Pdf without spaces

I installed Firefox yesterday on win7 home premium 64 bits.
Very cool, thank you.
Just a funny bug, I think.
If I open a pdf with the internal pdf viewer, all spaces are skipped :-( I see all the words attached.
The same pdf link from ie or chrome looks fine...
Please, help

I see the same with that PDF file, so this is likely a problem with the built-in PDF Viewer.<br />
I can't copy the text to the clipboard either.
So the only option for this file would be to disable the built-in PDF Viewer and use another PDF Viewer (e.g. Adobe Reader).

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    Is it possible to change the page of a linked PDF without relinking and going through the import options?
    I'm trying to import seveeral pages of the same PDF. The process would be quickest if I could import it once, then duplicate the image box a number of times, then just change the page number each image box is linking to.
    At the moment I'm having to relink (or place), then go through Import Options, then choose the page - it's a long process that feels like it should be quicker.
    Any ideas?

    The short answer is no, that's not possible, but it IS possible to import multiple pages at one time.
    My favorite script for this is from Scott Zanelli: InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Zanelli Releases MultiPageImporter for Importing both PDF and INDD Files, but there's also a sample script included with ID.

  • I'd like to disable my expired trial for adobe acrobat pro XI because I can no longer view pdfs without getting a subscription

    I'd like to disable my expired trial for adobe acrobat pro XI because I can no longer view pdfs without getting a subscription

    Un-install Adobe Acrobat and repair the installation of Adobe Reader.

  • Is there a way to print a pdf to a pdf without changing your default printer?

    With the recent Adobe update (current version Adobe Pro XI Pro (1637-0001) 11.0.00), there were some changes that have caused a program my company uses to distort all or part of a pdf once it has been imported. We have found a work around. However, the work around is now becoming time consuming with the amount of files we deal with on a daily basis. Is there a way to print a pdf to a pdf without changing the default printer to the Adobe printer? (this is our work around solution).

    For what you are trying to do, probably not. You have to open Acrobat and go to the print menu to select the Adobe PDF printer if it is not the default. The only possibility that I can think of (you will have to try it to tell if that is the case) is to drag the PDF to the Adobe PDF printer and see if it prints. This used to work, but I just tried it in Win7 and it did not do the job.

  • How can I load pics from camera without spaces in the filename (PSE5)

    I want to load the pics from my Fuji Camera with my newly acquired Photoshop Elements 5 into its database as simple as possible. I get offered several ways of renaming the pics during the import. Unfortunately the date formats offered (for folder or filenames) do *all* include space characters " ", which I do not like, because this caused me earlier a lot of trouble when putting the pics online, for example (%20 in the path name). Another reason is my existing photo collection since 2001, which has no spaces in the filenames as well.
    Example for the filename:
    PSE offers: "jj mm dd 001.jpg"
    I want : "jjmmdd_001.jpg" or at least "jj_mm_dd_001.jpg" or anything similar.
    For folder names the same thing appears.
    Is there a way to do that without typing each date without spaces by hand?
    I would like to have the photo load process as simple as possible, without having to remove the spaces with a separate rename tool.
    Any ideas?
    I searched for quite a while and I am surprised that nobody else seems to have this problem. Am I just too picky?
    Thank for any help.
    Greetings from Germany,

    Ken,<br />again thanks for your writing.<br /><br />IMHO, if PSE had space free filenames, this would lead to a very simple and fast workflow with PSE alone (!) like this:<br /><br />1. Just connect my camera (Fuji F31fd) with the USB cable (no fiddling with the memory card in and out each time)<br />2. Transferring all (or selected) pics into PSE, one folder per day, named yymmdd_optional_theme_description.<br />3. Delete all non-optimal pics after viewing in PSE. Then tagging, pic-improving where needed ....<br />4. As backup, burn/move to CD from time to time and copy/move to an external HDD for double security.<br /><br />Its just the spaces in the filenames which prevents me from using this. I want to have the workflow well defined and fixed before I start using PSE5. <br />But it seems there is no workaround (so far).<br /><br />Maybe I should just take the "trouble" and rename every folder manually within PSE. No problem with one or 2 days, and still not a very big problem after a 3 week holiday. But still all single photo files will have the spaces in them. If I want to avoid that, I really have to bring them to the PC without PSE, rename them as batch with Irfan or any other tool, and then import them to PSE, as you wrote. From my point of view, a lot of unnecessary hassle, especially if I have the simple workflow from above in mind.<br /><br />Many people seem not to be disturbed by the spaces in the filenames. I wonder if I overrate the disadvantage of it. Your opinion(s)?<br /><br />I am not sure what you mean with<br /><Perhaps Ulrich would be well served if he created a collection of newly acquired pictures with a common theme.><br /><br />In fact I want to come away from theme centered archiving the photos, which is what I did so far. I learned this from the article <br />http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1018&message=26366116 <br />and the following one from Arrowman. I won't follow all what he wrote *in detail*, but most ideas seem to be good. The PSE tagging should do the theme-related searches.<br /><br />Greetings,<br />Ulrich

  • Reader plug-in, save copy of password protected pdf without password

    We currently have an Acrobat Reader plugin (using the 8.1 SDK) and are having trouble with password protected PDFs.
    The sole purpose of our plug-in is to pass a copy of the currently open PDF to a different folder on the user's computer. The problem we are facing is with the password protected PDFs. We would like to pass a copy of the PDF that doesn't have the readonly password protection.
    1. The user opens a password protected PDF in Adobe Reader.
    2. They are prompted for the password, they enter it and can see the PDF. 3. Now they click our custom button.
    4. Save a copy of the currently open PDF without password protection
    Since we already know they have entered the correct password, in theory we should be able to either save all of the content to a new file, or simply remove the password protection.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction so that I will be able to get a PDF without the password?

    Hi again,
    I was doing some research in the API reference and examples and I think that for my business problem, it will be sufficient if I can get the read access password. I found that I am able to use the following:
    AVCryptGetPassword(pdDoc, permsWanted, (void **)&password)
    This prompts the user to enter the password and puts the actual password in the &password variable, which will will work for us. Ideally though, I would like to not have to prompt the user again for the password since they already entered when opening the pdf, is it possible to get access to the plain text of the password that they typed when opening the pdf or another way?
    I tried:
    StdSecurityDataRec* secData;
    secData = (StdSecurityDataRec*)PDDocGetNewSecurityData (pdDoc);
    if (secData) {
    if (secData->hasUserPW)
    char* mypw = secData->userPW;
    However, the password is encrypted. Thanks for your help!

  • Is it possible to create and save a .PDF without any compression to the resulting .PDF?

    I need an uncompressed file so I can use the resulting PDF to do a find/replace. Can't do it with compression.

    Thanks for the reply. Of all the suggestions I've received this seemed to
    be most promising. I gave it a try and the problem is that when I attempt
    to save as optimized a message box pops up and says I have to save my
    document first. Low and behold when I save it, compression occurs. Even
    when I select the options you suggest I'm left with a compressed document.
    I'm using Acrobat Pro X
    From:   Dave Merchant <[email protected]>
    To:     Jeff Ross <[email protected]>
    Date:   01/06/2011 09:35 AM
    Subject:        Is it possible to create and save a .PDF
    without any compression to the resulting .PDF?
    You don't want the UncompressPDF plugin - that's designed to split out the
    COS objects but doesn't remove the Flate encoding (plus if you've never
    compiled a plugin before, it's not really the time to learn).
    Instead, simply save your PDF file using the PDF (Optimized) file type,
    click the Settings button and under "Clean Up" - "Object compression
    options", choose "Remove compression". Turn everything else off if you
    want to retain the PDF content exactly as it was before.
    Your document-level scripts will then be in the file as plain text.

  • Add/Remove a password to an individual PDF without navigating entire security process?

    Is there a procedure/plug-in/script/utility that will allow me to add/remove a password to a single PDF without creating a batch script?
    I create many (dozens) PDF's throughout the course of a a day, either as an export from InDeisgn CS5.5 or via printing to the Adobe Acrobat Converter. I would simply create  watched folders on my desktop to add or remove a password but I haven't found a way to identify security-enabled PDF files without having to open the file.
    I have only two scenarios for creating PDF files as it relates to security. The first includes Printing: HIGH RESOLUTION and Changes Allowed: NONE. The second includes Printing: LO-RESOLUTION and Changes Allowed: COMMENTING, ETC.
    What would really be great is if there was a script that I could access as a Windows Explorer extension that would allow me to add/remove passwors to one or more selected files. It would even be better if, after enabling password security, I could some identify the security status of a file by it's icon or some other visual manner that didn't effect the name of the file.
    I hope I have narrated my situation clearly enough. I look forward to comments or suggestions.

    Not possible with Adobe software - Acrobat's context menu in Windows Explorer is not something you can customize or extend, nor can Acrobat or Adobe Reader change the system icon for a file based on the internal structure of the document.

  • Create a pdf without showing it in the UI?

    I'm trying out Interactive Forms for Java for the first time, so please bear with me if this is obvious.
    Is there a way to create a pdf and not display it in the ui? If I for example just want to download or email it.
    I've tried setting visibility to None and Blank but that prevents the PDF from being generated at all.
    It sort of works if I use FireFox and choose DisplayType activeX since FireFox can't display ActiveX. Our customer runs IE so that is not an option however.
    Thank you for any input!
    Kind regards,
    Richard Linnander
    Edited by: Richard Linnander on Jun 18, 2010 1:49 PM
    Edited by: Richard Linnander on Jun 18, 2010 1:52 PM

    Hi Richard,
    You can create a pdf without displying it in UI.
    Follow the below steps :
    1. Copy your xdp file under mimes folder.
    2. create a pdfsource context and DataSource node for pdf.
    3. Create a File Download UI element in Ui and bind the data property with pdf source context.
    4. Now copy the below code in wdDoInit() which is genrating the pdf from xdp.
    ByteArrayInputStream pdfInputStream = null;
         String templateUrl = null;
         try {
              templateUrl = WDURLGenerator.getResourcePath(wdComponentAPI.getDeployableObjectPart(),"Name of XDP with extension");
         } catch (WDAliasResolvingException e1) {
              // TODO Auto-generated catch block
         try {
              IWDPDFDocumentHandler pdfDocumentHandler = WDPDFDocumentFactory.getDocumentHandler();
              IWDPDFDocumentCreationContext pdfDocumentCreationContext = pdfDocumentHandler.getDocumentCreationContext();
              IWDPDFDocument pdfDocument = pdfDocumentCreationContext.execute();
              pdfInputStream = (ByteArrayInputStream)pdfDocument.getPDFAsStream();
         } catch (WDPDFDocumentRenderException e) {          
              wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportException("An error occured: "+e.toString(), true);
         }catch(Exception e){
              wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportException("An error occured: "+e.toString(),true);
    5. create a another method in global section
      private byte[] getByteArrayFromResourcePath(String resourcePath)
         throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
         FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(new File(resourcePath));
         ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
         int length;
         byte[] part = new byte[10 * 1024];
         while ((length = in.read(part)) != -1) {
         out.write(part, 0, length);
         return out.toByteArray();

  • Save as PDF without empty or hidden fields

    I need to be able to print/save responses to a PDF without all the hidden or empty fields being displayed/printed.
    Is there a way to do this?

    [moving discussion to the PDF Forms forum]

  • Netweaver 2004 :  How to create an pdf without need to use Adobe Control ?

    Dear WebDynpro experts,
    in my application I use Adobe interactive forms to create a pdf document for printing purposes.
    I provide it as download using the file download GUI element.
    There's no need to work with the pdf document afterwards, sionce it is only needed for printouts.
    If I use my application with Firefox this works great. I can download my pdf without any problem.
    But if I try to use Internet explorer and wand to download the pdf I always get the message that I have
    to install Adobe Control into my Internet explorer.
    Is it possible to configure my application the way that I don't need the adobe control on my Internet explorer ?
    Is there a better way to provide non interactive pdf documents ?
    Best regards,

    Dear Ruturaj,
    thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunately Í don't have an "display type" property for Interactive form.
    I have beneath the Event and Event properties the following properties in my
    property list for the Interactive Forms element :
    data source
    I also checked the Form Properties within the designer and didn't find a display type property.
    I assume this is due to the fact I use an old version of Netweaver Developer Studio since I have
    only Netweaver Developer Studio 2004 SP 20.
    is there a way to switch off Active X using such a version ?
    Best regards,

  • How can I rearrange the pages in a PDF without changing the assigned paged numbers.

    How can I rearrange the pages in a PDF without changing the assigned paged numbers? These correspond to the original document folio numbers.

    In theory it would be possible to 'record and play back' the page numbers using a folder-level script, but it's far from trivial. You would have to use the doc.movePage() function - presumably driven by a dialog box - to do the page shuffling so there was a way to track what was being done, then swap the page 'labels' of the two affected pages. That's where it gets messy.
    We have functions in the JSAPI which can read and write the page label, but they don't do things in a logical way. The 'getPageLabel()' function simply returns a string, but the 'setPageLabel()' method expects to be told the numbering scheme, prefix, etc. You'd have to parse the string and work out what scheme it was implementing.

  • Exporting to PDF without clicking any button

    Is there a way we can export the output of the WEB report to PDF without having to hit a button "Export to PDF"?
    The moment I open the report, the contents should get exported to PDF in a new window which I can print later.
    Please share your ideas.

    You can try on Information Broadcasting.

  • How to print a pdf without user interaction (With C#)

    My boss assigned me a task that to get the ImagePreview of 1st page of PDF.
    My thought is to print the 1st page of PDF to file(virtual print to file), and get the image source, but there comes the problem:
    How can print a pdf without user interaction(With C#),question are these:
    1. I can use the ShellExcute but cannot assign the destination of output file.
    2. User interface is unwanted, I don't want show anyone the Acrobat Reader interface who click the file just want to get a preview.
    3. No place to put those parameters in.
    This problem confused me a lot of days, I wish someone can give some hints.
    Thank you very much!
    (Maybe you will tell me to use Acrobat SDK, please don't, I'm afraid we cannot afford that)

    >I have not read the document yet
    This is the first step. There are many documents, but start with the
    introductory/getting started material.
    > with a index.pdx
    A PDX is a search database to allow you to do fast searching in
    >About the relationship between Adobe Reader and Acrobat, as far as I know is that, the previous one is just the reading tool for PDF document, instead, Acrobat can modify and resave the PDF doc. Is it right?
    Effectively, yes. But the Acrobat SDK is mainly for working with
    Acrobat. It's very important to keep this clear, since you have said
    you only have the free Reader, so 95% of what is in the SDK cannot
    work for you.
    >Simply my questions,
    >1. I don't know which dll to refer in the .Net project to print with. Is the ActiveX folder in product folder?
    Simply, there is no point asking these questions, yet, because you
    have not started on the documentation.
    But let's continue in the SDK forum, where I have posed what seems to
    be a very important question about why print to file at all.
    Aandi Inston

  • Print date in PDF without opening Acrobat

    I have a little issue that needs assistance.
    Is it possible to get print date (e.g. todays date) automatically without opening the PDF in Acrobat. My plans are to use a hot folder / drop folder which directs the PDF to the printer. The form or script must be applicable anywhere on the layout. I'm working with quite heavy files for commercial printing, and nowadays spends lots of time just waiting for the file to load, add todays date into a form field, print and close the document. The time gained would be massive! I've tried some small scripts but none seems to work out for me.
    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for the input Geo. I think I've got it working now. I actually found a script on Adobeforum, so apologies for making a post. Regarding what you've written in your reply, it's actually possible to print a PDF without opening the application. I'm using a folder which is automatically scanned for files (must be PDF, PS or EPS). This is really good, I'm quite sure that you have the function in the new Distiller as well.

Maybe you are looking for

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