Photoshop CS6 could not update successfully.  Error codes Adobe Photoshop Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7  Extension Manager 6.0.8 Update Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7  Please help me figure out how to call customer service. 

Photoshop CS6 could not update successfully.  Error codes Adobe Photoshop Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7  Extension Manager 6.0.8 Update Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7  Please help me figure out how to call customer service.  I would prefer to talk to someone directly.

Are you using any disk cleaner or optimization tools like CleanMymac or Mackeeper?

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  • I wen to update my ipad to the iOS7, but then it went into recovery and wont restore, can someone please help me figure out how to restore it?

    i went to update my ipad to the iOS7, but then it went into recovery and wont restore, can someone please help me figure out how to restore it?

    Follow step 1 to step 3 very closely.

  • Can someone please help me figure out how to "clear" recent email addresses used in Mail?

    Can someone please help me figure out how to “clear” recent email addresses used in Mail?  For example, as I begin typing a name/email address in the “To:” field, Mail begins suggesting addresses that I’ve previously used.  I don’t want any suggestions unless they are in my contacts. 
    Another example:  When using MS Outlook, it will also remember and suggest email accounts previously used, but I can arrow down and delete an account from the list so it won’t automatically popup or suggest in the future. 
    I appreciate any guidance in this matter. 

    The iOS email app stores all email recipients in a list of previous recipients which cannot be turned off. The email address autofill feature when addressing an email pulls from contacts and from the list of previous recipients which can't be prevented. There is no option to clear the list of previous recipients - not at the present time anyway.
    If you don't want any suggestions, select from contacts instead when addressing an email.

  • Please help me figure out how to keep flash player installed

    please help me figure out how to keep flash player installed on my computer,  I have followed the help guide step by step with no results

    What is your operating system & version?
    What is your web browser?
    What exactly happens on your computer?

  • Fatal1ty / Front Panel HD Audio - please help me figure out how to connect!

    Please help!
    I bought a SB X-Fi Titanium Fatalty Pro card and I can't for the life of me figure out how to connect to front panel audio!
    My motherboard audio has an HD Audio connector, is there a way to enable routing the sound through that?
    If I can't get the case's front?panel?working at all?then I need some kind of super long headphone wires or something!

    Check your online manual (it's in the Creative folder in Start Menu).
    There should be a schematics like this: (mine is in portuguese).
    Conector de áudio do cabeçote do painel frontal
    Compatibilidade de conexão
    Somente padrão Intel HD Front Panel Audio.
    Não compat*vel com AC97 ou HD Front Panel Audio compat*vel com Intel
    Configuração de Pin
    Nome do sinal
    PORT 1L
    Porta analógica 1 - canal esquerdo (Microfone)
    PORT 1R
    Porta analógica 1 - canal direito (Microfone)
    Sinal baixo ativo que sinaliza ao BIOS que um dongle Intel HD Audio está conectado ao cabeçote analógico. PRESENCE# = 0 quando um dongle Intel HD Audio está conectado
    PORT 2R
    Porta analógica 2 - canal direito (Fone de ouvido)
    Retorno de detecção de conexão para o painel frontal (JACK1)
    Linha do sensor de detecção de conexão da rede de resistores de detecção de conexão CODEC Intel HD Audio
    Chave do conector
    PORT 2L
    Porta analógica 2 - canal esquerdo (Fone de ouvido)
    Retorno de detecção de conexão para o painel frontal (JACK2)

  • Whenever i connect my ipod touch to my new pc with windows 8, all i can see in my computer is the internal storage or dcim( pictures). can anyone please help me figure out how i can locate or view my music folder?

    Hi guys ,
    I am very troubled with my ipod touch because I don't see my ipod folder showing up on my computer. i have tried all possible ways to make it viewable but somehow i end up seeing only my internal storage (dcim/pictures). Its really frustrating because bought a new laptop with windows 8 and installed a new itunes but only to find out that i cant transfer my songs right away.... I can connect my ipod touch to the itunes swiftly but to transfer my songs from my ipod to my computer is such a hassle. so please if anyone could help me figure this out... I cant buy an iphone unless i fix my problem with my ipod.....
    pls pls pls pls help me

    You need a third-party program. The following includes listing such programs. It also included instructions form making this computer your syncing computer
    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive: Apple Support Communities

  • I updated my ipod but then all my music deleted, could you please help me figure out how to redownload it? there was more than $100 worth of songs on there.

    I updated my iPod Touch but then my computer crashed while it was updating and all my music deleted, so i would like to know how to redownload all my music just this once because there was more than $100 dollars of songs on there and its pretty unfair if ithere isnt a way redownload all that. and i did try backing up my ipod before updating but i cannot find the back up on my computer.

    How to redownload purchased apps from the App Store

  • I keep getting this pop up. This web page is being redirected to a new location. Would you like to resend the form data you have typed to the new location? Can you please help me figure out how to get this to stop!

    This pop up has been occurring about once a minute when I am on certain sites.
    This web page is being redirected to a new location. Would you like to resend the form data you have typed to the new location?
    How do I get it to stop?

    -> Tap ALT key or press F10 to show the Menu Bar
    -> go to Help Menu -> select "Restart with Add-ons Disabled"
    Firefox will close then it will open up with just basic Firefox. Now do this:
    -> Update ALL your Firefox Plug-ins
    -> go to View Menu -> Toolbars -> unselect All Unwanted toolbars
    -> go Tools Menu -> Clear Recent History ->'' Time range to clear: '''select EVERYTHING''''' -> click Details (small arrow) button -> place Checkmarks on '''Cookies & Cache''' -> click "Clear Now"
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Content -> place Checkmarks on:
    1) Block Pop-up windows 2) Load images automatically 3) Enable JavaScript
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Privacy -> History section -> Firefox will: select "Use custom settings for history" -> REMOVE Checkmark from "Permanent Private Browsing mode" -> place CHECKMARKS on:
    1) Remember my Browsing History 2) Remember Download History 3) Remember Search History 4) Accept Cookies from sites -> select "Exceptions..." button -> Click "Remove All Sites" at the bottom of "Exception - Cookies" window
    4a) Accept Third-party Cookies -> under "Keep Until" select "They Expire"
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Security -> place Checkmarks on:
    1) Warn me when sites try to install add-ons 2) Block reported attack sites 3) Block reported web forgeries 4) Remember Passwords for sites
    -> Click OK on Options window
    -> click the Favicon (small drop down menu icon) on Firefox SearchBar (its position is on the Right side of the Address Bar) -> click "Manage Search Engines" -> select all Unwanted Search Engines and click Remove -> click OK
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Add-ons -> Extensions section -> REMOVE All Unwanted/Suspicious Extensions (Add-ons) -> Restart Firefox
    You can enable your Known & Trustworthy Add-ons later. Check and tell if its working.

  • I plugged my iPhone into my MacBook and my audiobooks are gone. When I go to iTunes it looks as though I never purchased them. Please help me figure out how I might recover my missing audiobooks, thank you.

    I have run into this problem once before last week and I called to solve the problem. But when I plugged my iPhone knot my MacBook again my audiobooks were gone again. If you could help me recover my audiobooks that would be great!! Thank you!

    Hi Mcipperley,
    If it appears that your audio book purchases are missing, you may find the following article helpful:
    iTunes: Finding lost media and downloads
    - Brenden

  • Please help me figure out how to quiet the fan and keep my computer on

    My PowerMac, running on OS X (10.4.11) keeps going to sleep and the top fan makes an incredibly loud noise.
    How can I get it to stop shutting off and quiet the fan down?

    At the Apple Icon at top left>About this Mac.
    Then click on More Info>Hardware and report this upto *but not including the Serial#*...
    Hardware Overview:
    Machine Name: Power Mac G5 Quad
    Machine Model: PowerMac11,2
    CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (1.1)
    Number Of CPUs: 4
    CPU Speed: 2.5 GHz
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB
    Memory: 10 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.25 GHz
    Boot ROM Version: 5.2.7f1
    Have you blown the dust out of it lately?
    Get Temperature Monitor to see if it's heat related...
    iStat Menus...
    And/or iStat Pro...
    If you have any temps in the 70°C/160°F range, that's likely it.

  • Please help me figure out how to style {tag_addtocart} tag.
    For some reason, I think there is something overiding my styles for the {tag_addtocart}. The button will not stay the color that I styled it to be. Can anyone help me out to find out why. I went to the module style sheet, but I'm not sure what is currently styling the button.
    Also for the {tag_attributes} how can I style it so that there is a space between the two attributes. Since there are not two seperate tags Im not too sure how to do it. Thanks for the help.

    Do not think the element wrapper.
    Think of a toy in a box. If you paint up and do everything to the box the toy is still the same.
    That is what your doing here. You need to target the input, not the element around it no matter what type it is.
    .mydiv input {  }
    .mydiv {  }

  • Please help me figure out how much and type of RAM I can add to my P'Book!

    I have a 12" PowerBook with DVI input. The computer tells me it has the following:
    memory; Dimmo/built-in 256MB(size) Built-in(Type) Built-in(Speed)
    Dimm1/ j31 512MB DDR SDRAM PC2100U-25330
    PCI/AGM GeForce FX Go5200 32MB (VRAM - in total)
    About this Mac says Processor 1GHz PowerPC G4
    Memory 768 MB DDR SDRAM
    Please can someone tell me exactly what I can put in this machine to maximise its RAM? Help much appreciated!

    Welcome to the Apple discussions.
    Have you checked the specs at . It says you can have a total of 1.25GB ... that means you can replace the 512MB card with a 1GB card to maximize the memory.
    If you're going to upgrade your memory, recommend Crucial, Kingston (not their value ram), or Samsung. You can also scan the discussions for other memory that has worked. Our Powerbooks are picky about what memory works ... a case where cheapest may not be the best choice. Crucial guarantees it's memory will work when chosen from it's memory selector on it's web site.


    i need to know how to make the track info volume able to operate. meaning that it is grey and the level cannot be changed therefore. how do i get the volume level to become useable and not just be grey? thank you. -minor meriwether. ([email protected])

    I don’t hear sound from a Real Instrument
    Some conditions may cause you not to hear the sound when you sing into a microphone or play a musical instrument connected to a Real Instrument track.
    If you don't hear sound from a Real Instrument, try the following:
    Make sure your microphone or instrument is connected to your computer, is turned on, and is working.
    Make sure the correct Real Instrument track is selected.
    Make sure that the track is not muted, and that no other tracks are soloed.
    Open the Track Info pane and check that the correct input channel and input format are selected for the instrument. Make sure that input monitoring is turned on for the track.
    Make sure the volume slider for the track is not all the way to the left.
    Make sure the output volume for your computer’s speaker, or the external speakers you are using, is set high enough to hear the sound from the instrument.

  • Can you please help me figure out my i phone and how to use the features

    i need some help on figuring out my phone can you please help me figure out how to use my i phone and the blue tooth features to listen to music or how can a friend or a relative send me songs for me to listen to.....                   

    To listen to music with a headset or earbuds via bluetooth requires a bluetooth stereo headset.
    File transfer via bluetooth is not supported. A friend or relative can purchase music for you via the iTunes music store with an iTunes store gift card or by sending you the music gift via email from iTunes.

  • LR4 Problem: The file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CS6 could not be launched.

    Is there a fix for this?  When I try to edit an image in Photoshop from Lightroom 4 (CTRL+E), Photoshop CS6 launches immediately but with no image.  In Lightroom 4, after about two minutes, the message box appears saying "The file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CS6 could not be launched."  When I click OK, the image promptly opens in Photoshop CS6 like normal.  This wan an itermittent issue for me after the LR4.1 release.  I was hoping that LR4.2 would help, but now I get the error every time.
    Lightroom 4.2 x64
    Photoshop CS6 v13.0.1 x64
    Bridge x64
    Windows 7 Pro x64
    AMD Six Core / 3.9 Ghz
    16 GB Memory
    NVidia Quadro 1 Gb Video
    Scratch space on three drives

    This may be a cooincidence, I starting having problems after I started using a Nikon D800, which has 36MP files.  LR4 released at the same time as the D800.  LR4 shows signs of struggling with the larger files, which are typically 280MB TIFFs for the D800, like freezing for several seconds when using an adjustment brush or going into a spasm with the crop tool.  Because Photoshop does not have similar large file issues, I'm doing more basic work in Photoshop, like cropping, dodge and burn, exposure adjustment, etc.
    Because Photoshop otherwise runs fine, and appears to read all the prefernes properly mid-issue, to get a better idea of what's going on, I turned on Process Monitor from Technet. For what it's worth, LR4 appears to touch the Photoshop preferences before it launches Photoshop.  LR4 must have a memory leak in that corrupts the Photoshop preferences file in a way that makes no difference to Photoshop.
    My weekend project is to try Capture One to see if I can spend more time on photography and less troubleshooting Adobe problems.  As it stands, LR4 is not usable for me.

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  • Help! Firewall setting changed to default and can no longer connect

    So I was attempting to open up port 8080 outbound and made a number of changes. The issue was still present so I clicked the reset to default for the firewall settings and am now stuck with a box I cannot connect to (Windows Server 2012). Please can

  • How to convert MMYYYY to 0FISCPER format

    Hi, I would like to know how can I convert the following format, MMYYYY from a flat file into 0FISCPER format. What conversion routine, routine or formula should I use? BTW, this is an ASCII file and not CSV. Thanks!

  • Material/Material Type in Material Authorization group for QM

    Hi All, I am unable to find out the Material or the Material Type that is linked with a material authorization group (QMATAUTH). Do we have a table where I can find the Material Types or the Materials contained in each material Authorization Group (Q

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  • Documentation for Reports Chart

    Using 10gAS R1 ( Reports and Forms. Is there any documentation for the Chart functionality in Reports? Such things as how to do a stacked bar chart and hyperlink to a detail based on the x-axis value of the individual bar? Or explanation of t