Personal view is not available

Hi All
I got a user who is opening a sharepoint 2010 site and getting a blank page (Quick launch is there and Ribbon is there) but no content in middle.
He provided one URL and it is{E23A95C8-8DAF-40A7-AF63-931D7DDD27FE}
In above URL, i can understand he was trying to open a list "Application Status" in "personal views".....When i checked all the available views for that list from List setting , i don't see any personal view there.
I tried to restore the previous backup in order to get the personal view, but it was not available there.
Please help me to understand what this url says after Personalviews.aspx...
Also please let me know if we can restore the personal view anyhow...
Thanks in advance...

Hi Aditya,
The user might have created a personal view for the list library, you have to check the view using the user credential to see how the view gets rendered.
Users can create personal view, but it would be specific to them, but not to all users, and users will not be able to view other users view.
Also view might have got deleted, or has some issue.
As per your question, the url says, the view was created as personal view and specific to a webpart (Guid is given as part of the url).
To resolve, try creating a new view for the user, or ask the user to create the view as per their requirement.
Hope this helps!
Ram - SharePoint Architect
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    You will have to wait until the Viewer gets approved by Apple.
    Dear Adobe: do you see how many people come here because they don't understand how your technical model works?

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    One possibility is that your cellular carrier plan may not support it. See the following and note that for some of the carriers you may have to pay an additional fee: Wireless carrier support and features for iPhone - Apple Support

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    It just simply not a feature. You might think about requesting it here:

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    Go to transaction /sapapo/mvm go to the active version and check under ATP whether update fro, atp time series is checked. If not then to do atp check in apo you wud need to delete the active version and recreate it with the required setting.

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    Hi sweetbrier13,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    To start troubleshooting this issue where you do not see the Personal Hotspot option on your iPhone, please follow the initial troubleshooting steps below.  If the issue persists, then please click on the link for further troubleshooting steps.
    Basic troubleshooting
    See if your iOS device, computer, and wireless plan all meet the system requirements for Personal Hotspot.
    Make sure Personal Hotspot is on: Tap Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot.
    Check the Internet connection on your iOS device: Tap Safari and load a new webpage.
    If one connection type doesn't work, try another. For example, instead of connecting using Wi-Fi, use USB or Bluetooth.
    Turn Personal Hotspot off and on: Tap Settings > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot.
    Install the latest version of iOS.
    Reset your network settings: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    If you still see the issue, restore the iPhone.
    iOS: Troubleshooting Personal Hotspot
    Alex H.

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    I think there's a fundamental knowledge gap going on here, not a bug or glitch.
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    A detailed explanation of the step-by-step process to making it all work, with screen shots, is in this PDF:
    Of course, if you know all this already, my apologies. It's hard to tell sometimes from the posts. If Links does show .incx files and they're not missing or anything, check the the Assignments panel (in either ID or IC). Do you see any stories listed there?

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    Read this discussion. It explains how to get it back again.
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    However, when I log in to Discoverer Plus, those views are not available. I am logging with the same user id that I am using for desktop. Some of the users who are on the previous version of Disco Desktop are facing the same problem. First I thought it might be a version mismatch issue, but now it is happening with Disco Plus too.
    Here is the Disco Plus version details:
    Oracle Application Server Discoverer 10g (
    Oracle Application Server Discoverer Plus 10g (
    Discoverer Model -
    Discoverer Server -
    End User Layer -
    End User Layer Library -
    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    Copyright © 1999, 2004, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Jagan,
    Thanks for your reply and I have just transported the Role after the views have been assigned to it.
    I'll update you once the Role is moved to Quality.

  • Why are Saved 3D cameras not available in other 3D spaces?

    I have created a 3D camera setting and saved it as a custom "View". When I open a different 3D object my saved camera view is not available, why?
    PS CC, MacOS 10.7.5.

    It won't work on bitmapped graphics like Photoshop documents.  You need vector graphics like Illustrator documents.  And just putting the psd into Illustrator won't work: you need real vectors.
    Now, you could engage in a bit of trickery by using the photoshop document for the face, and the edge of the graphic (filled in) built in Illustrator for the extrusion.
    Expect very long render times.  Ray tracing is a bear, and that's no joke.

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