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Hi All,
Gudday!I'm  planting my foot in PD,i'm left alone to dive and learn in this ocean.Could u kindly extend helping hand by sharing useful config steps or docs you have with you.
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Check this out :
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  • Service MSS Personnel Developent= Employee Search

    Dear Experts.
    I have the following issue:
    In the Manager Self Service =>Team=>Personnel Developent=>Employee Search
    The portal not update(display) the information of the employee Direct Reports.?
    I have two user with the same roles. When I assig the user XYZ to the employee 89 the system show the datas and work fine.
    However when I assgn the user ABC  to the employee 89 the system not show the datas. Not show employees.
    I have the same Issue of the following post:
    Team=>Personnel Developent=>Employee Search
    However I made the suggestions of the post, but the issue follow yet.
    Anyone have an idea of What is the cause of this issue?

    Hello Siddharth.
    I made two test.
    1) I waited a day for check the change and that this will be displayed in the portal. ie That the portal take the change. But the system no show the change.
    2) I change in iView property 'Cache Lifetime' and set it to -1. But the system no show the change.
    Is the same employee, only that I use two user(User A and User B). The two user have the same role in the portal and the R/3.
    With the User A, the system take the change, but with the user B, the system no show the change.
    What can be the cause of this issue?

  • Message types for SAP HR Personnel Development and LMS modules

    Hi Friends,
    I had a requirement to create ALE's for SAP HR LMS module and Personnel Development module.
    So, what are the message types and IDoc s are availble. Earlier replies could be appreciated.

    Hi Nayani,
    The Message type is HRMD_A for HCM to HCM with basic types HRMD_A01 to HRMD_A07(HRMD_A07 is the latest).
    From HCM to Non Hr/CRM/SRM  is HRMD_ABA.

  • Personnel Development - No Data

    Hello Everyone,
    I am facing an issue in MSS. Under Team -> Employee Information -> Personnel Development
    This iView opens but does not include any data. The iViews are all empty.
    What is weird is that both 'General Information' and 'Compensation Information' show the correct data and even 'Personnel Development' was working a couple of weeks ago.
    What could be the reason behind this?
    P.S. I checked the log in NWA and i got a 'fatal' entry with no further elaboration. The iView works with other personnel.
    Edited by: Motaz Abu Karat on Oct 20, 2010 9:32 PM

    Dear Bala,
    A new development which is very illogical!
    When I remove the employee from the user and log in with the user, the data appears in all iViews under 'Employee Information'!
    How can that be? I mean the iView that is not working is working without an employee assigned.
    I am checking st01 and st05 but, until now, to no avail.
    Best Regards,

  • HR-Personnel Development-Proficiency Level Using Info Type:24

    Hi !
    I am working on Personnel Development of HR Module on SAP 4.70 .
    I am Developing an Z Report in which I wish to display service Order with all the details & Employee assigned within it .
    I am unable to display employee with their Proficiency level.
    Proficiency level of employee is maintained via Transaction 'PA30' &
    Info Type 24 .
    Can anybody tell me how can I fetch the Proficiency Level of Person (PERNR Field ) .
    Is there any Function Module is there OR It's storing in any table?
    Sachin S M

    Hello Sachin,
    Employee proficiency is store in IT 0024, which is table PA0024 technically. To read this you can do select statement on table PA0024 or using function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE

  • Personnel Development or Talent Management

    Hi Experts,
    When we talk of Personnel Development in EHp 6.0 does it refer to Talent management as qualifications, appraisals also available in Talent management.
    Does it mean that PD is nomore a separate submodule & if we go with Talent Managemnt then we have have the employee devlopment also.
    So no need of going with PD , Dev activity can be achieved through Talent,is it so?
    Please guide.

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks you very much for the assistance.
    The client wants employee development:
    Short Term & Long Term Dev Plan for Employees.
    Track & Monitor the progress of employee.
    Profile Matchup against positions to determine skills & knowledge of the employee.
    Training plans to adress the individual dev needs.
    These are few of the needs, but i dont think we have all these available in Talent.
    Please guide.

  • Personnel Development

    Can pls check with the Requirment i sent wheather these Business Process i prepared is correct or not if not pls do some changes and send me
    Business Process of Personnel Development
    If you want to use all the functions in the Personnel Development component, you also need to
    have implemented the Organizational Management component.
    1.Prepare the appraisal.
    2.Holding the appraisal.
    3.Completion the appraisal.
    4.Approval Process
    5.Perform follow-up activities for the appraisal.
    6.Appraisal Procedure
    7.Appraisal Type
    8.Form of appraisal
    9.Appraisal Criteria
    Succession Planning
    In Succession Planning to find people to fill unoccupied positions.
    1. Obtain information on potential successors.
    2. To obtain further information on the potential successors, you might need to carry out a
    personnel appraisal.
    3. Once you have carried out these personnel appraisals and have the information you
    need, establish a procedure for selecting potential successors.
    4. If you need to make organizational arrangements, arrange a time and place, and invite
    the persons involved.
    5. Select potential successors on the basis of the selection procedure you defined.
    6. Once you have selected potential successors, evaluate them.
    7. On the basis of the evaluations of the potential successors, decide who the successor(s)
    for the position in question is/are to be
    1 Maintain qualifications catalog
    2 Maintain organizational structure
    3. Maintain development plans
    4 Maintain career plans
    5. Maintain own qualifications
    6. Maintain employee profiles
    7. Maintain requirements profiles
    8.Identify deficiencies in qualifications
    9 Identify further development needs
    Career Planning
    In Career Planning, you can identify possible career goals and draw up career plans for employees
    1. Obtain information on the employee whose career you want to plan.
    2. If necessary, find out about any predefined careers.
    3. Find out about any relevant company-specific conditions.
    4. Obtain information on the target posts (jobs, positions) within your company.
    5. On the basis of the information at your disposal, define possible target posts for the
    employee. If you wish, define possible careers.
    6. Decide whether the possible target positions are suitable for the employee.
    7. On the basis of this decision, draw up a career plan for the employee.

    Hi Sneha,
    Good One,

  • Need help in personnel development

    Could some one explain me what are the personnel development infotypes (PD).

    Please post your question here
    SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)
    Prasath N

  • Personnel Development (PD)

    Hi all SAPGURUS ,
    Can anyone tell me what is the use of Personnel Development component in SAP HR and if any one have any documentation please forward it to me Its very Urgent ..thanks for your for your effort of sending and Really appreciate if some one send documentation or Detail procedure of customising PD in SAPHR
    my email id is                [email protected]

    Here is everything you want to know about PD.
    <a href="">PD</a>
    <a href="">PD1</a>
    <a href="">Infotype in PD</a>
    Reward all helpful replies.

  • Personnel Development  Implementation

    Hi Gurus
    Can anyone send me documentation implementing Personnel Development pls
    My id is [email protected]
    with regards

    Hi Raj,
    Major cofiguraitons in PD are for qualificaion catalogue,appraisal catalogue,task catalogue.
    based on the requirement we have to configure these settings.
    Chiran Reddy.

  • SAP Personnel Development - Qualification Inheritance

    In implementing our Personnel Development module, we have qualifications related to tasks. Tasks are related to an org unit, job, or position. When running report for qualification gaps, the report generated did not consider the qualification inheritance from Task to org unit, and position thus causing a big qualification deficit. What is needed to allow the deficit report to  take into consideration qualifications related to tasks which are related to positions or org units...
    Thanks for your assistance

    what relationship (i.e. subtype)  have you created between Q and T? Same question for T to O ans S?
    I've used the same set-up (Q to T and T to S or O) before and had no issues with the 'deficit' - report? I'm 100% sure that we didn't change the report so it seems it must be something else.

  • Deploy Personnel Development EHP4 in ESS/MSS EHP5

    Dear Experts,
    We have a customer that is using Personnel Development Module in EHP4 - SAP Netweaver Portal.
    Recently, they have decided to implement ESS/MSS in EHP5 using Netweaver Business Client (NWBC).
    Since the ESS/MSS will be deployed in NWBC which is portal agnostic, I wonder if it is possible to deploy an access to the personnel development model in EHP4 from this platform? Or is it necessary to have a separate access to SAP Portal to enter in the Personnel Development Model?
    Can you help us regarding this issue?
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Best regards
    Joao Santos

    Hello Luke,
    Yes, I mean talent management. The appraisal forms are in the flexible template in SAP Portal.
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Best regards


    Hello Everyone,
    1)In career planning, u create a career using the following path,
    Here in EDIT CAREERS i have created a new career ,e.g. "SAP career", which can be included in the CAREER PLANNING as one of the planning criteria that is additional career. I have included  potential, preferences, qualifications,designations and  additional careers as my planning criteria.
    Is this the career() for which we plan an object(in my case PERSON) or do we plan the person to just any position or job created..???
    2)  Also in CAREER PLANNING, we can see the person's(object) qualifications, potentials, preferences, careers, dislikes and designations.
    Under designation, jobs and positions appear.
    Are these the job and position the object(Person) is holding before Career planning is done or is he going to hold them after career planning is done???
    In that case what is the use of additional careers??
    am really confused.
    Plz do help
    Pooja Dev

    There will be multiple places that you might need to update the program. But I would suggest that you should try with updating the evaluation path QUALDATA with your new Z object.

  • Personnel Development - IT0024 and IT0025

    I Have a basic doubt about IT0024 - Qualifications and IT0025 - Appraisals in Personnel Development.
    We are currently implementing Basic Recruitment, PA, PD, OM, TEM and other submodules of HCM.
    My queries are
    1. After acitivation of swithces PLOGI-APPRA and PLOGI-QUALI, i see tabs in both IT0024 and IT0025 similar. Do we have to use both of them or just anyone of them would serve the purpose.
    2. Is IT0024 created for Recruitment module?
    Srinivasa Naidu

    Hi Srinivasa,
    IT0024 and IT0025 are legacy infotypes.
    That is, before new personnel development module was introduced qualifications and appraisels were maintained in separate systems and consequently infotypes.
    Now, however, both qualifications and appraisals along with development plans, requirements, so on all are maintained via PPPM - Profiles. So they are both in the same system and now residing totally on PD side.
    They are not Personnel Administration infotypes anymore.
    However, as there may an old habit, and to provide a way to access profiles via PA20/30 transaction IT0024 and IT0025 screens still remain both directed to the employee profile (also accesses via PPPM)
    Hope its clear.

  • Personnel Development - View Assignment

    Using Personnel Development/Performance Management, I am trying to assign a View to the rest of the managers, rather than just my specific user.  Is there an easy way to accomplish this?  When I save a view, only User is available in the Assignment section.  Is there a way to get Everyone in the list as well?
    Any help you can provide will be useful.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks you very much for the assistance.
    The client wants employee development:
    Short Term & Long Term Dev Plan for Employees.
    Track & Monitor the progress of employee.
    Profile Matchup against positions to determine skills & knowledge of the employee.
    Training plans to adress the individual dev needs.
    These are few of the needs, but i dont think we have all these available in Talent.
    Please guide.

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