Photoshop elements does not open, says "gathering user info...."

photoshop elements does not open, says "gathering user info...."

Please try couple of probable solutions as mentioned below:
Solution 1:
1. Close Elements.
2. Launch the Photoshop Elements Welcome Screen and hold down ctrl + alt + shift as you click Editor.
3. Continue to hold the keys until you see a message box asking if you want to delete Photoshop Elements settings file; click Yes. Elements will open with default preferences.
Solution 2: In case any network printer is attached try to launch without network or printer uninstall or make different printer as default.
Solution 3: Try launching with anti-virus off or removing PSE from conflicting list.
Solution 4:
On the drive on which you have installed PSE,on my machine it is on C:
Go  to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements  9\Locales\<locale>\Plug-Ins\Import-Exportand you will find twain  plug-in. Remove that plug-in from that location and copy it somewhere  else.
Now launch PSE and check if it works.
Solution 5: Try with admin account or right click and select run as admin. or try directly from .exe
For related post for Twain please see this:

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  • After Successfull Installation of Photoshop Element 3.0 On Mac OS 10.6.8, Photoshop Elements does not start saying that personalization information is invalid or missing

    I have installed Photoshop Elements 3.0 from original disk on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.6.8. The installation was successful. However, when I try to run Photoshop Elements, it does not start, with the message "Could not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information". I uninstalled Adobe Elements and deleted all Adobe files from both the System Library Preferences and from the User Library Preference. Then tried the installation again. The installation was successful, but the application fails to start with the same missing/invalid-personalization-information message.
    Please advise

    I am sorry Invalid Personalization but Photoshop Elements 3.0 requires a PowerPC processor or Rosetta installed in order to function.  You can find the system requirements at System requirements | Adobe Photoshop Elements.
    You may want to try following the steps listed at Mac OS X 10.6: If you need to install Rosetta to attempt to install Rosetta.  That may still not resolve your licensing issue however as the application was also designed for Mac OS 10.2.8 and 10.3.

  • Why is it when I launch Element 9, the window says "gathering user Info"?

    The bar on this window continues to spin, but nothing EVER happens.  It never really shows me any user information.  Not sure what this is even supposed to do since it never works.

    No, I mean you can log out until you are in PSE, then log in if you want to be connected. Or stop syncing before you launch PSE. Usually once you've eliminated the hung connection attempt it will work okay until the servers go weird again.
    BTW, you seem to think I work for adobe. I don't.

  • PS10 Elements does not open in Windows 8, or opens only once. Can it be fixed?

    PS Elements 10 preinstalled on my new computer with Windows 8. It worked fine for a week, now opens once, then won't open again, or doesn't open at all. Adobe gives no support to fix this (they told me to research the answer on their site), yet their info says PS 10 and Windows 8 are compatible. Automatic troubleshooter gives non-compatibility message. Can this be fixed? Have spent many hours trying to figure this out. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing works so far.

    Thank you for your help. I tried ctrl-alt-shift, and it worked a few times, but not every time.  After trying your suggested fix, here's what I've since found that works - so far - today.Open Task ManagerClose PS Elements 10Close Task ManagerLaunch PS Elements 10 Please keep in mind that I was closing the program the usual way (from the program) all along. I used an older version of PS Elements for years on my old computer (Windows XP), and never had a problem launching or closing the software. This problem came about on a new computer with PS Elements 10 and Windows 8. No other versions of PS Elements were installed on the new computer, nor were any settings brought over from the old computer. Again, thanks for your input. Will keep your suggestion in mind for any future troubles with Adobe products.
    A Digiovanni
    Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 00:51:43 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: PS10 Elements does not open in Windows 8, or opens only once. Can it be fixed?
        Re: PS10 Elements does not open in Windows 8, or opens only once. Can it be fixed?
        created by c.pfaffenbichler in Photoshop for Beginners - View the full discussion
    Good day! You may want to post on the Photoshop Elements Forum. In general trashing the Preferences (by keeping command-alt-shift/ctrl-alt-shift pressed while starting the application) can be helpful with malfunctions in many Adobe applications.  Regards, Pfaffenbichler
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  • Adoble photoshop elements does not recognize printer although other software programs do print...

    Adobe Photoshop Elements does not recognize printer..error message says you must install printer.  Other software does print documents.

      Try opening an image in full edit, then press crtl+p
    Wait for the print dialog to open and try to select your printer by clicking the dropdown menu.

  • My Photoshop Elements does not start any more. It gives response "Photoshop elements cannot start or continue because of missing file(s). Please reinstall." How do I get the installing file again (I bought it via internet the first time december 2013?)

    My Photoshop Elements does not start any more. It gives response "Photoshop elements cannot start or continue because of missing file(s). Please reinstall." How do I get the installing file again (I bought it from Adobe via internet the first time december 2013?)

    Did you download the Basic/Free version?
    I also thought the Trial period was as long as you needed!?
    What is your Warranty and Return Policy?
    You get to use VueScan for as long as you want before you buy it, so we recommend you test it before you buy it to make sure it meets your needs.
    All sales are final and there are no refunds.
    Isn't this a bit harsh? Naah I actually prefer to solve problems, and if I offer refunds, people give up too easily. If I can't solve your problem after you send a few Problem Reports (see above), I'm happy to give a refund.

  • When I go to edit a picture from Lightroom to Photoshop it does not open in Photoshop, it use to work before the latest update, but I deleted the last version of CC and now it isn't editing photos!  HELP please required.

    When I go to edit a picture from Lightroom to Photoshop it does not open in Photoshop, it use to work before the latest update, but I deleted the last version of Photoshop CC and now it isn't editing photos!
    Lightroom opens up Photoshop but the image doesn't appear!  Any help gratefully needed!

    Ok I sorted it, by uninstalling and re-installing Photoshop

  • My photoshop cs6 does not open Nikon raw pictures

    my photoshop cs6 does not open Nikon raw pictures

    Check your version of ACR (Photoshop > About Plug-in > Camera Raw) and see on this list
    Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras
    whether your camera should be supported or not.

  • "Open with Photoshop Elements" does not work

    My picture does not open in Photoshop Elemtens when I use "open with" for a JPEG. The programm starts but no picture opens. What can I do?

    Any JPEG?
    How about other file types?
    See here:
    Files won't open in Photoshop Elements 11
    Re: jpeg files won't open in elements 10

  • WebDynpro editor issue: Clicking on UI element does not open up defn in UI tree

    We are facing a strange issue with webdynpro editor on one of our SAP Landscape. In change mode when i double click on an UI element in webdynpro layout editor( SE80) the corresponding UI element definition does not open up in the left hand side ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER tree. This functionality works in our ERP system which is on a lower service pack.
    I recently discussed this problem with an onsite trainer ( from  SAP ) who suggested this feature was taken away in NW Ehp 7.3 onwards to avoid some javascript error in the webdypro layout editor. Can someone confirm this? I have already tried searching servicemarketplace without success. If this feature has been removed i dont want to waste time creating OSS note.
    System details SAP PPM system :
    SAP Basis Component
    Cross-Application Component
    SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 (ABAP)
    Attached is a screenshot of the editor( just for clarity).

    We're experiencing the same behaviour since a couple of weeks. Did you already create a message to SAP ? If so I'll wait for you to post the feedback from SAP in answer to this message. If not I'll create one because it becomes hard finding your way in the navigation tree for large views...
    Kind Regards,

  • "Edit in Photoshop Elements" does not appear as option in Lightroom 4.3

    After viewing this artical:  and completing all options related to the Mac, the "Edit in Photoshop..." still does not appear as a clckable option in my Lightroom 4.3 program which has all the current updates.  Also, my Photoshop Elements 11 program also has all the current updates.
    Please note that in the interest of time, that all of the "solutions" were attempted in the above mentioned link
    Also, was on hold with Adobe Lightroom help phone support for over 1.5 hours without any agent answeing the phone.  Also Adobe automatied phone support states that Photoshop Elements is not supported free of charge and it is fee based.  How is a consumer suppose to have a problem corrected in Lightroom that stems from Elements when it is suppose to intergrate that way between the two programs but any help to try to correct the way it is suppose to work will cost you an addition fee in phone support for Elements?
    And help on fixing this issue will be apprecitated.
    Lightroom v 4.3 / Camera RAW v 7.3
    Elements v 11.0 / Camera RAW v

    Did this with Adobe support in LIVE CHAT, what a waist of time.  Although this will correct the issue, it is like a work around and not solving why EDIT IN PHOTOSHOP... is not a clickable option (greyed out) in LR.
    After the configure as suggested above, does this preclude and editing in Lighroom?
    What I want to do is:
    Edit the photo in LR except for:
    the useage the great Spot Healing Brush Tool that PSE offers, edit that part of it in PSE then SAVE the results back to LR.  Any problems or suggestions for this?
    Thanks so much

  • Photoshop Elements 6 not opening jpegs following adjustment.

    I am getting the following error message: Photoshop Elements could not complete your request because a JPEG marker segment length is too short (the file may be truncated or incomplete).
    This error message has occured with images that I have imported and renamed in Bridge and to which I have made adjustments in Photoshop Elements 6.  The images which I have renamed but not resized or adjusted or touched in any way are opening without a problem. Whatever the problem it is doesn't seem to be anything to do with re-naming. This problem has occured previously but because it involved only a small number of files I just re-did them and the problem did not re-occur. On this occasion it's 40+ files so it's time to find out the cause if possible. Help would be appreciated. Thanks - Victor

    Your computer may have insufficient RAM. When adding text you are temporarily increasing the file size by adding a new Layer (the text layer) which requires more memory.
    Try this:
    Add your text, then click Layer >>Flatten image. Then save and press Ctrl+W to close the file. Then move to your next open file and repeat.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements does not open after installation

    I have written before last week. I have bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11.
    I had a trial version of Photoshop Elements 11 and with the code I could access the full version.
    However Premiere Elements did not open after installation. I did not had a trial version so I first downloaded the full program. I went through the whole installation process and everything seemed ok, no error messages. But when I tried to open Adobe Premiere Elements after restarting the computer it did not open at all. Nothing happened.
    I have de-installed and re-installed the program for a couple of times over and over again but with not result. Also tried to download the trial version first and also this didn't work. I checked my Quicktime and updated to the latest version.
    I use a Windows laptop: Asus Intel Core i5-2430M, 2,4 GHz
    I hope you can help me out!

    Yes I saw it but PSE (refers to Photo Shop Elements??) and I have trouble with Premiere Elements..(so the video program)
    The Photoshop Elements worked.
    I am not sure what to do here also the link at your reply "working with your operation system tools" didn't work..(got the "broken link error")

  • PhotoShop Elements does not launch

    I purchased PhotoShop Elements; did not download the trail version.  It worked nice; I liked it.  I then had to do a system restore unrelated to Photoshop.  Afterwards, I re-installed PhotoShop.  When I launch PhotoShop I have the option to select the Organizer or Photo Editor.  I can't launch either; a message appears that says my trial has expired.  I have spent 3 hours with Adobe tech support and they could not get it to work.  I was told if I still had the issue, call tech support again...this isn't exactly tech support.  They also told me that re-installing this software will cause it to NOT launch.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Maybe someone out there has and found a solution that will work for me.  Thanks!

    Good day!
    Please check out

  • Photoshop Elements 8 not opening after agreeing to end user license agreement?

    So like the title suggests, when I try to open Photoshop Elements 8, an End User License Agreement pops up for me.  This happened just recently and in the years I've used the software it has never, ever done this to me, so I was kind of surprised when it popped up.  I click accept to proceed, but after I click accept, it doesn't do anything at all.  No matter how many times I try opening it, no matter how many times I try to only open the editor first and not the organizer or run as administrator, nothing seems to work.  I really don't understand why this is happening and what I should do.  I know reinstalling is an option, but I no longer have the installation disc so I would like to try other methods of fixing this if possible.
    Enclosing a picture below so you can see what I'm dealing with:

    Try the licensing service update:

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