Pdf Not displaying Every System

Hi All
I am facing one problem With Adobe interactive Form. I have developed one Application in PDF. It is running very good at my system. But at the same time when iam trying to open at user's system . It is not displaying. There also in some of the system it is displaying.
Can you just tell me that
Do we required any certificate for that.
Any Explorer setting has to be done.
   Please help me with you valuable suggestion . Because this the critical time for user.
Thanx In Advance
Prashant krishen

Hi Prashant,
Can you please mention the error that you are facing while trying to open the pdf in other machines where it's having problem?
Please try the following in those machines:
Go to start->All Programs->Adobe->in the top menu go to->edit->preferences->internet->and check the option Display PDF in Browser.
This should help you to open the PDF in other machines as well.
Please let me know if this helps. Also, kindly revert back in case of any clarifications/issues. Thanks!

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  • Pdf not displayed correctly in preview

    We have a new A) scanner (colortrac Ci40) and when we scan a pdf it is displayed in preview as if it is all wrinkled up.
    Only in prewiew and if imorted in vectorworks. (on both OSX 10.5 and 10.6)
    The same problem appears on a iPad.
    It is not displayed correctly.
    In all other programms I tried it is displayed properly.
    We also have a small a4/a3 scanner from konica minolta and these scans display corectly in preview.
    Is this only a preview problem and should I ignore it?

    Hi there,
    I have a very similar problem: a number of pdf files that I can see perfectly well in Safari/GoogleChrome do NOT show correctly in Preview or ANY iPad app I have (Notability, Adobe, PDF Expertm iAnnotate, Dropbox etc.).
    The problem is that punctuation -- with the expection of periods or bolded text -- does not show properly. For example, commas and quotation marks to not show, and some numbers to not show.
    Moreover, once I have annotated/viewed the problematic file on the IPad and resync to dropbox to view on Mac vis Adobe (which I do with most pdf files with no problems), I get an error message upon reopening the pdf file saying "Cannot extract the embedded font 'FAFWQV+--unknown-2--'. Some characters may not display or print correctly." (the 'quoted' text changes each time). When opening in Preview, no error message appears, though the fole is still lacking punctuation etc.
    Here is a link to one problematic pdf:http://niis.cass.cn/upload/2012/12/d20121201200145301.pdf
    NB: the file is in Mandarin, however I can successfully open/edit/annotate/sync other pdfs using Mandarin font so I'm not sure if the language is related to the problem.
    I would be extremely grateful for some help with this please!

  • PDF not displaying properly in Acrotbat

    Hi all,
    I'm having an issue with a document I have created in Photoshop not displaying properly when opened in Acrobat. It is a brochure for my work, that I have worked on and printed many times. When I open it in Acrobat after creating the PDF, gaps appear and other elements are shifted out of place. When viewing it in Photoshop, those gaps are not there, even when I zoom in very close. When we open the file on other computers with Acrobat, the gaps are still there. To test the PDF further, I downloaded some free PDF viewers off the net and the document looks the way it was created, the way it should be. I don't know how to fix it and certainly don't want the gaps appearing when it goes to print. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've never previously had this problem. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Without access to the files it's impossible for us to help. Acrobat will be displaying the PDF "correctly", but why the page contents are shifted is anyone's guess.
    When you save as "Photoshop PDF" and choose the "Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities" option, it embeds a copy of the PSD file into the PDF and will open that whenever you try to open the PDF in Photoshop, which is why you don't get the import dialog. Photoshop never even reads the PDF page contents. Turn off that option, save to PDF again, and then open it in Photoshop - you'll see the true PDF page being imported as a graphic, and it'll match what Acrobat is displaying.

  • PDF not displayed in Firefox 2.0 because of a popup

    we use NetWeaver 2004s SP9 and WebDynpro for ABAP 2004s SP 9.
    In case of using Browser Firefox 2.0, we detected a problem with popups and Adobe Interactive Forms Integration.
    The problem - described in a simplified form - occurs as follows:
    There are two screens: screen A and screen B. Screen A contains some input fields.
    Screen B shows a PDF via the Adobe Interactive Forms Integration, which contains data of screen A.
    The navigation is screen A --> screen B.
    Basically, this scenario works fine in Firefox 2.0. The PDF is displayed correctly on View B.
    But, if a popup is shown before navigation form screen A to screen B, the PDF
    (and the Adobe Plugin as well) is not displayed on screen B.
    In this case the navigation is screen A --> Popup (screen A in background) --> screen B.
    This problem exists only in Firefox, not in Internet Explorer.
    Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?
    Best regards

    Hi Heidi,
    thank you for your reply!
    I have implemented note 1001411.
    But the problem still exists...
    Best regards

  • PDF not displaying in Portal from UWL : cl_fitv_navigation= navigate_to_object

    Hi Experts,
    We are using a custom webdynpro application for the approval of expense claim.If I am clicking the link from UWL, a new window is opened and it is showing a blank page and PDF is not displaying in the browser.
    I have checked from application level (SE80) and it is working fine,PDF is getting displayed in browser.We have done the UWL re-registration as well.
    We have used the class 'cl_fitv_navigation' and method 'navigate_to_object' to display the PDF.
    Also I have debugged the same method and could found that the codes are different for calling the application from portal and for using SE80.
    Kindly let me know what could be the issues or if I missed any parameters.Also please let me know if I need to check any related R/3 configs and parameters maintained in R/3.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Arun Narayanan.

    Hi Pramod,
    We are not using iFrame to display the PDF.
    We are using the class and method
      CALL METHOD cl_fitv_navigation=>navigate_to_object
          component           = l_api_component
          operation           = l_operation
          business_parameters = lt_bo_params.
    where ;
      l_api_component = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      l_operation = 'DisplayForm'.
      ls_bo_param-key   = 'SAP_FITV_PERSNO'.
      ls_bo_param-value = l_pernr.
      INSERT ls_bo_param INTO TABLE lt_bo_params.
      ls_bo_param-key   = 'SAP_FITV_TRIPNO'.
      ls_bo_param-value = l_tripno.
      INSERT ls_bo_param INTO TABLE lt_bo_params.
      ls_bo_param-key   = 'SAP_FITV_TRIPCMP'.
      ls_bo_param-value = ''.
      INSERT ls_bo_param INTO TABLE lt_bo_params.
      ls_bo_param-key   = 'SAP_FITV_DATASRC'.
      ls_bo_param-value = ''.
      INSERT ls_bo_param INTO TABLE lt_bo_params.

  • Mail with image and PDF not displaying correctly on Outlook

    Environment and problem
    OS X Mountain Lion, Mail 6.1 (everything up to date)
    Emails with mixed image and PDF attachments send from my MacBoox Pro are not being displayed correctly when received on Outlook. It is not an Outlook problem.
    Multiple inline images - ok
    I compose an email, rich text format, insert severnal inline images, send to colleage on Windows 7 using Outlook, all received ok. He sees the message with inline images.
    Multiple inline images and PDF - not ok
    I compose a similar email with multiple inline images, but attach a PDF. This time all of the attachments (images and PDF) appear at the end of the message when viewed in Outlook.
    Gmail browser comparison
    I repeat the above from a Gmail account via Safari and I can make an email with inline images and PDF attachments and it works.
    Any thoughts, tips, bug reports, etc appreciated.

    No - can't be an Apple fan and then critisise MS for being proprietry
    My problem was solved by installing Attachment Tamer.
    It could also have been solved by emailing from Gmail directly.
    The guys I work with use Outlook and were suprised to see this behaviour.
    It's only basic OS X email that has a problem.
    I wholeheartedly agree that the standard for emails are not conducive for rich layout control.
    But - when my email just has images I had no problems. Take for example the email notifications we're getting from this thread - there are images and layout etc and work fine.
    The key feature from Attachment Tamer hints at the problem (and its solution):
    send images embedded in HTML layout and safely mix embedded images with other attachments;

  • PDFs not displaying images when opened in Google Chrome.

    My PDFs are not displaying images when opened in Chrome. They do display in other browsers and when saved to the desktop. I have tested on multiple machines. Is there a problem with how they are saved? Here is a test: http://www.omnils.com/userfiles/files/Brochures/KL-003_REV_0914_APEX_CR_SPEC_SHEET_lo.pdf

    "... a known Chrome issue."  The resolution lies with Google for this - nothing you can do (other than disable the "in house" browser add-on and enable Adobe's (if you have Reader or Acrobat installed)).
    A similar issue exists with other, contemporary, browser releases.
    The "fix" is these software houses to deploy PDF viewer browser add-ons that actually comply with ISO 32000.
    Perhaps their lazy approach reflects the attitude of "Hey, Adobe will get the hit not us."
    Provide your users a feed-back mechanism; you'd be able to respond with the suggestion that they ping on the appropriate software houses to provide adequate software.
    Be well...

  • Approver specfication section not displayed after system upgraded to EHP6

    We have just upgraded our eRecruiting development environment to EHP6 from EHP3. However, as a manager who creates the requisition and subsequently the job posting, there should be a place that allows the manager to specify the approver for this requisitiion. This is not displayed in the upgraded version. I have checked our authorization setup to ensure the manager does not have too wide an access that will bypass this approval specification process, and everything is in order.
    I am wondering if anyone else has run into the same problem.
    Thank you.

    Hello Alex,
    you are probably aware the huge changes in the eRec application when moving from EhP3 to EhP 4 or any higher enhancement package. The whole user interface for non-candidate roles is completely replaced. This includes the manager as well as the recruiter and the recruiting administrator.
    In principle it should be possible to run the old BSP applications as long as you do not activate any business functions for the enhancement packages (aka "pure technical upgrade").  But when I did such a pure technical upgrade from EhP 3 to EhP 4 for a customer about 4 years ago we already faced several serious issues with running the old ui and functions. So what you experience are very likely such issues as well.
    Kind Regards

  • PDF Not Displayed After Parameter Form Submitted

    We are moving a Forms6i application to web deployed Forms10g. Reports with parameter forms are being called using web.show_document(...) with the oracle.reports.utility.FrmReportsInteg JavaBean to hide database login credentials, as described in the Forms/Reports integration white papers.
    On our development server this process works as expected: the form displays a new browser window containing the parameter form with URL http://server/reports/rwservlet?userid=&report=report&desformat=pdf&destype=cache&paramform=yes, the parameter form is submitted, and the report output is displayed as a PDF embedded in the new browser window.
    However, on our customer's test server, after the parameter form is submitted, the Oracle Reports OracleAS Reports Services - Servlet Command Help page is displayed. Executing the rwservlet/showjobs command shows the job as being successfully completed. Clicking on the Job Name link redisplays the parameter form, and submitting this returns to the Oracle Reports OracleAS Reports Services - Servlet Command Help page.
    I have not been able to trace any other posts describing the same behavior on Metalink or OTN. Has anyone else seen this?
    Development server is OracleAS 10g ( on Red Hat Linux, customer server is OracleAS 10g ( on Solaris.
    Anyone explain this difference between the two servers?

    wonder if your problem is the host.domain name?
    It has to be the same name as the "host:" name that was entered in the "Register with Oracle Internet Directory" screen - while installing AS. Reason is that: when the .html is running, it has no connections to the AS, OID, SSO or anything else - it runs independentally. For it to go back into the oracle 'system', the full host.domain name is needed. So, if when the AS was installed, the "fully qualifed" domain name was not given, you may have problems and could need to reinstall AS again. (speaking from sad experience :) )

  • PDF not displaying in Web Order Center?

    We copied a PROD system into a test system I'll call DDB01.
    The SAP logic creates the PDF file in UNIX. ITS gets the file and pits it on the server. We can see both. Via IE6 we cannot display the PDF. However, we can display the PDF using the same IE6 browser in the Production box..
    Someone has a Firefly browser that can pull up the PDF from this DDB01 box without any issue. So we know tha Basis and ABAP parts are working OK.
    Why won't the browser display the PDF in the new DDB01 box?
    Admin permisions?
    Any input is helpful.
    Edited by: Tom M. on Apr 4, 2008 8:54 PM
    Edited by: Tom M. on Apr 4, 2008 8:55 PM

    Hello Sandy,
    Have Basis check you're IIS and ITS accesses, passwords, and config settings ...if you are confident this has nothing to do with you're SAP custom code (if there is any involved).
    Please post these as new questions and reward with points if possible.
    Good Luck, Tom

  • PDF not displaying correctly online

    I have created a PDF in Acrobat Pro 9 that when opened (wherever and by whomever) will show in spreads, in Acrobat.  Working great.  However when I link to this PDF, on my website, it opens in a new browser window as it should, but displays as single pages.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why, or how to fix.
    The offenders can be viewed at hooladesign.com - there are two instances under "Portfolio" / "Misc. Client Work" - the first is in "Franklin + Gower" and the other in "Zock".  Both PDFs should be showing as spreads, but are not.
    Any fix to this issue?  I don't want the user to have to open the PDF on their computer.  The idea is to make it easy for them.
    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    For both PDFs, the first page shows as a single page, but the subsequent pages show as two-page spreads. This is on Windows XP, Firefox, and Acrobat Pro 9.3.4. I can test on a Mac later.

  • PDF not displaying correctly from Pages to Adobe

    Hi there. I have created a PDF using pages, but when displayed in Adobe, or saved to usb and then opened on a windows machine, all is in order, BUT one of the photos is cropped? I don't know how to fix this, despite trying! Please help! Thanks, Rachael

    In August, Oracle Reports Team said
    (not for the first time):
    the oracle reports team
    posted August 03, 2001 03:15 PM
    the current version of PDF does not support multi-byte
    character-sets. we will support that with oracle9i
    reports, scheduled for release later this year together
    with iAS release 2.Known limitation.
    allan plumb

  • PDF not displaying correctly when opening in Firefox

    I have created a document in Powerpoint 97-03, with hyperlinks created using shapes, on a Win. 7 PC and then converted it to a PDF. It has then be uploaded onto the internet and it displays fine on a Windows PC.
    One of my colleagues has viewed it on their mac with Firefox and found that the contents of the PDF have shifted to the right so that part of the document is off of the page, though the hyperlinks have stayed where they should.
    I have installed Adobe Reader XI onto the mac in the hopes that this may resolve it but alas no luck. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue and whether there was any fix at all?

    Can you please post the link to the PDF in question?<br>
    Does this occur in all PDFs?
    In order to change the default reader for PDF files (to not open PDF files with Firefox's internal PDF reader), follow these steps:
    #Go to ''Tools'' > ''Options'' (or ''Firefox'' > ''Options'').
    #In the Options window, select the ''Applications'' tab.
    #In the ''Search'' field, type ''PDF''. You should find ''Portable Document Format (PDF)''.
    #On the right handside you should find an ''Action'' column. Use that to select your favorite PDF reader. In order to view PDF files in Firefox, choose ''Preview in Firefox''.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back soon.

  • Specific PDFs not displaying

    On [this page|http://www.conservation.ca.gov/cgs/geologichazards/Tsunami/InundationMaps/SantaCruz/Pages/SantaCruz.aspx] there are some PDFs that as far as I can tell will only open in their entirety in Adobe Reader. On the eMac I've tried the Schubert PDF Browser Plugin, PDFView, Skim, Preview, and natively within Safari on the MacBook (both 10.4.11). All of those just display the top few inches of the maps. Does anyone else get the same result?

    I too only saw the top portion of the PDF and part of the logo at the bottom using Firefox 2.0 on 10.4.11 with preview 3.0.9
    I then tried it with my wifes U-MB with Firefox 3.0 on 10.5.7 with preview 4.2 and it worked fine. I also tried it with her Safari 4.03 and it worked.
    I then tried opening it with my 10.4.11 again with Safari 4.0.4 and it worked fine.
    So my conclusion... I do not know! but are you using Safari 4.0.4? If not download it and try again.

  • Paycheck Pdf not displaying correctly

    Hi All,
    We have an issue while displaying the Paycheck Inquiry pdf in ESS portal.The pdf gets generated with overlapping text and the main problem is that it happens for only one user. We have asked him to check in another system but he faces the same issue there as well.
    I dont think the code is an issue since its working fine for all other users. Can anybody guide me on this?
    Thanks in advance,

    adobe reader version? authorisation can be checked and of course browser version

Maybe you are looking for

  • Adobe Encore is not compatible with this version of Windows.

    After spending several days swapping email with Adobe Support, (if you can call it that), regarding this message when I would open Encore in Windows 7, I was finally told this by Adobe, "this is a known bug and adobe is working closely to get this is

  • How can I get my PS3 to detect my iMac as a media server?

    Is there a way to have my PS3 wirelessly pick up my iMac as a media server so that I can try to play music from iTunes through my PS3/TV? 

  • Why won't iDVD burn my .avi files... it used to?

    i have files ending in .avi that i want to burn to a DVD, in order to watch them on television. i throw them into the iDVD and the preview shows nothing but a blank screen. iDVD used to burn my .avi files. i have converted them to .mp4 / .mpg / .mov.

  • RAW Images SUPPORT

    I trying to locate a list of what cameras are supported by iPhoto5's RAW import capability. I have a CANON Digital Rebel XT.

  • App Module Pooling and Failover

    I have a LOCAL web application with a number of separate tasks (App Module A, B and C). The user logs on using JAAS and I want to store a session scope object representing the 'Company' to which that user belongs for later access by App Module A, B a