easyset-up set for 1080i50

    I remember a podcast tutorial that says that you should always save your photo files as .tif file (or PICT/TARGA) if you plan on showing it on TV. What you see on your computer screen will not always "look" the same on TV. JPG has somekind of compression that will show up less than stellar on TV where as .tif will not. Also, TV doesn't have the dynamic range to show all the colors and details as would a computer screen. If there are extreme highlights/shadows on your photos then some photos will look washed out or underexposed on TV.

  • Poor DVD Quality for slide shows from quicktime

    I have generated a slide show in QT and the quality is great. When I try to generate a DVD the quality drops significantly (very disappointing). How do I generate highest quality DVDs especially for slideshows.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You should take all your JPEGs and turn them into 720 x 480, then import them into a program like Final Cut Pro.
    Put them all in the timeline.
    Add sound or whatever, fades, etc.
    Then export it out as a QT Movie, File>Quicktime Movie
    Then add this to Compressor or DVD SP.
    If you just add a .mov to DVD SP, your bitrates need to be set in the preferences.
    DVD Studio Pro > Preferences > Encoding
    Try 7.0 average, 7.4 high, 2 Pass VBR, Best
    Sometimes fades on photos get messed up with lower bitrates.
    7.0 is decent.
    Set Compressor up with those settings as well if you are using Compressor.
    If you just drag photos into DVD SP, you can do it that way as well, just be sure your preferences for your bitrate is higher.
    What you had was pretty low.
    Let us know how it goes.

  • Exporting for slide show

    When exporting an album from iPhotos to create a slide show, it tells me that it is "unable to create........." whatever file name I give it on the desktop.
    What is the problem here?

    I'd first export a self-contained movie (File->Export->QuickTime Movie) and see if that plays OK in QuickTime Player.  If it does, then convert it to H.264 for uploading to youtube.
    If it doesn't play OK in QuickTime, post the Sequence settings you're using in FCE for that project.

  • I want manual duration for slide show - Remove music?

    I have a slide show of six drop zones from iPhoto albums. I would like to have manual duration, but that choice is grayed out and not selectable. iDVD added the default music uninvited. I was able to set the volumes to minimum on both the title and slide shows but I think I need to get rid of the music completely to get the manual duration. But I can't seem to make that happen. Please help.

    From the Help Menu in iDVD6:
    Setting slideshows to advance manually
    Slideshows in iDVD advance to the next slide automatically, with each picture remaining on the screen for 3 seconds. If your slideshow doesn't have a soundtrack, you can set it to advance manually. Viewers can then click the Next or Forward button on the DVD remote control to advance to the next slide at their own pace.
    To set a slideshow to advance manually:
    1. Double-click the button for your slideshow in the DVD menu to open the slideshow editor.
    2. Choose Manual from the Slide Duration pop-up menu.
    3. Click Settings and select "Display navigation arrows" if you want to display right and left arrows on the screen as a visual reminder to the viewer to click the Next button on the remote control to advance to the next slide.
    4. When you are finished, click the Return button to exit the slideshow editor.
    By sdmacuser at 2007-08-23
    Works exactly the same way with photos shared from your iPhoto library (with the exception it reads "Library" as opposed to "Slideshow" when added to iDVD's entry Menu page).
    Hope this helps but if not come on back.

  • Blue question marks for slide shows buttons.

    Good day iWeb list,
    All of a sudden the Play/Pause, Back and Forward buttons for my slide shows have turned into a generic looking blue question marks.
    I noticed one other user having a similar issue a while back, and I believe the remedy was to re-publish the entire site. I've tried that to no avail. Resetting cache has not affect as well.
    Any thoughts?
    You can witness this issue by going to my web site below and then click on the "Woodworking" page to view the slide show.
    Thanks as usual, Gramps.

    I've noticed that safari 4 sometimes does the ? thing with images... almost like it doesn't finish loading sometimes. Not sure if it's provider traffic or safari related but it can be annoying.

  • Your favored output for slide show

    I have just upgraded to PS 7 w. Primiere, and have assembled a slide show of photos that I took on a group tour of China. There were 35 in the group. If I distribute DVDs at NTSC high resolution of 720x 480 (I think), will that provide the highest quality slides without causing problems for many persons -- will the DVD give a good slide performance for those viewing with a digital TV, analog TV, and PC/Mac, and the latter with a video projector, assuming that they all have DVD players that will read the format?  What are your favorite way of saving a slide show that provides high image quality but is flexible enough to be shown in various settings.

    I have just upgraded to PS 7 w. Primiere, and have assembled a slide show of photos that I took on a group tour of China. There were 35 in the group. If I distribute DVDs at NTSC high resolution of 720x 480 (I think), will that provide the highest quality slides without causing problems for many persons -- will the DVD give a good slide performance for those viewing with a digital TV, analog TV, and PC/Mac, and the latter with a video projector, assuming that they all have DVD players that will read the format?  What are your favorite way of saving a slide show that provides high image quality but is flexible enough to be shown in various settings.

  • Transition selection for slide show.

    Photoshop Album Starter edition 3.2 Windows XP. I could create custom slide show. I can still select duration of each slide but the transition period and transition mode fails. Shows error code c0000005, address 60cbb2af. Any idea what to do?

    Hi Evert,
    Can you tell me two things:-
    1) Which slideshow you are talking about - PDF slideshow or FullScreen Slideshow.?
    2) Where is option to customize slideshow is present.
    I do not see anty option in PASE 3.2 to customize slideshow like setting of transition period and transition mode etc.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Backlighting stopped working

    My late 2008, MBP 15's keys will not backlight.  I get a buster sign when I try to use the keyboard brightness key.  Any suggestions?