Photoshop CS2 will not work with RAW images in the Minolta DimAge A2.  It use to work fine

I have used Photoshop CS 2 with my DimAge A2 for over 5 years in the RAW format.  Now it will not work with RAW with my camera.  I am using Vista 64.Any answers ?  Thanks

It would seem to me that you have probably had to reinstall Photoshop CS 2.  If that is the case, then you should download and install Camera Raw 3.7.  The version that was on your install disk was updated several times.  And one of those updates probably included support for your camera.  Install ACR 3.7 and see if that helps.

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    Did you know *_Adobe CS2 will not work in Leopard?_* I found out the hard way that Leopard doesn't cost $129; It's $729, because CS2 will not work so you need to upgrade to CS3. This is straight from Adobe support (albeit in Manilla). I can find no documentation on either site that warns you not to upgrade to Leopard if you're running CS2. I am dead in the water until CS3 arrives. Nice move Apple and Adobe. I usually like to get kissed first.

    I'm using Adobe Photohsop CS1 and it is working. There are a couple of little glitches, but nothing major. And whenever there is a major system upgrade you can ALWAYS figure there are some things that are going to break, which is why it is a good plan to install a new system on a new drive or second partition. AFAIK the things that don't work and will never work are Photoshop 7 and Elements 2.

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    I had this same message appear today when i was putting new music on my ipod touch 4th gen. The only difference is that I wasnt using an external drive. I was using the one on my computer. This is the first time i have had this problem

  • Photoshop CS2 will not open to double click in Snow Lepard

    Since loading Snow Leopard I have been unable to open Photoshop files with a double click. Double clicking .psd file opens PS with the message "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file." Right click "open with" gets the same result. I CAN open files through the file menu in PS. But, files opened via the file menu and saved as... will not open with a double click.
    The "Open with" in the file info window reads "Adobe Photoshop CS2". Even forcing it to open in Preview and then back to PS CS2, sort of like hitting it with a hammer, does not improve the situation.
    CS2 on and year old dual quad.
    Before you knee jerk a "CS2, what did you expect..." CS2 seems to work fine once open. And I have access to another brand new iMac 24" with CS2 and Snow Leopard that does not have this problem, files open with a double click.
    On my troubled machine the thousands of files in question opened yesterday, pre Snow Leopard. I have found a few PS files that are several years old that do open to a double click.

    In a partial answer to my own question...
    I have discovered that the Adobe CS2 files (as well as Illustrator CS2, Microsoft Office X, Silo, etc.) will open with a double click in some cases.
    Files on my main hard drive (Mac pro dual quad with four one terabyte hard drives, Snow Leopard 10.6.1) is a RAID made up of two of the internal terabyte hard drives will not open with a double clip. (They do open via the file menu in the given program).
    But files on non-RAID drives open with a double click as expected.
    It appears that the RAID drive (Apple software RAID) is the culprit.
    It is likely that a simple fix from Apple in the operating system to correct the opening of files with a double click from an Apple sotware RAID drive would solve the problem as the various programs all work fine otherwise with Snow Leopard 10.6.1.

  • Photoshop CS5 will NOT open with Windows 8

    I have photoshop loaded on an external hard drive. I was using Windows Vista, but that computer crashed. I purchased a new computer already loaded with Windows 8. Photoshop will not open. I do know there is nothing wrong with the version of Photoshop because if I take the external hard drive to a different computer, it'll open and work fine.
    I have changed the compatibility to everything in the list, and nothing works to open Photoshop. I do not have the disk, so I can't uninstall/reinstall, but it's on an external hard drive to begin with.
    Any ideas?

    When you install on an external drive it writes files to the C drive on the computer you installed from.  PS will not work if you plug external into another computer as it does not have the licencing files on the other computer.   So in effect the external is only good for one computer.

  • Photoshop CS6 will not read my raw files

    I have both a Canon 5D Mark 3 and a Canon 70D and CS6 will not read my RAW files.  I have to convert them to DNG to work on them.  Suggestions?

    According to this Adobe help link, the 5D Mark III had support since Camera Raw version 7.1 and the 70D had support since version 8.2, which CS6 should support fully. (CS6 supports up to the latest Camera Raw, which is version 8.7 as of this post.)
    Is everything updated? (Help > Updates in Photoshop.)

  • My 3D in Photoshop CC will not work

    I do not know what a video card is and I am running 3027 MB on Photoshop CC, also I have it enabled? Help me please!?

    my problem is as follows.If I want to make a 3d creation in photoshop, then
    asked me to cc in clicking function 3D, after new JUST by layer and then
    JUST PRESET and then sphere. Then opens a new window where in it says: you
    are about to make a 3d layer.Do you want to switch on the 3d workspace? I
    choose YES Then I get to see a new window stating that the program no
    longer work properly and quits. Am I doing something wrong or is my pc not
    suitable? data from my laptop are: processor a4-5000 AMD APU with radion
    (tm) HD graphics 64-bit operating system, hr 4.00 1.50 Gb x64processor
    mijn probleem is als volgt.Als ik een 3d creatie wil maken in photoshop cc,
    dan wordt mij gevraagt om in functie 3D aan te klikken, daarna NIEUW NET
    Dan opend zich een nieuw venster waar in staat:u staat op het punt een 3d
    laag te maken.Wilt u overschakelen op de 3d werkruimte?
    Ik kies dan voor JA
    Vervolgens krijg ik een nieuw venster te zien waarin staat dat het
    programma niet goed meer werkt en wordt afgesloten.
    Doe ik iets verkeerd of is mijn pc niet geschikt?
    gegevens van mijn laptop zijn :
    processor AMD a4-5000 APU with radion(tm) HD graphics 1.50 hr
    4.00 Gb
    64 bits besturingsysteem, x64processor
    2014-12-18 10:14 GMT+01:00 c.pfaffenbichler <[email protected]>:
        3D in photoshop cc does not work, the program will be cut off
    automatically  created by c.pfaffenbichler
    <> in *Photoshop General
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  • Adobe photoshop elements will not work?

    Adobe photoshop elements 8 will not work?

    What doesn't work, what happens when you try, and what operating system?

  • My iPod touch will not allow me to connect to the itunes store when i use the internet but it will if i connect through my laptop

    My iPod touch will not allow me to connect to the itunes store via my wireless internet but it will allow me to when connected through my lap top

    I have already looked on that link and it is of no help at all.
    When i first put credit onto my i pod it worked fine then it kept coming up with that message, i went into the apple store today and it worked straight away and when i first tried to download apps at home it worked fine, then it stopped again and came up with the same message. i know its not the internet connection because i can connect ok to the internet on both the i pod and my laptop.

  • Photoshop CS2: "file not compatible with this version of Photoshop" error

    So, I've been working with Photoshop for almost 20 years now, and lately I've been getting this error message on occasion (but not on every file) when I go to open a file I worked on just yesterday: "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop." I just worked on it yesterday in Photoshop. The file was saved as a PSD, and when I attempt to open it through Painter IX, that program tells me that it's not a Photoshop document. Why can't I open this file anymore, and why is it giving me this error message when I don't have Norton AntiVirus installed, and my 'maximize PSD and PSB file compatibility' is set to 'always'??
    Does anyone have an idea on how I can open my file? How can I get around this, and how do I prevent it from happening again?
    OS: OSX 10.4.11
    Photoshop CS2
    Kind: Adobe Photoshop file
    Size: 394.4MB
    Created: December 13, 2007
    Modified: Yesterday at 3:54 PM

    This is the boilerplate text I use in connection to saving to a network (please NOTE the part where it explains that normally, it does work, but that it is impossible to troubleshoot someone else's network remotely, and that's why it's not supported by Adobe):
    If you are opening files over a network or saving them to a network server, please
    cease and desist immediately
    in the event you are currently experiencing problems with one or more files.
    Working across a network is not supported.
    Copy the
    CLOSED file from your server to your local hard disk, work on it, save it again to your local hard disk, close it, and copy the closed file back to the server.
    Of course, the fact that Adobe does not support working across a network does not necessarily mean it won't work. It should.
    Adobe's position is that there are too many variables in a network environment for them to guarantee that everything will work correctly in every network, especially given the fact that if something does
    not work properly, it's probably the network's fault, and Adobe has no way of troubleshooting your network.
    If you can't work locally, you are on your own, and if something happens, you're on your own. If you must work from a server, make sure your network administrator is a competent professional.
    When problems arise, a lot of valuable work can be lost.

  • Photoshop CS2 is NOT compatible with my MacBook Pro!

    Despite Apple's marketing hype to the contrary, I had the following experience with the CS2 Suite. I loaded it from disks, registered and activated it, and then immediately opened a photo image for editing. I tried to crop the image, and the response was "That operation cannot be completed - Your scratch disks are full." Now, I have ~90GB available on the "scratch disk," so it is NOT full.
    I called Adobe Tech Support. The tech said "CS2 was not really designed to work with the new Intel chips. If it's not working for you, we're sorry, but there's not much you can do about it. No 'patch' or software upgrade is anticipated soon."
    The tech said that he hadn't heard much about this issue; is that for real? Am I having a unique problem for some reason? At least he didn't charge me $39, that's one benefit I can think of. Any hope out there for a solution to this issue from the Apple side?
    17" MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    I just completed a CS 2 project involving both Photoshop and InDesign on my MBP 17 and had only two problems -- InDesign prefs got corrupted. I cleaned them out and then went from there with no problems until I opened a figure in Photoshop -- the program informed me I was missing components and needed to reinstall Photoshop. But it let me edit the file. Once I was done I did a reinstall of CS2 and everything seems to be fine now.
    I have noticed a prevalence for prefs files to get trashed on this machine more so than on my G5 iMac or my PPC PB.
    MBP 17   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   2GB

  • Photoshop CS4 will not open newer RAW format

    I have CS4 with latest updates, Camera Raw 5.7  and my CR2 images will not open.  I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.
    I have searched for over 2 hours looking for a solution and according to what I have read I should have what I need to open these files.
    When I go into Adobe Exchange to find a possible program, it takes me to a page that wants me to download the Adobe Exchange Panel. However
    this is only available to CC or CS6, neither of them I have. I can't get past this page.  So I guess Exchange no long exists for those of us with older programs.
    I really hardly ever use this program, but since I need it to open my RAW photos.
    I can't afford to upgrade this program at this time and I find it odd they cut off the Exchange area for everything else. 
    If someone could help me figure out how to get my photos to open in this program without having to buy yet another program that would be wonderful.
    I do not use this enough to justify the cost of the upgrade.   What is missing that I need?  The compaitable chart says I have the correct version for my camera.  I am at a loss.
    I am sure somewhere someone has asked this before, but for the life of me I can't find one that is based on my criteria, that will help me with my problem.
    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.
    My System specs:
    Intel Core2 Quad Q9400  2.66GHZ
    4GB Memory
    GeForce GTX 460 Video 1GB Dedicaed Memory
    64Bit Windows 7

    The Canon T3i was first supported in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 6.4
    ACR 6.4 is only compatible with CS5 and later. It is not compatible with CS4 so CS4 cannot open Raw T3i files..
    To open Raw files in Photoshop, your options are to update to CS6 or the Cloud.
    The other option is to use the free Adobe DNG Converter to convert all Raw files from the T3i to DNGs. That adds an extra step to your workflow every time you shoot photos. Then open and edit the DNGs in CS4.
    If you hardly touch Photoshop, another option may be to buy Photoshop Elements 12. Then you can open and edit Raw files from the T3i but you'll have the more limited Elements toolset. You could then export to TIFF and open the TIFFs in CS4 if necessary.

  • Photoshop CS2 suddenly not working

    I'm suddenly having troubles with my Photoshop CS2. I had uploaded the software onto my new laptop, Dell with Vista, and it has always worked fine. Suddenly, this message is popping up and I have no more use of Photoshop CS2:
    Strangely, my ImageReady does work. I have uninstalled Photoshop several times and reinstalled it but I'm still getting this message.
    Any reason as why this is happening, and what can I do to recover Photoshop?
    Will I be able to buy an upgrade or will it always be unrecoverable? Then will I be able to buy the full version of CS4 or will any Photoshop I try and install always be unrecoverable?

    Try resetting your preferences as
    described in the FAQ
    You either have to physically delete (or rename) the preference files or, if using the Alt, Ctrl, and Shift method, be sure that you get a confirmation dialog.
    This resets all settings in Photoshop to factory defaults.
    A complete uninstall/re-install will not affect the preferences and a corrupt file there may be causing the problem.

  • Photoshop CS2 will not get beyond initialisation anymore

    I am using (or was) Photoshop CS2
    Win XP Home
    Intel 4 3.06 Ghz processor
    2GB RAM
    Nvidea GeForce FX Go5100 video card 128Mb, IRQ 16, BIOS
    Packard Bell easynote H5
    After updating Nvidea drivers when I load Photoshop after starting initiation sequence I get error,
    "Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry, but this error is unrecoverable.'
    press enter and it crashes. ( This may have been the first time I tried CS2 for a while so may not be relevant.)
    I rolled back the drivers made no difference
    I checked fonts for errors and fully cleaned these up
    Elements and everything else works just fine.
    End of tether, please help

    I have run disk checks all come up clear, I've virus checked and minor issues only, the disc is a only few months old and performs well.  All other programs run very well. Elements runs fine.  I have de fragged, I've run surface checks and run the Acronis alignment tool on the disc which is Samsung.
    The Disc is partitioned with plenty of space on all partitions.
    I run AV's, Proshow. pictures2exe as I'm into photography.  had I not started up Photoshop I would never have seen anything to be of concern.
    I am reluctant to re-install everything unless I can be sure that it will work at the end of it.
    As you can tell I did a fair bit of work before coming to the forum.

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