Photoshop CS on Leopard?

I was just wondering if anyone has been running Photoshop CS on Leopard. I currently have Photoshop CS and cannot afford the upgrade to CS3 yet. I was hoping CS would work okay for now. Anyone?

Even CS2 has lots of troubles in Leopard. :/
What's more, even some folks running CS3 have gone back to Tiger.

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  • Photoshop cs4-snow leopard-automatically save files with same name.

    Does anyone know how to automatically update a file in another folder that has the same name as the current file? (photoshop cs4-snow leopard)

    Does this apply to all files you work on?
    How are the parallel files being defined – by location relative to the edited ones, filename, foldername, …?
    Will an index of the parallel files have to be written into the files’ metadata?
    And what’s behind this, why do you need multiple instances of the saved file, if I may ask?

  • Photoshop CS and Leopard

    I've read contradictory reports about CS and Leopard. I know Adobe wasn't going to do anything to improve compatibility, but there could have been issues with earlier versions of Leopard. So I'd like to bring this question up again. I gather that CS will "run," which is more than PS 7 will do, but are there any significant issues?

    Kort wrote:
    >In any event, perhaps you could just use the File-Open command
    >or open the files into Photoshop from the file itself as a workaround.
    I use File-->Open all the time, and it appears to work just fine for PhotoShop CS under Leopard.
    The problem isn't so much that I **can't** use File-->Open, it's that I've routinely used File-->Browse over many years to quickly view thumbnails and file information of related shots (mostly jewelry photos for my wife's website).  So the risk of losing 30-60 minutes' work by absent-mindedly selecting a menu item that I've gotten in the habit of using is non-trivial...
    >Another thing to try if you haven't yet would be to clean up your
    >system. I suggest using the free Onyx utility.
    Thanks for the info!  My first task will be reinstalling PhotoShop CS, but after that I'll definitely look into Onyx.
    Buko wrote:
    >CS and CS2 are not supported in Leopard.
    >CS3 is no longer sold but You can still upgrade to CS4.
    I'm aware that PhotoShop CS and CS2 are noted as having known incompatibilities with Leopard.  Not surprising:  they were both released before Leopard, so incompatibilities are to be expected.
    I'm also aware that CS3 is no longer officially available.  Upgrading to CS4 would be problematic for a different reason though:  the system requirements state that it requires either a G5- or Intel-based Mac, and mine's a dual-G4.  So I either upgrade to CS3 -- which is compatible with both Leopard and a dual-G4 -- or I risk attempting an upgrade to CS4, which is not officially supported on my Mac and might not even install.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 with Leopard?

    Has anyone got experiences with Photoshop CS2 and or InDesign 2.0 and Leopard?
    I know, if problems occur there will be no help from Adobe, but how bad might the problems be?
    Any experiences or advices?

    I just started running into a new problem while trying to resize fonts in Photoshop CS2. When manually scaling up or down outside of the given size list (6, 8, 9, 10, etc.), the number input field seems to get a little confused and disregards your request. When hitting Enter, it applies a space. Sometimes if I click off and then back onto the input field, and then type my number in it will work about 50% of the time.
    Oh yeah, and Photoshop simply crashes from time to time. It doesn't recall having the particular file open that you were just working on, so you essentially never really worked on it. At this point I'm just going to assume this is acceptable program behavior to both Adobe and Apple.

  • Installing Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Leopard (headaches really...)

    I'm a Tiger user and i have another Mac that runs Leopard. I have Photoshop CS3 on a Disc and used in to install on my mac with Tiger, then when i try with the mac that runs Leopard i run into some issues.
    One Error Message states :
    "The application Photoshop CS3
    (beta10.0x20061208) [k] (Universal) quit
    When i open the .Dmg on the disc (or when i drag it to the HD) i get the following message :
    The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data
    in "adobephotoshop1012-06.dmg" could not be read or
    (Error code -36)
    If anyone can help me it'd be greatly appreciated. like i said i've done this before successfully on a freshly updated Tiger. this problem is new to me. thanks for reading.

    *"The application Photoshop CS3*
    *(beta10.0x20061208) [k] (Universal) quit*
    For starters, you're using a beta version, dated Dec 8, 2006...which is not final and still contains bugs... CS3 was not released until Sprint 2007. and second, based on it's file name, your application appears to have been illegally "Kracked"...hense the [k].
    If you do in fact have a valid legal license of Photoshop, you should probably post your question on Adobe's forums:

  • Photoshop CS2 and Leopard

    I recently upgraded to 10.5 (now 10.5.7), and I have the CS2 Creative Suite. My Illiustrator seems to work fine, but my Photoshop will not open. Any patches or solutions? I can fine CS3 help on, but none for CS2 regarding Illustrator.

    CS2 is not supported in Leopard and never will be.
    There are no patches, there will never be any patches.
    CS2 is running in Rosetta another level of problems. Its time to upgrade.

  • Photoshop CS4 & Snow Leopard

    I have heard of a number of issues with PS CS4 & SL.  Not all like mine of course but mine is really becoming a nuisance.  I can load and use both PS and Illustrator CS4 with SL but after a period of using PS, my short key functions just stop working.  This is terribly frustrating.  Even Ctrl + Click on the Layers for the drop-down menu gives nothing but grey selections.  Totally unusable.  Then when I try to Cmnd + Q to Quit, nothing happens.  By this time I can still make selections in the images and layers themselves like adjust Text but not really much else.  Using the mouse to select my tools still works.  So I open the Photoshop Menu to Quite the App.  It too is grey.  Can't select it.  Thus forcing me to Force Quit the Application.  Most frustrating indeed.  I think I managed about an hour of work in the 2-3 I spent trying to get by.  I just did the Update for SL, but there was no mention of foreign program updates.  Is there anything on the horizon that will assist these issues at all?

    Interesting, I've had the ”quit app menu selection” greyed out in a totally different application than Photoshop (twice).
    Wasn't this also a not too uncommon problem with in Leopard? (don't know if it's the same for in Snow Leopard)
    I haven't tried Snow Leopard and Photoshop CS4 extensively yet, but will hopefully soon have time to let one of our retouchers test it for a couple of days and report back how it works.

  • Photoshop locked in Leopard and unable to unlock

    Since upgrade to leopard I have been having issues opening files and applications, as they are locked. I go to the "Get Info" command in the finder and unlock the file using password etc. I do this by clicking on the padlock and after using my password the padlock opens, then when I go to open PS3 it says it is locked and when I go back in the padlock is locked again....Anyone have any idea how I can unlock this so I can use PS3 and Bridge.
    BTW, I was able to open Bridge, but it crashed and now it is locked and I cannot unlock it......
    Many thanks.

    Just EXACTLY what do you mean by "the applications itself is locked"? Do mean that when you do GetInfo on:
    "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS/Adobe Photoshop"
    there is a check mark in the GetInfo panel? And a lock icon on the application? In other words, does it look like this:
    If it does, what happens when you click the box in front of locked? Actually, if the permissions show that you are the owner, and the group is staff, you shouldn't even have to click the padlock at the bottom. I can lock and unlock the application just by clicking on the box. If you can't, it makes me wonder just EXACTLY how you upgraded to Leopard. There can be a raft of very technical ownership/group problems, depending on what you did.

  • Photoshop cs3 on Leopard 10.5.5 printing issues

    Our photo lab recently updated both our computers and the Adobe Photoshop program. We are now using Photoshop cs3 on iMacs with Leopard 10.5.5. We have an Epson Stylus 2200 and the print quality is now very poor. Can anyone recommend a printer that produces high quality prints on this system with this software?

    Yes, I have updated Photoshop and also contacted Epson...the newest driver is for mac 10.4...they are no longer making this printer and this is the only available driver.

  • Photoshop Elements and Leopard

    I was quite happy using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 on my old G4, then I bought a new iMac that had Leopard installed and ...
    I can't install Elements 2 as the screen says that there is no support for the Classic Environment.
    Does anyone know if Elements 4 works OK in Leopard, as I'm thinking of buying?
    Cheers. John

    PSE 4 works on my new Leopard install (x86 mac). I have only noticed a couple of small nuisances, like a balloon help message sticking around the toolbar after I move the mouse pointer, but clicking on another tool and then back on the one i want fixes it. Once it refused to switch to another image I had open, but I used Expose to pull all app windows and click on it, then everything went fine.

  • Photoshop and Snow Leopard 10.6

    Having heard for years about the great support of Apple computers for graphics applications, I'm somewhat surprised to learn from Apple pre-sales personnel that Photoshop CS4 extended and Dreamweaver CS4 at present will not run under Snow Leopard 10.6
    Would appreciate confirmation and, if true, estimated dates when we will again be able to run Adobe CS4 products in Snow Leopard 10.6

    David, thanks for your posts.
    I am one of the frustrated users experiencing Photoshop Saving bugs, to the point where the application is unusable.
    Is there any way I (or people like me) can actually help Adobe/Apple troubleshoot this issue, especially if the problem is difficult to repeat in your labs?
    I can tell you, for example, that with 100% certainty this issue occurs when a file is saved with a NEW NAME to the hard drive. Once you've successfully opened or created a document, and are able to save it once, you can then continue to do regular File > Saves to you heart's content, just like normal.
    But, when you go to Save AS (for example, you're working in a layered PSD file and need to save out some flattened JPEGs), that process quite literally becomes a game of Russian Roulette as you begin the frustrating process of random (but quite frequent and repeatable) crashes when Saving As.
    As has been noted in other threads, this bug affects non-Adobe apps as well, but ALSO occurs in those other apps (I've seen it in Safari, etc.) when the OS receives the name of a file it is not expecting. My (non-engineer) observation is that the bug is related to harddrive I/O. From what I understand, when a file is saved, the hard drive allocates enough space to save the data in the file. Once that space is established, Snow Leopard seems to have no problem maintaining access to that allocated space for data reading and writing.
    However, when you tell Snow Leopard you need to create a NEW file, and it has to allocate NEW space on the hard drive to save that data, *that's* when the error occurs. It seems to have a problem allocating new space on the hard drive, when it doesn't know how big your file is about to be.
    Perhaps this problem is related to the new base-10 filesize reporting scheme that Snow Leopard introduced.
    Unfortunately no crash reports are generated (the app just "disappears" from running, with no error reported, though you must still Force Quit it from the Dock in order to restart), so I can't share any logs (unless there are some hidden that I don't know about). However, I'm happy to help however I can, I live 3 blocks from Adobe HQ in SF, and I can test out any potential fixes if Apple/Adobe aren't able to replicate the problem.

  • IMac 24" Wonder-Land - Adobe Photoshop Elements, Aperture, Leopard et al

    I am on the verge of purchasing a 24" iMac but have a number of questions and would value the advice.
    I am an enthusiastic (non-pro) photographer. family and memory stuff. I use a Nikon D40.
    I currently use Photoshop Elements, but as I understand it this cannot be used on Intel Macs. Anyone know when Elements will be available. I have considered full Photoshop but feel it may be a bit too overkill for my needs, especially cost. Aperture may fit on a cost basis but still may be over spec for me. Any thoughts?
    Finally as Leopard is due out in the next few months (?) is it worth waiting before purchasing the iMac?
    Many thanks

    Where did you hear that PE would not work on an Intel Mac? My understanding is that you have two choices. You can run the mac version and rosetta will handle it though it may be slower than on a G5. Or you can run the windows version on Parallels - this may also be slower than running it on a pc. Either way, you have it until a new version gets released.
    You may want to check out Photoshop CS3 on their site or the NAPP site to see if it is worth the extra $ to have not only a program that will work on the Intel Mac smoothly but will also do some extras for you that PE won't. Several if not all of the photo programs you have listed have 30 day trial periods. Download and play - it will give you a better idea of what you want.

  • Has anyone figured out a way to open Photoshop 7 in Leopard?

    Photoshop 7 won't open in Leopard according to all the forums. But SOMEBODY must have a workaround besides booting into Tiger or upgrading (and dealing with Adobe's computer-specific registration). Has anyone figured out a way to make this work yet?
    By the way, my old Photoshop Elements 3 will open in Leopard, though it's not supposed to either.

    Whoever told you Elements 3 won't work in Leopard was simply wrong. It does. Elements 2 and Photoshop 7 will not work, Elements 3 and Photoshop CS1 will both work. My understanding is that the code for both the non-working ones was a kludge of the original code built for the Classic Mac OS to get it to run natively in OS X, and, since Leopard no longer supports Classic code in any way neither PS 7 nor Elements 2 will work, ever. Don't know whether that theory about the code is correct or not, but it sounds sorta reasonable. But whether that is the explanation is irrelevant: Elements 2 and PS 7 do not work in Leopard.
    Why not do what I'm going to do: get off Adobe's gravy train. I'm going to buy Elements 6 when it comes out (which is about half what it costs to upgrade my CS1 to CS3), and spend some more quality time with the GIMP. No more upgrades of Photoshop for me.

  • CS4 Photoshop and Snown Leopard 64 bit

    Up to this time we had a cap of 4gb of ram we could use for Photoshop and other programs because of 32 bits. Now that Snow Leopard is coming out this Friday, will Photoshop CS4 on Macs be able to take advantage of the 64 bits AND take the 4gb cap off and allow us to use the availible ram we have? I run on a new Mac Pro 2.26Mhz 8 core processor with 12mbs of ram. What I've read is that this should speed up the whole work flow.

    Adobe made the announcement that CS5 will be 64bit.
    Here is why CS4 is not 64bit. Basically Apple changed the rules at the last minute.
    From John Nacks Blog. 4-2-08
    As we wrapped up Photoshop CS3, our plan was to ship 64-bit versions of the next version of Photoshop for both Mac and Windows.  On the Mac Photoshop (like the rest of the Creative Suite, not to mention applications like Apple's Final Cut Pro and iTunes) relies on Apple's Carbon technology. Apple's OS team was busyenabling a 64-bit version of Carbon, a prerequisite for letting Carbon-based apps run 64-bit-native.
    At the WWDC show last June, however, Adobe & other developers learned that Apple had decided to stop their Carbon 64 efforts. This means that 64-bit Mac apps need to be written to use Cocoa (as Lightroom is) instead of Carbon. This means that we'll need to rewrite large parts of Photoshop and its plug-ins (potentially affecting over a million lines of code) to move it from Carbon to Cocoa.
    Now let me be very clear about something: It's entirely Apple's call about what's best for the Mac OS and how to spend their engineering cycles. Like any development team, they have finite resources & need to spend them judiciously. They've decided that Carbon 64 doesn't belong on their roadmap, and we respect their decision. It's up to Adobe to adapt to the new plan.
    As soon as we got the news in June, we began adjusting our product development plans. No one has ever ported an application the size of Photoshop from Carbon to Cocoa (as I mentioned earlier, after 9 years as an Apple product Final Cut Pro remains Carbon-based), so we're dealing with unknown territory. We began training our engineers to rewrite code in Objective C (instead of C++), and they began prototyping select areas to get a better view of the overall effort.
    In short, Adobe has been taking prompt, pragmatic steps to enable 64-bit Photoshop as quickly as possible on both Mac and Windows. It's a great feature, not a magic bullet, and we're delivering the functionality as quickly as each platform permits.

  • Photoshop Problems on Leopard (Server Running Tiger)

    Due to a theft we have just replaced all our machines except for the server, this means that the G5's are running Leopard and the server is running Tiger. My problem is that in photoshop cs3, when I save a file down to our server I'm not able to open it again as photoshop throws up the message:
    'Could not complete your request because it is not a valid photoshop file'
    This is happening in 90% of cases and has cost me several days work. Would I need to update my server to Leopard or is there a quick fix.

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    First off, your profile says something of an incongruity, which is that there is no such thing as an Intel G5:
    Now if you said Intel and G5s in your profile I wouldn't be concerned about it, but troubleshooting the Intel and G5 Macs often can require different procedures. Migrating from G5 to Intel also often presents a problem with the Migration Assistent, unless you follow these steps, and perhaps that's where you problem resides:
    Secondly, since the question is regarding Mac OS X Server, I suggest posting to this forum Mac OS X Server v10.4 and earlier Print Services. Someone there is more likely to know the answer to your question than here. I'll ask a moderator move this thread to the appropriate forum.
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