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Hi I'm using a CS5, but when use the pen tool the rubber band and the path appears in GRAY color always. In CS4 this constantly changes in contrast whit the background, but now in gray color sometimes is difficult to find it. Thanks

That's a limitation of the blend modes available in OpenGL and Cocoa.
CS4 could use better blend modes available through the Carbon APIs, but because CS5 moved to Cocoa APIs, we have to live with the limitations of Cocoa.

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  • Photoshop CS4 Crash Using the Pen Tool

    We have experienced an issue where creating a line/path using the Pen tool in Photoshop CS4 caused a system-wide freeze, regardless of operating system, other software installed, etc....
    Not even a kernal panic, but just a complete freeze.
    We found that it only occurred on our white, 24-inch iMacs (2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo). I tried it on 5 different white iMacs, with various builds of Tiger or Leopard, and they all froze up completely.
    We had a plain 10.5.8 image on one of the white iMacs, with nothing extra except Photoshop CS4, and it froze up completely using the Pen Tool on a new document as well.
    Oddly enough, the workaround was having Photoshop CS4 run using Rosetta, and then the Pen Tool works fine. It is odd considering the iMacs have Intel processors, and not PowerPC that would need Rosetta.
    I have not found anyone else with hardware specific issues like this. So, I thought i should share our (hopefully) temporary workaround.

    A complete system freeze means a kernel or driver level bug, or a hardware problem.
    Rosetta won't process as fast - meaning that the processor is less taxed, and it may call the drivers differently.
    Upgrading to MacOS 10.6 might avoid driver problems (that were in 10.5), but hardware issues would remain.
    But first you might try disabling OpenGL drawing in preferences (avoiding the most problematic drivers, and reducing the load in the graphics hardware).

  • Why doesn't Photoshop CC pen tool work accurately?

    I've recently upgraded from Creative Suite CS5.1 to the CC subscription platform.
    It didn't take long to notice that the pen tool lays out anchors inconsistently and inaccurately in Photoshop CC.
    Click the next anchor over on a path will result in jumpiness, not making an anchor exactly where targeted with the cursor.
    In order to make accurate clipping paths quickly and efficiently, I have to revert to using Photoshop CS5.1
    Is there a setting in Photoshop CC that I need to turn off or on?

    Note for Readers:
    I just want to clarify that I never at any point used the FREEFORM Pen Tool that can be selected on the dropdown. I've been using the Pen Tool in a freestyle fashion, placing anchors where necessary.
    Thank you for pointing out this new feature! Case closed! I went back to Photoshop CS5.1 preferences to see if this feature has been slipping by me all these years, and of course it's not there.
    I'm pretty sure that this feature is now old to some, but definitely new to me.
    JJMack- You're right about the pen tool. There's a lot of different techniques in using it and it never seems to end.
    Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help out!

  • If I move my wacom pen tool on the screen I get a yellow note. How do I get rid of it or turn it off?

    I just installed OS X Mountain Lion. I have a wacom pad and pen. When I move the pen to highlight text, or move the cursor anywhere on the screen, a yellow lined sheet note shows up and a scribble (the pen movement) is shown in black. If I click elsewhere the yellow sheet enlarges by adding on sections. I have to click on a blank place on the web page or the border to clear the sheet away.
    Where is this coming from and how do I disable this automatic note? It shows up on web pages, MS word documents, email box, windows, QuarkXpress and Photoshop documents as well. Help! It's very annoying!

    I discovered that in System Preferences in the Hardware section there is an item called Ink. I opened it up and turned off the Handwriting recognition. That stopped it from becoming active everytime I dragged my pen tool. When I installed the OS X Mt. Lion, it had automatically turned on.
    Problem solved.

  • Photoshop CS4 Pen Tool Visibility Problem

    I recently upgraded to CS4 and started using Photoshop to do some work. Working on some clipping path with the pen tool I've come to notice how incredibly light the pen tool outline is. I cant see where or what im tracing cause I can't tell where the line is unlike the other earlier creative suites where the line was visible.
    Anyone have any ideas on making this outline more visible so I can actually see what I am doing. Input would be much appreciated.

    I am having the exact same problem with Photoshop CS 4 on my MacBook OSX 10.5.7 4 GB RAM    Intel GMA X3100:  graphics card
    When I enable Open GL in PS CS4 preferences, the pen tool line is too light, too thin to use and the anchor points aren't accurate , I have to disable Open GL to get the normal pen function back. Adobe should get us a fix to make Open GL compatable with all graphics cards. All functions in Open GL work fine except the Pen Tool.

  • Pixelated Pen Tool Diagonal. Help? Thx!

    In Illustrator/CS6, I've drawn a diagonal line with my pen tool and then changed the stroke to 14. The line looks pixelated. Onscreen. Immediately...before I export it to any other type of file.
    In Preferences: I have "Anti-aliased Artwork" checked.
    Under Rasterize I've tried a few settings, including 300dpi.
    I've tried what older posts recommend, to no avail:
    Simplify Path
    Under Effects>Rasterize...make sure it's 300dpi.
    I checked Appearances: I only have stroke marked there...nothing else funky going on that panel
    I had to laugh when older posts suggested the person with the pixelated lines was just nit-picky. I'm nit-picky too! And so is my client, who just wants a straight, clean diagonal line.
    The odd thing is that I've exported this pixelated line as an svg...scaled it and printed it 6-feet tall...and it looked great. But onscreen - in my .ai file and in the various forms you can export it to for web use - it looks rough.
    Here's a screen shot, but it's hard to tell from it unless you zoom in. It is not hard to tell on my .ai file, though.
    Help? Thanks!

    Your monitor has to use pixels to display anything. No matter how straight and precise the vector path is, the screen will always show pixels. The greater the pixel density of your monitor the less noticable pixel edges are. Until there's some massive innovation in display technology, this is merely how things work. You should trust that vector is vector and will be output as smooth, straight paths. You could always upgrade to a 4k display if it bothers you that much. It won't remove the issue entirely, but will greatly improve the pixel display of the monitor.

  • How do I turn off the alt scroll zoom?  When I'm in Adobe photoshop and illustrator using the pen tool, alt is utilized for another short cut.  I would like to use the alt command for the pen tool instead of zooming into the screen.

    How do I turn off the alt scroll zoom? 
    When I'm in Adobe photoshop and illustrator using the pen tool, alt is utilized for another short cut.  I would like to use the alt command for the pen tool instead of zooming into the screen.

    I tend to select things from left to right and every time I am moving in a downward right diagonal motion during lasso selection I am missing a clear view and I am tending to have a more sloppy selection.  All this does is slow me down since I need to go back and hit those areas again.  The big arrowhead just get's in the way.  The original lasso tool with the thin line and small active point at it's lower left was far better for me.
    I don't like turning the cursors to precise because I like to see the active tool icon where my cursor is and as the icon changes as I hold modifier keys down.  If I am forced to get comfortable with using pricise cursors I guess I will, but man, I've never had to do this in my 15 years of photoshop use...
    I would absolutely LOVE to find a way to get the old lasso icon -- without the arrowhead above it.
    Is there any chance this option could be inlcuded in cursor preferences?  I'd give much thanks, Adobe.

  • Using pen tool, how to activate it?

    I am just this week upgraded to CS5 from CS3, so some differences. One that has stumped me so far is finding the pen tool. It was readily available in CS3 but I cannot find it in the tool bar or anywhere else. I want to add some points to an object for text wrap purposes. I have searched the Help files and all I have found so far are directions like  "select the pen tool" which doesn't solve it for me. I am thinking there is something else I have to do to make the tool a choice. Any suggestions?

    The Pen tool hasn't moved. You should be able to select by pressing the letter P. That would make it visible if it were hiding under another of the path-editing tools.
    If it still doesn't show up, either you have a bad installation, or you need to restore your preferences. Here are the directions for restoring preferences:

  • Pen Tools in Illustrator has changed

    A program should make it easier to work with after every upgrade. In Illustrator it is every time when we buy an upgrade that it is getting more difficult to work with the program. This time they changed the pen tool. In CS2 we could use a short cut to change the pen tools to add anchor point or to switch between the different pen tools, staying in the standard pen tool. Now every time we have to go back to the menu to change the tool. It adds only an incredible amount of time to work with the program. Why did they change this?

    Larry he did not have the keyboard shortcuts that check box does not effect the command keys, the option key or the - or = key. I read what he wrote very carefully you and James did not read it carefully.
    If he wrote that when he hoover the pen tool over a path or anchor he did not get the plus or minus anchor point tool I would have responded as you and James suggested.
    It was my first thought as well but that was not what Paul wrote. Is that OK?
    In the preferences under general there is a option to shut off auto add or minus anchor points it is labeled as Disable Auto Add/Delete. It will not give you the pen tool with the - or + sign if you hoover over a path or anchor point but does not effect the keyboard shortcuts.
    Don't worry about this they are just trying to show me up because they have a thing with life.

  • My pen tool won't work

    my pen tool won't work when i click on it, is there a way to get it working again?

    If it has suddenly stopped working try trashing the preferences with

  • Hello , I have installed adobe illustrator CS5 and when i open it..tool bar isnt working.. when i click at rectangle/pen tool the sub options on it dont appear though black sign comes.. am confused wat to do?? i have windows 8 as OS.. please help soonest.

    Hello ,
    I have installed adobe illustrator CS5 and when i open it..tool bar isnt working.. when i click at rectangle/pen tool the sub options on it dont appear though black sign comes.. am confused wat to do?? i have windows 8 as OS.. please help soonest.....thankyou

    The following is a general list of things you may try when the issue is not in a specific file (you may have tried/done some of them already); 1) and 2) are the easy ones for temporary strangenesses, and 3) and 4) are specifically aimed at possibly corrupt preferences); 5) is a list in itself, and 6) is the last resort.
    1) Close down Illy and open again;
    2) Restart the computer (you may do that up to 3 times);
    3) Close down Illy and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup (easy but irreversible);
    4) Move the folder (follow the link with that name) with Illy closed (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);
    5) Look through and try out the relevant among the Other options (follow the link with that name, Item 7) is a list of usual suspects among other applications that may disturb and confuse Illy, Item 15) applies to CC, CS6, and maybe CS5);
    Even more seriously, you may:
    6) Uninstall, run the Cleaner Tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and reinstall.

  • Problem with Pen Tool contrast...

    I noticed this the other day. When I'm using the pen tool in Photoshop CS4, it sometimes takes the color of what I'm using the pen tool on, ie; if I'm working with a picture with a bright green or pink, the path is bright green or pink (see link below) The picture isn't the worst that it does, but if I took a screenshot when it's at it's worst, you wouldn't see anything. I went through all the preferences and saw nothing. I do have the OpenGL acceleration turned on. Thanks for any input!!![email protected]/3120591723/

    Thanks. That fixed it. I was able to select no fill in the pen tool bar (when pen tool is active), but could not select no fill when I clicked on the fill box in the regular tool bar (unless there is a trick) - all that comes up are color gradients to select.

  • HELP! Illustrator CS2 pen tool problems

    Hi, All
    new to the forum...great resource...
    I'm having a problem with my CS 2. Specifically my tools are acting weird..
    The pen tool will not allow me to place points where I want them, or adjust the handles with any finesse. When I go to place a point in a certain spot, and click the mouse, a point appears nearby but not where I want it to. Then, when I try to move it, or adjust its handles, it only will go where it wants to...not where I'm telling it to go.
    I can select objects, but cannot place them where I want them!!!! ( I can get close, but no cigar!)
    This is most frustrating!....
    I have re-installed the program.
    I have also restarted the computer.
    I have not trashed my preferences folder....not sure where that is or if that might be the problem.
    Can any of you guys (and gals) help?!?
    many thanks in advance

    Thanks very much JET.....that was exactly it.....though how it got turned on, I dont know....(couldnt have been anything I did!!!) lol

  • Pen tool automatically adding points

    I recently got a new computer and reloaded all of the Adobe software (CC).
    Here is the issue: When I am using the pen tool, I will try to put a point in place and pull out the curve handles. <click and drag, then release mouse button>  But if I hold the mouse button down for more than just a second, it will act as if I've let the mouse button go and have depressed the button again.  I want to put down one point and drag the curve to where I want it but it has placed that point, dragged it part way, placed another point and I'm now dragging THAT point's curve handle.  It really messes up the shape.
    Also, when I am trying to create the lines, the guide line is seemingly trying to snap to some kind of grid.
    I want to be able to place my points and drag the curves where I want them and also, I am really not a fan of ANY snap to functions.  I would like them all gone.  Can anyone help me solve these?

    CHeck your mouse. Check if a different moseu works better.
    For all the snap functions, take a look at
    - the View menu
    - the Preferences for Pen and Anchor point
    - the preferences for smart guides
    - smart guides themselves
    Also you might want to check "Align to pixel grid"
    All of these functions and options are documented well in the manual and in these forums. Just use your favorite search engine.

  • Anchor points with pen tool askew

    Hey everyone, I have been using illustrator for about 5 years now and this has never happened to me before. I use CS4 and i opened it today to trace a logo and out of nowhere, whenever i go to connect a point with the pen tool, it makes a point about a quarter of an inch in the opposite direction of where i clicked down. Usually I can make a point, then try to connect it with another and it goes exactly where i clicked down for point it's impossible to correctly trace anything since I have little control over the pen tool anymore.
    I read in another forum when researching this problem that in in View > snap to point may cause this but even after unselecting it, i still have the same problem. I also tried resetting Illustrator like I read may help and nothing. I can't find the presets folder on my computer I did the key combination while opening the program.
    Thank you for your time!

    It could be a preference corruption or a disturbance from other applications or something similar.
    To reset the former the former, you may try to Move the folder with Illy closed, or just press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup (the latter is easier but changes your preference settings to defaults (spoiling any customized settings, and it may be necessary to perform the more thorough Move).
    To solve things in case of the latter, you may have a look at the relavnt items, including 7, in Other options.
    Or it could be something else.

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