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Not sure if is appropriate to post this, but need help with editing photos. I use PhotoShop Elements 2.0 now but would like to upgrade. The reviews on 4.0 are not complimentary but would like something a bit more than iPhoto. Any other recommendations for a low cost?

That review is the result of only two reviewers. One reviewer had been using Photoshop previously and went to PE 4. Duh! The other reviewer was complaining about the Bridge application (a browser and semi organizer) that comes with PE4. It comes with Photoshop also and I don't particularly like it very much. But it has nothing do do with the editor, either PSE or PS.
PSE has about 75% of PS's capabilities at about 20% of the price. Personally, if I didn't have Photoshop CS2 I would definitely have PE 4.0.
It is a complex editor and, as such, will have a steeper learning curve that iPhoto or some of the more basic editors. Here are a couple of examples of what you can do with it once you learn some of it's advanced capabilities: Example

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  • Is it legal to sell photos edited in trial and beta verisons of Photoshop?

    I recently downloaded the new CS6 beta version of photoshop and since I am interested in stock photography I was wondering if it's legal and not againts Adobe's rules to sell photos edited in trial and beta versions of Photoshop? I mean, since you haven't bought them and just trying them out.
    I really haven't found info about it, yet. Adobe terms and policy are little overwhelming
    p.s. I hope I asked the question on the right place

    The last time that I read the EULA, the only restriction on commercial or production work was on beta/pre-release software. So you could use the CS5 trial but not the CS6 beta.
    See section 4.a . here:

  • Does windows7 come with photo editing

    I thought this high end computer comes with all kinds of photo editing software, or maybe i just can't find it.Can anybody help

    Like all previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 has the standard "Paint" program. However, for photo editing, you can download Microsoft's Live Photo Gallery as part of the Live Essentials package. Personally, I think it does a good job for basic photo edits and fixes, but the entire "Live" experience can be a bit annoying (log-in/user account required to access all the live features, but photo gallery will work without a Live account). To get it (and other Live Essentials programs) go to and select the "Downloads" section under the search bar, or just search for Live Essentials on the Microsoft website.
    For more advanced editing/users, you may also like "Gimp 2", an open source graphics/photo editing software solution similar to Adobe Photoshop. Gimp 2 is available through , along with additional plug-ins to expand the features.
    For my truly important photo editing, I use Adobe Lightscribe 3. It is great for perfecting photos, but it is pricey.
    Live Photo Gallery will do most, if not all, photo edits the typical consumer would use, it is easy to use, and it's free.

  • What is the best way to use a SSD for Photoshop/photo editing?

    Computer hardware newbie here: I do a significant amount of photo editing work and for a very long time I've experienced Photoshop, Bridge and Photomatix crashing constantly (usually due to insufficient RAM) or just generally taking forever (Bridge took forever to load the thumbnail/preview extractions in a folder full of images, Photoshop took forever to save images and Photomatix took ages to load/merge a set of bracketed photos).  Here are the typical error messages I'd get:
    As a professional photographer, constantly running into that sort of thing is quite aggravating, so to hopefully avoid ever having to deal with that again I invested in a new custom built computer.  It's Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with 32GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD; I'm using the 240GB SSD as my boot drive/OS, all of my programs are installed there, and the page file.  My photos and data are stored on several HDDs.  I have yet to install any of my photo editing software (Photoshop CS6 Extended, Lightroom, Photomatix etc) to the new computer yet since I'd like some advice first.
    My basic question is this: what is the best way to take advantage of the SSD (and the computer in general) when it comes to my photo editing software?
    1. If I have a folder of photos I'm working on, should I move it to the SSD and then work on them from there in order to take advantage of the speed of the SSD?  Would this make any difference in terms of speed if the photos are located on the SSD vs. an internal/external HDD?
    2. Most of what I've read online seems to recommend two separate SSDs, one for installing/booting the apps and one for cache/scratch.  Does it matter if I use my 240GB SSD for both?
    3. This is a fairly new computer and the SSD is already almost half full (102GB used, 120GB free) *WITHOUT* any of my photo editing software installed yet.  I'm concerned about how fast that remaining 120 GB may fill up.  As it fills up will I lose the speed advantage of the SSD vs. a regular HDD?
    4. Sort of similar to #3, but should I bother moving any of my other non-photo editing programs/caches off of the SSD to a HDD and would there be any major difference in the speed/lifespan of the SSD if I did so?  It's mostly Firefox and Chrome and their caches that I'm concerned may be a problem if they remain on the SSD.
    Thanks for any help!

    If you have an SSD you can run the cache and programs on the same drive.  However, many recommend a scratch disk size of 100-200 gigs so that will not work here unless you opt for a larger SSD.  Otherwise an internal spinner is recommended that does not contain the program files, or idealy any other files that may want to get acessed at same time (only one read/write head per drive).
    With 32 gig of RAM you may not need the constant use of the scratch drive unless working on large images with lots of layers.  So see no advantage to moving folder to SSD for temp work environment.
    From what I read the new crop of SSD do not have the wear problems of the older versions.

  • I am looking for a good photo editing software, only editing, not sharing etc

    any recommendation for a good photo editing software for starters, only to enhance picture, play arounf with colours in black and white background etc.

    In order of price here are some suggestions:
    Seashore (free)
    The Gimp (free)
    Graphic Coverter ($45 approx)
    Acorn ($50 approx)
    Pixelmator ($50 approx)
    Photoshop Elements ($75 approx)
    There are many, many other options. Search on MacUpdate. You can set Photoshop (or any image editor) as an external editor in iPhoto. (Preferences -> General -> Edit Photo: Choose from the Drop Down Menu.) This way, when you double click a pic to edit in iPhoto it will open automatically in Photoshop or your Image Editor, and when you save it it's sent back to iPhoto automatically. This is the only way that edits made in another application will be displayed in iPhoto.

  • Looking for an iphone photo editing app that mirrors images?

    looking for an iphone photo editing app that mirrors images? Any suggestions? I'd like to mirror an image already in my photo library....

    Ask in the iPhone forum here.
    This is the: Apple Support Communities > Mac App Store > Using Mac App Store forum.

  • To buy or not to buy an entry level 13in MBP? Have a 30in display I would like to connect it to for photo editing and a little video. Any advice?

    In the last year the logic board in both my 17in MBP (5yrs old) and Mac Pro (4yrs old) have died.  The local techies have advised due to cost and age that replacing them would not be worth it in the long run.
    I am thinking to buy the most basic MBP and connecting it to my 30in cinema display would give me the best of both worlds - a desktop option when at home and a laptop for travelling.  Is this a viable option?  I would be using it for photo editing (photoshop) mainly and a little video editing with Final Cut Pro when connected to the cinema display and a little light internet usage, emails and such when on the go. 
    My other question is, do all MBP come with airport/wireless capabilities as standard?  (I had to purchase airport separately when I bought the other computers.
    Thanks in advance

    The 13" MBP is c**p, it's a consumer MacBook quality in a silver case with a "Pro" sticker, comes with poor integrated graphics that overheat when it even looks at a web video, all shiny screens poor for video. Scores a mere 11 on Cinebench.
    Like Sig said, 15" 2.0 (scores 18) or better, 2.2 (scores a decent 30) or better preferred, it has the hefty video card you need to power the external monitor.
    also you get a anti-glare option, excellent for avoiding glare and reflections in portable uses.
    also you may need the quad core i7 for processing video faster, dual cores are toast.
    17" high res has true 1920 x 1080 (1080i) with it's 1920 x 1200 pixel screen, I've got one. Sweet.
    Sad to hear you have been having such a bad run with Mac's, it used to be they lasted 5-7 years or longer easy.

  • HELp! Best laptop for photo editing.. or would a PC be better?

    I'm looking to buy a new computer. Would love for it to be a laptop but a PC would be ok too.. Any information on which is best for photo editing.. hopefully a large volume of photo editing.. which ones already have photo programs installed on them? help!

    Well.... the biggest limiter will be how much you can spend...
    But, you need to look for a higher end processor and a fairly decent graphics card.
    No new computers come with any decent graphics program.
    If you like my post, or solution to your issue/question, go ahead and click on the little star by my name and/or accept the post as the Solution. It makes me happy.
    I'm NOT an employee of Best Buy, or Geek Squad, though I did work as an Agent for a year 5 years ago. None of my posts are to be taken as the official stance that Best Buy will take on your situation. My advice is just that, advice.
    Unfortunately, that's the bad luck of any electronic, there's going to be bad Apples... wait that's a horrible pun.

  • Need A Photo Editing System--which Is Good?

    On June 22nd my iMac decided to die out on me--I'm still hoping to get it repaired or if anything my data recovered.  My former computer was still running on the Tiger edition of Safari.  At the same time that I got that computer five years ago, I had also gotten a i800 Microtek scanner that came with PhotoShop Elements (version 4) and an HP Photosmart C3100 All-in-One printer. 
    Just yesterday I got an entirely new iMac with of course the OS X Lion edition--so now the scramble to find out if things are compatible---for instance--would my photo scanner still be compatible?  I'm almost 100% certain the Photoshop WON'T be compatible and was all set of thinking of getting the newer version (Elements 10) however, I was reading the reviews here by others and none seem to be happy with it---the "regular" Photoshop is out of question for my budget --so-what about Aperture?
    Also--I'm one of the few people who DOES NOT have a digital camera!  Yes I still use a 35mmfilm camera thus the reason I got the photo scanner in the first place to scan to digitze my will scanned images from film work in Aperture (and/or iPhoto)???  I REALLY need some kind of photo-editing software!
    Okay and while I'm at it---how about that printer of mine?  It too was designed for the Tiger edition so therefore I'm assuming it's not compatible either--any recommodations and do I need to get a new printer--which kind?  Please remember I'm on fixed income so my budget is rahter tight (to put it mildly)
    Will appreciate feedback!! And thanks!

    why are you using EKBE? this is the PO history, means it has the good receipt and invoice receipts etc.
    So if you maintain a batch number in PO item, and the PO has not yet any history, then it is obvious that this PO will not appear in your query.
    Use EKPO table if you refer to the batch number in PO item.

  • Mac Mini for Parents (photo editing)

    Hello all and thank you in advance.
    My parents (for reference in their mid 60s) have finally decided to come to the mac universe.  They are asking for assistance in buying a computer. I was thinking of getting them a mac mini.
    In regards to their needs, they are pretty light computer users.  They like to facetime, make photo collages, web surf, email, etc.  Though I should mention my dad needs to have a virtual PC to log into the VA (was going to use VirtualBox). Also they would like to start doing some photo editing, note that they are very much an amateurs and will not being running super complicated workflows (he has a Nikon D700 (12MP full frame) with a ton of RAW files he has never yet bothered with). In terms of photo software, I was thinking either Aperture or the upcoming Photos app and possibly Pixelmator.
    Cost is a consideration, but if the performance increase is great enough it will also be weighted justly.
    I am debating between a 2014 version vs a 2012 that I would upgrade myself (add a SDD to make a fusion drive and max out the ram). If I did go with a 2012, would the cost difference to get a i7 quad core be worth it, or would the dual core i5 be more than sufficient?

    Various points:
    1. You can't really diy a fusion drive. You can build a logical volume that spans two physical drives, and HDD and SSD, but that doesn't make a fusion drive, so you don't get all the benefits. Also, be aware of the issues with TRIM on Yosemite with 3rd part SSDs (short version: Yosemite doesn't allow Trim Enabler etc to load the system extensions they need to work - Apple might change this in future, but who knows)
    2. For software, I recommend Aperture (even though it's being replaced by Photos). It has two big benefits: it handles storing the pictures, with all kinds of tagging and search options so you can find them again; and it does non-destructive editing - if you make a change to a picture, you retain the original in case you change your mind or want a different version. Pixelmator is fantastic value too.
    3. You can run a virtual machine fine on a 2013 mini (I do it - Windows 7 via Parallels). If all it is is some light online stuff, no issue. But it's true that the newer minis are somewhat slicker.
    4. In general, provided you have the RAM (8GB), any mini will do - assuming they have a decent monitor with the right connections. If they want to get serious with photos, they absolutely need a decent monitor.

  • In need of a photo editing program

    I am in need of a photo editing program. I currently only have the iPhoto library and and whatever comes HP products Imaging software and Image capture. What do I need to get iPhoto or iLife. I am more interested in the photo editing more than anything else. Please let me know. I currently have 756 MB ram, dual CPU's 500 mhz and 60GB memory. Thanks. bj1350

    The later editions of iPhoto - especially v6 or v7 have much increased editing powers. Also, some others to check out"
    Photoshop Elements
    Graphic Coverter
    there are many, many others. Search on MacUpdate.

  • Photo Edit In Photoshop Elements 10 not working

    I've set up  Lightroom so that my PS Elements 10 appears as a menu item in the Photo -> Edit In menu.
    When I select that option for the selected photo, it begins the process of opening Photoshop Elements 10.  PS Elements 10 opens and is functional but there is no open image - it does not load the image selected in Lightroom.
    (I'm using LR4.3 and PSE 10.0 on Mac OS X 10.7.5)
    What could be wrong?
    When I came back to the computer about 10 mins later a dialogue box had appeared saying "Could not complete your request because of a program error."

    You chose the logical file instead of the correct one, most likely. Adobe sneakily hides the actual editor inside the support files folder. You want this one:
    The one at the top level is just a link to the welcome screen.

  • Photo Editing, Photoshop elements 4.0 doesn't work with snow leopard?

    Tried reinstalling photoshop elements after upgrading to snow leopard and message came back not compatible. ? , what version is that doesn't break you wallet and can do some decent photo editing including cutting and removing parts of images, pasting, etc. thanks

    The latest version, 8, can be had for around $79, and is an amazing editor for the price. If you're not familiar with it's features I suggest you visit the site and see what it can do. Here's a list of several editors that support layers for editing:
    Image Editors that support the use of layers:
    Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac - $80
    GraphicConverter- $35
    Rainbow Painter - $30
    Acorn- $50
    Seashore- Open Source
    IMO PSE gives you more bang for the buck. If I didn't have Photoshop (given to me) I would buy it in a second. Version 8 has more features that I use than PS CS3.

  • I have a sudden export to plug-in problem as well as a Photo-Edit-in-Photoshop Error

    I just changed Macs and migrated all of my old data to the new iMac (running OS X 10.9.2). Applications and files. I keep all my photo files on external Iomega drives, however. I plugged those back in and Lightroom 5.2 recognizes them. I can work with them, edit, etc within Lightroom. No problems.
    But I can't seem to export them to some of the plug-ins now or Photo-Edit in-Photoshop. For example, I tried to export out via (File-Plug-in Extras-Perfect Effects 8) and get this message: "AgNegative:renderToFile: <AgErrorID>dng_error_write_file</AgErrorID>"
    Another example: Trying to edit the photo via (Photo-Edit in-Adobe Photoshop Elements) gives me this message: "Lightroom was unable to prepare the selected file at /Volumes/Photos-Videos /Pictures/2000/2000 Dean Scan 6.jpeg for editing. It will not be opened."
    I've tried exporting Raw and jpgs and tiffs and get the same errors. It will, oddly enough, allow me to export to Photomatix Pro.
    Any ideas? I'm stumped.

    That would be great as tested further with a few files as not only have external drive backup I also use Backblaze remote service and just requested a few test files to be returned for uploading, which both worked fine.
    It's seems to be the hard drive it's not recognising PS and LR CC
    Will keep in touch if have any further thoughts
    Sent from my iPad

  • Photo Edit in CS4 not working

    I have LR 3.3 and PS CS 4 Version 11.0.2 on a Mac running OS X.6.7.
    My "About Lightroom" screen reports the presence of Camera Raw 6.3.
    In my LR preferences under "External Editing" tab, I have the option to "Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS4" as PSD / sRGB / 16 bit / rez 300. There is no "Additional External Editor" present.
    I have installed in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS4/File Formats the Camera Raw Plug-in version 5.7. When I choose Photoshop>About Plugin>Camera Raw I see that CR version is present.
    When I select photo(s) [CR2 file(s)] in LR3 and choose Photo>Edit in> none of the external edit-in-Photoshop options work. First, I get a message saying "This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 6.3 for full compatibility."
    I resent this suggestion, since that version of Camera Raw only works with CS5.
    When I click "Open Anyway," PS opens and loads, but that's it. None of the images from LR appear.
    I get the same (non)-results with all of the options (edit in CS4, HDR, panorama, smart object, etc.) under "Photo>Edit In." Photoshop launches, but no image appears.
    The only way I can get a photo to open in PS from within LR is to choose Photo>Edit in>Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS4, and then when the warning dialog comes up about the Camera Raw plug-in version, click "Render in Lightroom." When I do that, LR renders the image and it opens in CS4. But that doesn't help me do what I really want to do, which is to select bracketed exposures in LR, merge them to HDR in CS4, and save them back to LR.
    I have searched for help on this and come up dry. I did find this -working, but I reinstalled the CR 5.7 plug-in as described and saw no change.
    Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Lr 3.3 and CS4 are not fully compatible so your experience is the result of that.
    You will have to bite the bullet and upgrade to CS5 if you dont want to "Render in LR".
    I've worked for quite a while with LR 3 and CS3 and experienced similar problems - the only way out is that you select "Render in LR".
    It's not such a big deal. When you select "Render in LR", Lr creates the psd that then opens in CS4.
    With CS5 it works this way: The RAW file opens in CS5 but when you save in CS5 a psd is generated.

  • I currently have iPhoto on my new 27" 17, iMac. What is the best photo editing software. I have photo shop elements on my previous mac which I liked many features.

    I currently have an imac 27", i7.  I have iphoto on this computer. What is the best photo editing software to purchase or download?
    On my previouw mac I had Photo Shop Elenemts and Photoshop CS3. Both of the later had features that I liked.
       I am an amatuer family photographer; What is the best photo editing software. I do not think I need the power and confusion of full version photoshop.

    I take it you are looking for replacements for the apps you used on a previous Mac?
    I do not have Photoshop Elements, so I do not know about compatibility. But this site will tell you:
    Photoshop CS3 does run in OS 10.9.1. (I use it just about everyday.) You do not have to give it up.
    And there is Gimp, which is free and powerful.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • 720p24 transition errors

    I'm having some strange problems with an HD project I'm working on. I've got footage taken from P2 via the HVX Panasonic camera in the 720, 24p (native) format. My project settings are at DVCPRO HD - 720p24. When I attempt to add video transitions (a