Photoshop CS3 suddenly won't open a file

Been using Photoshop CS3 since it came out. Suddenly, it shuts down when I go to open a picture file.
Any suggestions?

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  • Photoshop elements 10 won't open, says files missing. Reinstall. Trying to reinstall but won't run. Nothing works. Using Windows 7.

    Photoshop elements 10 won't open, says files missing. Reinstall. Trying to reinstall but won't run. Nothing works. Using Windows 7.
    How do I reach tech support?

  • Photoshop CC 2014 won't open any files, not even create new ones

    I have a freshly installed version of Photoshop CC 2014 and it just won't open any single file no matter what I do.  I also have Illustrator CC 2014 installed for the past week, and it is behaving fine, and even opening up the files that Photoshop won't open (jpg, psd, png, etc.).
    I've tried uninstalling completely, and reinstalling it, and it still won't open any files.  Basically, nothing happens after I click the "Open" button from the Open File dialog window.
    I've also try resetting my user preferences using this video tutorial, and it also didn't resolve the problem:
    Has anyone else experienced this or can give information on how to resolve it?

    Well, I finally got it to work through trial and error.  Here were the steps that I used to get it to work:
    1) Make sure that you are not behind any firewall/VPN/etc, just a direct connection to the internet (if possible).  I use Adobe for my work laptop, and I was informed that this could potentially be an issue during installation processes.
    2) Uninstall Photoshop via the Creative Cloud application interface.
    3) Right-click on the Creative Cloud icon from the system tray and "Quit" (it was automatically started for me from a previous bootup)
    4) Right-click on the Creative Cloud desktop icon and choose "Run As Administrator"
    5) Re-install Photoshop
    After performing the above steps, I can now open any png/jpg/gif/etc file, as well as start a new file.  I have no clue why it works or if my steps played any role in fixing it, but I thought it was worth sharing for others to try if they encounter a similar issue.  It could be either the firewall I was behind, or the permissions (I don't think Creative Cloud boots up running as administrator).  But I am in no position to say I know the exact resolution.  Hope this helps!

  • Photoshop CS6 on PC suddenly won't open any files

    All of a sudden I can't open any files in photoshop.  The program seems to open properly but I can' open any files.  Nothing seems to happen when I try to open a file or dtag and drop a file in.  Please help.

    Please read these and proceed accordingly: t-issues.html

  • Photoshop Elements 8 won't open photo files

    Elements suddenly stopped allowing me to open photo files.  I click to open a file, and nothing happens.  Help please!

      Try opening in camera raw from the Editor menu:
    File >> Open As
    Navigate to your image file and choose camera raw from the file format dropdown list.
    If the file opens in the camera raw dialog click the open image button (bottom right) and that will send it into the regular Editor interface where you may be able to re-save another copy.

  • Photoshop Elements 9 won't open blank files or copy from clipboard

    PE9 for Macwon't open blank files or "copy from clipboard."  I get error messages that say, "Could not complete the command because of a problem using the Adobe color engine," when I try to create a new blank file, and "Could not place because of a program error" when trying to "copy from clipboard."  I tried reinstalling the software, but that didn't help.

    Are you still facing the same problem ?
    can you try it after resetting your preferences.
    To reset your preferences at the time of launching PSE press command+option+shift key combination untill following pop up comes.

  • CS3 Suddenly Won't Open Images

    I've been using CS3 forever with few problems. All of the sudden, today it quit opening images. The program loads and opens without any problem, but I can't open any images. I have rebooted about 5 times and disconnected all plug-in equipment (ipod, printer, etc.) Can anyone tell me how to fix this??
    I found a thread on this topic in the Mac forum, but it hasn't helped me. The problem there seemed to be images on a disk, but the images I'm trying to open are on my harddrive. VERY FRUSTRATING! Thanks in advance for any help!!

    hit file> open. then hit ESC. then try to open again.

  • Photoshop Elements 11 Won't Open a File

    I cannot get a photo to open in PSE 11 on my Mac to save my life. I have tried reinstalling the software. This is really irritating. Adobe, or someone, suggestions please?

    Adobe isn't here. Which version of OS X? If mavericks, did you install it after installing PSE (a reinstall after upgrading OS X doesn't count)?

  • Photoshop elements 12 do not open nef files from Nikon D610 , help please

    photoshop elements 12 won't  open nef files from Nikon D610 , I have to use DNG converter to openfiles on my elements 12, help please
    Thank you
    [email protected]

    Thank you,
    First I cannot find how to see what version is my Camera Raw, please give
    me a hint on that.
    Secondly,  I am using Windows 7 .
    Thanks again,
    2014-12-13 17:34 GMT-05:00 R_Kelly <[email protected]>:
        photoshop elements 12 do not open nef files from Nikon D610 , help
    please  created by R_Kelly <> in *Photoshop
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  • Bridge won't open JPG files in Photoshop CS3

    I changed my preferences to remove the check-box "prefer Adobe camera RAW for Jpeg and TIFF files" , restarted Bridge and tried to open a JPEG from bridge directly into photoshop. But double clicking on the image in bridge opened "paint".
    So I change the Bridge preferences back to Prefer ACR for JPEG again, restart Bridge, and then bridge tells me that it cannot find Photoshop CS2. CS2 is not even loaded on this machine anymore.
    So then I go to the file type associations preferences and "browse" to the CS3 version of photoshop, restart bridge, and double click on a JPEG and it again says that CS2 cannot be found. I change the association again using the "browse" to CS3 and then it opens the image up in "Paint" again.
    Why won't Bridge open JPEG's in ACR anymore?
    Why won't bridge open JPEG's in Photoshop CS3 anymore?

    Bill, thanks for the reply. But I do not think that the file associations is the answer here. If I am using bridge to open files in ACR or Photoshop, I do not believe that I need to change the windows file type association. I have other PC's where the file association is not photoshop and bridge works fine opening these files. In fact, when using windows explorer to navigate JPG files, I do NOT want photoshop being opened to preview these images. On my other PC's, I can both preview JPG's using windows picture viewer, and open the JPG's via bridge in ACR. Furthermore, Photoshop CS2 is NOT the application listed for JPG's in the folder options in the control panel. So the problem that I have here has something to do with Bridge or perhaps something is corrupted int he files.
    The reason why I suspect a corruption, is that not all files behave in the same manner in bridge. Some files with the same extension open as I would expect, while others do not. I did not realize this fact when I made my original post.

  • Photoshop CS5 won't open .kmz files

    Photoshop CS5 won't open .kmz files. I did a fresh install of Google Earth, opened it, saved a place, and saved a .kmz file. It reopens fine in Google Earth.
    When I try to open it in Photoshop, this message pops up:
    File Format Error
    This file is from a previous version of Google Earth or it is not a Google Earth file
    I get this message regardless of the following:
    - ps is closed and i right click the kmz and choose ps (rather than google earth) to open it
    - ps is open and i double click the kmz
    - ps is open and i choose file/open and select the kmz
    - ps is open and i have created and saved a new psd file, then choose 3D/New Layer from 3D File/ and select the kmz
    I have tried the usual remedies, change rwx permissions, repair permissions, delete prefs. No luck.
    Any thoughts? Software versions are below.
    - Photoshop CS5 Extended 12.0.4 x64 (doesn't work in x32 either)
    - Google Earth
    - OS 10.6.8

    I was trying to see (since Photoshop Extended touts the ability to open kmz files) if I could open a 3D Google Earth file and edit it in Photoshop. A file like this for instance After more research I've learned that kmz is nothing more that a container format - you can change the extension to zip and see what's in it.
    I ran across this tidbit in the Photoshop CS3 Extended forum:
    Photoshop CS3 Extended supports the ability to import .kmz files created from Google Earth 4 or exported from Sketch-up in the Google Earth 4 format. Photoshop CS3 Extended cannot open Google Earth files. If you have a Google Earth file, you can convert it to a Google Earth 4 format with the free version of Sketch-up.
    So, theoretically if I could get a kmz into Google Earth 4 format, I could open it in Photoshop. But I haven't had any success importing a kmz or kml into SketchUp. Even just making a native sketchup file and trying to import that in psd gives a ram error.
    Probably I'm wishing for the moon.

  • Help please!Photoshop Elements 8 editor won't open any files (windows 7)

    I have Photoshop elements 8 for my windows 7 laptop. I updated my laptop and now Photoshop won't open any files. I click on the psd/jpeg/png that i want to open(file,open) and nothing appears in the editor. even if i try by double clicking it the editor will show up but no file.i have tried restarting the laptop but it still wont work. I can't uninstall photoshop because it came pre-installed on my laptop and no disc or installer came with it. If anyone can please help me i'd be very gratefull.

    Quit the editor, then restart it while holding down Ctrl+alt+shift. Keep those keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.

  • CS3 InDesign won't open a CS2 In Design .INX file

    CS3 InDesign won't open a CS2 In Design .INX file.
    I sent my graphic designer an .INX file created on CS2
    and he got an error message and said he could not open.
    He said it is not possible.
    He lost the job - because he didn't want to investigate further.
    I can't imagine ADOBE leaving this problem unsolved!
    What do I do??

    I don't recall that. I can visualise the situation, but then I would expect it to create the same lost feature problems as encountered in opening with an earlier version. So there would still be a risk that the file would lose something in translation.
    And then again, if a CS2 plug-in has been used and is required to open the file, I would expect the translation into XML to ignore anything that can't be translated, and for the depleted file still to open in CS3.

  • Photoshop shut down while I drew a picture, now the file is broken and I can´t fix it, photshop won´t open the file and I have tried repearing it with different programs. What should I do?

    Photoshop shut down while I drew a picture, now the file is broken and I can´t fix it, photshop won´t open the file and I have tried repearing it with different programs. What should I do? I spent 6 hours on the pic and I dont even have a screenshot or anything.

    You don't even say what platform you are on, or any other details that may help others assist you.
    If you are on a Mac, try opening your file in GraphicConverter (they have a demo version) if that doesn't open it, nothing will, in my experience.
    I assume you have tried Adobe Illustrator already to recover.
    You may also have a JPEG of your complete file (flattened) in Bridge Cache.
    On the Mac you'd find it in your User ~Library (NOT the Root Library ):
    Users > yourname > Library > Caches > Adobe > Bridge CS6 > Cache > 1024 > jpg(fileID)number Filename.psd.jpg
    The user ~Library is hidden, but you can make it visible for an moment or two.  Ask Apple if you don't know how.
    I don't do Windows.

  • CS photoshop suddenly won't open after 5 years

    CS photoshop suddenly won't open after running perfectly for 5 years. I do not have the original install disc.
    Any suggestions? Apple and Adobe Tech folks could not help.

    Cris (and Tai Lao)
    there was no installation of a scanner (my Canon LiDe 500F scanner 
    has worked just fine for years) or camera driver (altho I had 
    recently downloaded some pix from my nikon onto iphoto) BUT— your 
    idea was brilliant!--disable Twain, which I did and ps launched 
    Now, as Tai Loa predicted, I can no longer import the scanner thru 
    ps. Given my current work crunch that's not so terrible, but how does 
    one access a scanner without using ps? If you have had just about 
    enough of me and want to pass on that question I'll understand.
      I am ever so grateful to the two of you for making my ps usable 
    again, but it's midnight here in NYC and I have to pack up my tent 
    and  look for your scanner question reply at the crack of dawn 
    tomorrow. It's been an exhausting anxiety-ridden day but I'm relieved 
    and grateful that there are bright people like both of you out there, 
    interested and willing to help. Many thanks.

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