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I am performing following steps. In the data manager, I am trying to import the PDF file. Then link it to the Main Table.
While importing I am using "Link to Orginal File Only"
PDF file is present in the share folder and the path of share folder does not have spaces. I get the following error message
"There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found".
Actually file is available as well as path is correct and also acees to the sahre folder.
I tried same thing through local drive from my desktop. I encounter the same message.
When, I go and see PDFs table in the repository, I can see a record inserted with the correct path. I am not able top open up the PDF using Object --> View PDF.
I am using MDM 7.1 SP 05.
Please share your experience.

Please let me know what version of MDM you are using... Can you give a try by uploading pdf from your local system.. This will make sure that there has nothing to do with the shared drive..
Please revert with the results.
Best Regards,
Please also check this document, just to make sure you are not missing any step.
[How to Import Pdf Document in MDM|http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/c01f54a2-99f1-2a10-5aa5-dcc50870e7f6]
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  • Gettig error while adding a pdf file in Data Manager

    Dear All,
    When I m trying to add a new pdf file in the Data manger then it gives the error as:" Unable to open Adobe Acrobat. See your administrator about installing Adobe Acrobat."
    Please help me in adding this pdf file to Data Manager.
    Thanks And Regards
    Gaurav Kumar sharma

    Hi Gaurav,
    In order to load PDF files Adobe Acrobat® Standard or Professional Version is required and it needs to be installed on the machine that is loading the PDF and not on the Server machine.
    That's why it is giving you error to Install Adobe Acrobat. It is also required to generate Thumbnails.
    Refer, SAP Note for more details:
    Thanks and Regards,
    Mandeep Saini

  • Error while connecting to Repository through Data Manager

    Hi Experts,
    I am able to access MDM server through MDM Console, Here mainlyI got two errors.
    Error 1:- I am not able to create new repository through Console.when I click on "create Repository" option in Console,it will try to connect DBMS server to create.at the same time I have given Database credentials.It was giving error like" Unable to connect to DBMS server".
    Error 2:- I have some repositories in my MDM server.already one repository is running.I am trying to access the running repository in Data Manager as well in as Import Manager and Syndicator.at the same time I am not able to connect to repository giving error like "Repository not loaded".
    Note: all the necessary ports are opened as per SAP standard.
    Please help me regarding this.if anybody have idea about this.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Ravi,
       Steps to load a repository
       1) Load the MDM server
       2) Start MDM server
       3) There you will find list of repositorys
       4) If required login into the repository
            This is the main step you got to perform to solve your second problem
       5) Right click the Repository and select 'Load Repository' and then 'Immediate'
           This will load the repository and you can work on the repository from any where either IM,DM or syndicator.
      For the first error check wether you have given the proper path for your DBMS server; if you give it right it wont give u any error. If its in local system then by default it be in the list. Else you got to provide the system name where the server is there.
      In case of any othere issuse please let me know.

  • Unable to refresh SQL Server data source through Data Management Gateway

    I just installed the version 1.1.5226.8 of Data Management Gateway and tried to refresh a simple query on a table connected to SQL Server, with no transformations in Power Query.
    This is the error I obtain:
    Errors in the high-level relational engine. The following exception occurred while the managed IDataReader interface was being used: transfer service job status is invalid.
    I am wondering whether my Power BI is still not updated to handle such a connection type, or there could be something else not working?
    I correctly created the data source in admin panel following instructions in Release Notes, and
    test Power Query connection is ok.
    Marco Russo http://www.sqlbi.com http://www.powerpivotworkshop.com http://sqlblog.com/blogs/marco_russo

    I made other tests and I found important information (maybe there is a bug, but read the following).
    The functions DateTime.LocalNow and DateTime.FixedLocalNow
    work correctly, generating these statements to SQL Server:
        convert(datetime2, '2014-05-03 06:37:52.1135108') as [LocalNow],
        convert(datetime2, '2014-05-03 06:37:52.0525061') as [FixedLocalNow],
    The functions DateTimeZone.FixedLocalNow, DateTimeZone.FixedUtcNow,
    DateTimeZone.LocalNow, and DateTimeZone.UtcNow
    stop the scheduled refresh with the error I mentioned
    in my previous messages, generating these statements to SQL Server:
        '2014-05-03 06:37:52.0525061+02:00' as [TZFixedLocalNow],
        '2014-05-03 04:37:52.0525061+00:00' as [TZFixedUtcNow],
        '2014-05-03 06:37:52.1135108+02:00' as [TZLocalNow],
        '2014-05-03 04:37:52.1135108+00:00' as [TZUtcNow]
    I solved the issue by placing the DateTimeZone calls after a Table.Buffer call, so query folding does not translate in SQL these functions. However, it seems like something to fix.
    Marco Russo http://www.sqlbi.com http://www.powerpivotworkshop.com http://sqlblog.com/blogs/marco_russo

  • Import using Data Manager

    Hi everyone!
    My client want to use the import package from Data Manager to upload his data.
    I´m looking for a How to... than explain How to I can configure it.
    Somebody can Help Me??

    I'm going to try this last one tomorrow.
    Now I have this little problem: If my datafile have a header with a different order, I have a warning and reject the header line.
    I introduced a mapping of the cols. My TransformationFile is like this but I have the same problem.
    Some suggest??
    SKIP = 0
    SKIPIF =

  • Generating PDF thumbnails in data manager.

              I m facing a problem while generating Thumbnails  for PDF's. I  m working with MDM  5.5 SP04.  And for the pdf, ADOBE 8.0 Version.
    Waiting in anticipation for your  solutions.

    hi Shreya,
    In Data manager:
    go to Configuration options ---> Display --> Thumbnails rather than objects in the records pane option
    you will have 2 options: yes and No
    select YES.
    Problem still arrise than:-
    Go to record mode
    In the Records pane, select the PDF record whose thumbnails you want to generate.then Right-click on one of the records and choose Generate Thumbnail from the context menu, or choose Objects -> Generate Thumbnail from the main menu.
    Generating Thumbnails progress dialog will open to indicate the status as it generates the thumbnail for each of the PDFs.
    hope this may help you...

  • Importing with DATA MANAGER

    While directly importing with the help of data manager it gives me an error.
    It doesnt import data from each and every field, it gives me two kins of error
    1) some fields dont exist
    2) another type of error is unable to find a lookup value.
    And do suggest, even if Import manager exists when can i use this functionality.
      | Eleana West

    First of all this Functionality can be used whenever u are sure that the data which has to be imported is free of any redundancies then only it is feasible to use this functionality.
    Otherwise u need to use import mgr so that any kind of duplicates records can be eliminated.
    And the errors which u are getting are
    1)  some fields dont exist
         It gives bcoz from the source side the columns names do not match with the names on the destination side i.e.. the field names in the repository structure.
    2)  another type of error is unable to find a lookup value.
         Even if the field names match and if the field on the destination side is a kind of lookup field i.e.. in turn its looking up in some other table then this kind of error arises.
    u can bypass this error while importing thru data mgr by clicking on option button either skip value or skip record.
    Hope dis clears ur doubt.
    If any other queries feel free to ask
    Regards Tejas..............

  • Can't run import through enterprise manager

    11gR2 in Windows XP32:
    Trying to import a DMP file from another 11gR2 DB. I'm getting an error that the username/password for the host credentials are wrong. They are not, I know what the passwords and usernames are for the machine. Any ideas?

    This error message is often misleading, ensure you have granted the 'Log on as batch job' privilege:
    This privilege is required for many tasks in Database Control.

  • Link PDF in Data Manager

    Do one of you know if it is necessary to installe Adobe Acrobat to be able to link a PDF document to the PDF table in Data Manager?
    Kind regards

    Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional Version is required and it needs to be installed on the machine that is loading the PDF and not on the Server machine. means on machine where you are using MDM Data Manager.
    when you are  uploading the file through Data Group you can store that file either using option Link to original file or store in repository. Once you have uploaded all the files in data Group then after that using Import Manager, you can link main table records with the corresponding PDF files using PDF file names.
    also follow sap note 1258537

  • How to exclude the selction in BW When importing Transaction data from Info provider

    Hi ,
      I  am trying to Import data from BW infoprovider to BPC cube through Data manager . It works ok if i select Year 2010-2014,value type.
    But i have G/L account i want to import from 100000 to 100129 exclude 100130 again include 100131 to 999999 .How do i achive this .
    I selected the accounts  100000 to 100130 in one line and 100131 to 999999 in different line it did not work .
    when i select this it simply errors out with 0 records selected .
    Best regards,
    Sreedhar .

    Thank you that is the issue . I used the same formula for INT_ORDER i am getting
    00000?????? ??????
    000001003951 is invalid or is a calculated member
    if i use
    * js:parseInt(%external%)
    I am getting
    Line1 :Dimension: INT_ORDER member: NaN is invalid or is a calculated member

  • Can not Upload PDF in MDM data repository

    Hi, expert,
    when I upload the PDF in MDM data manager, the system error log is :
    Unable to open Adobe Acrobat.
    See your administrator about installing Adobe Acrobat.
    But, when I upload the image, the status is success..
    I do not know if it is Adobe Acrobat installing problem or I miss some configuration or it can not upload the PDF into MDM repository..
    Your help would be really appreciated.
    thanks & Best Regards,

    Can you open the PDF without any error? Is Adobe Acrobat installed on the server where the repository is loaded?

  • Import xml data from a variable locations

    Could some please help me with a solution?
    Here's what currently runs on our server. An applications runs and does:
    Create an unique folder
    Copy a fillable, reader extended form into this folder
    Put data in a XML-file (always same filename) and places that in the same folder
    Open the PDF for the user to fill in the details.
    Now, the change I want to make is to import the data from the XML file into the PDF. I used a button on the form using xfa.host.importData(). This fires up a browse-for-file-box so the user can select the correct xml-file. This works!
    However, as the folder from where the PDF opens, is always a different one, the browse-for-file-box opens in the wrong folder. The user does see a XML-file, but that is from a different folder. So, what I wanted is the following:
    The form opens
    The PDF imports the data from the XML file automaticly, without user intervention
    The user finalizes the form and saves it.
    In short: How can I create a variable from the folderlocation where the pdf is opened, and merge that with the xml-filename?
    Hopefully I than can use xfa.host.importData("filename.xml")
    I hope someone can advise me! Thanks in advance!

    thanks for your responce. It sure was helpfull to have a look at that discussion. However, that article regards a defined source with a fixed path (xfa.host.importData("/c/path/to/xml/file.xml");)
    There is my problem. I need to determine the path first since that changes every time. Then I want to import that file using code.
    I hope my question is clear. If not, please let me know!
    By the way, I also tried opening the same pdf from different folders. Adobe Reader seems to remember where it looked previous for a XML-file. So,if there is a way to set the folder where the browse-for-file-box opens with, that would be great too!

  • Search for records by Remote Key or Remote System in Data Manager

    Hi all,
    We have a requirement to search for records by Remote key and/or Remote System at the main table level. Is it possible to do this using the Data Manager? If so, how?
    Thanks in advance!

    I crosschecked with MDM 5.5 and Don't think it is possible through Data Manager. How ever using APIs you can search records using remote key/ remote system.

  • Error while launching visio in Data Manager

    Hi All,
    I have installed visio 2003 version and working on SP03
    The problem I am facing is that I am unable to launch visio through Data manager Client. When I am clicking workflow tab in Data Manager client, it is giving me error as "Error Launching visio - There is no path information for workflow .vsl in registry.
    Can anybody suggest what could be the problem.
    Thanks in advance.
    Pooja Khandelwal

    Hi Pooja,
    Have you installed workflow plugin ? Check .. ?
    Start visio after installing the plugin.

  • Import XML data to textfields in a PDF file

    Can I use LiveCycle Designer 8.2 to auto populate textfields in a PDF-file with data from a XML-file when the user opens the PDF-file? If so, how will I do it? Is there any guide?
    It works fine in the Livecycle Designer preview but when I open the PDF-file all textfields are empty. It also works fine if I import data from a OLEDB-connection.
    Mikael Forssell

    I'm looking for a solution for the same thing. I have a pdf form with fields bound to an xml file, but Acrobat will only import the data manually (Forms / Manage Form Data / Import Data) and Reader doesn't work at all.
    Tech Support says that when in Livecycle, you're working in an xml environment, so the 'Preview PDF' works. Acrobat and Reader aren't xml environments, so they won't display the data.
    What we need is a javascript programmer who can figure this out. Possibly using the remerge function. Anyone???

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