Photoshop cs6 opens some jpg always in camera raw , how can i avoid it?

photoshop opens some jpg files 3 (i have a folder with 60 pics raw and jpg ) and it opens always via camera raw
i don't know why
but is there a way to avoid it?
i mean i want to open these 3 files like other jpg files , directly in photoshop

There is a setting that you can change that affects whether Camera Raw is the preferred method for opening JPEGs...
In Photoshop, go to the Preferences - Camera Raw configuration entry, and look here:
When set to the middle entry ("Automatically open JPEGs with settings") it will use Camera Raw again by default if you've used it before to open the JPEG.  Personally I prefer the Disable setting.

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    Thanks Terry! I’ve been using this for a few years and settled on the somewhat more flexible approach… As you mentioned, Bridge offers an explicit command to open a JPEG or TIFF in Camera Raw, which I do, but then with a press of Shift I can open that JPEG as a smart object and revisit CR controls for further adjustment at any time later in the process.

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  • How to open a jpg file in camera raw in Photoshop CC (2014)?

    I know i can do it via bridge but do i also have some option than using bridge?

    You can open a jpeg or tif into camera raw from photoshop by using:
    File>Open As>Camera Raw (windows)
    File>Open and change the Format to Camera Raw (mac)
    You can also open any open document into the camera raw filter
    Filter>Camera Raw Filter
    If you want all jpegs or tifs to always open in camera raw, you can go to Photoshop(Edit)>Preferences>Camera Raw
    and set Jpeg and Tiff handling to Automatically Open All

  • Open with External Editor Adobe Camera Raw = HOW?

    When I export a RAW file to the External Editor (I've chosen Photoshop CS3) I would like for it to open in Adobe Camera Raw, just like any RAW file that I open in Photoshop outside of Aperture.
    However it bypasses Adobe Camera Raw and opens directly in Photoshop.
    I have the "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG files" and "for Supported RAW files" boxes checked in the Photoshop Prefs.
    I see some chatter about Hot folders and Automator around here, but no definitive answer/workaround.
    If Aperture doesn't support exporting to Adobe Camera Raw, it is a HUGE leg-up for Lightroom in the RAW workflow department.
    Please tell me I'm missing a checkbox somewhere... Thanks.

    buttermaker wrote:
    Please tell me I'm missing a checkbox somewhere... Thanks.
    You're not missing a checkbox, you're missing a fundamental issue of how Aperture (and LightRoom for that matter) work.
    When you use the Open in External Editor command, Aperture will convert the RAW file, apply any adjustments you have made, and send the resulting PSD or TIFF file to the external editor.
    The original file is NOT sent and there is no option to do so. Why not? Because Aperture Versions do not exist as discrete image files - the adjustments are shown on-the-fly each time you view it, saving on the space taken up by multiple TIFF/PSD/JPEG files for each Version. As ACR uses a totally different RAW conversion & adjustment engine from Aperture, Aperture wouldn't be able to display any changes made in ACR without including the entire conversion engine of ACR, which Adobe might not be too happy about...
    In other words, if you want to use a different RAW convertor you will have to export the Master, convert it in the other app, and then import the resulting 'normal' image file back into Aperture. The same is true for LightRoom.

  • After changing my graphic card to an ASUS Strix GT 970, Photoshop CS6 opens the JPG files without show them on the screen

    After changing my graphic card to an ASUS Strix GT 970, Photoshop opens the JPG files without show them on the screen

    Try turning off GPU support in your Photoshop's preferences performance section.  Also check that you have installed the latest device driver installed for your GT 970 adapter and that all CS6 updates are installed... Your CS6 should be version

  • Can only open some JPEG files in Camera Raw through Bridge CS3

    I'm running Bridge CS3 version I always edit my JPEG files through Camera Raw in Bridge CS3. I only have to Right-Click on the file and select "Open in Camera Raw...". However, I've come into a situation where some jpg files will not open this way; the option is not even there.
    I have made sure to tick the box in preferences under Behavior "Double-Click Edits Camera Raw Settings in Bridge", and also tick the box under Thumbnails -> Performance and File Handling "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF Files.
    These files were originally 16bit Grayscale TIFF files, but I changed them to RGB 8bit JPEG files.
    Also, I know the program works because I navigate to an older photo I worked which is a JPEG and the "Open in Camera Raw..." option is there when I Right-Click, but then I navigate back to the image I want to edit, and the option is not there.
    Here are links to my screenshots of what I'm talking about. Both images in the last two screenshots are JPEG:
    General Prefs -
    Thumbnail Prefs -
    Camera Raw Option -
    Camera Raw No Option -

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    MapsCollector wrote:
    When I open Photoshop CS3, then go File -> Open As and change the Format Type to "Camera Raw", the JPEG files vanish and I can only see the TIF files. When I open them, it doesn't open in Camera Raw, but rather opens like a normal file would.
    That's a fundamental problem right there, and a clue in all this.  You should be able to see JPEGs in the Open As Camera Raw dialog.
    What happens if you type in the name?
    I'm almost convinced you have a file named .jpg but with a different image format inside.  Can you put one of these files online for others to try to open?

  • Cannot open some tif files in camera raw

    When I try to open my scanned tiffs (Coolscan 9000, Silverfast) with camera raw I get this option only with some of those files. With others it is not even greyed out it just isn't there. So far I have not discovered any regularity about this. I does not have to do with file size, because I have this problem with large and with small files. I don't batch scan. I set all the requested preferences in Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop and purged the cache several times. Camera Raw must be installed properly because there is a number of tiff files that I can open without a problem. If I try one of those files that won't open from Photoshop instead (via "open as" Raw) I get a "program error". Does anybody have an idea? I have searched the forums but so far I have not found an answer.

    Gabriele and Ann,
    After some helpful input from Julie Manley at Adobe (in response to my email) and a little trial-and-error on my part, I AM NOW ABLE, FROM WITHIN BRIDGE, TO OPEN ALL MY TIFF AND JPEG (AND .CRW RAW) IMAGES IN ACR 4.1 and, at my choice, with ACR hosted either by Bridge 2.1 or Photoshop CS3. In case it may assist you or others, the steps I took are set out below.
    1. Start by clearing/unchecking/turning-OFF all options in Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop preferences which in any way relate to using or preferring Camera Raw for opening or editing JPEG, TIFF or RAW files. There are 2 relevant Tabs in Bridge (General (1 checkbox under Behavior) and Thumbnails (1 checkbox under Performance and File Handling)). Camera Raw has 2 relevant checkboxes (under JPEG and TIFF Handling) at the bottom of its single page of preferences. There is one relevant Tab in Photoshop (File Handling - in which you must clear 2 checkboxes under File Compatibility).
    2. Close Photoshop and Bridge. Restart Photoshop.
    3. Restart Bridge by holding down the CTRL key while double-clicking on its shortcut or the executable file itself. You will be presented with the Reset dialog displaying 3 checkboxes called: Reset preferences to factory settings, Purge entire thumbnail cache, and Reset to default Workspace. Tick all 3 boxes and continue with loading Bridge.
    4. On my system, step 3 did not work first time around. So I closed Bridge and repeated step 3. The second time around it did work, and the option "Open in Camera Raw... CTRL + R" was re-enabled in the File Menu of Bridge and in the the right-click menu of the mouse (previously it had been greyed-out). Examination of the Preferences for Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop revealed that the only change in all 3 occured in the Bridge/Preferences/Thumbnails Tab, where the checkbox for "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF Files" was now ticked/turned-ON.
    5. Steps 1 to 4 above resulted in the following functionality on my system:
    (a) Selecting a JPEG, TIFF or RAW thumbnail in Bridge and pressing CTRL+R opens the file in ACR hosted by Bridge.
    (b) Selecting a JPEG, TIFF or RAW thumbnail in Bridge and pressing CTRL+O opens the file in ACR hosted by Photoshop.
    (c) Right clicking on a JPEG, TIFF or RAW thumbnail in Bridge and choosing "Open in Camera Raw" opens the file in ACR hosted by Bridge.
    (d) Using the File Menu and choosing "Open in Camera Raw" obviously has the same result as (c).
    (e) The best bit: Double-clicking a JPEG or TIFF thumbnail in Bridge opens the file directly in Photoshop.
    (f) Double-clicking a RAW thumbnail in Bridge opens the file in ACR hosted by Photoshop.
    (g) Shift + double-clicking a RAW thumbnail in Bridge opens the RAW file directly in Photoshop, by-passing ACR, and (as I understand it) by default converting the RAW file to a TIFF "on-the-fly" - although the file keeps the RAW file extension (.CRW or whatever) until you save it from within Photoshop.
    6. This functionality suits me just fine, at least at the moment, as I do most of my editing of JPEG and TIFF images in Photoshop rather than ACR because Photoshop offers local editing as opposed to ACR's global-only editing. Interestingly, at least for Gabriele and Ann, something like 90% of my current work-in-progress consists of editing 16-bit TIFF scans of 35mm slides done with the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 using NikonScan software. But every now and then, though I suppose it is really on a regular basis, I like to contrast my Photoshop results with what can be achieved in ACR - particularly with respect to White Balance and the group of Exposure controls, where ACR is really very good.
    7. If your emphasis/workflow is based more on using ACR for JPEG and TIFF editing rather than Photoshop, however, and you would prefer to have JPEG and TIFF images open automatically in ACR (hosted by Bridge) upon double-clicking their thumbnails, then that can be achieved easily by adding 1 more entry to the Bridge Preferences. In the General Tab, tick the checkbox for "Double-Click Edits Camera Raw Settings in Bridge". This is a little misleading because it actually opens all RAW files in ACR (hosted by Bridge), whether or not they have had any previous Camera Raw settings applied to and saved with them.
    8. No doubt, in true Photoshop tradition where you can get to a result by many different paths, there are other combinations of preferences in Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop regarding JPEG and TIFF file handling which produce the same or similar functionality to that set out in 5(a) to 5(g) above, but I have not stumbled upon, and am not in the least interested in looking for, them. What I now have finally works. Yipee!

  • Open a JPG picture in Camera Raw

    Is there a possibility to open from the command line a JPG picture first in Camera Raw to get it then in PS ?
    What do I have to specify?

    Thanks a lot for the answers.
    I know these possibilities. The reason for my question is that i would like to open a JPG file from another application such as ViewNX or Expression Media directly in Camera Raw to do some adjustments. After that, i use PS for all other editings. Therefore i need to specify in these other applications a command that i have somewhat like "open with..." in a popup menu.
    I know as well that there is a command "open with Camera Raw..." in the Bridge. But i don't like the Bridge very buch because it is not the best choice for using with 2 monitors. To work with 2 or 3 monitors, ViewNX or Expression Media are much more user friendly.

  • How to open multiple jpgs in Adobe Camera Raw PSE 9 Mac

    I am using Adobe Elements 9 on a Mac.  I can open a single jpeg file in ACR with the file open command.  There is no "Open As" in my version, probably because this is the Mac version.  But, there is an additional dialog which allows me to open the jpeg file and select "Camera Raw" as the type.  This opens the jpg in the raw editor.
    But, when I select multiple files to open, the type dialog vanishes.  Rather than opening the files in ACR, they are stacked in the main editor.  I don't have this problem opening multiple dng files - just multiple jpg files.  Multiple jpg files will not open in ACR.
    I then went to the organizer, which replaced Bridge?  In Bridge, I read there is a command to open multiple files in ACR or use the cmd-R.  However, I am not seeing an open in ACR command in the organizer, just open in editor.  Opening multiple jpg files in the organizer stacks them into the editor, not ACR.  And, typing cmd-R brings up Red Eye reduction, not Raw Editing.
    Is there a trick to this which I am missing?

    Thanks Terry! I’ve been using this for a few years and settled on the somewhat more flexible approach… As you mentioned, Bridge offers an explicit command to open a JPEG or TIFF in Camera Raw, which I do, but then with a press of Shift I can open that JPEG as a smart object and revisit CR controls for further adjustment at any time later in the process.

  • How can I open a jpg in Adobe Camera Raw in PSE11?

    I am using the Mac version.

    Click File Open
    Select your file and in the dropdown choose camera Raw.
    there is no File->Open as like Win in Mac version.

  • We uninstall photoshop cs6 on PC (creative suite design standard). How can we re-install it with our serial number ?

    After a problem with photoshop cs6 (CTRL+T stopped the application with an error message and closed the window), we uninstall it.
    We can't download photoshop cs6 on the adobe site to re-install it.
    At the moment I am working on photoshop cc evaluation for 1 month.
    What can we do to re-install cs6 with our serial number ?

    CS6 -
    If you did not deactivate the software before uninstalling then you should remember to do that in the future should you decide to uninstall again.  If you contact Adobe support thru chat they can help with deactivating the original installation.
    For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat option...
    Serial number and activation chat support (non-CC) ( )

  • I want to purchase full photoshop CS6 instead of paying monthly on the CC, How can I?

    I don't want to pay monthly or yearly, I want  to put down a single payment, for Photoshop CS6. I don't want to pay for CC, how can I buy a download or disc version in full?

    Keep in mind that CS6 lacks many new features that are in CC and CC2014.
    Creative Suite 6
    Nancy O.

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    Can photoshop open .jpg file in camera raw?

    Here's a post going over how to go about it:

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