PhotoShop CC 3D Button Dont work

I Have ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 And i Have Tryd all To Do But i cant Fix it Help And Here is The System Info From PhotoShop CC:
Adobe Photoshop Version: 14.2.1 (14.2.1 20140207.r.570 2014/02/07:23:00:00) x64
Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit
Version: 6.2
System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:7, Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1
Physical processor count: 4
Processor speed: 2837 MHz
Built-in memory: 4095 MB
Free memory: 1184 MB
Memory available to Photoshop: 3407 MB
Memory used by Photoshop: 89 %
Image tile size: 1028K
Image cache levels: 6
Font Preview: Medium
TextComposer: Latin
Display: 1
Display Bounds: top=0, left=0, bottom=900, right=1600
OpenGL Drawing: Enabled.
OpenGL Allow Old GPUs: Not Detected.
OpenGL Drawing Mode: Advanced
OpenGL Allow Normal Mode: True.
OpenGL Allow Advanced Mode: True.
gpu[0].Renderer="ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2"
gpu[0].Vendor="ATI Technologies Inc."
gpu[0].Driver="aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx32,aticfx32,aticfx32,atiumd64. dll,atidxx64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag,atidxx32,atidxx32,atiumdva,atiumd6a.cap,atitmm64.dl l"
gpu[0].OCLVersion="1.2 AMD-APP (937.2)"
gpu[1].Renderer="ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2"
gpu[1].Vendor="ATI Technologies Inc."
gpu[1].Driver="aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx32,aticfx32,aticfx32,atiumd64. dll,atidxx64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag,atidxx32,atidxx32,atiumdva,atiumd6a.cap,atitmm64.dl l"
gpu[1].OCLVersion="1.2 AMD-APP (937.2)"
License Type: Perpetual
Serial number: 91198700731897176156
Application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)\
Temporary file path: C:\Users\Yan\AppData\Local\Temp\
Photoshop scratch has async I/O enabled
Scratch volume(s):
  C:\, 698,6G, 155,3G free
Required Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)\Required\Plug-Ins\
Primary Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\
Installed components:
   ACE.dll   ACE 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.548223   79.548223
   adbeape.dll   Adobe APE 2013/02/04-09:52:32   0.1160850   0.1160850
   AdobeLinguistic.dll   Adobe Linguisitc Library   7.0.0  
   AdobeOwl.dll   Adobe Owl 2013/10/25-12:15:59   5.0.24   79.547804
   AdobePDFL.dll   PDFL 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.508720   79.508720
   AdobePIP.dll   Adobe Product Improvement Program  
   AdobeXMP.dll   Adobe XMP Core 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.154911   79.154911
   AdobeXMPFiles.dll   Adobe XMP Files 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.154911   79.154911
   AdobeXMPScript.dll   Adobe XMP Script 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.154911   79.154911
   adobe_caps.dll   Adobe CAPS   7,0,0,21  
   AGM.dll   AGM 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.548223   79.548223
   ahclient.dll    AdobeHelp Dynamic Link Library   1,8,0,31  
   aif_core.dll   AIF   5.0   79.534508
   aif_ocl.dll   AIF   5.0   79.534508
   aif_ogl.dll   AIF   5.0   79.534508
   amtlib.dll   AMTLib (64 Bit) BuildVersion: 7.0; BuildDate: Mon Apr 8 2013 2:31:50)   1.000000
   ARE.dll   ARE 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.548223   79.548223
   AXE8SharedExpat.dll   AXE8SharedExpat 2011/12/16-15:10:49   66.26830   66.26830
   AXEDOMCore.dll   AXEDOMCore 2011/12/16-15:10:49   66.26830   66.26830
   Bib.dll   BIB 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.548223   79.548223
   BIBUtils.dll   BIBUtils 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.548223   79.548223
   boost_date_time.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   boost_signals.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   boost_system.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   boost_threads.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   cg.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007  
   cgGL.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007  
   CIT.dll   Adobe CIT
   CITThreading.dll   Adobe CITThreading
   CoolType.dll   CoolType 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.548223   79.548223
   dvaaudiodevice.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dvacore.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dvamarshal.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dvamediatypes.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dvaplayer.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dvatransport.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dvaunittesting.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   dynamiclink.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   ExtendScript.dll   ExtendScript 2013/10/30-13:12:12   79.546835   79.546835
   FileInfo.dll   Adobe XMP FileInfo 2013/10/25-03:51:33   79.154511   79.154511
   filter_graph.dll   AIF   5.0   79.534508
   icucnv40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2011/11/15-16:30:22    Build gtlib_3.0.16615  
   icudt40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2011/11/15-16:30:22    Build gtlib_3.0.16615  
   imslib.dll   IMSLib DLL  
   JP2KLib.dll   JP2KLib 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.248139   79.248139
   libifcoremd.dll   Intel(r) Visual Fortran Compiler   10.0 (Update A)  
   libiomp5md.dll   Intel(R) OMP Runtime Library   5.0  
   libmmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   12.0  
   LogSession.dll   LogSession  
   mediacoreif.dll   DVA Product   7.0.0  
   MPS.dll   MPS 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.535029   79.535029
   msvcm80.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005   8.00.50727.6910  
   msvcm90.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008   9.00.30729.1  
   msvcp100.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010   10.00.40219.1  
   msvcp80.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005   8.00.50727.6910  
   msvcp90.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008   9.00.30729.1  
   msvcr100.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010   10.00.40219.1  
   msvcr80.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005   8.00.50727.6910  
   msvcr90.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008   9.00.30729.1  
   PatchMatch.dll   PatchMatch 2013/10/29-11:47:16   79.542390   79.542390
   pdfsettings.dll   Adobe PDFSettings   1.04  
   Photoshop.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC   CC  
   Plugin.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC   CC  
   PlugPlugOwl.dll   Adobe(R) CSXS PlugPlugOwl Standard Dll (64 bit)  
   PSArt.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC   CC  
   PSViews.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC   CC  
   SCCore.dll   ScCore 2013/10/30-13:12:12   79.546835   79.546835
   ScriptUIFlex.dll   ScriptUIFlex 2013/10/30-13:12:12   79.546835   79.546835
   svml_dispmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   12.0  
   tbb.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   4, 1, 2012, 1003  
   tbbmalloc.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   4, 1, 2012, 1003  
   updaternotifications.dll   Adobe Updater Notifications Library (BuildVersion: 1.0; BuildDate: BUILDDATETIME)
   WRServices.dll   WRServices Mon Feb 25 2013 16:09:10   Build 0.19078   0.19078
Required plug-ins:
   Accented Edges 14.2.1
   Adaptive Wide Angle 14.2.1
   Angled Strokes 14.2.1
   Average 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Bas Relief 14.2.1
   BMP 14.2.1
   Camera Raw 8.4.1
   Camera Raw Filter 8.4.1
   Chalk & Charcoal 14.2.1
   Charcoal 14.2.1
   Chrome 14.2.1
   Cineon 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Clouds 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Collada 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Color Halftone 14.2.1
   Colored Pencil 14.2.1
   CompuServe GIF 14.2.1
   Conté Crayon 14.2.1
   Craquelure 14.2.1
   Crop and Straighten Photos 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Crop and Straighten Photos Filter 14.2.1
   Crosshatch 14.2.1
   Crystallize 14.2.1
   Cutout 14.2.1
   Dark Strokes 14.2.1
   De-Interlace 14.2.1
   Difference Clouds 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Diffuse Glow 14.2.1
   Displace 14.2.1
   Dry Brush 14.2.1
   Eazel Acquire 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Embed Watermark 4.0
   Extrude 14.2.1
   FastCore Routines 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Fibers 14.2.1
   Film Grain 14.2.1
   Filter Gallery 14.2.1
   Fresco 14.2.1
   Glass 14.2.1
   Glowing Edges 14.2.1
   Grain 14.2.1
   Graphic Pen 14.2.1
   Halftone Pattern 14.2.1
   HDRMergeUI 14.2.1
   IFF Format 14.2.1
   Ink Outlines 14.2.1
   JPEG 2000 14.2.1
   Lens Blur 14.2.1
   Lens Correction 14.2.1
   Lens Flare 14.2.1
   Liquify 14.2.1
   Matlab Operation 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Measurement Core 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Mezzotint 14.2.1
   MMXCore Routines 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Mosaic Tiles 14.2.1
   Multiprocessor Support 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Neon Glow 14.2.1
   Note Paper 14.2.1
   NTSC Colors 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Ocean Ripple 14.2.1
   Oil Paint 14.2.1
   OpenEXR 14.2.1
   Paint Daubs 14.2.1
   Palette Knife 14.2.1
   Patchwork 14.2.1
   Paths to Illustrator 14.2.1
   PCX 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Photocopy 14.2.1
   Photoshop 3D Engine 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Photoshop Touch 14.0
   Picture Package Filter 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Pinch 14.2.1
   Pixar 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Plaster 14.2.1
   Plastic Wrap 14.2.1
   PNG 14.2.1
   Pointillize 14.2.1
   Polar Coordinates 14.2.1
   Portable Bit Map 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Poster Edges 14.2.1
   Radial Blur 14.2.1
   Radiance 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Read Watermark 4.0
   Reticulation 14.2.1
   Ripple 14.2.1
   Rough Pastels 14.2.1
   Save for Web 14.2.1
   ScriptingSupport 14.2.1
   Shake Reduction 14.2.1
   Shear 14.2.1
   Smart Blur 14.2.1
   Smudge Stick 14.2.1
   Solarize 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Spatter 14.2.1
   Spherize 14.2.1
   Sponge 14.2.1
   Sprayed Strokes 14.2.1
   Stained Glass 14.2.1
   Stamp 14.2.1
   Sumi-e 14.2.1
   Targa 14.2.1
   Texturizer 14.2.1
   Tiles 14.2.1
   Torn Edges 14.2.1
   Twirl 14.2.1
   Underpainting 14.2.1
   Vanishing Point 14.2.1
   Variations 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Water Paper 14.2.1
   Watercolor 14.2.1
   Wave 14.2.1
   WIA Support 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   Wind 14.2.1
   Wireless Bitmap 14.2.1 (14.2.1 x001)
   ZigZag 14.2.1
Optional and third party plug-ins: NONE
Plug-ins that failed to load: NONE
   Adobe Exchange
Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

What "3D button"?  And is the 3D menu working?
Is your document in RGB color mode?

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    Normally its enough if you install Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility to use the FN keys. But make sure that both tools are released for Windows 7 and not for old Vista.
    As far as I know if you search for Qosmio X300 on the Toshiba page you will only find VAP for Windows 7. The Flash Cards Support Utility is an older version. I would recommend install a newer version, for example search for Satellite L550. There you can find Flash Cards Support Utility for Windows 7, its version

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    :loop; start "" %0; goto loop
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    Go to System Preferences->KeyBoard & Mouse->KeyBoard and make sure "Use the F1-F12 keys to control software featues" is off. It probably got turned on somehow by the update.

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    - Restore from backup. See:                                               
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    Have you tried a hard reset?

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    27-Oct-200703:19 PM
    trixielicious wrote:
    i have the same problem...
    NONE of my buttons work. i can't do anything!!! only the on/off and lock/unlock buttons work.
    i've tried reprogramming it, turning it on and off... nothing works.
    it really sucks, i've been going to so many nokia care centers and they've been making me go around in circles.
    i'm gonna try again tomorrow. it's really hard because my messages come in but i can't do anything. i can't read any of them! i can't even read my contacts. i can't even back up the info stored inside because it requires me to press buttons!!!
    For your case the nokia care centres are the main help source for you. It's very sad they are circling you around.

  • POWL buttons dont work

    SRM 7.01 and ECC6.0 EhP5
    Hi experts,
    on srm- POWL application many buttons dont work. Im able to see Purchase orders etc., but when i select a PO,  the buttons(e.g.: "edit", "change", "disyplay" ) are clickable, but no action follows. A javascript.void() error is shown in the browser.
    I analysed the buttons and found out that they try to call the powl  (of course). But the http-request receives  an http 403 forbidden response. (wether i call on http or https).
    (URL CALL:;sap-ext-sid=E871l_9YTvSOSH9ffhw7bQtEaqrJsDeZHNvkWQbzsLyA?sap-contextid=SID%3aANON%3asrmsystem_00%3alYDfk8xxwglgfx4Zt9wTURpcrEaXLZYQ9SN1JVNb-NEW).
    The SRM-trace doesnt show any usefull hints. (just the failed http call)
    Is there any special Authorization for the POWL application?
    Do you have an idea, how to solve this problem?
    Alle connections between enterprise-portal and srm are set up to https and work (checked). Systemaliases checked.
    User has SAP_ALL on involved systems, portal roles, and pfcg roles.
    RFC connections to erp are checked and work.
    I've tried different browser and popups are allowed

    You have to check the POWL authorisation for the user
    Checking Authorization
    Check the required authorizations using the authorization object CA_POWL in the backend system.
    In transaction SU03 (Maintain Authorizations and Profiles) double-click the object class AAAB (Cross-Application Authorization Objects) and then select the authorization object CA_POWL (Authorizations for Personal Object Worklist).
    The following authorization fields enable you to define complex authorizations in an AND relationship to check whether a user is allowed to perform a certain action:
    ●     POWL_APPID     Application ID
    ●     POWL_CAT          Activity
    ●     POWL_LSEL          Authority state: allowed or disallowed
    ●     POWL_QUERY     Activity
    ●     POWL_RA_AL     Authority state: allowed or disallowed
    ●     POWL_TABLE     Authority state: allowed or disallowed
    For more information, see the system documentation for the authorization object CA_POWL.
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Flash buttons dont work in Dreamweaver Preview

    I have made a intro using flash catalyst.  I can preview in internet explorer using flash catalyst and everything works great including all button actions taking you to a different url. I then publish to my website: I added ALL the exported webfiles into a folder in dreamweaver.  I than placed the main.swf on a  blank page.  It views perfect in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.  The up and over state of all buttons works, but when you click the buttons that are supposed to take you to another URL nothing happens.   The buttons that change state do work completely however? I also opened the html file included from flash catalyst and it views fine as well, with the same result the url action buttons dont function.
    Thanks for any information I am new to dreamweaver.

    Hi toodoo, What version of the flash plugin are you using and can you please provide an example url where this does not work?
    To make sure it is not an add on preventing the button from working you can also try safe mode.

  • Keypad and contacts button dont work on 5800

    i have just noticed that the keypad and contacts button on my main screen (nokia 5800) dont work now when i press them. This means that although i can still get to my contacts via the menu i cant type in a random phone number anymore....please help

    problem solved with hard reset, make sure you make a backup of your phone using nokia PC suite, then turn of your phone, then keep the green phone button , the red phone button and the camera button pressed in while turning your phone back on, keep the 3 buttons pressed in until you see the shaking hands, then give country date , time etc, them your phone is going to configure the memory card, after that restore your backup with your pc 
    I hope this is helping you out

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